Complete Overwatch Competitive Guide (2019)

if there is anything you don’t know about overwatch even if you’ve been playing overwatch for a long time I’m going to be covering literally everything that you should need to know about overwatch from basics to high tier advanced concepts my name is nate and welcome to Blizzard guides. I’m going to be covering three sections basics intermediate stuff and then advanced concepts in the basics I’m just gonna be talking about hero roles so I’ll explain what it means to play tank and the differences between main tank and off tank and main healer and off Euler and just a bunch of stuff like that on top of that also give you some tips about team comms so that you can know what works where in the intermediate section I’m going to be explaining teamfights call-outs positioning and game mode strategies since I know that’s something that a lot of players need to know about and then finally in the Advanced section I’m just gonna be going over the OLT economy creating space and then counter faking I’ll hook you up with some timestamps in the description as well as menus in the video just to show you what time stamp you need to go for each section so if you want to skip ahead I don’t hate you go ahead but with that said let’s hop into this video so welcome welcome to the basics don’t worry if you’ve stopped by you’re not bad if you’ve stopped at this section it’s just easiest to call it basics if your person looking to learn more on how to play the game seriously or do you just don’t play it too often you’re in the right section there are three parts to this section so part one is all about hero roles so first off we’ve got the damage category or the DPS category DPS just refers to damage per second or you know just the fact that they can actually do damage like the name implies their job is to you know do damage you can roughly kind of put them into categories but it is super loose so if you play a lot don’t wonder me for saying this I’m just trying to give a basis to learn from so first off you’ve got the flankers which are the very mobile heroes whose goal is just to get in and deal bursts of damage or just to harass the enemy team these guys usually die easily if they’re not moving so you want to be as annoying as possible and as safe as possible these are generally the fastest and most aggressive on the supports then there’s the area of denial heroes whose goal is to gain control of an area and make it dangerous to pass through these guys get a lot of hate but they’re still really good at their job and finally there’s the ranged heroes whose job is to control high ground but they’re also usually easier kills because they don’t have that much mobility these heroes are a much more difficult to master Bunch but there’s still some of the better ones currently now keep in mind that these are very loose fits and these heroes have their own places so don’t take this completely as the standard for example like I put Reaper in the flanker category but he’s definitely way more of a tank buster and he can be run in a lot more of non flanker stuff so please comment section just don’t don’t hate on me for putting Reaper in that section or any of the others for that matter but after the damage category I’m going to be talking about the tanks tanks define the battlefield they 100% control the pace of the fight because they have larger health pools and lower damage and also their abilities are just focused on providing safety for their team tanks come in two flavors main tank and off tank main tanks are Reinhardt Winston and Arisa main tanks don’t do as much damage as off tanks but they do block a lot of damage they’re the ones that really create the battlefield and control the way the fight feels they’re absolutely the best I mean if you can’t tell I really love main tanks of Tanks includes aryadeva road hog and wrecking ball or they sometimes call him hamster or Hammond but wrecking balls is official name the off tank helps out the main tank but also tries to take damage before their lower health friends so basically you’ll body block or use some of the defensive capabilities that you have in the example of Zarya or diva they do way more damage than the main tanks so they’re a bit more kill hungry than the main tanks now it’s pretty important to note that it’s pretty bad if you don’t run a main tank and an off tank so make sure that you have both there’s only one situation where you would really want to off tanks which is diva and wrecking ball but otherwise you you really do want one of each because of that there’s a alot of tank pairs that just pretty much always stick together first off there’s the brawl tanks which is reinhardt and Zarya then there’s the dive tanks which is winston diva and wrecking ball and then there’s the bunker tanks which is Arisa and hogs and then the last and second coolest role after my favorites the tanks were at the supports supports are the ones that keep their team from doing stupid things by healing damage that they take on top of providing other stuff that the supports can do which could be extra damage extra speed or strong CC supports can’t fight very well except dump brig and since they keep their team alive they’re the most common targets to attack and oh actually they’re also usually called healers since they heal a lot so if I say healers I also mean supports supports like tanks are split up into main healers and off Euler’s main healers includes mercy Anna and Moira and they’re way more focused on the actual healing than the secondary stuff that they can provide the oculars on the

