My journey to achieve my ultimate goal with Keto | losing over 60 lbs plus tummy tuck (inspiring)

i achieved my ultimate goal and at the end of this video you’re going to see the measurements from my before and after for my ultimate transformation i’m so excited to share this with you guys because the end of my last transformation video ended right at the five month point right before my tummy tuck to repair a three finger gap and loose skin from my three really large pregnancies i was clearly still on my journey and my path and so this video is going to pick up right where that video left off and share with you my final transformation my ultimate transformation to achieving my higher level of fitness and health and i’m so excited to inspire you guys today with my story and share with you exactly how i did this so it all starts with a daily routine now you’re we’re going to start this from the very beginning but just to get give you an idea of what my routine is now that’s helping me maintain the results that i have because it’s really important that whatever you do you make sure that it’s sustainable for your lifestyle or else obviously you’re going to gain back the weight so it’s really important to me that i set up these healthy habits to do in my daily routine which involve waking up early and working out and doing my fasted workouts and eating ketogenic low carb high fat which is fits perfectly into my lifestyle and i really do enjoy this way of eating as well as i cut out the alcohol which helped me take my results to my the next level this is magnesium that i take every night i was 216 pounds the day i came home from the hospital with clara and i always wanted to be one of those cute moms that took picture with the baby in that matching outfit and i just looked like a troll that’s how i felt but when i got started on my journey and really focused on working out and exercising i was at the 200 pound mark and this is me trying to focus and work out and i clearly got distracted so much and it was hard for me to stay on track to working out every day or consistently and so i started slow i started really slow like we’re talking one day a week slow and this is literally the extent of it um i just felt terrible like i just felt like okay i can’t wait to make this change i can’t couldn’t wait to get back to the ketogenic lifestyle i couldn’t wait to get started on this and so every day i just tried to improve and get a little bit better than the day before you know luckily i had the support of my husband to help with the baby while i could do these workouts and clara was absolutely amazing and adorable but my mom bod literally had to go like i’m so thankful that i was able to have these beautiful children but the time was now for me to make a change and so the previous transformation video that i have on my channel really goes in depth into the story and the journey from having the baby to losing the 60 pounds so i’m not gonna go overly into it now but you know it took about five months to lose the majority of the weight and so by june i was starting to feel really good but clearly i was still on my progress like i was still going towards my goals i was not at my goal and when i uploaded that other transformation video that was a progress video that was just along the way of my journey and so the second part of this journey really is exciting for me because that was really when i feel like things got started and i was able to take it to the next level so my pregnancies were really big all three of them and i gained over 50 pounds with all three of them so i had a three finger gap muscle separation between my muscles and i knew this was my last pregnancy so i was ready to basically go through a tummy tuck and take care of the loose skin and tighten up my muscles as the end the last one and i decided to do it along my journey not at my goal because for one i thought it would help me stay motivated towards reaching my ultimate goal and so i made the decision to have my tummy tuck at this point and so this is basically where the end of that other video stops and this video really will take off and share with you the experience and the journey that came after i had my tummy tuck because a lot of people have the misconception that when you get a tummy tuck you’re basically getting weight loss surgery or you’re removing um you’re going to have this like perfect body after it’s done and for me that was definitely not the case i had a lot of work to do after the tummy tuck the tummy tuck really just cut off some loose skin and it tightened the muscles but you know i was still out of shape like i was still not at my goal and so the tummy tuck was kind of like the boost i needed to like understand that this is my time this is it i’m ready to take this to my ultimate goal and so

