Live: 7th Silk Road International Film Festival kicks off in NW China 第七届丝绸之路国际电影节开幕

do a places to join us together here with this fantastic international film festival and we come together to make contribution to the development of a silk road and we also will travel the history and the times and also enjoyed a cup of wine with friends it’s always a pleasure to meet all of you from afar and we will also present you the highest level of etiquette and not the gate is open to welcome our distinguished guests to coming in [Applause] so [Applause]

so please allow me to invite or distinguish guests to come inside the city from afar received the gifts presented by the committee of the seventh silk road international film festival and this is a blue silk scarf which represents the silk road which also means a connection in terms of a peace and a cultural connectivity and let’s also join hands to forge a hat and also link the connection between people and a culture now please allow me to invite mr lutron and miss sonja they already presenters for the a recommended special recommended films for this year’s 7th silk road international film festival and also please help me in these guys are the a jurist for selecting special recommended films and also please allow me to invite mr sang mr yang mr joshua mr leo and mr alan also the consultant to the special recommended film panel so we will have a 17 special recommended film to be unveiled during the event and this is the a special recommend presenter for the a one of the 17 special recommended films

lord of this city actually this is my very first time to enter through this gate and i feel this is really ground the ceremony and also can feel that the a resume and also the a passion embrace all the artists and filmmakers to come to xi’an and for me it’s like after the pandemic i believe it’s a very important attitude we show to the whole world or the border so we believe this is very important as we talk about year 2020 is a very special year so what is right now you’re failing so i’m so touched because it’s a very special year by the way together a filmmaker is up to here i believe that people are assured because of film that make everyone encouraged thank you foreign it’s not only the place for gathering celebrities and we also i so there are the people also in charge over selecting a special recommend in the field and also the a special to this panel so we look at our guests actually entered through that gate inside so for every important occasion or event we always celebrate and also welcome our guests at this gate silk road international film festival he always down to the earth and also stay committed and also always passionate to the film endeavor so this is mr jungjiang promotion ambassador with this year’s silk road international film festival because this is my home i come back home

so always make me feel warm so to all my sisters brothers good evening i need new film work coming soon so i have a tv series related to the family relations will be soon be kicked off so as a people from xi’an and also this time actually the seventh silk road international film festival actually is right now going on in xi’an with a place really short to introduce or promote this year’s serif so actually to held this rave at my hometown as the people in siena i feel so proud so we should do everything we can to welcome our guests and also treat them so well festival show you the beauty of the film and also the charm of silk road thank you very much and always welcome this is the crew for crescent moon is rising so this is the a crew that’s including our actors actress so for this actually it’s a whole household song in china and also to promote that d a writer of this song for his contribution to the development of the western regions in china so this film actually this year received the a two nominees the one anomalies in the a canadian international film festival and also received the highest awards in one of the a america’s film festival see a crew fly without wings director actors actress screenwriters actually this is the a story based on this d a things happened in cnn and that is also talk about that’s the a treachery accent the boy lost his two arms but actually by the a leaders of the local village actually that led the whole village out of poverty so we talk about this is the film crew and their work is called flying without wings

a publisher okay and this is the crew the film my people my homeland is so this is a blockbuster and also with a high reputation so we have the a chief director mr tony mo and also the h chief and also we have a director ming hao and also actually this is the historical containing five stories and one of the story actually from xi’an my people my homeland always talk about actually from this film people always find their original aspirations so what actually was your inspiration when you made this film so this is a direct learning how so for me actually this is my very first time to be act as a chief director because all the directors they are so talented so my role actually is more like a coordinator because they will do their own jobs for sure so for the story happened in shanxi i believe the key inspiration actually is the traumatic change happened in shanghai especially the things happened in the north part of xi’an it’s really tremendous tremendous changes happened and actually is amazing change so everyone who has our own home line i believe that we have find our aspiration and also our emotion linked with our hometown based on this film so we really appreciate everyone’s love so we talk about actually the film when a lot of audience preference so what’s the secret behind so this is a really top level crew look at our directors and also our actors actress and also received the endorsement by

