china's distrubuting equipments

Yep shiny marks back every Sunday beat them up show I think everybody is okay where you are quarantine is till Next week other countries are opening like John now we are opening a gaps That’s just really good sounds good. But let’s switch. Everything is okay distancing wearing masks and everything. So Don’t forget this is the show every Sunday. Don’t miss it. So we’re beginning our show today with some clip in America Wow, it’s very very nice clips. I think you could have wash it and then Yeah, yeah What’s that job this always is you know, you do something that you don’t know we know you had you know, anyway, you know Alright they say we playing music and front of my establishment we have a right to do so dad Danielle the difference We’re not playing but an amplified sound that is disturbing. I know the rules regulations in the sound officer All right, you’re coming out ratting us about it. I just gotta excuse me well your Music I’m Sure you so much for me to now you am gonna hit okay, then we out your Smoky them or feel a lot of talk about pros now. I don’t do that You gonna show you to our credit is you did come out you call back up there You want a truck up now? I dropped in let’s go. We we have a war talking no more Growth So that you will not go speak with gaming There you go stay right here thank you. Thank you There’s non-pom is a shoe Our last you want a chocolate Oreo is music I try to talk you have a good day Let’s let’s not talk anymore. You lower right there. My guy don’t go like that. Sorry. You’ll talk to me like that You will respect from telling me no more. Have a good day. Ok Ok, come back in our front, ok, we’ll be here. Ok, it’s not a crime I’m not gonna write about you enough. You’re right there BSS No, I got a brass not going to the whole earmarking people gracias. Oh, yes, I will no Kenny you’re disrespectful talking nudity Now you may know some that have a good day sir the command officer said leave the command officer said leave the lieutenant said Turn the said leave. Have a good day guys Haven’t been taking those cars and have a good day to increase it and I will recall it. I won’t be closer to patrol And I won’t cheat badly about this harassment. I will depart like please magnify the management. I Will be contacted chief Matthew bite your ass here putting my establishment over music I will I will it’s a rash man we documented every time You know, we are some Frankie you can’t get out here

So that’s how it is black people that don’t fear and policeman’s, you know, or anything like it you have a gun doesn’t mean anything for them these people that Their life is already dead in America, I fear to go there because everybody is like If you ask me Milo way You do feel death and say for what? Brother, I’m already dead brother, huh? You can choose for this one like that and you’ve done to your day we’re gonna bomb until you finish greatly Becky Yes Don’t joke like that. But American people they are tired tired Quarantine stay them at home Trump told them to come out now. They’re playing music everywhere and then you come you say who? They have their rights So instead of coming to him go to trump He’s the one who allowed them Facebook and don’t forget v-mail is real interests But is everywhere where we go The fight the policemen they went away so We’re IPD P1o ie PD Oh shine my speedy. I don’t know. What names does YPD. Do you know me, man? We don’t know you in Africa my friend you’re dead when your knife Raqqah. So now we go to Asia in China is so sad. I call it It’s like now it’s like it’s a drama a lot of drama going on in China Black men the yeah, it’s like a football pitch. They’ll use them like what they want now everyone is Citizen people they just missed with black people very very badly and they forgot that we have Church of media So in China, it’s just going so Bad, but it’s so bad We need to do something But this is too much So My Residents community According to the regulation you can’t go up for the time being but why? Wait, you’d say you said we were tested negative, right? Then you tell us to stay staying because we are Africans. Yes We didn’t know the reason why you can’t go out this time And we just know you you should stay at home Because we’re Africans no No while my neighbor can go up the No, you asked me

Two times, I don’t see anybody. I don’t see anybody What is I Go to the supermarket here by back home. Sometimes I just buy it downstairs I don’t really good if I take baby I go downstairs a Small garden downstairs walk baby bring backup. I Don’t I don’t take the bus. I don’t take random. I don’t go anywhere, but you’re still not moving in with the family because you And we had the news so much news to sing Africans Okay, so what do I do nothing if you want some food and water And you call the people send them? send them to the Dumpster, I don’t know the matter. How few numbers how do I call them? You can you can call the market you market You have the number So you see what I mean by stray over the water you have to do not yes The water I can come with you can I I Know this Because I don’t know Well, it’s all your job right and do I have a choice So I Hope I can understand because I really don’t but I do as you want Okay. Thank you Church. Thank you. Oh, thank you – all right. Good night These people come to off through Africa they have destroyed all African coming with all fake things They are the same people who brought even plastics in Africa. A lot of thing is plastic a lot of things bad It’s really a sad but it’s like a third party you you you buy a phone in one week is kaput kaput kaput You buy another one kaput You buy a car right now in one month you need to go to the garage You buy a t-shirt in in China Which is in Africa right now I don’t know we t-shirt they are bringing in Africa all things which are bringing in Africa is really total total total useless it’s garbage and Now they’re isolating them really If you It’s really sad in what is really there. I don’t understand. I mean you gotta is coming soon They are going to become also a tribe because of our poor system we have Seven system, which we have is very very poor corrupt Beyond total repair He was selected it is because according to the statistics the African friends are very vulnerable Group in the fight against the disease this city have to protected it Let me give you some numbers you Know 56 for FC T and more than that for lagers. Let me give you some numbers until Yesterday Import the case in Guangzhou for 119 Among those 119 the majority of them were Chinese Foreign nationals

