Top 10 Places to Visit in China – A Travellers' Guide

Hi everybody, today I’m doing a top 10 video on the top 10 places to visit in China. A bit about me: I lived in China for four and a half years and during that time I was lucky enough to travel around and I got to see many places. Now, China is a huge country there’s over 600 cities, I only went to maybe about 10% of them so first of all please top ten my opinion based on where I’ve been but also I’m aware that I haven’t been everywhere so you may well have other ideas you might disagree but let’s have a look at ten places that I would recommend if you’re planning a visit to China. Number ten: world sculpture park Changchun in Jilin province now this is a very large spacious park it’s just in the south of the city center of Changchun and inside the park it’s around this massive lake you can walk around the park it’ll take hours you could spend a whole afternoon there looking at all the different sculptures and statues and lots of things to see as most abstract things there’s more traditional arts and modern arts anything that you might like Changchun is in the north of China and as you can see the sky is so blue the air is really fresh I went there in October 2017 it was the start of October for the National Day holiday but Changchun at that time it was absolutely freezing even though it’s only the start of October more like winter today we can see some more of the more unusual sculptors and I like this one a lot and there’s a bride having a photo taken in the park and changchun also has the manchurian Palace Museum which is a great place to visit of the history of the place is very moving very sad but very interesting the zoo in Changchun is great and the art gallery is a good place to visit too it’s kind of a mix of old and new this atypia with quite a difference between the old part in the new parts but like a lot of China it’s developing very quickly at the light rail system that you can travel around yeah recommend changing. Number 9 Tian Shan Tian Chi in Urumqi within the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region notices right up in the far north east of China in Xinjiang so Tian Chi is the name of the lake and it translates as heavens pond or heavenly pond generally it’s about 50 kilometers away from Urumqi city and so you get there in a couple of hours on a little bus that goes up into the mountains beautiful scenery all the way over you dream leave while it’s still dark in the morning. Urumqi is in the same time zone as the rest of China but it’s so far east that the sun rises and sets about two hours difference from Beijing so though the working day is kind of staggered out of time run as this and a lake so I went up there I took a boat trip on that book you can see in the distance in mountains a bit of snow in the pinks and you can each other under the temple beside Mountain you can walk up to make a great views of the lake in the mountains and the boat that we went on here’s a view from the boards snow peaks in the distance beautiful lake they can love the fresh air here next number eights we have the Terracotta Army in yet Chansey province xi’an wonderful city so many things to see and do like the city wall

for example and a big wild goose pagoda but my personal favorites the Terracotta Army have been there a few times and the main part of the Terracotta Army is this in this giant hangar you can see just the size of the place so many statues in a month all of these warriors and horses they all have different faces and we’re not sure if they’re based on real people or not they were only discovered relatively recently and they’re still being unearthed today I see just rows and rows of warriors and in the museum you can get up close to some of them like this kneeling warrior and you can also see some of the horses and chariots that they discovered all of this was made and then buried under the ground apparently to protect an emperor in the afterlife and there’s a few different buildings that you could walk around and see the work they’re doing there’s the bell tower in this yes and of course the city wall so it’s a great place to spend several days at number seven I have the li river in guilin the city of guilin in Guang XI one autonomous region grillings has these air the Sun and Moon towers in the lake in the downtown and so lovely city in itself very popular with travelers kind of tropical climate and the nearby rice fields which are popular tourist destinations stepped rice fields which float in the springtime and get planted with rice but it’s a highlight for me and my trip to grillings the LI river there so took a boat trip as you can see the boats just leave one after the other it’s like a trailer bullets traveling up the river but the mountains along andrew Lee River are just incredible and the best way to see and enjoy them I would say is from the books this is not the book that I was on I was like the bigger one we can take this smaller one too and and you take the boat up to this village very picturesque and walk around have some food normally take a bus back rather than take the tour back yeah I think the river is one way it’s like a two-hour journey on on the lip on the boat just enjoying the scenery the mountains around the LI river a featured on the back of the twenty one note which lots of people like to compare number six you have the crescent moon lake and une wall and Gansu products here it is I had seen pictures of this Lake now and again inland I didn’t really believe that it could look like this but when I went there I was not disappointed at all amazing now I went there in july 2019 in the middle of summer and I went there in the middle of the day about twelve o’clock which they tell you not to do because it is so hot and yes it was false but as you can see when I went at this time of day there weren’t many people there and here’s a more apparent panoramic view so you can climb up one of the dunes and just have a look over you can see the dressing leaked as it gets a bit later more and more people start to arrive and a lot of them start off with a camel ride across the dunes or you can climb up this Center rope ladder and much steeper than it looks in the photo it’s hard work to get into the top but the views are incredible and as dusk falls all the lights came on now this time it was quite busy although more people are a bit further away the crescent moon lake and the desert park you lh1 does its proper name is just a short bus ride from downtown jeonhwa me quite a small city do one and you can take the bus and whatever Riesling and the buses backstop primarily I had to walk back in the end wasn’t too much and the city of doing one is also famous

