Bedtime journeys for children – Journey into Fles'ruoy – Part 1

hi this is Tracy Holloway and this is a journey to flosser oh this is a special journey that you can take when you’re ready for bed when you’ve got your pajamas on you’ve cleaned your teeth you’ve had a wash and you’re snuggled down in your bed ready to go to sleep and you can listen to my voice my voice is like a guiding light taking you on a journey through the night there’s a place that exists it’s not too far away some say that it only exists in dreams dreams perhaps that you’ve seen others say that it drifts and it floats somewhere in-between snuggling down in a soft warm bed and resting your head on the pillow and closing your eyes they say it’s been seen at the first sign of sleep but it’s often forgotten about by the morning elusive intangible and perhaps for some hard to grasp but nonetheless a place worth visiting especially after dark others used to say that the only way to get there was to be watchful as you fall asleep as a parting occurs within the fabric of reality and another world can simply just open up a world that’s so bright made of such sparkling light that even old Stardust seems dowdy compared to how this magical place gleams perhaps it sounds too fanciful perhaps they’re little too nice but there are children looking to find a way in just to see if it’s as beautiful as the stories say just to know for themselves to make up their own mind to take a little peek and to see and to dream some sleep for a whole lifetime and never see the light twinkle in their minds I beckoning them to take a trip to this special sparkling land perhaps only some can visit perhaps only some know the way perhaps it’s not that it’s hard to find but perhaps it’s more than other dreams just getting the way many dreams are muddled many dreams are confused as the mind sorts out the business of the day while you sleep especially if you’ve been being bothered or feeling Restless or uncertain of yourself or others or life the mind sorts all out as you rest as you sleep and then you wake refreshed dreams can be fun it can help you in so many ways but this special place I speak of is far more than just another dreamy place it may sound like a dream to speak and tell of what adventures can be found it may sound like a dream that’s being dreamt but it’s more than just your mind making everything go well it may take you a moment to get into this place and if you go there you’ll see what I mean so let me tell you what I know and you can tell me if you’ve already been a little girl was restless and unable to sleep she imagined being invisible and looked under the covers to take a peek her body was still there pajamas and all

she knew there was a way to get through that imaginary door her mind was so active and full of ideas she’d heard all the stories and they rang in her ears she heard of the place which drifted about she knew she could get there if she could only get out out of her body or out of the room she wasn’t really sure but sensed it could be soon there was no clear doorway or path she could follow so she imagined a tree which was fat and quite Hollow there seemed to be branches to help her climb through and there was no one in sight she knew what to do climbing was easy she’d done it before she didn’t have worries as she wriggled in more this must be the way she confidently said though to anyone looking she was just in her bed she saw the hollow deepen she slipped on inside spiraling down through the tree trunk like a helter-skelter fairground ride round and down and down and round some more it seemed to be endless there wasn’t a floor her face was a picture all smiles and eyes wide she turned in her bed and she lay on her side her eyes tightly closed in the bed where she rests but in her mind’s eye the first of the tests a moment of magic a moment indeed there was something coming close and it looked like a seed the seed was just floating with nowhere to land she looked at it quizzically she had nothing planned she knew deep inside her that seeds need a hand and so she held out her palm to give it somewhere to land so tiny so small so full of potential her mind so peaceful as this was essential she wanted the seed to feel well at ease undisturbed by her presence blown in on the breeze the seed was so tiny but soon grew in her hand it had on it a message to flesh Island he floated and drifted unsure what to do the seed in her hand it just grew and just grew there were wise words which she’d heard from before something about seeds in your hand and perhaps something more the seed was just weightless it kept growing you see and she knew that a seed was just learning to be perhaps be a flower perhaps be a tree but a seed of this size inside a tree she knew that this magical place was alive he was breathing and sighing as she went for a ride there were no clear beginnings there were no clear ends a tree and a seed and many spiraling bends it wasn’t so fast now almost coming to a stop the seed so enormous she sat on its top the trick she discovered was to ride on the breeze so much to ponder like breeze within trees the test was to fold the seed it just grew but what about flight if only she knew this must be the way the seed had the sign she just sit and float she knew

it would be fine there are often clear pictures to follow as clues and sometimes there are crossroads and options to choose though here on the seed there was nothing to do just ride on the breeze and see where it blew patience of course she realized a gift nothing good grows when creating a rift to great things she’d already learned one let things grow in their own space and time and to be patient and all will be fine her patience and kindness boded so well and with no effort at all there was a crack in the shell the light was so bright that came from inside she knew in an instant she was on the right ride many told stories of places they’d been was lying in bed waiting to dream wriggling in the duvet and able to sleep a world is awaiting go on take a peek children who wonder and children who dream are looking for a place which is often unseen and seen to so many but known to a few blessing this beautiful land waits for you the light was so bright the light was so blue nothing and nowhere was ever more true not blinding but clear as if crystal light the mind opened up without any fight the power of this light is gifted to you to as Fletcher eyes waiting opening to you there’s a no brighter place or one better you see as this is a place inside a wise tree not just a tree but inside a seed a tree with a seed and an internal breeze the seed it keeps opening opening up even more like a parting of a veil a magical door not all can go there has not all have the will be patient be present and stay ever so still the mind is a place with power untold wherever you go it’s yours to unfold the magic of your mind is within your own hands nothing or no one can mess up this special land the power of your own mind and the landscape you see is created by you be patient and be a seed has been growing and the light has now come within this light great work can be done the first time you go there to bless Arroyo I mean take a moment to look back and see where you’ve been if life has had troubles or bores you at times then before you enter flee leave these things behind there’s always a dustbin outside the gate take a moment to dump stuff and carry less weight

there are two steps to enter but only one can be seen as the other is clever and knows where you’ve been one step you can stand on and the others a task if there is something you’d like to understand about yourself now’s the time to ask the task is to look at yourself in the light and become a reflection perfect and right the light will just show you how precious you are and the sparkle will gift you with dust from new stars flosser ROI is waiting merge with the light there’s nothing more wonderful nothing more bright adventures ahead as you sleep and you dream there may be more seeds within seeds within seeds there is nothing to keep you from shining this bright as the light from Fletcher Roy guides you each night open your heart to a new place to play your mind is your playground let it take you away there are great adventures and places to go there are also great insights learn and then grow to speak of the secrets that are held in this place is trusted to those with a smile on their face only the smiley have really ever been the others muddle through on less of a dream each night as you’re resting with thoughts of the day take your mind to a place that’s so far away as you rest in your body give your mind its first key imagine that you wiggle through a hole in a tree spiral and spiral without any sound looking for nothing not even the ground each time you enter take time to be shown a seed with a message tiny not grow the seed in your hand is all that you need the rest is a journey the rest is a breeze perhaps in the future your story will be told of adventures in flosser oh and the wisdom it holds a new way of thinking a new way to be patience and calm this is really the key you