the local government david for sure and blockbuster woman actress and actually is founded in 2012 and the fastest becoming international acclaimed film festival which is held annually and also for the a festival also hosts year-round screening talks and events and also alongside with a film festival we also have the a forum discussing the future development of the film industry so they are local people madame stefan in her 85 years old and also mr zhang wong in his 90s and also also the pioneers make great contribution to development of china’s film industry so they are in their 70s 80s and the 90s as wish them a good house it’s a very touching moment so show our wrist to all the great artists foreign yes du ebay they are the juries for

the a capital investment projects it film corporation so look at these are the gusts for the summit on corporation development of the silk road film industry um so what do you think the row played by this riff in order to promote development of the field road film industry so i believe serrate actually is a very key bridge and a window to going abroad for the a domestic made film i we hope to see more and more the films can be get their access to the international stage so this reef actually provided a platform for the countries along the buckle road to watch each other’s films and also experience their cultures so we should agree success of this year’s essays that actually he was the one open up the journey to the west he is truly actually the a person to initiate the ancient silk road so this film actually is based on junction’s story thank you very much is so welcome to xi’an let’s make a very short interview with these two

so we believe we too actually can have this a good opportunity for cooperation it’s because we are so good in singing because actually we knew each other from a singing tv program with really good friends but also the very strong competitors in that program so that is also actually why we have really good chemicals going on when we made this film and actually also going on we’ll have a musical film so maybe i can recommend mr young if he can join us that will actually add the cream on the top this is the very first time i hear this i believe i can join you these are the a jury for literature work and this is also a creative forum on literature so that will actually covering the literature from the silk road as well as 5g ip creation and also talent training these forums can be conducive to promote the future development of china’s and also the film industry along the bridge is foreign so this is actually talk about a female police and also doing their mission in macau okay foreign a forum

and he is the one actually the stylist for the film undiscovered talent or hidden dragon so welcome to xi’an no in our summit actually you have a keynote speech to be delivered would you please give us some hints about your speech actually we love chinese film so much actually we want to make it better more perfect so i will give more suggestions from my perspective so we’ll talk about this is the a silk road international film capital daa festival so actually they are all the a assets and the treasure of each celebrations so i believe i will make my time to visit each and every country to experience the beauty of different civilizations so this is the film crew that’s to meet my puppy again foreign thank you very much and this is the a film crew called my way so let’s welcome the a guest group actually they will invite it to the film and also we’ll discuss how i pee and be empowered the beauty of culture and celebration uh foreign and this is the crew actually it’s also inspired by a untraditional food i call it more so you can consider us a chinese hamburger so it is the a marinate meat in baked bun so this story actually happened in the shop of this chinese burger it’s a very short interview with the chief director so we talk about actually what is the a

unique uniqueness of your film i believe it is so pure or unsalt and authentic so it’s actually authentic we know this is a really hard year but we would like to bring more happiness to our audience so this is actually a comedy film so please you will not regret please come and see this film in the cinema and also let’s welcome our guest for the a master class of this year’s international film festival so actually there are a lot of the eight special events going on this year so this is actually we have this master class and we also have the a investment class so they will join together to discuss the opportunities presented by the film industry investment projects foreign please and also we have very very cute characters i believe this film will for sure be welcomed by the kids and the fume practitioners from hong kong sar and he also had a lot of the works a very classic works so this film actually is talk about the adventure adventure in the deep sea foreign

foreign and let’s also welcome the next film crew that’s also a action film so this film actually is revealed acrobatic fighting in the films foreign so this film actually is good to be watched by the people across the oh age groups and it’s also actually gathered a different aspect of the society including the environmental protection and also the examinations copywriter copyright owner of the a chinese side so this is actually we got more than 3500 films and we actually selected a seven special recommended film and that’s going to be unveiled today so that’s the film connect the cultures and also narrow so we believe that the s rave is the place to learn and also is a big gathering for the international guest filmmakers artists and organizers to share their thoughts and insights about the a film industry development and we’re looking at the a4 ladies they are the rising stars in the chinese film industry thank you very much so this is also the a next film crew let’s see a story regarding the village teacher that’s also based on a real story foreign

