Making Money On Your Homestead or Country Living Lifestyle, Simple Ideas, How To Get Started

are you being shy our videos are made possible by ranger rob poopy bags available at amazon right now hi guys this is ranger rob from ranger rob country living and uh today i’m just gonna have a talk with you today and one of the main subjects that seems to always come up is uh why is the sun always in my face so you don’t have it so anyway i wanted to talk about making money on your homestead on your farm and i’m going to talk in the small scale version because folks with a lot more eight grades and stuff can do some very unique things like uh raising starters selling them at uh uh farmers markets and things i’m kind of gonna take the scale down because there’s a lot of new homesteaders out there and so uh i can kind of tell you some of the things we do and actually is indirectly affected from our country living lifestyle one is you’ve always noticed at the beginning of our video we have a product that we designed a year ago called the ranger rob poopy bags now a lot of people may have products or things that they make uh maybe they manufacture some kind of art or maybe you did get into amazon fba like i am and created your own product and on a large scale and so every time we do a video we have a chance to expose our product and along with you know regular advertising and internet marketing uh and making ads and things like that for a product um we haven’t because we have a youtube channel uh we can expose our product just a little bit more um so you can see that uh i’m gonna talk about that you is if you’re not too shy and maybe you can think you can pull yourself out of it because once you do this video stuff you get kind of used to it and you kind of start picking up um a rhythm so i’m going to say one of the ways that you can get started in a small scale is get a youtube channel started and get used to uh putting your face in front of your uh of a camera and some of the great channels out there are not using cameras like i’m holding a gopro but most people don’t just use their phone and and that works just great then others uh they start stepping it up with better equipment better sound i particularly like the gopro because uh this kind of lifestyle and traveling we did a lot of rv travel things are really happen fast sometimes you want a camera you can grab and uh and it is rugged and you can drop it a few times and get it wet and stuff like that so the gopro has been our go-to camera but our main camera a good camera is a canon g40 but i’m i’m not really staying on subject here too much but um uh so youtube is a good way to start now unfortunately as you know some of us have been on youtube for a long time we got monetized a long time ago and we didn’t have to go through the rigmarole that it takes to get your a channel monetized you just gotta have faith and realize it’s a hard hard to start and hard to keep the faith but you just gotta keep plugging along um our channel if you talk about the channel i’m going to talk about other things too so hang in there guys um we started out with rv travel which was very popular and we did very well with that but uh as time goes goes on we stopped doing the rv travel and did some miscellaneous things with gardening and then uh eventually now that we finally bought some anchorage and stuff our main subject is homesteading country living living simple and preserving food and prepping which is very popular so you do want to make sure you’re involved in a subject that is popular so it will affect how fast your channel will grow but you know i’ve watched uh for example uh some of the great ways to make i i think one of the best ideas i’ve heard with people that have chicken and eggs is you’re not going to make money selling eggs you can redeem some of your costs and that’s always good redeeming your cost is a good thing