other hand which includes zenyatta lucio and Frigg are way more focused on the value that they provide outside of healing which is everything from defensive Ultimates and speed boosts to extra damage and beating the crap out of anything and everyone in the huh Briggs case so like with the tanks you just want to have one main healer and one-off Euler and the off healer usually protects the main healer so at part number two what you might have figured out is that having two tanks two supports and two damage dealers is the standard of overwatch people will usually call this two two two riding at 2 / 2 / 2 1 main tank went off tank to DPS 1 mana healer and one off healer you normally pick things that work based on the map DPS that work based on the map or of those tanks that you picked and then supports that work with the tanks for the DPS there are a bunch of different two to two comps that you can pick so I’m not gonna go over all of them some of them though are super common like dive which includes Winston Deva Genji tracer Lucio and ana but that doesn’t get played too much because of you know break existing dive comp is literally a comp based off of dive tanks so you’ll pick DPS and supports that don’t have a problem with speedy fast allies DPS can be picked per map if they are exceptionally good on one map so for example Ilyas ruins a really favorite Widow but you’ll find that if the tanks do well on a specific map and they also combo well with specific DPS then those DPS will also do well on that map so what I’m trying to say is tank good map DPS also good on that map so you can either pick the DPS based on the tank or the map now normally people run two to two but there are also times where you’re allowed to break that rule because somebody at Blizzard to accidentally turn the dial some hero way too high currently triple tank triple support also known as goats is super strong it’s basically Reinhardt Divas aria Lucio Brigitta and Moira goats is really mean and I don’t like it there’s a lot of super specific stuff like this that comes up though every once in a while just because of the meta so triple tank triple support in particular is a super hyper and super aggressive comp that relies on the speed buff from Lucio the group healing firmware to enable the tanks and Brigitta to output high damage while receiving high healing from the area of effect from Lucio and Brigitta but in normal words it’s just very fast and very strong and for the unorganized teams that don’t have two tank players to DPS players and two supports players which you will find a lot in your ranked games you probably just want at least one of each role unless you’re doing a super special comp like triple tank triple support without at least one tank or support your team’s forget how to actually stay alive for more than 1/8 of a second and without at least when DPS teams can’t kill nothing so unless you’re running Satan’s comp like goats you probably want at least one of each role so finally for the last part in this section at part number 3 let’s go through the laws of the land for picking a 2/2 to comp first you gotta pick tanks that are decent on the map overwatch likely isn’t too picky about what tanks are run on which map but there are obviously options that are superior to other options brawl tanks are really good for close quarters dive tanks are really good for maps with many angles that the brawl cop can’t block and bunker cops are really good for holding specific areas chokes and the payload aka camping the hell out of a corner secondly DPS are typically picked based on the map of the tank which I already mentioned if the map is open and it has a lot of good angles snipers and ranged healers are good or heroes with a lot of mobility if the tanks can keep up with your super speed if the map is close quarters flankers and area of denial heroes are best and finally any healers are generally good but some healers do well with specific tanks DPS or support so like for example mercy synergize is really well with Farah and I with Reinhardt and Lucio with Anna so you can kind of synergize somewhat there but really you’re just gonna be picking your healers based on the value that they provide and also the defense of Ultimates so if the enemy team has a lot of really good offensive Ultimates like saria’s graviton sir Ganges blade honza’s dragon you probably want something that has transcendence aka Zen or sound barrier a que Lucio so with that I’m done with the basics section let’s move on to the more intense concepts so hello there and welcome to the intermediate section here I’m gonna be talking about teamfights callouts positioning and objective strategies if you play a bit of comp and you really want to go all in or you’re just starting to take it seriously now you’re in the right spot I’m gonna be having four parts to this section starting us off at part one we’ve got team fights team fights aren’t an official overwatch thing but it’s still something that everyone agrees on just like the entire community agrees that brigitta is broken team fights are just fights where the entire six-member team fights the entire other six members of the enemy team if your entire team attacks the enemy team and has all teammates still standing the objective is pretty much free to capture if you use all of your potential therefore you just want to tack all together so that the full fighting power is in effect team fights that have four different specific phases so first off there’s the poking phase this is the phase where the attacking