so this is the next film crew so this talk about the a story of the 8 drug surprising police and this is talk about d.a police actually conducted their mission in the dong time and also brain he criminals to the justices so coming to us this is the crew actually the film is to celebrate the a 100th anniversary of the acpc so that is why you look like they’re holding a rattle drum so we talked about the frontal drum actually something only you can find here in shanxi province so this is the film crew called like father and son the vital drum m adaptation screenplay and screenwriters let’s also welcome our key sponsorship foreign foreign

the eight different sectors including realistic and the furniture manufacturer these are the representatives of this year’s and sponsorship is the seventh international film festival and also we called it the eighth reef at the silk road international film festival and actually we have this opening ceremony welcome ceremony and we also have the a6 themed activities going on and we also have the a summit on forums going on so we will for sure you will have a lot of to see at this year’s seventh silk road international film festival and also show you the a vivid and reverend of the film industry and also wish a great success of this year’s international film festival and this is the end of the welcome ceremony and we will very soon have a fantastic welcome ceremony to be kicked off so please stay tuned with cgt new media we will bring you that opening ceremony of this year’s silk road international film festival foreign all right so this is the seventh silk road international film festival and at this year the a film festival actually lasted and this is actually also happened in xi’an the capital city of northwest china’s shanxi province and the a ceremony features influential directors actors and film crew members and 17 special recommended films will be unveiled during the event so the silk road international film festival’s mission is to present an inclusive array of world cinema and cinema of the silk road across the different cities so connecting audience and artists through a culturally diverse selection of films and a unique shared cultural and cinematic experience international film festival provides a framework on how an intercultural understanding and collaboration can be forged even outside the rime of cinema so it aims to narrow distance between people and cultures to break boundaries and foster cross-cultural collaboration and the social change so this is also a place to learn so we also will have the a master class and also the class for the

venture capital investment products yes also produces screenings talks and events as a catalyst for a diverse community to discover discuss and share the creativity and the craft of storytelling on screen it also helps to breed cultures and demands encourages co-production come to the silk road international film festival i’m still gate warsaw this amazing ancient city is waiting for you and i hope you enjoy the films i hope you enjoyed i’m the international consultant for the festival yeah foreign so this is the seventh silk road international film festival and it’s going to be happened in xi’an from october 11th to the 17th so the theme of this year’s film festival is a silk road links the world film connects cultures and the festival will hold six major events including film screenings trade markets and the forums more than 3 500 films from 116 countries and regions with 90 percent of the overseas films have participated in this year’s film recommendation section and during the event 17 special recommended films will be unveiled and they actually were selected by a panel of renowned filmmakers and about 500 films will be screened online and offline so a total of 16 filmmaking projects will be selected from 418 candidates coming from 17 countries and regions and receive support from found to production and promotion resources so we not only have that investment

projects we’ll talk about the adventure capital projects class we also have a master class so the film silk road international film festival is held annually with xi’an and fujo in south east china’s fujian province being the irritating chair city it provides an international platform for film exchange and trade this amazing ancient city is waiting for you so once again the theme for this year’s international film festival is silk road links the world film connects cultures to also look at the a special event and this is the a poster exhibition so we also look at this actually nearly 200 film screenings will be displayed outdoor in parks universities and communities across xi’an for free and you’re looking at this is the candidate for the adventure capital products and also the guests for masterclass which really promotes close cultural ties i sincerely wish the sick road film festival a complete success once again you are watching the live streaming coming to you by 16 new media from xi’an so this opening ceremony and welcome activities of the seventh silk road international film festival will be kicked off very soon in xi’an the capital city of northwest china’s shanxi province so talking about shannon see actually this is one of the oldest cities in china the oldest prefecture capital and one of the four great ancient capitals having held the position under several of the most important dynasties dynasties in chinese history and the xi’an is the starting point of the silk road

this amazing ancient city is waiting for you the silk film festival which really promotes close cultural ties i sincerely wish the secret film festival a complete success foreign square in xi’an xi’an city wall is a welcome ceremony of the seventh so-called international

film festival do foreign [Applause] [Applause]