um so uh one of the guys i listened to uh homesteady i think it was came up with a formula that actually i think would work well is let’s say you want to make money with your chickens or at least make sure you’re covering every cost of that chicken and you know eggs are not going to do it so you can still sell the eggs but one thing is let’s say you have 15 you you want to have around 15 chickens for eggs well buy 30. all right so then make sure they’re laying hens now for example i bought rhode island red females and they’re all did turn out to be females anyway so as your chickens get old enough to start laying eggs just as they get to that mode sell half of your chicken so buy 30 sell 15 of them to on craigslist or whatever you have available as ready to lay hands and sell them for like 20 bucks a piece which is so much easier to do people love to get their chickens right away not go through the rigmarole of starting from chicks and from the beginning like we did um they love to just get their chickens and then like within a month they’re laying eggs and they’re happy campers and you’ve gone through uh all the work of getting them past being chicks getting them healthy people will pay 20 bucks maybe you could push it to 25. so that’s a great way to make money is raising chicks to laying stage that one seems like a good idea um some of the other things we have is obviously we have our own product we have our youtube channel um we also are i have a radio station called good talk radio you say well how does this play how does this work with that well some of you guys may see in our channel that we have two radio shows we do on a regular basis is rv talk radio um which when i launch those are very popular and easy street which are shows that actually produce you’ll notice that those shows are always a half hour long or always an hour long that’s because they get syndicated on good talk radio so in turn i make everything work with itself so you’ll notice in our description we’ll talk about our radio station you’ll realize some of the things we talked about on this channel are in a radio station so i have a radio station and i make money off my podcast through spreaker and some other forms of uh stuff the other thing you can always do is um for free sign up for amazon affiliate uh what a great little way to make some money when i was not very serious about it i still made 10 to 20 a month off of it over time but now it’s much more because i have lots of facebook channels and i have groups and things like that and that’s another thing on the internet if you get involved in facebook and maybe even instagram and some of the others facebook’s my major one you can create your own groups and stuff like that and when you’re a moderator or the administrator of a group you can do anything you want you just got to control the people joining it but you can put products and things like that from amazon and you can make a commission off of amazon so now i average 25 to 100 a month doing hardly anything is that residual income which is really cool um so those are great ways to get started to make some money on a small homestead or country or off-grid living life and of course there’s a dozens of things you can do um on your farm depending how much work you want to do and then what kind of energy you have and your age and all that stuff so those people that you know raise pigs sell their pigs and stuff but there’s another thing to say about maybe you don’t make money off your uh your food that you raise but um you start stocking your freezer and stuff now uh it’s been everybody knows that you probably can’t make your food as cheap as it is at the grocery store but there’s something to say about having quality food and quantity of food that prevents you from going to the store so much and when you’re not going to the store you would be amazed at the money that you’re not spending because you know stores that you go to are designed to be a marketplace to catch your eye to buy things that you probably don’t need um when you get self more self reliant with your food you will save money just in gas alone just in extra things you buy and you start getting more

practical uh it really adds up so maybe you’re not making money but you’re saving money and spending your money more wisely and in the long run you will be making money that’s one way to look at it so uh uh you know and if you start a youtube channel just look for the things that are kind of niche and that people are really interested in if you’re going to just do videos about pruning trees that’ll go pretty good if somebody’s in pruning trees but like a a station like ours we can uh we made it broad enough under the ranger rob brand of uh people love pets oh my gosh people love pet stuff so every once while we’ll make a video about our pets and people love that and i can market those to other channels or other platforms that i can’t do for gardening and then so we can push our videos on different subject matters and that’s a good way to get your channel growing fast instead of being at one subject only um and of course uh you gotta know in youtube what are the advertisers that are paying the big bucks uh let’s say it’s health care well if you have a a channel about health care or nursing or something like that you’ll get advertisers that are paying more for clicks than say someone that’s doing uh dog supplies they’re just paying very little for clicks it all depends you know like if you’re doing something that draws lawyers or doctors to your channel they have the big bucks and they’re paying for the big ads which means your video will draw uh advertisers that are paying more so that’s why everybody’s youtube channel that makes more could have the same amount of subscribers but one could be making a lot more than the other would be totally equal on subscribers and views but it all depends on what advertisers want to be on your channel trying not to spill my coffee so uh anyway so that’s a great way to make money but if you’re just getting started it’s always good to do like affiliate marketing with amazon which is completely free uh having a product that you endorse or maybe finding someone who’s got a product that they make um that is a farm product or a chicken or poultry products and go in cahoots with them and maybe they’ll pay you a little bit to be a little like at the front of this video do something like i do with the range of raw poopy bags um is it irritating yeah is it reality yes um face it you’re watching youtube chat um channels now where they’re playing two commercials instead of one now and uh you don’t realize it but you’re watching more commercials that way than you are when you’re watching regular tv um that’s reality and so um i mean advertising really bothers you people pay to not uh have advertising but very rare um the realities is in the capitalist society we all need advertising to pay for what we’re doing or product endorsements things like that another thing is make videos of uh do-it-yourself things or how to uh or review products people love that um so you could review products people love the videos and you can put a link to amazon about that product and make money off the sales of it so uh yeah there’s lots of ways to make money and get started it’s not easy at first and then depending on the size of your homestead um this thing you know you have to kind of look at is there anything i could do with my plants and animals to make money and the big thing is if you can get more self-reliant and produce your own food produce your own animals or meat you would be surprised even though it’s just saving um your you’re filling up your freezers in your refrigerator um the fact that you’re not going to the store all the time is a big cost savings which is like an income so uh those are just ideas and philosophies that we use here could we do things better yes and as of course we love to hear comments below um uh we’re always looking at new ideas yes everybody’s got bills everybody’s this stuff’s

