Patrick Feeney and Gerry Guthrie star on Country Time With Quinn

hello good evening and welcome to country timer Quinn why are they coming to a live web TV near you with over 2.5 million views in over two hundred and fourteen countries this show is live on the Internet every Friday evening from 8:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. GMT if you would like your artists or venues featured on the show or find the managers would like to come on the show you can contact Quinn’s country time at drumlin media at or you can send in your DVDs to country time with Quinn Kearney Street Cavan County Cavan and just before we go to tonight’s artist I just have some information I’d like to pass on to you with regard to some dances which is on tonight in the Glen count hotels that with the fabulous Lisa McHugh and tomorrow night in the hotel kill more of the Country Club with one and only Jim Devine and then Lissa – in Monaghan tomorrow night with the fabulous Robert Michelle he’s on stage there as well all great bands and check out your local media there for other balances within the area but it’s going to be a fabulous weekend music I’m going on to tonight’s artists we have the fabulous the one and only we have a Patrick Feeny who featured with the David contraband over two weeks ago when they launched their CD in the outpoint hotel in Aven and let’s go now and hear Patrick’s interview it’s great to see you back on the scene again yeah I took a break out completely for 12 months and I’m back doing bits and pieces I don’t know a summer tour there for the summer and I’m doing bits and pieces in between and I’ll do it a week at Christmas again I’ll never be back full-time on the road and that public option is public out the door for me and what I’m able to public control you know couply health departments that I have to a certain degree and when I look after it allows me to do certain amount of the music and the traveling but then unfortunately I won’t be able to do it full-time but to be able to do you know three months at the summer a week at Christmas and now to guest appearance here and there I’m quite happy with and that’s what people love the love to see you out there because the bid-ask invite you regularly and her nights I just come up there particularly the moment no people just love to emergency because this is one of Ireland’s finest singers and you certainly out that well thank chairman spot I have to say it’s a it’s encouraging to see the goodwill of the people and I came back to do my summer tour in June I was a better princess as to what the reception would be after being off the road for a year and to see the crowds that the commotion and see the sincerity in their voices and she knew they were before a sincere and also the good wishes that I got when I was off letters and emails and you know big Tom said to me years ago when I started on the road he said you know when you make a country fan you make if you have a fan for life and it took me a long time to understand what he meant but I knew last year meant you know none of the people have followed me you know even though was off the road for 12 months they never forgot about me and we’re all there and then when I come back and they certainly are and whenever they can see you around they love to see what Nevadan see you by and people are so so delighted you know that you’re recovering well and doing well and being able to come out on on on nights like this yeah well ok I’m just lighted to be very um note today and to be and to be able to do what I’m doing and I just take it you know just a step at a time and and hopefully that I’d be able to continue to do it at the level that I’m doing it for now one is and I know when we mentioned about the diaper contraband coming here tonight there when one of the people is seeing yourself there and Jerry as welcome here tonight like you know they really wanted to come and see you along with the band as well because yeah you’re certain you’re on the star attractions as well well we’re all Sarah tractions I can’t take that the applause for that Jerry is a great entertainer as well and very popular around Syria and so is the davits and suppose if when you have launched it’s a it’s a big event and you make it a big event out Division have special guests as I would have faith if I was having an album launch so I’m just elated to be part of the launch here tonight and it gives me the opportunity for you to keep in contact with the people around this area and pour across the promoter here at the Run State the