for the local kids which are nearby so the next day I went to visit the logo kids watch was number five Ching hai link in qinghai province now this is the largest inland lake in China and the name Ching hai means turquoise see and see from this photo the turquoise lights is really shining right from the water when I went there in the morning the weather was very overcast it was raining on the bus journey there from shining city to processor to to the lake but that’s quite far away however during the day the sky turned blue the Sun came out beautiful here we see a yak head by the side and a mirror filled the lake in the distance it’s a good place for migrating birds and some of these like headed goals and bar-headed geese and stop by and the tourists like to feed them it’s a very popular place for our wedding photos or pre wedding photos again and here you can see this where I took my photo but you can see the color of the lake really starting to pop as the Sun comes up this is couple of Evan Sutton and there’s a statue in the link Lady of the lake lots of tibetan flags around in tibetan yeah multicolored Tibetan flag and this was son yak milk yogurt that I had very very bitter it’s kind of citrusy and summer took a little while to get used to it I quite like the Indian and there we can see beautiful Lake you can maybe make her some mountains and way in the distance number four the pagoda forest this is at the Shaolin Temple and song shan in Henan Province and here is before I went to China the pagoda forest was one of the places on my shoulders that I really wanted to see it’s fascinating all of these pagodas were built to commemorate a Shaolin monk who had to died for an elder and the number of tears in the pagoda represents the rank of the monk so they hire the people and the more important the person rose so I’ve been to this pagoda forest three times and you can’t actually walk amongst the pagodas there in a fenced off area but you can get out pretty close to them and walk around the site which even though I was quite busy with tourists the photos look like he was pretty quiet and in amongst all the trees useful place I could spend hours there just walking along weekend because hundreds of them concentrated in one area and that’s beside the Shaolin Temple where we can see world-famous Shaolin Temple it’s interesting and the little guardian of the tender outside number three and it’s the Great Wall of China before I went to China I heard a lot about the Great Wall of course it perhaps the most famous thing about money and I thought well maybe it’s over height maybe it’s just a loan but when I got there and you can see it’s snaking across the hills incredible so I’ve been to the Great Wall several teams this is the madelung and where I went in the winter of 2016 and at this time the sky is very clear you can see into the distances then as the wall goes along the hills there’s normal leaves on the trees which looks a bit bare but it gives you good views in the mountains and here we have another section of the great wall at mutianyu and both of these areas are quite easily accessible from Beijing this will sound