for me my legs for sure were definitely a part of the issues that i have with my body and they always have been for my entire life and so i felt very thick in this moment you know i just got back to working out after my tummy tuck and a lot of people will say that after a tummy tuck they can gain 10 pounds and this definitely happened for me after my tummy tuck i came home and i actually weighed the same and then from there i gained a little bit and so um my journey is interesting because i had the tummy tuck and it set me back a couple months in working out because i had to heal from that surgery and go through that entire process but it was so worth it because now i just feel really really comfortable in my skin and i’m so thankful that i did it but a lot of people think okay well she just got a tummy tuck so she she had it surgically taken care of but it’s not the case and you can see here um you know this is me trying to push myself to work out still it does not come naturally for me i have to struggle through it just like everyone else and so i have these goals right i set a vision for myself i know what i want to achieve i know what i want to accomplish and i feel like i basically hit pause right when i had the tummy tuck and then from this point forward you know i was working out regularly but i wasn’t super consistent i was more so just focused on building up those new habits and getting to a point where i was i was creating a sustainable lifestyle for myself that i could follow long term so that was my goal and so i started meditating and i started doing all of the things that i wanted to start utilizing and creating a lifestyle for myself that i would do just naturally and it would become a habit for me um all of this was going on when i had this huge event with my business and so you know i had all of these dresses that i tried on and it was a lot of fun but clearly you know i’m not at my goal yet at least not for me i wasn’t there yet but that’s okay like i in my mind i felt like i was at my goal and that’s one thing that i really want to share with you guys as you’re watching this journey throughout this entire experience in my mind i was already where i am today i was already at the finish line and i still am a step ahead of where i want to be in my mind and so getting your mindset wrapped around your goals and staying focused on them and knowing what you want to achieve and accomplish will help you start showing up for yourself at a higher level so i was doing a lot of pilates i was doing a lot of like yoga and that sort of thing because that’s what my plastic surgeon actually recommended that i do for the tummy tuck so it was a slow moving process from this point and i just know that i wasn’t super consistent with anything i wasn’t super consistent with my meal planning and so my journey definitely took longer than it could have or should have because i wasn’t super motivated to achieve those levels i was motivated for my health and i was motivated to show up every day and i was motivated to continually work on improving and changing those habits so that i could push myself to the next level when the timing was right and so you know i started running i started doing other different types of workouts other than just home workouts and experimenting with that and i really liked how i felt mentally throughout the process of running and it relieved a lot of stress and i really enjoyed that so um you know my body it was kind of at a standstill for quite a while like i felt plateaued for quite a while but i know that i was plateaued because i wasn’t pushing myself hard enough and i wasn’t getting myself out of my own comfort zone but in the end i know that i was forming these incredible habits that have taken me to today where i have like an unbreakable unshakable routine and there’s nothing that can stand in my way and stop me from maintaining and keeping and achieving higher levels in my goals now so this is when i got really serious for 70 days i committed to staying focused on 25 net carbs a day low carb high fat 25 minute high intensity training workouts five days a week so that was my focus and i i wrote it out in a calendar and i just made a plan i followed a home workout program and i made sure to drink a gallon of water every single day no alcohol now that was the biggie for me because i think alcohol was holding me back with my productivity as well as causing me to fall off track and slip up with my ketogenic lifestyle so i once i cut out the alcohol it was very easy for me to follow keto without any cheat meals and i made sure i had ketones every day as well as mitoplex electrolytes every day and my goal was to set the 70-day

goal so that i stayed on track for the entire time without breaking and so it’s really forming that consistency and so that’s where i started and that was the beginning of something amazing in my life what’s up guys just did my 5 30 a.m workout i told you i am back in action bringing the energy i’m gonna shut this thing down i’m so beyond focused on this whole 10 weeks going hard on it is today’s day three well actually day five of no longer drinking wine day three of like the hardcore intense 25 minute workouts straight up keto no grabbing my kids french fries none of that crap um the the no alcohol really helps with that so yesterday i did an omad one meal a day okay so um and yesterday morning i was already down two pounds and today was a struggle to wake up at six a.m so uh but i did it anyway because like this is my goal this is what i my plan i have to push myself and get comfortable being uncomfortable so today was leg day it was brutal brutal i don’t know like um tomorrow i’m going to be just dead i’m going to be so sore so sore but um it’s so worth it because that’s the area that i’m really trying to work on i need to work on that and i know that i will get there and so i’m excited about it and i’m so excited for like just resetting new goals and like getting focused on my own journey and my own goals again like this like lights a fire under me and so i hope that i can inspire you guys to show up every day it’s that one thing that you do that you do consistently that makes a difference or one thing that you don’t do consistently that makes a difference you know and making promises to yourself and actually keeping those promises you make to yourself you begin to trust yourself and that leads you on to bigger and better places in this world but when you start something and you give up on it and you give up on yourself and you don’t keep those promises to yourself that is a major issue subconsciously within yourself so anyway that’s like a little success tip life tip for you hey guys so i just finished abs um for my workout today i had a date night last night and i stayed on track zero alcohol guys if you knew how huge that is i know i keep talking about it and it’s just because i uh recognized that the alcohol was holding me back in my life in specific areas like my fitness goals my health goals nutrition goals and so date night was a huge success to get through that this is my second week in a row getting through a friday night date night without it i’ve lost three pounds so far which is huge for me huge for me because i’ve already came so far and so this is my final stretch so excited i mean that’s incredible so week after week i’ve been losing inches and so 10 full weeks is my goal as my initial first like small goal that i’ve set for myself and then from there i’m going to push it beyond that so we’ll see where that takes me hey guys so today’s day 16. of my total focus one to two ketones a day strict keto 25 minute workout in the morning um following a calendar in a home workout program i’m doing and um metal plex electrolytes every day at night i take magnesium and so it’s been insane like i feel so amazing like it just just how i feel is so worth committing to this i just got done my workout total body i’m like a hot mess what’s today i think today is day 23 feeling so good so lean so amazing it’s so worth it to stay focused and on track to your goals and here’s the crazy thing it doesn’t even take one insanely huge thing it just takes like small shifts repeated consistently over time to start seeing the results that you want to see and to step out of your normal routine and do something different so like do a different workout

