Piper Arrow III N36282 Flight to Portland Jetport (KPWM) and Rockland, Maine (9/23/12)

my break York okay that’s patrols my brakes work you have the airplane control information detail Sophia at his little weather winds 3 3 0 at 1 1 gusting to to zero visibility 1 0 sky is clear temperature one-niner dew point 6 up to 39 and 905 IFR aircraft can expect a visual approach for only 3 4 News no dams West ramp construction for parking contact North Atlantic on 122.8 five decks away foxtrots flows from taxiway alpha to taxiway Delta advise on initial contact you have kilo all right we got kilo but now I’ll get our parents so I’ll just say family grandiose 3 682 I applied roughly user and enter Romeo Buffalo don’t runway 3 4 cleared for takeoff Mike Wright graphing legrand arrow 3 6 2 8 – I fired Rocklin 362 82 of evergroan heard of the rock on airport rider breakfast piece – filed maintain 2000 expect 5,000 1 0 minutes after departure Austin apartment roll is one 24.4 squawk four six three zero Oh let’s read back clear to the Rockland Airport via radar vectors face and smile click to the Rockland Airport via radar vectors pieces filed maintain 2000 expect five five thousand and ten departures 24 four and squawk is four six three zero and we are ready to attack you at kilo 2h over the ground room 23 for taxi via alpha a neckl hold short of runway 3 4 at Alpha Omega 3 for taxi via alpha and echo hold short of runway 3 4 on alpha 2 a cube alright so that’s a we’re holding short I have no just say yeah holding shorter 3 for waiting IFR ice don’t like two or three six to eight to hold short of my three flow awaiting IFI release he’s talking to Boston on the telephone right oh yeah 36 so a two hole shot a runway at 3/4 penny I have our lease contract we do all right just first fix likely to be peace all right and a bunk was what we filed so that in and they didn’t tell us Kennebunk why don’t we rotate in here 75 5 out 90 no I’d rotate lower the man Maddy it’s right here right right here just rotate 70 yep I’m out 90 and require 104 no 362 will be all for release from my boss in there rough that’s me and that’s a cop so – thanks pictures while I’m waiting 0 3 6 2 a – only happens runway 3 4 after departure right turn right – right piece departure TURN RIGHT direct appease maintain 2000 claim takeoff on 3 4 – 8 – all right okay BLT boost pump 1 right and transponder nobody landing obviously all right okay so we’re gonna accelerate to 70 rotate climb at 90 all right – a two-second take off with the nuit let’s go gently nice and slowly right and ages are the Greenville forward so the two runway three floors literally it’s meets a live report we plan by drifting off to the right nice and gentle all right no more useable runway air speed below 109 yup all right so 700 volts hard direct Keys all right Andy knots okay we are 500 above ground level climb

checklist all right it’s real climb above five hundred rpms AGL 25 manifold pressure so that’s the black one oh yeah 362 contact departure one two four five four three oh what a party right okay thanks the old Volvo shoeless no for four kilos clear visual approach off the left downwind runway Beverly during fuel economy handsome 18.5 they don’t even it just say herro 282 1200 climbing – mm all right well center Parker r36 to 82 is 1100 climb in 2006 radar contact maintain 3000 climb into 3000 to active all right so directiy is up to three that speeds right there maintain 5,000 director offline 360 to Boston approach arrow 3 6 to 8 – unable to record like to go to these Kennebunk first direct these 2 a 2 2 a 2 we’re going to go up the coral coast of the North to about Camden and then we’ll we’ll make the turn won’t give you a call when we’ve made it headed back to Portland well my boundary actually ends around Rockland he’ll probably terminate you there if you can just call me again on this since my falling in metaphor and when he come back okay I’ve known ya no problem no problem we’ll do that – hm alright my plane alright my radar radar contact is lost zero zero frequency change approved and when you’re back it’s towards Portland just let me call back okay alright 36 to 82 we’re just over Rockland now we’ll call you back I don’t way back in all right say nine three seven zero uniform Flynn’s approach an altimeter 29.92 see them boundaries manner what’s a fictitious there to a to another those front of the aircraft but also fear proceeding about Roman shamanic ok arrow to a to will proceed inbound their runway two-niner airport site 358 contact our one to zero point an orchid a tank farm all those white tanks just beyond this one island second island and then under that big piece cloud there’s a bunch of white tanks I think I did is it in front of the airport yet to the left tonight yeah ed toward the white tank ok one two zero point manner with it over the one to 0.94 it left our arrow 3 6 8 ok oh we got Romeo let me do but you don’t move the top a no approach so we’re all set alright Oh which I just say one tower or arrow 3 6 – 8 – visual approach tonight hi portlet arrow arrow 3 6 2 a2 with you visual for election under 3 6 2 8 – 4 entire runway two-niner total and cost you a turbine lining you 145 well make your Diner clear atlantic on my carry on us behind the Embraer 145 f28 you all right we’re clear to land runway two-niner those 2,000 I’ll flip it up some more hey P 3358 right next XV contact ground point iron right turn girl finite water she 3358 here coming down their neck final oh we got to jet setter hold the short for us not quite but they’re almost there Marcus is a t-34 entire you up we are up