good evening ladies and gentlemen this is the welcome ceremony of the seventh so-called international film festival foreign and this is actually so special and that really is a grand scale and no other film festival can be compared with this so this is my hometown and i welcome all of you to my hometown and very soon would like to present the winners and today actually we are the very first day this is the opening ceremony actually we will bring our guests travel we at the time and we’ll talk about the ac road i could pretend that a great course so we talked about 2000 years ago started from the ancient city actually today is the place called xi’an and this is also the starting point of the silk road actually junction was the very first person to initiate the ancient silk road and also this is a great fist for all the filmmakers makers and practitioners to gather together at this seventh silk road international film festival there are a lot of very famous same places and also very meaningfully this year we set our host place at the cnn this is a starting point of the silk road and also known as xi’an is one of every city in china and one of the four great ancient capitals so welcome all of you again ladies and gentlemen now welcome the members of the center our special guest provincial party committee and also the minister of public department mr nyoibin to host the welcome ceremony welcome film makers friends from the media ladies and gentlemen dear friends and film connects culture and here we actually see the a connection and integrated a film and the ao time and immortal time and tonight we will have the opening ceremony of the sevens at silk road international film festival this is a face of light stars celebrities the a filmmakers of the junior ones and the senior ones we believe we will also see more da exchanges

happen in terms of cultural and people to people exchanges and please allow me to invite leaders join us tonight the a party secretary of the chinese government and the a chief of the a organizing committee of the a silk road international film festival mr liu gojong here mayor of and also the director of the organizing committee mr zhou edu mr liu lian deputy chief of the a china film administration mr fung jung a deputy editor of a people’s diary media group of the a patient communist communication university consul general of malaysia to xi’an mr chung be a consular general of rok to xi’an acting council general madam panda party secretary of the xi’an people’s government mr lujin the party secretary the studying committee of the cbc provincial committee in xi’an and so we are right now gathering the a people from the a central government the acn government and also the asian people’s government and also we have more than 300 film practitioners join us as well let’s give a warm welcome to all of you from the ancient sacred room road to the a more than and road actually chansey is a critical position we believe we still can hear the belt from the camels and we still can see the ancient silk road pictures that also bring the a memories and also the stories happened in the past and general secretary c said that actually this the baltimore initiative especially the a civilization is very important to people to people exchange and by mutual learning and exchanges that make the ar cultural and civilization even richer i believe that actually a film festival is also the a gathering to strengthen our muscles and be a powerhouse to further drive the development along the bellam road initiative now that’s welcome mr joe idol to deliver the opening remarks go ahead

so we see the stars gathering here in this ancient city i’m very glad to see all of you gathering here to kick off the seventh silk road international film festival i would like to extend our warm welcome to our friends from home and abroad i also would like to give our great appreciation for the front for your long-term support to the silk road international film festival as well as china’s film industry the silk road international film festival actually is the a action to deliver general secretary c’s belt and broad initiative so it started from 2014 and it’s a comprehensive international film festival and since actually are the two radiating cities so far we have successfully organized six festivals by enlarging our global influence and the brand values we would also like to promote the a cultural exchange and mutual learning critical of the ancient civilization as well as the starting point of the ancient sikh road will have a profound history and a cultural environment which attracts the talent and also the a film lovers to start their own business here we also have seen the achievements and accomplishments they made by the a filmmakers we hope everyone can better utilize the opportunity provided by the film festival to conduct prague practice cooperations in order to conducive a healthier development so by doing so i would like to give my suggestions first let’s seize the opportunities provided by the times let’s listen to the times and also to be inspired in the new era to look at the classic persons and also the a stories in order to tell a better story happened along the countries and the belden road and also give the answer to the real problems in order to make the voice for the times and second we should also reflect people’s aspiration they actually are the key actors and actors for d.a films and we have seen the a heroic stories in the russian story and also uzbekistan’s film also talk about the a musicians their love and a passion for a better life i hope that they are filmmakers can be nourished and aspired by this rich cultural city of xi’an and also by its hard-working people in order to add another page and the history of the filmmaking industry and third we talk about the film actually connect the people and also the emotional linkings i believe this is a very important carrier for the air cultural and people-to-people exchanges we hope that the a film makers and practitioners can better leverage the platform provided by the silk road film festivals to conduct more products cooperations and also discussions in order to carry forward the spirit of the a silk road and also promote the cultural of the silk road in order to achieve win-win cooperation ladies and gentlemen their guests the a international film festival facilitate the a communication among different civilizations and make a better life for all of us i wish everyone can conduct a conducive discussions and also have more chemicals going on in order to have the a results and the