venue it’s just nice to meet up at the mall you know because yeah it’s it music’s music is like it’s it’s it’s it’s in your blood and it’s always there and it’s great I love to get the opportunity for to come open and to do this tonight like so I’m delighted just I’m here and it’s lighted pour click you know it has to be congratulated because they walk in every person to keeping this show on the road is a fabulous venue in a fabulous place and he certainly puts the fantastic bands into it oh he does and it’s it’s not an easy task it’s a hard job and you know he’s he’s great at his job and and he’s one of those guys that you say were very very genuine and a week with no past and work was doesn’t ring me and it’s not for any interest who maybe did the cause would not be event into a music he just pick up the phone and see how you’re doing and he’d let you know how the business has gone and you know different chitchat and he’s became a very good friend of mine it’s lovely the people like that and I know what the night is moving on and you need to get home as well and we’re so late be talking but just before you go you’re heading off to the United States theory in in December yeah we’re doing a short music trip over to New York in December for six days and it’s a really pretty Christmas shopping trip you know people who can do the Christmas shopping and we have music dinning up in Yonkers and but they will miss a lot of the Irish people that has emigrated over and will ever do a few dances and a couple of concerts and it’s I’m looking forward to it as well it’s it’s something different and I love going to America and went to America rang me up about this I suppose I didn’t need to long to think about it I’m surprised the next season in New York and in the Big Apple I couldn’t refuse no I have a niece and nephew out there in New York orator and when my nephew was homeless he just wanted to get to they won’t hear CDs there with the Ameri can land as well and they just lowered under playing your music out there and he’ll be looking forward to seeing when you’re right there it’s very particular range you’re in okay and I know we’re in a projection in Yonkers and we’re in or I just can’t think of the name at the moment you know it’ll be on the website we’ll burn it up at the end of this week because it’s just there’s two venues that has to be confirmed yet but they’re going to be probably all in Yonkers and in around that area as noted a friend of mine out there in the probate there would be informally Patti right as well Steve Dillon out there so they’re all it there and they’re looking forward to seeing your there because you’re a fantastic singer but for tonight and from our show and hear from the Dava quantum and a CD launch here tonight Pat Metheny it’s a pleasure talking to you and we wish you well and we look forward to talking to you again Patrick take care take care of the two words you wish a happy Christmas Oh bring me back a present from Yonkers sooner yeah or is your answer our heroes oh my we did Oh only not wrong thank you thank you far enough my god yeah Wow they say were music easily I

my movie you see – oh they may encounter some trial if even the silly I’ll wait see you’re on the wrong way Oh yo and fun to see – oh never mind me Oh is ah laughter whee-hee lovely the CB people only see you’re Oh we wore Oh Oh everybody wants to offer a welcome here to the ry here for very very special occasion that’s for that dragon launch of the album from the cabbage soup and country band and it’s great to see them on stage the family even when you hear another one in all agree pray for a challenge young people and that release just a brand new album and I’d like to thank Joe Devon for having me here tonight and I do hope you enjoy my spot for the riff next stop I suppose I’m on stage for two and a half hours I never want to have what is in break down to the swimming pool octane number what they have a my team and then the damage show one welcome on the stage so I hope you enjoy the rest of the night with lower level if you all China losses and if you know the words of this song in Ceylon one day at a time Oh

I you show me No neither yes baby let me you Oh Oh never you hello he ah what I yes Oh he rain one yeah and he Oh yummy when yeah Oh No bzz I I get some Oh me I five I see I guess you there is full power to me

me Oh why Oh Lippman that if they hear it or show to happen across the be heroes and she design the song yeah three yeah you Oh see Patsey fini and that was the interview and don’t forget as patrick said there in the video you will catch him there on New Year’s Eve and he said he’ll rain or snow he will be on stage and it’s going to be a fantastic night and we wish him all the best and there’s no doubt about that even his live performance on stage was something else and the crowd really enjoyed it but we’re going to go on to another artist who’s live on stage that particular light and that was the fabulous Jerry Guthrie let’s go see Jerry and all her dancers five you all of it minotaurs

oh yeah yeah yay it Oh you ruin a Oh you there’s UFO tomorrow Oh yeah you ah I agree long ah such a long time me yes are you I see don’t worry here three me I you me

no way Oh it’s we yes very are you telling I feel you see ah long it’s me is is if you see yeah see my breathe verdice you’re here he’s no there is Oh the why that’s weird here just new is our owner ha feel my we might yes two fabulous artists who featured on the night in the art Point Hotel in Navin there are two weeks ago and they were on stage in support acts their special guests for the dapper country band who is flying at the moment doing fantastic and they’re all doing the rounds right now at the moment so go on to each and every one them but I have to say thank you to the mall further integers and for

the music and from country time acquaintance we say good night and next week we hope to bringing you I’ll grant who was appeared around cavalier within the last week we’re talking to Alan some of Alice music and following that there we have one of Ireland’s fabulous using and sensations a man Jackson for a soul to come within the next two or three weeks so from country timer Quinn we say good night have a great weekend wherever you are enjoy you