we need about one more minute from our 315 m83 perfect night sir you read your hold short landing try three greens on short final height first notch one notch that’s not coming those down that’s all right sir five notch and we got three green and there’s an embryo wants to hold the short for us okay full flaps full flaps all right my plane okay hand on the throttle 80 knots okay ease that throttle down Marguerite 1508 three runway two-niner line up voice very nice hold on the back pressure to generate x-ray Charlie sent at Chrome for editor charlie ground point 92 thanks Laurie 1583 win two three zero zero one two runway two-niner Claire potato all right so where we tak tell them that well clear of to nine at charlie taxi to the FBI Portland ground arrow three six three two is clear over runway two-niner that’s actually Charlie talked you to the FBO 362 for that grant thank you to the raffia charlie Ranvir Charlie two – okay after landing light off fuel pump off mixture lean for taxi this is a very expensive set of planes to bump into if we lose our brakes eight this Cape air come here No Oh this you you one seven five one zero when three to zero at one one visibility one zero sky condition clear below one mm temperature two one two point zero six altimeter to nine or nine or two visual approach runway two-niner in use land the end departing runway two-niner turbo jet aircraft expect to harbor visual approach so the statement runway one eight three six is closed barricades are in place taxiway Charlie’s closed North attacks with Juliet and South runway one one two Niner thanks to eight Juliet disclosed thanks wig off you scholar should work in progress with construction adjacent to the pavement edge advise on initial contact that you have Sierra alright so how is it different work one clearance arrow 360 to VFR to Beverly at 4500 all right Portland clearance I row three six to eight to VFR to Beverly 4500 three 6282 for Linda grounds on her

flesh what else dude was severly 1500 taken ro 3 6 2 a 2 rupee of our advisories for 4 6 5 0 departure frequency one-one-niner point 7 5 departure is 109 75 and squawk four six five zero TTIP read back correct okay this Airport do they have I don’t see oh I was looking to see if they had one of those as DX radar split four three two one dew point zero six oh I get the information I heard but what information was it Sierra all right what look around there were three six 282 ready today actually was Sierra I’ve got my flash of landing light okay 282 runway two-niner via Charlie alpha cross familiar 1:8 and verify of eight is Sierra Charlie open 2 Niner cross one eight and we have Sierra to it don’t you think don’t turn yet okay now turn see Portland’s are all ready for departure 13650 wind three one zero one zero runway two-niner clear takeoff to Niners cleared the way to 33 34 Portland our arrow 362 averted go to 9 around course Parker 62 Formentera win the free there was there at 1:00 fire runway two-niner cliffs takeoff left I’m out of food traffic as an Embraer 170 on about a 7 mile final I’ll collect your proclivity I got two Niner arrow 3 6 don’t you I’m coming on BL and T all right air nobody nobody’s ok lining up you got to 9 on the DG I do hey go for it all right gauges are in the green air speeds alive this is a cool air for a runway to land on at night to because it lights up tickets yeah like they have the touchdown zone lighting and all that’s cool all right zero for Portland power no more usable runway you’re right Dallas that’s the four five nine so for Portland our continued in Berlin for midfield right downwind runway two-niner okay 500 AGL set the power to five inches the black one today to contact departure to play other parts are doing to see if hey you can make your left turn there’s two five zero five zero one two zero point manner g’day that’s it alright well under par oh 3 6 2 a 2 is 1004 4536 50 contact Boston Center 1 to 8 points to have a good day a 43062 see number three six to eight two point departure radar contact sit on course the north bound with no cover lost 6 X to the 0 vector prevalent I’ll report right page to runway 2 7 4 7 0 Antilles on final two semi to drove them to Tucson finally 7 to 8 to is clear to land to 7 well antes have a 36 a chip at a bit of a crosswind from the righty oh boy left rudder up hold it up no

heart that’s it Bowen that’s it elves on that time to turn right or Bravo back to the rim fighter pilot actor gravity idle cutoff