fruits from the international film festival i wish a great success of this series silk road international film festival and also a show stopper for cultural and people-to-people exchange giving that background it also need us to create the a platform to encourage people to cheer up people and also would like it too create a shared future of one hand now let’s welcome mr fung jung the deputy editor of a people’s daily to give us the opening remarks so ladies and gentlemen dear friends good evening i’m very glad to be invited to this great silk road international film festival in xi’an to witness the a communication discussion and a dialogue going on between china and the a international film industry on behalf of other people’s daily great congratulations to the kickoff of this year’s field festival the silk road linked the whole world the end 2000 years ago started from and initiated and embarked the a silk road seven years ago the bri actually drew everyone’s attention from eurasia to the americas and africans actually the silk road are not only provide the new opportunities for development of each country and also actually open a new horizon for china’s development we believe silk road can’t link the whole world although coveted 19 actually impacts this year’s international film festival but we know this is actually a hard-worn achievement especially by presenting filmmakers tonight in xi’an still that this is actually a very hard time for all of us but we hope actually film and its lights and pictures can help us link stories happen in ancient time and modern time and also encourage people and also so china is the vast market in terms of film products and also the a rebound of the a chinese film market also injects new impetus to the global film market so we are looking forward to conducting the more exchanges discussions to our filmmakers our pioneers our friends not only from the belgium road countries but also from the globe so the film actually a comprehensive the a result of the artists is one of the a preferred

performance by the public so film actually is a very important career for the a cultural and civilization exchange and integration so we look at the dialogue between the different civilizations actually the a film plays crucial role in this regard the ancient silk road not only brought us the trade transportation but it also actually witnessed the integration and exchange of different civilizations along this journey we opened the eight new stories new chapters and new miracles happened in this regard let’s take film as the a career and tools so we not only consider this as the platform but we also think this is the a stage for different civilizations to show its own beauty and also learn more understand each other’s cultural and civilization so like a film becomes a power house and also the a driver for us to forge ahead to a bright future the silk road initiative as well as about the road initiative actually is going further and benefit more people we believe that the international film festival can also open as a new corridor for us to seize more opportunities and also promote the a films not only in these regions but also in the international so at this very special moment let’s wish this seventh your silk road international film festival a great success thank you thank you very much film is a very beautiful thing because that actually brings a lot of things and different cultures and civilizations integrated so these welcome ceremony actually happened here in the city of montan and also we’ve seen that gate actually this is the place witness the power of the film and also bring the new interpretation interpretation of the film of course film makers rda key actors of the a film festival as welcome ambassador zhang jai of this year’s silk road international film festival youtube so this is promotion ambassador mr e and he’s also from shanxi he’s a local shanxi people so it’s my great honor and privilege to become this year’s promotion ambassador actually i’m the host because this is my hometown so welcome to my hometown xi’an to join this year’s which is also the seventh silk road international film festival so we look at this is the ownership and also look at the a host smell so you’re from this place right so talk about that your emotion to your hometown so that’s a very special bond so for me actually eat is the very first thing i do when i come back home of course i actually celebrated and welcomed by my friends and also my family members and actually we talk about the if you come here we should treat you well because no matter where you’re from you are

our guests so for myself i love film so much because this is also witness my starting period so actually i started my journey actually my career also in xi’an actually i’m also a actor under the ac and film production and my well-known work piece actually also was shooted here in my hometown so this is actually my place for me to nurture myself improve my skill because this is the place where i can find my roots so think about this this is actually my charging station so actually this is a fertile line give me everything foreign so let’s welcome the a party members of the asian c people’s government the provincial governor of shanxi and also your special guest from news agency people stating china media group and also the inhalation consul general and cambodian consul general and also the leaders from people’s government to the stage please allow me to invite our friend to count down and to officially launch this year’s international film festival in three two one a phoenix and the side also bring a good luck to everyone and also the harmonious between the nature and the human being and that also represents the harmonious and the friendship thank you foreign and also we talk about one world this is also actually become the most vivid cultural heritage inside the chinese

that is civilizations the chinese intelligence and the western to build a shared community of a shared future for mankind initiated by china so actually i overseas kung fu man or study for half of my lifetime actually my foreign friends love taiji and kung fu so actually much chi also talked about the harmony between inaudible it also represents the harmonies so tai chi also actually is the a cultural heritage representing chinese culture and civilization the chinese funk music and martial arts performance so oh so uh oh