team will move forward try and gain a pick and not lose a member while the defensive team protects the objective the defensive team is usually sticking to one spot where it is easiest to defend and the attacking team is following a path usually through a choke to the objective it is way easier for defensive teams to hold chokes so most team fights start at or before the choke point in the poke phase you’re not gonna want to use all of your abilities you’re better off coming up with the plan of who you’re attacking how are you gonna do it where you’re going what else you’re gonna be using and all of that once your team has the full master plan trademark pending in effect you’re going to be jumping in and moving into the engagement phase after the pope phase you’re in the engagement phase this is where you’re going to be dumping all of your ease cues shifts and Mike spams and tempting to get huge picks on the enemy team like main tanks supports or carry DPS carry DPS literally meaning DPS that are performing well it’s not like how some games have a specific meaning to carry DPS I literally just mean good DPS players this is the part where most picks happen but it only does last a few seconds once both teams have engaged you begin the mid-fight this is where the fight lasts the longest where teams start to forget their plan and start doing their own thing you’re gonna have to be dealing as much damage as you can focusing and trying to get your teammates to kill enemies that might have olt get your Ultimates out and then in the end just clean the floors with the enemy some heroes do way better the longer the teamfight and some do better the quicker either because of abilities that require damage to be dealt or the fact that they don’t do well after they’ve used up all their abilities or just because they have specific abilities that let them get a big advantage in the fight the longer that the fight draws out examples would include mercy resurrecting an ally or as are you getting more charge as the fight draws out letting her do way more damage and gain way more old the mid fight is where your team is most likely to be split up though so you’ve really got to be on top of your game calls are ideal here so make sure that you stick by for the call-out sections that you have a little bit of understanding what you should be doing so finally after the winning team has clearly gained more picks the cleanup phase begins this is usually a 4 V 2 or a 3 V 1 there is still a chance to win the fight if you’re the losing team though but that requires that your brain go into overclocker mode and make some crazy smart plays so don’t count on it cleanup is its own face though just because there is still a chance for staggered responds meaning that the first kill that your team got has respawn and returned to the fight helping out his last few teammates that are alive you need to clean up and completely kill the enemy team members in this phase otherwise you cannot defend or capture the objective a super important thing to note though is that the team that gets the first pick almost always wins the first fight so capitalizing on that is a huge deal if you get first pick you’re gonna have a significant advantage next up at part number two we’ve got call-outs and overwatch there are three basic types of call outs first and foremost there are just target calls this is basically calling out out of position enemies or easy kills or just low-health targets this lets your team focus on them and kill them a lot faster and a lot easier examples would include kill Zen Zen one Zen out of position focused Zen Zen feeding or simply screaming Zen a lot into the mic following that though we’ve got position call outs because overwatch doesn’t have a standard position call out guide probably because of the amount of maps most players just use relative positioning pretty much you just say stuff like Winston stop right Winston’s behind when sin in our spawn Winston on our side Winston on point or dear God Winston’s right on my head somebody please help me also I don’t have much time to go into the specific per map call-outs so I’m just planning on releasing a separate guide for all position call-outs sometime soon so maybe consider getting subscribe so that you don’t miss that but finally there are going to be some shot calling call-outs that don’t really fit into the first two types and just fit into their own general shotcalling quote-unquote section