eat different foods change things up we can get in like caught up in a habit of a regular routine and then wonder why things aren’t changing you know and then we can find ourselves getting lazy and then we just find ourselves not knowing why we’re even doing what we’re doing it’s too hard it’s too hard to make changes it’s so worth it to do it just make a shift make a change for yourself just simple simple things like take a look at what you’re eating um get out of the routine of eating the same foods get start shifting that because maybe something that you’re eating in your daily routine is holding you back someone asked me yesterday in a post what is the thing that you are doing differently that’s actually now getting your results and actually the thing is right here i just decided to focus on it because before i was just kind of like living in the day-to-day like yeah i want to reach this next level but i didn’t want to put in the work to get there you know what i mean like i was just getting comfortable so i had to like push myself to get uncomfortable i know what i need to do to do it and so it’s just implementing those things and staying consistent with it every single day and then eventually becomes a habit and eventually becomes your lifestyle and eventually that becomes your new comfortable place right so it’s just getting to that point where you can just be comfortable being uncomfortable and then living there and reaching your goal and staying at your goal hey guys so today is day 25 and day 27 of no alcohol and it’s also that time of the month for me a little tmi for you but um zero cravings zero sugar wanting sugar i’m just a little slower in my workout so that’s really the only thing i’ve i noticed plus i feel slightly bloated you know what i mean like but other than that i don’t have any cramping i don’t have any because that’s what happens when you follow like strict keto you get rid of any types of foods that cause that swelling bloating feeling so this point day by day i took it to the next level like i stayed consistent i worked out every day five days a week some days six days a week some days i did seven days a week i pushed myself a little bit more but when i really started seeing the results it really made it so worth it all of those struggles that i had with like my legs and everything that i’ve dealt with for so long and especially after having kids i finally felt like it was going away and all of this hard work that i was doing was getting me somewhere and so i just needed to push myself out of my comfort zone into a new level of achieving the success that i wanted for myself so if you have been feeling like you have been working on reaching your goals forever and you just feel like you’re not getting anywhere maybe you just need to push yourself a little bit harder push yourself to the next level and show up a little bit more for yourself and i can tell you it’s so worth it when you just start feeling that confidence and you start feeling so good about yourself and where you have come i still have so much further to go but from where i started to where i am now it’s literally taken me years to develop this kind of level of consistency and this intense focus so just take it one step at a time and focus on becoming a better version of yourself every single day i promise you you can do it if you show up for yourself and you make yourself a priority and you keep getting back on even if you fall off track you just keep getting back on find that thing that works perfectly for you find that workout that you can stick to that’s going to work in your lifestyle that you know you can commit to find the time and schedule it that’s going to be the right time for you for me it was early in the morning every morning five days a week at least minimum and find the system that works for you you know i have specific tools that really do help me stay on track and i’ve just been consistent doing the things i need to do so my results are absolutely amazing and i’m so proud of where i’ve come and where i’m headed where i’m going because as you guys know fitness is not a destination it’s a journey now these pants i wore these pants at my wedding and this is the crazy thing i was about 10 pounds lighter at my wedding than i am now and they fit me the same like exactly the same and i know i’ve put on so much muscle which is crazy because my the scale really didn’t change much from the end of my last transformation video to now but my body transformed because i replaced the fat with muscle and that is the ultimate goal because it increases the metabolism and really makes you feel amazing and you’re going to be able to sustain your lifestyle when that happens and so

i’m so excited that i was able to push myself to this next level and any type of transformation is a challenge it’s going to be difficult you’re going to be changing yourself so it’s going to take you out of your comfort zone but if i would have just stayed where i was in that space i would be depressed like i would just not be feeling myself i wouldn’t be feeling good so it’s so worth it to put yourself first and it’s not even just about how you look it really is mostly about how you feel and so i can tell you my biggest takeaway from this journey was feeling incredible inspiring other people to get started on their goals and to push themselves because showing up for other people really motivated me to show up at a higher level for myself you know i started from the bottom i started with nothing i started with terrible fitness level and just rock bottom confidence and i was able to push myself into the life that i wanted for myself i i set a goal i set a vision i knew where i wanted to go and i made it a plan for myself to get there and so keeping that clear focus is super important throughout the entire journey and no matter how long it takes you all you need to do is just know that you want to keep coming back for more so here are my final results from start to finish and my measurements and it’s just so crazy to think that i was able to transform and i can tell you guys if i was able to do this even if you don’t get a tummy tuck surgery or any of that i’m not trying to push anyone into that but even if you are just focusing on the nutrition and health side of this i just want you to know that you can do it you can achieve anything you want in your life and as long as you make sure you’re focused on doing this for you that is the most important thing so if you haven’t seen my other video the first transformation you definitely want to go check that out now and see the other videos i have on my channel to learn how to follow a ketogenic lifestyle