not free cameras are not free editing equipment our podcasting equipment is very expensive uh owning a radio station has a cost we have to pay for music licenses and things like that the stuff is not free so it’s okay to make money i know some of you folks would just want to you know make videos or do something like that and if it’s just for fun there’s nothing wrong with that and maybe you have a an income or a job but uh if you’re just going to go out to the country that’s why i get kind of confused i see these people who run out and buy some country land is how the heck are they making money and some of them i kind of told you how they’re doing it but uh i can tell you it’s not a get rich thing youtube can be a great income uh with the right subject and a right education how to make great videos how to make good thumbnails things like that i’m probably not a good example of that but i can always get better and as i get better i do see results and so anyway i hope that’s a helpful video to you of how to make money on a homestead small homestead uh something out in the country uh how do you get out of the city uh yeah um the other thing i noticed is you know a lot of people sorry um i covered my mouth back at my coffee anyway sorry um now i’m gonna lose my train of thought what we’ve got a lot of people are professionals i was i was in aerospace my wife is a corporate accounting and so uh when you can lower your overhead and and cover your costs and have your own food and things like that and can lower your overhead you don’t have to have those really high paying jobs you can start living off less income but you got to have less output so uh and if you see some of these people moving these uh uh watching them build up a homestead and stuff they gotta have a chunk of change to get started because tractors cost money fences cost money buying chicks buying food buying equipment to maintain a farm to get it started you’re gonna need to set aside a lot of money to get started and uh exactly what we did here we bought a place like this you saw in the earlier videos we had to put a new roof on this house we still have to put siding on this house and because well funds that we got from a house prior to this that we sat aside for this purpose along with a lot of equipment you’ve seen us buy like wood chippers rototillers we have a new uh drop down saw coming in that’s 600 bucks um that it’s coming from money that we set aside to get started and so we’re this is a new place for us we knew what we were getting into and we were prepared and uh there’ll be more stuff and we’re still prepared for that but while we’re doing that we’re building up our channel we’re building up our products we’re building up ideas we’re doing more podcasting and making uh residual income uh to help us along is it enough to live off of not really but uh luckily i’m retired now so i actually have a pension so that helps us but other folks are still working with regular jobs and renting a homestead that’s why i always say why do you want to go too far out because you may still have to work or like in my case uh we’re under 65 so my wife still works um because that’s how we get our health care so anyway i hope this was helpful to you i hope i um it gives you ideas um i probably have forgotten some of the other things we do uh we kind of wing it on our videos a little bit but um there’ll be more videos uh so we ask you to make sure you subscribe share our videos like our videos um leave us some comments let the world know about us become part of our family and part of our dialogue every day we do do been trying to do daily videos been great so far in the first month uh not easy to do daily videos you have to be regimented and don’t be afraid to try this stuff and don’t be afraid to get in front of the camera you may be surprised how natural you’ll you you can do it and you don’t have to spend a lot of money on equipment at first

and people are fairly forgiving this camera i’m using here makes kind of squeaky noises and and uh it’s wide angle and that you know it’s it’s kind of drawbacks but it’s practical for what we do every day i can grab this camera and just run out the door and once i got a good battery in it i can quickly set it up and catch things um on the fly um and then i use my bigger camera for the more oh when you see us do uh flowers or showing things or dogs playing because i can never get the dogs up close doing their funny things i have to use a different camera and then i also have a time lapse camera called a bryno and uh so we get kept that’s how we kept some of our sunsets and when we were building the chicken pin you saw us do time lapse and stuff you can do them on gopros too but i prefer just have a camera that that’s all it does is time lapse much easier to work with so anyway uh that’s all i got for now i want to thank you for watching please be safe out there if you’re thinking about moving out to the country love to hear your comments below what you’re doing what your hopes and dreams are your concerns your ideas and questions you may have about our channel and our homestead and why we chose to do what we’re doing in central oregon um there’s so many choices i think by the way i just saw a video of somebody about making their own lumber uh with a chainsaw thing and uh oh my gosh that is way too much work for me but somebody who’s young and energetic and knows how to do that stuff totally different lifestyle so you can see how it’s different for everybody what can you do what are you willing to do so uh anyway guys have a great day thanks for watching bye now thank you very much for watching our video please take the time to like subscribe and share our videos all over the whole wide world thanks you