similar 2019 very hot day again you can see again the weather’s good see the Great Wall going into the distance across them and other treats for the leaves I’ve been to where the Great Wall starts at Jenny’s one no no the Great Wall actually has many different walls and there’s not really a star to our Sun but this is one of the ends of gripple in the deserts of ju1 in gansu province and this is known as the first beacon color so the remains of what was one of the great wall at one time the first and the wall here that was quite different and as you walk along it was much an area for a start more sandy color and this part is known as the overhanging very well value play and up into the other end of the great wall where it needs to see this is in la langue tour which means all dragons head because the end of the great wall apparently looks at the head of a dragon drinking from the sea looks fairly easy to get around I would say this wall not sure how effective it would be to stop people yeah remarkable and you can see this old dragon’s head from another angle on all the people playing on the beach beside the end of the great wall so yeah a great wall more than lived up to the hype and I definitely recommend you much more than just award number two Jaya Jaya forest park near the city of Jang Jae hoon mountains no tent idea is the name of the city it’s also the name of a small village and it’s the name that most people would know the forest park as it’s the scenic areas proper name as Roulin UN but the scenic areas to try get into different parts and most people call this part and jang hijae as well as visiting but yeah took a cable car ride took a couple of cable car rides through the peaks of jeong-ja gia and absolutely amazing these Peaks are known as their avatar mountains and the park itself markets itself as the avatar mountains after the movie as you can see so many people there this day so queueing for the bus it’s a huge park in sight the buses are included in the price of the ticket which is correct but the buses are so busy and that you can’t get from one part of the park to another without taking of us so you have to queue up and wait for the buses in tomorrow it’s really only at the entrance where is this busy but and still loves here and I was only there on a regular Thursday during that week it wasn’t even hold it but when you get there get up to the top of the pot and see all these peaks and specs so i was there in november 2000 19 so the trees were mostly still dream to write one of theirs to sleep and what America dreams end with you are a masterpiece it started to rain at one point in our sheltered under this overhanging rock and you can see some of the local residents such as this monkey and I looked my friendly maybe too friendly and if you get any food out there try and steal it but great to see Winkies there and in the city of Jang Jia Jia

you can also see this tnmadchen mountains with a huge hole in it you can actually take a cable car for mrs e-center all the way up to the mountain and you can see the mountain with the hole in it from many parts of the city and that takes us to my number one which is gulangyu island in Xiamen Fujian province my personal choice as my favorite place to have visited while I was in China and not an easy decision because of so many great places but here is the city of Shannon it’s in the south of China just across the sea from Taiwan and it’s in Fujian province it says they’re nice hot weather all year round quite humid but as you can see a lot of these buildings are pretty new sort of developing very quickly that’s the city of the shopmen which is actually on an island itself but what I want to talk about is Duan Yu Island which is where this photo is taken from so you can see salmon downtown city in the background and this is from gulangyu I liked it but here we can see a lot of different style buildings lots smaller buildings many unusual buildings here and the island doesn’t have much traffic there’s no bridge or tunnel to get to it you have to go by ferry this one left in the morning on the ferry and of enlisting it’s amazing and arrived on the island turn it to walk around a beach just rocky shores there let’s see some of jamming in the background now there’s this famous a large statue which you can walk up to which I did know there it is on the side tip of the island lots of very famous architecture or unusual architecture on the island it is very narrow house building so just walk around the islands the narrow streets it has a sports an olympic museum don’t visit to pass this very interesting fish ball in the heart gallery where all of the pieces of art and made from fish such as this one and this overhanging tree to duck to get something and also has a few temples and beautiful scenery and you walk up to sunshine mountain from china peak view of the island from the voice or pilgrim queue to get there beautiful views of the island and shaman has other attractions as well such nice and the expo park and this area one of my favorite places is a foolish and fortress on the island the subway opens the day I was there at the end of December 2017 and all the people are very excited for the new subway and it just felt like a wonderful city I have miss islands especially I thought was the best so that’s my top ten places to visit in China and I thoroughly recommend going to see as many of them as you can if you’re ever there but that’s just really the tip of the iceberg so many other places I would consider for the top ten like the Summer Palace in Beijing where the city of Chiron and Burnett province I’m going to see the pandas in Chengdu it was a wonderful experience the canals of Sujal or walking along the Bund in Shanghai I mean climbing up to the Dragon Gate including the city of Dalian in the Northeast Ionian Sea and or to hide them in the stars also by the sea with fifty showgirl structure or the small city of curvy marine which is because so much and so many trees in nature and in our province so that’s my opinions on the best places to visit in China thanks for listening