[Applause] thank you very much thank you are performers silk road international film festival actually has invited the e7 well-known celebrities from the world group d a special recommended i’m delighted to join the jury for the sick court festival i hope that next year i will be able to join you in china sirilang hi young and presently the joint president and the jury coordinator for the organization title network from the promotion of asia pacific cinema particularly known as network i am honored and proud to be here on the jewelry at the seven sia silk road i’m really proud to be the part of that fantastic film festival 7 silk road film festival hello everybody i’m in rome italy right now at the rice cinema headquarters i’m so honored to be a jewish member of the seventh silk road international film festival with such talented colleagues despite the pandemic the committee has made efforts to all the gifts the film festival are scheduled and i’m so glad to give my contribution to make it possible for the osota jury members so also my relatives and this is my second hometown and hello to all my name is sonja to my knowledge the jury of this year’s special recommended film actually quite different from the previous practice because before actually you can group together and discuss but this is actually everything we bring to online mode right so this is a very special year so yesterday actually it’s 11 30 p.m beijing time actually started our this final discussion and of course it’s conducted online although we cannot really conduct this face and face but actually nothing can stop our passion among our jury members actually the whole meeting lasted four hours actually coming to the a down time and we finally come up with a final result so we believe film actually can bring everyone together so we talk about the four hours which means actually everyone has a long list right to debate yes indeed actually i also become the a jury member before a different film festival actually you found that

the a few people they show their love and passion and also we have seen diverse film about candidates i believe that’s actually the beauty of this year’s silk road international film festival and also we have attracted the eight candidates around the world i’m so proud about these 17 special recommended films and also the very first time for me to find that the lady is really good at english so talking about actually our guests and a jury members with a different background a different cultural perspective so we have a a quiet argument going on actually this time actually we choose 17 out of 3 500. so a great honor to work with the director lutron also the other talented college to reveal these 17 films they were oh so great films given the a special year 2020 still you can see that the a film can bring that power to encourage and inspire people no matter what language and civilization is carried actually i’m so touched yesterday was said goodbye to each other and the a discussion how do covet 19 actually stop us the facing face to face but actually look at the communication still going on and also our passion and love to films actually nothing can stop it’s four hours long discussion actually is making everyone so tired about actually still the touching moment thank you very much talk about the achievement in the arts and literature actually that d.a works to speak so i’m looking forward for that 70 special recommended films i believe our viewers also cannot wait to see the final 17s first of all let’s welcome the first group of the a field recommend please welcome chinese app team yet to give us the introduced to the future films in this year’s so-called special selection fine artwork and actually we have seen that you are a long list of winning models actually you can be so proud so with all these models and achievements if anyone actually asks you how to make breakthroughs do you can feel that pressure yes indeed actually i give myself a lot of pressure and actually i also wish to make breakthroughs and make new things actually i also bring that to my team so i actually we talked about that also this spirit will talk about the weather that will be continue and reflected from our work so i want to be better and more perfect and of course there are a lot of things for us to learn from and get referenced a good performance and a good da actress so what film means to you so it’s not just it might work it’s also actually the thing about a grid because that fulfilled my curiosity and imagination of the whole world i love this person

if you take film as a person i love him to actually show the emotion and also the true feeling of the directors let’s look at the video clip has been applied is foreign but that’s not gonna make you jealous so looking forward to seeing these films in the cinemas let’s welcome the second group welcome the chinese director mr presenters and the actress miss bong sao introduced us the feature film of this year’s silk road special selections very glad to be back to this place so what was saying return xi’an and also director belong to the cm film studio actually it’s my film career started from here so the people always saying that you are really a low-key hero so only actually has seven fumes in your 30s career years why yes the art produce is quite low i know but actually i love the hosing of the film because that’s a teamwork that included investors script writers producers so a lot of time right now for me actually to cultivate the young generations to start their projects so i still feel that happiness so what’s the most important thing to

