Salt Boyz Vs. Out of Sight | First Australian Smite Tournament (Round 1)

this is fine though they do this in like actual tournaments still working we [ __ ] frustrated them better care ok you like still we’re okay are we going to try it on pause oh yeah any fine on pause ok here anybody yeah that’s fine let’s go ok all right I think we should like like wait for him to come what up here yeah that’s where we’re gonna care them maxon you’re in maxim magazine oh yeah yeah I’m coming Frank sorry i was done you little [ __ ] now i’m not enhanced randori I’m kini was I am Who a good a green health bar and everyone else believe I see ya guys he says it bring in a song that’s a lot those weren’t with us ok whatever yeah you gotta find a book why are you why are you going no one oh he gets doesn’t matter that’s my guys wait on me to water down an award over at their speed oh they’re all have grouped up there Roz moop I’m a nice time he’s because this one this forbid run a farm in runner maybe yes and I just they just all right then yeah same thing yeah what do this way yeah they’re just sitting a little okay they’re coming over now to speed i think ya doin I’ll take this at the start okay cuz i can just see you I gonna steal her are we doing bats I think of my slow sorry fun Thank ready good luck they didn’t go for that glue le didn’t get like a massive weight wave pressurizer we can invite them not all right but don’t put it in last why’d you get Solarian that doesn’t explain I thought we were chasing ya anyway definitely were actually gonna be inside got it I see okay that’s some pretty nice bush here they’re gonna lose a few of them to tell im yes mr. legis lost three of them to tell me trying get some eats on this oh yeah nice stuff so just carry on the here he’s got the size scale some pretty decent which actually as well raw okay if ever that clearing soon maybe you venture the fact that this are afraid of us yeah it’s a lot of [ __ ] shouldn’t lose any creepster really try not to use my [ __ ] hero I’ll show you one more wave yeah I’m gonna wait for his here to drop off just by the time going attack they’re gonna stay back here just let the face I’m just gonna wait for his here maxin yeah to Bangkok now so we can yeah we should be able to save this wave would be easy these guys are actually just sitting out all right good luck and I come to me that leech the way then comes Carly’s left Carly’s goin Callie’s going we should say on the ward okay we’re on it Kool Aid stood on the leech [ __ ] these guys are playing like such a vigilance here we can throw you out of this wave actually here so we jump or like then I am the XP [ __ ] hey jump yes look at this Oh Polly different pieces to come like we’ve got the line so special Ali is left jungle ok you can chuck it to her yeah yeah just white just like back we can still it off at sunrise my own son I can be ready made right and made ready we’re coming I’m trying to force these guys to tell I’m pretty I’m pretty far behind new eight-speed buckler good enough I’m coming on fire girl leave me alone now you know what they’re gonna coming they’re coming off its awareness okay I got [ __ ] on guys what are you doing I then what the [ __ ] do you know I just gonna do what good shot I got shining like massively stand up I’m so did you oh my god i just like did you I’ll just watch you use your combo on creeps too