26 26 among those 26 from Africa 19 Pounds of 19 from Nigeria none We have To protect Nigerians For their health because according to the statistics they are most vulnerable So that is it logic This city is trying to test Arabic for the security for the safety healthy of themselves and others and That is my understanding about the logic Nigerian they are very vulnerable. I don’t know vulnerable for what you have to take care. What ask them What is that? What vulnerable mean? Venerable are going to cut your things and take away You’re going to take it like if they’re going to cut your things and make it take away Like chips and chicken I’m telling you venerable for what? For what? Because Nigerian people, you’re vulnerable people. Yes now young people tell us what you up What is that venerable which you ganas we don’t have we want to have that venerable thing you have please Tell us please. We’re begging you, please Because Chinese if they see something in you venerable which would ask African we don’t see it right now then we are confused want to know it because Me and Nigerian person. We’re not so different. So if you say only in a year and they are vulnerable others They treat them like a chicken venerable Nigeria not answer me on my video comment there what is venerable and I didn’t understand that Maybe they are going to this vulnerable thing. You’re going to be you’re going to disappear Maybe you’re all your your vaccine If you say that Nigerian people your box, you’re vulnerable your vaccine then we are going to search for you everywhere Because you have acts in people you’re going to chew us with Khurana. Hey Don’t joke brother blue that no We have to know this, right Now Yes, and that’s it now Samsung China They provide all the equipment I think because of this virus they’re making a lot of money China It’s just become the richest now in the world very business supplying all the vents letters supplying the equipment like like a Mask like a gloves like a plastic thing for your face now, they’re supplying everything around the world But as Africa we are crying for the fact thing as I told you on my last Video here my video which I’ve just said right now in just a second It he did the same thing to put it in Europe. He brought all the fake things The ventilators are fake. They’re not working the masks They’re not protective very well as I told you last video last week That if you the mask if you if you blow it like this when you have a candle it goes off you Understand what I’m saying? It’s known so much protected. So Spain Is the most infected? Country in Europe it we him under and France UK and Italy Those are the most was and yamani But in Spain is small Wars right now So they first people who dude with China was Spain to provide this vent later than air but ventilators were effect the both the ventilators they don’t work people are dying day and night and Now they wash their hands. We don’t want any more salt you African. Where are you waiting? Europe people they’re all an American people are washing hands from China. We don’t want your clip man. We will make you our own But African they are calling them come We need that money We need this bill peppers These peppers are going to do math problems. Later Chagas it mission about the Wuhan virus and not with giving medical supplies to fight it

What started with a few complaints has now become a global refrain China is selling faulty tips? And substandard supplies They did the same with India after much outrage. India has decided to not use Chinese testing kits India has also canceled orders to to Chinese companies. The government says it had not paid for the kits yet So no money has been lost Last week the central agency. The ICMR had asked States to stop using these kits India had bought them to study the trend but they were unusable to States Rajasthan and West Bengal complained the testing kits had only 5.4 percent accuracy all others were faulty. The expected rate of accuracy was 90 percent But what they got was more than 94 percent of the results being wrong faulty That’s how bad the testing kits were so India has decided to ditch the Chinese kits better late than never we see Not many countries had such a lucky escape though They paid for the Chinese kits and they were cheated not once but twice There’s a popular saying that applies here. Fool me once shame on you. Fool me twice shame on me Spain received faulty supplies from China not once but twice and now they won their money back last month Spain had got Chinese testing kits they did not work Spain is one of the worst affected countries in the world a lack of testing kits impairs their fight against the virus In the month of March the Spanish Prime Minister issued a word of assurance The faulty kits will be replaced. He said So el sábado is not good but the president has done very very well for what he’s doing to brush all the Criminal seeing people on everyone out of the country He is trying so much, but he has done a lot then other president I’ve ever seen in South America. So This is what is happening in the prison. They killed a lot of people Outside like 20 big big people outside and someone who ordered them was in the prison So now they want to know who did this they tried to plant one by one to the Investigation but no one has to say something. So what they did They had to discipline them because it’s too much in El Salvador. A lot of commonality guides is too much So what the new president did is to clean up? He cleaned a lot. I think 50 percent now is ok But it’s too much gangs like gang is guys you understand what I mean by gangs what we are seeing right now like prison break like a money heist this Cannot work in El Salvador. They use you cannot even break this prison. I’m telling you this prison Hey These people they know how to treat prisoners. You never do that such thing again. You never do this. Never You never if you come out from this prison you just wash your hands So now like I told you in my episode that we’re gonna need this money for Verona they need it now World Organization gave them the money too much billions and billions of money You know what they did. They didn’t even supply any single food what they did they supplied Just tons for people to eat The prat all the ministers with the speaker who is leading them in the parliament Kidada they get all the money. He started supplying all the ministers. We have 300 ministers in the parliament and Everyone got 20 million 25 million others got 45 million odd that goes to 80 90 it became e it comes with the stages Take all the money the ministers Everyone is big now He’s eating with his family and people they are dying and I don’t understand why I told you last time I don’t understand why the president closed the country or shut down the country. He would have shut down the airport, but not the country Because we don’t have infected people for sure In fact that people are only those people who came from the airport and they’re still with them They are testing them from day one after now. They are testing them testing them They are not going out then no one has been released They are testing them they are mourning the end money the end money and give the

Report to the UN to give report to the world authorization and what the organization is That doesn’t hear if he hears Corona he gives the money People are dying their World Health Organization. You have to hear me People are dying there the money which you say now we are crying social media They’re trying to take our attention. Now. I’ve already talked about it. They are going to Take the action but in not in the right way, that’s why how Uganda has reached So I’m ending up this video and I love you so much Please don’t forget to subscribe share and this my website that the reduction master d I love you So let’s meet together again next week love you and Job