you as a actress so my understanding is that you should over stay curious and stay hungry and also you should be believe everything in front of you is true and also you can be the person you act and also be that person and also in a good condition and also stay passionate through the film and also always to find the beauty and the different aspects of our lives i believe the most important thing is always stay respected to our career and also love our career love and passion and also the a kind of hearted spirit let’s look at the a recommended film list yes so all these film actually are very good films from the countries along the beltline road actually they bring that new structure for storytelling so let’s look at the video clip is oh houston um i have performed many movie themed songs so just choose one so actually if i was the a i would like to perform foreign

so this is from the a film the chinese fist or the amman chohan and powerful we talk about the very classic movie seems always deep in our memories well ladies and gentlemen let’s welcome chinese pop singers brings to you movie song tracks foreign i oh i food it’s been a long day without you my friend oh when i see you again when i see you again however

oh when i see you oh i tell you when i see you again when i see you again foreign is [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] so the real stories the a real people or the hot debated issues really caused us for more discussions everything related to one of every single of us so there’s a welcome the documentary film abilities so-called special selection welcome um this is my first time to come to this ancient city and it is a very grand venue so this is really a good impression to me hello to all my name is i’m very glad to come to xi’an and this is my second time so i believe because actually it’s really the a literary personality so actually i believe that maybe also it depends on the film you participated in so if you have that right for selection what kind of film you would like to be involved so i believe not

really matter what kind of film so what i would like to select this i would like to select something really interesting documentary actually is used on screen to record the a stories that happen in the real time so right now i’m shooting a film i’m going to talk about the andrew and white so let’s talk about the story happened about our corvette 19 doctors so i saw a lot of documentaries in disregard a chinese documentary and document from the united states from iran here too and i’m ready to enter i take my last breaths of this atmosphere for two years please invite the a2 presenters to recommend the a films in the a section of animation good evening welcome to china [Applause] you make everyone so actually you are here to recommend the cartoon or the animations you know in 2019 but before foreign do you think you can get the job

really think about becoming a talking speaker she right is [Laughter] do i know you humans a key leading person’s characteristics especially bring a lot of fun to the kids so we have a film from japan and also the co-production between china and what about actually a lot of adults love them so much foreign who’s wild about the girl we’ll have to find the courage hey how are you doing great uh i want to ask you something can you grab my homework for me and make the call hey my father is the king of the forest so for a gentleman this is the very first time for him to host this kind of film festival and of course this is your hometown so this is your home right now foreign [Laughter] actually born with a skill of singing and dancing so talk about music let’s talk about the film musician i believe you are the right person to introduce this film so let’s talk about the asean sinha people’s musician story and that’s a co-production right so this film actually is talk about the

story of xin shinghai in kazakhstan russia kazakhstan china work together to make this film come to be anything that in your memory you would like to share with us so the film lasts 184 days in terms of shooting a lot of difficulties actually and not only the language barrier and also the a cooperation and also daily life i believe that’s something actually we experienced from three countries actually share the same feelings so all the difficulties actually can be prevailed and nothing can stop us so during the whole shooting period actually it really can feel the friendship between china and kazakhstan it’s a long lasting friendship thank you so much so we talk about that the a chemical happened between different civilizations actually always bring the creativity to our artwork yes foreign me foreign [Applause] foreign foreign [Applause] foreign foreign [Applause] [Applause]

thank you very much i believe that’s a very special coordination and a collaboration for this combination look at the picking opera and also the awesomeness style and also ballet and traditional fog so my people and my homeland actually aced a top the a ticker box during the october national festival so this is a comedy film in china let’s welcome the key crew members of film crew members on the stage please so glad to see you all so and right now we are back to home my people and my homeland hello to all this is chief director actress okay so by the end of september actually went away because the a premiere and not really have this big smile on your face so right now you’re relieved right so i’m so glad to see these are greater achievements i believe that’s the a team work also would like to appreciate everyone’s hard work our producers and also our crew members from the end of september till now i believe you receive a lot of the a feedback right so anything that makes you so touched so people talk about sex this film actually see a combination of tears and loves and the people actually show the a moment in their front circles and also they wrote really long articles to really say something really good after the film and also talk about their own bond with their home line full of tears so we talk about because we love this land so much that always make us it’s touched so it’s us to achieve director what’s your logic behind od stories so actually linked by the timeline and at this time actually we work together to talk about that link all the stories by the states so we talk about the a north east the a south west and also beijing actually these are the a5 places and to talk about that five stories so actually these are the stories that were selected from tens of thousands of stories happened in china we talked about being a to build the well-being society and also poverty alleviation endeavor in china actually this is something going on in every place it’s in china i would like to show that changes in this whole plan so my question to me talk about your stories so your so actually in charge of the shooting the story happened in shanxi actually we selected a lot of the materials and inspirations and see actually i really make my journey back in 2018 that make me