new no yeah look we needed that Island Bird bomb then we’re gonna win go you know I use the purple one [ __ ] talkin it’s definite yet I don’t actually like but jumped away kanbal can get a 700 + 622 with his bolt needs me talk are you come around come around I just forget about it guys you don’t catch on yeah no it’s fun wanna come come come come I am here now I worked in okay good their speeds for me up Jana mater we shouldn’t a mile 216 your [ __ ] hour it’s under attack vinegar sylvanas another rose missing I’m just hunker I just come to Rye is missing okay so what’s coming to me a lot of Simson the ballast is just making gang crime we can look for this I’m back after this way I’m backing Roz missing he’s on these blue I’m coming to y’all tomorrow he should lose two creeps to tell their she just we just gotta we just got a farm polite boys yeah we were very like am i right he’s ah he’s pushed on the toe hey modular you go to this back well I name is one key goodie d doing yeah we’re like we’re a hundred our voices get stuff going on this way everyone’s no that’s not at issue villa let’s not gonna let it get out i am i’m stephanie i run off I like yeah there he goes she still there okay oh I’m having left I’m going left this is she not invite some [ __ ] right omid help me none i’m checking out carbon Carly’s call me more can we kill this guy yeah yeah Oh golly golly golly golly right there right there I want him I said honestly come in slaying oh my god you don’t money oh my god that was such a good I just let me help me can you help me yeah yeah don’t get caught out Roz missing Roz missing if the phone is not wrong oh yes I’m like 10 we’re gonna go back here I’m going back Roz missing he’s gonna be at me that’s Ronald down he just came in so when the strong to me dead some lunch and hold it we are called our warm to our meager I even said last night little elegance mm-hmm Maria I do not beat up you need actives I saw you go actives I’m going back rah-rahs missing Lee left Ramallah and throw left minutes can can we gank them all right I’m sorry I’m Carly Beth right I’m coming Alton got it with this turret Lorcan’s come around David right sir I’m not getting the vine Iran right yeah I’m gonna get the water onia the blue is not there by right polystone damn my knee in Ward cinnamon camps gave it away I got two words for left so I see Holly at backs they’re coming to read I’m gonna gank left be careful we take these girls the gank the gank left is John this is it should be easy on unless runner you don’t know what Carly is be careful yeah yeah yeah go run he’s backing awesome I think he knows you’re there I’m didn’t kill Hawkin he definitely knows you’re there we can’t go here we can’t aggress into a thi maloca oh yeah we don’t know a client he’s been looking at you the whole time see anything good I’m trying to LA I few of these creeps I

gotta stuff don’t the [ __ ] video that’s fun fun just just hold up until i can give you a you 30 seconds he’s coming even richer a cherry tree you come to me come to me come to me volkan is here at their own town run out this three of them here you’re really over careful no I am Silvana I got old though sir we can safely right now yeah auto that backdoor volcom entirely wrecked oh yeah I’m going peddler yeah the oil woman do right up come to it the wellness is less alone resolution is here you’re doing blue well you never clean fun I just hit him feels pretty long hate farming guys all right nothing bad what’s wrong ron has been busy Holly’s gonna read Bob fellas gonna read about mac and cheese in life they already got red mints mints midst are coming up boys really I’m fine I’m fine yeah it’s nine minutes come on let’s gank min yeah yeah I’m coming you coming over by the target me talk right now Bates it now okay are they on mids tomorrow reopen I think oh my god what pum pum dam Bird bomb the minions dude i’m back in guys yeah I needed Cleo stop being salty or tails what do you know Sophie’s alright so do you like mutter under your breath they’re like don’t do that I think I forgot yeah right I’m gonna go back ASAP probably after this wave would runner ah packers what oh yeah need Ward’s minute I don’t think Colleen ate your then on gold over my name is Holly’s right camera crane that’s Raul down I’m probably thought Evelyn they’re fine it’s Carly all down yeah that’s how all done can we fly this Roz live in Seoul Aphrodite oh we can get flushed even yeah I sylvanas looks like he’s ya hiding here comes in once a fact hey nice my also miles at me I got it I got it you get back in Roz missing nice job boys we’re back in the lower just shy of the later all right now I’m starting to be able to play really well I’m going back now looking that’s a good price go on the left I never calling I can get lessons / hello he has no idea yeah I didn’t need to walk careful left missing metal doughnut store Shirin back and get hasten fade else right now can you come right off so that maximum you to go back yeah oh so you got it I guess I flip up hey I actually might be able to gain coriander yeah can you he’s also probably back up though rise know that is though yeah oh it’s downhill always down what the [ __ ] hooked up to you man that’s Raul then we can go are you still stuck in yeah oh [ __ ] I’m out I’m out I gotta go I have no matter voice I just sensed I for a wave on your own yeah yeah yeah good job good job we’re talking boys walking hasten minute you see man who’s in it hi [ __ ] he’s pretty