calling out to help or to peel allies just means using your abilities to kill the attacker on that ally to heal that ally or to use protection abilities on that ally or maybe to just provide a distraction for that Ally so if somebody says help Ana or appeal for Ana or I need Pele or I need help or anything like that that’s usually what that means calling old sir just saying no more alts happens a lot so listen up when somebody says that calling positions or three two ones is another thing that happens a lot so basically teams will say let’s go left side or get ready we’re gonna go in three two one let’s go also alternatively there is also the fallback and push up calls that usually just means follow your team or I guess maybe your main tank to that location if you’re the one calling this you have to call spots that either force the enemy into uncomfortable positions or your team into ideal positions that favor your abilities don’t just blindly call hey we should probably try left side now or we’ll probably try a right side this time you have to actually know where you’re going and calling it and why you’re calling it otherwise just don’t worry about it and let somebody else try and call it out so speaking of positions at part number three let’s talk about each roles

positioning positioning in overwatch is easy once you understand it if you’re a tank you should generally be the first thing that the enemy sees and you got to take the damage first if your are a tank that is a dive tank you want to play far back and then jump in during the engagement phase of the teamfight and play deep after that if you’re a brawl tanking you probably want to play a bit more Ford because of your lack of range and suppress the enemy as much as possible or basically just be as annoying and in their face as you can realistically be if you’re a bunker tank playing in an easy controllable area is ideal and only playing aggressive in the cleanup phase is the norm I’m pretty sure I mentioned it earlier but it’s just camping really hard in one corner if you are a DPS player you almost always want to control high ground or choke points you should be either behind your tanks in between your tanks are supports or by your supports if you’re easily punishable because you don’t move fast to play with your supports and on high ground if you’re mobile you should play near your tanks behind the enemy if you’re actually good or far back and then engaging quickly and playing deep however what that said let’s say that your support keeps getting killed by it I don’t know maybe they’re tracer then it’s a good idea to maybe switch to something that can see see the tracer and kill her and play near your support so that your support doesn’t die too much as a DPS you’re more able to quickly get to people that are in need and deal damage to the attacker that’s on that person that’s a need because your tanks still do have to protect your team from the general damage so if there’s ever situation where your supports are dying way too quickly or maybe your tank you can switch to a DPS that will help out I know that’s typically not under the DPS kit but it’s something that you should do regardless just because ranked games are unorganized and players don’t know what the heck they’re doing 90% of the time now if you’re playing a support you should be playing back unless the enemy team has a flanker in which case you should play closer to your TPS like I mentioned if the enemy has a sniper you should also play your angles very carefully or extremely close to your tanks if you’re an off Uhler you should 100% be more inclined to stick with the bulk of your team or at least very close to your main healer if you are a main healer though you probably want to position near what can help you based on what is harassing you so like I said if there’s a tracer on you you probably want to play closer to your DPS and if there’s a sniper you want to play closer to your tank and finally the last part of this section at number four we’re going to be going into game mode strategies so for assault you’ve got to be using strong old combos to quickly wipe the enemy on attack if there’s anyone that’s struggling and not dying fast you’re gonna have a problem with the response it’s super annoying you really have to manage the enemies that are trickling in the defensive team builds alts slightly faster than the attacking team so it’s also important that you are careful with your Ultimates and make sure that your ultimate aren’t canceled by the defending teams Ultimates if you’re playing on defense you got to go for those huge protections on the enemy team’s ultimate by paying attention to the amount of damage that they’re healing and dealing you then also got to use your Ultimates to counteract the enemies Ultimates and then on top of that you just need to get massive picks early in the fight so that your team doesn’t get attacked with full force if you get a teammate picked early on you’re probably going to lose the objective there so definitely just don’t do that don’t don’t die early but for the payload on attack you need to stagger your ultimate so that each time the defensive team tries to retake the objective you use an