so touched and shocked so the last time i visited the place is 1989 so before that was always a thing about that a sans and the a yellow plateau actually is totally changed it’s not really yellow it’s all grain it’s covered by the greens so it’s a tremendous change it happened in the north part of the shanghai i believe that actually the inspiration but what really makes me want to tell the story happened in chinese that they see a sand management in shaiti i believe that’s a great project that’s a miracle happened not only in china but also around the world i believe that should give credit to people generations by generation a lucid water and lush mountain actually surrounded here as the achiever film producer why you would like to take the homeland as a scene to take this film we have a strong nation called china for each one of us we have our so the coffee 19 actually this year caught everyone as a surprise so it’s a give us a big blow a lot of challenges to us but we look at china look at our homeland right now enjoy and also this year is the crucial year in order to build the a committee of the e in order to build the d.a prosperous society a risk facts and also talk about the a publicity department to talk about whether we can that tells the stories happened in the area endeavor of poverty alleviation or something to talk about our homeland i believe a homeland is really the key word really that people have that emotion it’s like feel fair actually burning in deep of our hearts over here the key term homeland so it’s not actually my selection to choose homeland that’s a shared decision to choose homeland they love your film so much this is a great film your eyes you look at your view look at the at your homeland so i believe that’s the a homesickness or think of a home actually i left from my home at my age actually i just be myself and also use my local dialect yeah i believe it really actually gave me my career and thank you my hometown so always talk about actually that this line actually gives us live give us career give us everything i believe that this is a shared message among the actor and actress so i knew this gentleman for more than a

decade he’s so proud of his hometown shanxi at this time i had a big screen to perform a person from chancey i’m so excited and when i received the invitation from the achieve a director i believe i really can’t really feel that homesickness because actually i’m not a professional in acting with a help from the actors actors and also the a directors producers they give me great help and i try my best to do my year 2020 and we come together to make this creation you know my starting threshold is so high it’s right now this is my film as right now the a ticket box it’s around 2 billion rmb i don’t know yet so please one more time i would be so glad to join water foreign though foreign foreign foreign foreign hello foreign [Applause] um [Applause] and this is the film actually actually we have our homeland in our

heart and let’s bring our homeland all together will become our motherland is come on thank you very much ladies and gentlemen dear friends is our great owner union invite a senior masters from the film industry to share with us their mission and aspiration from different generations foreign do establishment of a new china i had my first film photographic film to record and my adolescent ages from my first film till now i always have one recommendation no matter what kind of characters i should always stay around it and to do a good performance because film is everything to me 74 years old actually starting from a character with no lines until now i’ve been in this career for 60 years 11 years old i joined yeah i’ve been in this career for 70 years i also teach songs in the i always stay true to my aspiration and i performed more than five thousand

times to the public i’m 81 years old but you sound like an 18 girl so can continue to perform for four nights in street so that’s my solo concert really my stage is just next to our audience no matter is the epic stage or well it’s a pity for me actually not really dressed my performance closest so i just sent two lines so if we have opportunities please please allow me to sing more i really like to perform on stage and maybe you have opportunity we can have a solo concert i believe their message always because i feel passionate and also encouraged and inspiring no matter how time flies and emerged i believe the true aspirations always remain the same that we would like to sing and perform the people please allow me to invite everyone to sing this song my mother oh [Applause] [Applause] seventh silk roadington for film festival film festival and we wish you best of luck and i hope you enjoy your stay at xi’an once again thank you all of you thank you our viewers