good we get mid text can we get me tips about this up ok I’m going back we’re saying everything five times I know it’s getting that later I hear anything oh that was like a fight we got so wanna know I guess you’re a foodie oh [ __ ] but we’re gonna show live yeah let’s let’s us to fight someone walking assault is that right I can come I just have to freaking kill these men show though they don’t see me coming okay let’s go left left left left my old toponi old any ultimate alios just get [ __ ] money for the job good job it’s nice job boys Moscow an enemy has finished let’s go medgar mood yeah guys meet me meet we can kill a Vulcan luckily I can rise missing rise still missing I’ve Carly under Aria damage on Vulcan I’ve got beans go get some kogi Bablu let’s back off because Carly stomach the Akali was Raj only can I get ya negatively Thanks that’s our mission let’s go boys team has destroyed I’m Carol the rotations there yeah help still help so we can hang on boys might also be slicing an awesome advising his Vulcan a rally a bulking middle i needed to backed up down good okay good job good job yes it look I know I birdies on earth I’ve already done it they’ve already Donna I made a push our wife hell maybe he’ll meet Max and I can do blue I can do at home instead careful guys careful cara mia to tell us your way so hold down they start with it yeah I’m coming I can come how many other guys I’m coming I’m coming an enemy or huge player huge for on the collar on the Kali jumps down her jumps down I’m backing I’ll get it back myself get me just push me push back much mama are we having with the beams so I’m going about your normal rose yeah we need more efficient Palmer degrees about to come up those fears about to come up you get some wards around get some surrounding water they don’t know it’s coming i’m sorry i go raw back in line we don’t know like they might know we can still say we can century because they are one that was on it just god I’m gonna go back I’m gonna go back I’m gonna go back let’s get some get some more Wars boys would we can just go with it right now I’m starting I’m starting it ok ok I’ll miles up we can just reset it it’s they’re coming to us hey no guy’s retreat so the lemonis doesn’t have believed me go kill them open rock and cry hey oh [ __ ] oh hope Freya comin comin Roscoe we rise probably coming robber on your uh Barney the place I’m three Carol miss Carol miss I’m ah yes good job no go creek just three go just do go i’ll push me but i’ll push me that I’m amor all right sivanna start so on we go now yep animal huge play plane still go boys I’ll stay moving I’ll stay middle statement I’ll help us wrong we don’t need a all day Gold thanks Bill down there any hangman no you’re good oh yes good comb babbling is calm babbling yes he’s easy killer easy Q been doing holidays no we can’t we go oh wow crush I’m going for why myths help they under help the head or I can search engine you got Vulcan coming in as well okay you’re getting greedy you’re getting greedy well well well i’m going back to line from going back to learn get to make it

to make it to make it to me so I just dashed I’m coming guys I’m coming back collapse on my back leave on Holly behind I can go on calling right now you gonna get a voice I don’t know where Kali is I can’t see her come back you come back in come to me come to me we could get no no no no no get this speed get asleep back in backing way back 30 done we can probably the blue maybe if it’s up we can push Friday just right now see ya Jamukha I think it’s gonna be strong against these teams cuz I don’t know how to deal with it as well especially when picking Rob so Wallace it look Russell bonds and Kylie like it’d probably kill someone with no counter the [ __ ] services like you can push that right and then we can have [ __ ] Fred jungle we yeah we could probably get it then he just used everything it’s fun either so you open the way he altered the world maybe that’s fun i’m gonna do my blue right who are we playing next dylan big red uh auntie I think goat roper will Jam food always here Carly is here I don’t have [ __ ] I don’t have a kiss you I don’t have a kiss then [ __ ] man oh my god Holly damage that’s why I hell brought guys like no that’s fun we good nice their eyes on Vulcan guys Ross Dylan wife caught him or I call him lazy wagon wait seriously I’ve welcome me help the annual hope that a no I’m fine I’m fine fun just maintain our train oh sorry didn’t call that Balkans coming jungle them properly in the dumb dude I want to get back Manuel gets such a pain in the [ __ ] arms this is where be together with 7k ahead boys help the Silla don’t let still avail their alarm wake invite them in here ok tower so currents which are they all here Roz missing rise missing I don’t know what rise boys care kkkk I’m coming guys Roy I’m gonna rise back in life rise back and fight this we can i buy this right here we get I’m going for Vulcan I’m hoboken Vulcan combat blink I’m gonna go for Vulcan swear I she bought me I’m going on this guy and enemies huge plays boys Roz still in line he’s coming around the back here he’s coming around here careful Kevin I need life still guys Nico like school Carol the hardened you probably got [ __ ] on he’s in town Rossi Rossi yeah I’m pushing it off come to me road and destroy yeah we are but he’s been like defending it like a [ __ ] I maybe go back over this I got t2 on the really really full bank robber I’m going back Cillizza Lauren can we help Scylla i just bought a full rod boys oh [ __ ] I almost want me to take me okay yeah I misspoke many patients I’m so [ __ ] fed right now okay and you guys about yeah we’re all pretty big on foreign or guys shows on cerritos online not sure she’ll would be huge against this team I’m having i’m also having the end of the Kali I wish you’d just grew apart we’re ahead let’s just go [ __ ] hey listen listen boy how you try and make them into that will do fire okay guys they may be trying to do it you look better in bed ever since you’re one that didn’t rotate to it I’m here during it I’ll century fire yeah they just sent read go thought I think they have centuries we can do it they open fire this giant solar wind you look too stiff you die it’s not the worst thing right Rama’s way yeah just live just try and live can we kill him