ultimate or two so that they don’t have the opportunity to actually win the game losing friends isn’t as bad on assault but you still have to push up a lot and make sure that the stuff in front of the payload isn’t super dangerous if you’re on defense you don’t want the enemy team to control anything in front of the cart so you want to wipe the enemy really cleanly and carefully add a spot that is really easy to hold like a corner or a choke point and then use that choke point or corner to your advantage it makes it really hard on the attacking dudes to actually get anywhere with the cart so just keep that in mind always always hold a corner once you have control of the objective for control finally if you have control of the objective winning fights with one or two alts is what you should be doing controlling the part of the map where your team holds best so for example if your team has range having your tanks either play up or behind and having your range damage dealer safe is the smartest thing to do if you’ve got a dive bump you want to play back and engage on the attacking team whenever they try and retake the point if you’re a bad player and you don’t have control of the objective you want to use your olds quickly to wipe the enemy team a lot like when you play a tech on assault except you want to be careful not to use all year olds since you’ll need a few to defend the point after all so I was just kidding about being bent you probably will use the point a lot I just I needed something to spice up the voice-over so you don’t fall asleep but now we’ve blasted through the intermediate section let’s slide on down to the advanced concepts congratulations you’ve made it to the Advanced section here I’m covering a lot of stuff that you should to have some exposure to just because you’ve played comp consistently but I’m also explaining it so that you don’t have to spend your time picking up bits and pieces here and there from random streams or random ranked games it’s stuff that’s crucial to ranking up and getting a lot better so there’s a chance that you probably know a bit about these things but I’m going further in depth and more comprehensive than most of the things that you’ve probably heard I’m going to cover alt economy creating space and counter picking so at

part number one ultimate economy just means the amount of old charge that your team has controlling the economy means using specific Ultimates to stop enemy Ultimates using your ultimate to gain ultimate charge for your friends or just using Ultimates in some order so that you don’t waste all of your Ultimates in one go like a noob this means that you actually have to plug in your mic to communicate if you have old how close you or your enemy is to old in the order that you’re going to be using year-olds now it’s important to note that there are three types of Ultimates and their uses specifically for the ultimate economy first off you’ve got the damage dealing or kill confirming Ultimates which only get kills and it’s basically your Call of Duty close your brain and frag out stuff you’re not actually increasing the amount of ultimate charge your teammates have as a matter of fact you’re actually taking away but it’s still good because you’re only using it to see you know secure or defend an objective then on top of that there are the buffing slash defensive Ultimates which provide protection or allow allies to do more damage these are basically your make everything strong abilities they’re almost always all support abilities so stuff like Ana’s nano boost or zan Yanis transcendence these Ultimates are not only for keeping teammates alive but they’re also forgiving allies ways to deal more damage and get more ultimate charge so for example nano boosting a high charge Saria gives her way more old charge because she goes crazy with the amount of damage that she can do she does more damage and she gets more old charge similarly if you use defensive Ultimates like transcendence or lucio speed allows your team to go in deeper and get more old charge and finally there are also those area of denial or area of effect Ultimates that alone don’t do very much but combined with other Ultimates or abilities and be super crazy good notable and very obvious examples include Ryan Hertz earth shatter saris graviton surge and summer is EMP these Ultimates can either be used to confirm kills of combo’d well defend objectives or just give teammates old charge so a great example of good old economy and management would be a Zarya grabbing two or three enemies letting a reinhardt still play of the game and get enough old charge to get his shatter and then using his shadow next fight to allows kenji to dash through and pick up old charge which means that you use these Ultimates to provide allies with a boost in old economy basically you’re chaining ultimate on top of that there are also ways of using defensive Ultimates so Malusi owes ensign Yanis to counter enemy Ultimates so let’s say if your team is grabbed using transcendence can prevent the enemy Ganges dragon blade to deal damage to your teammates effectively nullifying the value of both graviton and dragon blade of the enemy team you want to use Ultimates