we got the Rock I missed on both legs anyway yeah we’re trying to get there hold up I’m not kiss for two seconds look I mean I gotta go go to go the order I mean to Kali jumps down gonna kill the wall they’re going we push min we push move I get [ __ ] on that guy’s road come for me I mean what come to me wrong I’m right get out yo tell you something over stupid big fatty Owen isn’t fatty just get in there and we can [ __ ] this runner down Nick look for all gone wrong all right all right let’s go ahead las wait hey nice good place for covers someone hit on freakin Laura lowest i can we deal da way i’m on the one on the or I can’t period rather live it’s cool get out we can get through yeah we should just go right rattling we gotta get the towel first remember I don’t think her name’s heels through neighs heels me anyone yeah I don’t want come in come here Betty jump in yon right can we tell them can we just pick up where are they come to me come to me i’m going for town right now yeah you got to get that our wheels on it oh let’s just go back I’ve got we’ve all got a lot of money boys let’s go by we just got off like let’s not let’s not risk it so we can take is there any bucks we can do i’m getting blue we’re gonna be wrestled feet down we’re gonna go for blue faux we control the map we’re gonna take their jungle someone go get our red if we can’t take part about it I’m going Barton witchblade’s online displays on my heart they got the golf yeah but still look at far ahead wheel and we go paella I got spit I Ron I have Spiro a lot alright sweet yeah that’s good for me as well actually by a demonic plus beer I’m gonna pick out I’m gonna pick up a weakening curses off by a gesture no I needed we have owed and all I’m still still helps I there’s no reason why not why did I pick up five organs it’s spread can we try and pick Vulcan maybe a little you by yourself you can try for it kill the care on the collapse there guys I’m going to base I’m recurring just know Aaron cry okay [ __ ] this [ __ ] like at all all stores no actives or still has no active okay i think is Roscoe map link down the color is I back to zero I was good pop group up I can’t help you from what we did was i push-push crepes in Kiev we should be able to get it for free cuz i have to defend the famous with a lot bula my fam volkan guy’s mo can use combat blankets down okay that’s on you then it’s on you [ __ ] down as well I just force all of these actives me help whatever help come to me come to me I got a wolf diamino Romney has been playing up to I walk to give all good I in the you hey I just got pulled in about and I’m dead we’re gonna get the Phoenix just just keep doing what you don’t want all these down boys so big devil beside me can we do to stick away this dirt on boys JJ boys oh yeah someone’s gonna get the [ __ ] match rd oh my son [ __ ] me JJ meet you see me I’m great that was some work that game booth was fun that was I think we just played like inside the place to us yes early game then we [ __ ] and [ __ ] on them yeah

we actually really guys Wow mm-hmm so now