in such a way that it basically cancels out enemy Ultimates get skills or provides your team with Ultimates using these in tandem based on what kind of status your Ultimates are out is ideal so for a quick example let’s say that you have all six Ultimates you’re probably not going to want to use Ultimates to provide your teammates with Ultimates and rather you’re just gonna use them to get quick team wipes and win fights however you need to make sure that you don’t waste all of your Ultimates in one go it’s paying attention to how your old status is doing across all of your teammates and using Ultimates based on that that really truly wins games so next up at part number two we’re gonna go over creating space creating space is a really weird thing basically creating space is just a concept that is crucial to tanks but still also applies to DPS or supports what creating space means is it’s just forcing the enemy back through the use of abilities such as Deadeye deflecting or diving as Winston or shielding and walking forward as Ryan etc if you’re forcing the enemy backwards you’re going to be opening up angles for your DPS or areas for your supports to be in so that your DPS can miss more shots without dying creating space is easier whenever you have an advantage so like if the enemy Anna needs to heal their Kenji because your McCree landed the headshot on them then you can play aggressive as Ryan onto the enemy Ryan since the Ana’s attention is away and then the Rhinehart with less heals aka the about to lose enemy we’ll lose health quicker forcing him backward opening up space for your McCree to not die under three seconds you can do this from any role but knowing when space is opened up and when you can open up space is super important for success on any role it comes down to recognizing where the resources of the enemy team is going so that you can abuse the fact when resources are taken away from an enemy and then you can focus them or put pressure on them so that they have to back up and eventually everything from their enemy team backs up because generally when one person backs up everyone else backs up so finally at part number three at the last part of the video counter picking overwatch is heavily centered around the idea of counter picking so knowing what types of heroes counter each other is ideal unfortunately I cannot get into the specifics because I put way too much into this video but basically let’s go with the obvious example that pretty much everybody that’s played a bit of overwatch has known now so for example if you’re playing zenyatta and you’re getting repeatedly killed by the enemy tracer which is an obvious counter tracer counter sunyata then switching to Brigitta to counter the tracer is a super smart move you absolutely need to really do this way more than you think you should because it really makes games way easier pick up a few heroes that are all counters to each other so for

example I’m just eyeballing one out we could say Winston Reaper and Widowmaker Reaper counters Winston Winston counters Widowmaker and Widowmaker somewhat counters reaper by playing Reaper against the Winston you know what kind of things Winston’s are gonna be doing which in turn teaches you what Winston will do against a Widowmaker and you can just kind of synergize all of that information that you’re learning in a smart super intelligent way so that you learn the counters and yeah it’s a really bad example I know but you kind of get what I’m saying I I hope though I just I don’t know why people don’t do it more it’s literally free sr that they’re just too lazy to pick up and also a really quick thing taken into account that on assault the defensive team spawn is way further back than the attacking team spawn so you can actually pick easily counter world heroes on the first point and do well since the enemy team probably won’t have much time to switch to your counter so for example playing a Farah is a good option on certain to CP maps on first point since the enemy team might not have hitscan and might not time to switch though this doesn’t always work so your mileage may vary but just keep that in mind it can save your games at times but anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this one I spent way too much time on this video and I spent a lot of time on it so I really do hope that you enjoyed it and that I didn’t miss anything if I did feel free to let anybody in the comments below know and I’ll make sure to heart your comment and provide feedback on it and just also let me know what you thought about this video in the comments and if it helped drop a like on this video if you want to see more tips and tricks videos like this as well as guides videos and twitch weekly overwatch highlight videos you should get subscribed and notified so that you never miss an upload if you want to join the Blizzard guides community or just ask some specific questions to me or anybody from the community just join our discord through the link in the video description and follow our Twitter @Blizzard_Guides and our instagram at overwatch guides but anyway I hope you guys enjoyed this one have a nice day my name is Nate and this was Blizzard guides