Love Me Once | A Flight Rising Short Story Part 2

this little place is to die for Zil makes an announcement to his friends to introduce me hello friends and family today I have a very special announcement I have brought to you a guest speaker and you will not believe who it is I watch as all I suddenly fall on me from behind Zil young and old the diversification of zil’s clan is staggering my clan consisted mostly of wild claws and mirrors those two breeds generally have the same temperament remember the legend of the choir boy the one who defeated the tundra brothers and acquired the immense Eastside territories well he’s here with us today choir the Eastside Victor at first I’m a little hurt that no one makes a sound but as I gracefully fly into land in the clearing I hear some gasps hello members of zills clan i’m choir thanks for your hospitality i watch as an older female wild cloth separates herself from the small crowd some dragons are actually lounging on the top of the ginormous arks overhead looking down below i watch as the female shrugs her wings with her neck raised high the armour on her face intimidates me but only a little what is your deal and how exactly do we know who you are young one what proof do we have that you are he she’s totally right I don’t have proof I guess you’re just gonna have to take my word for it then do you take me for a fool she turns her back to me quite disrespectfully might I add and addresses the half-dead new king dragons take his rides for nothing he is guilty until proven innocent we don’t need more lies I don’t need a reason to lie then prove yourself clever and how exactly do you want me to do that old lady i mu riser challenge you to a fight one of our best fighters I just stare she can’t be serious motorized err you stop this nonsense now it is hit I can easily get people to corroborate the story no need to threaten him I apologize choir please don’t let this discourage you from sharing I grill and smirk at the armored face chick thank goodness for needle nose over there I tell the young dragons that I defeated the four tundra brothers by patience and smarts I hear moon rise woman scoff in her corner of the ferns but I continue no one is cramping my style today I find that I want to share my story now I look back at Salathe and she nods an encouragement so what I did was start a fire in the forest but it just wasn’t any fire he was a calculated one it was kept contained to a bush I then transported the burning bush ball to one of the enemy’s lairs I had found a flammable chemical which caused the fire to constantly burn soon dragons were fleeing from out of their lairs my are the dragon friends told the tundra brothers where the threat came from and that they should stay to protect their young and sent some of the soldiers meanwhile some of my other trusty friends were telling the best soldiers that some of their females deeper in the territory were being attacked some reputable members of the Tundra’s clan had been in on it and corroborated the story the rest is history the young Ridgeback male looks up at me as if I’m some mythical creature I guess I am kind of Awesome after I’m finished my storytelling I also add some extra falsified tidbits for entertainment I wrap up nodding to Zell I take four steps back so he can take the center once more his massive body shakes the ground under me that was awesome what luck that you came here and even honoured us with your time thank you sir choir any questions a choir I’m rugged I just want to know I heard you lived here long ago why did you leave I shake my head to fluff my Tufts good question well the simple answer is that I wanted to make a better life for myself and I had here at the time clan feuds were common and to incessant I didn’t want to hatch my young and a violent fireman like that the mironov slowly satisfied enough with the answer a female pearl catcher one hell of a babe saunters up next to him on her four amazing legs hi did that mean that you had someone here waiting for you or someone you cared about here I don’t like this question did I did I really the person I thought I had loved apparently didn’t feel the same about me

so I don’t have to lie because she was never really mine I look down at my dewclaws clicking the hard ground under my feet and raised my head to look at her I smile a disarming smile and I revel in her blushing at me no no I didn’t after I answer a few more basic questions the crowd disperses upon zil’s request I’m honestly glad that it’s over I don’t really fancy all of the attention on me so Lowell apparently does though she seems to can’t get over the fact that she’s with me and tells everyone that she meets I hate how she behaves like she knows me more than she actually does choir that was an amazing speech I am so honored that you’re here seriously man so what do you plan on doing while you’re here and when are you going back besides me with my girlfriend mostly I’m probably going to head back in a few days well that sounds good hey later uh there’s a big get-together down at pine mountain range later tonight and I’d really like it if you come I don’t know Syl I’m kind of tired and it’s loaf and Ira plan oh come on choir it’s sort of like a reunion and a lot of dragons are gonna be there a lot of them will love to hear your story I mean no pressure but I would really like if you show up just a socialize you know I’ll consider it but no promises that’s all I’m asking well I thought he was very nice well you would anyone who gives you the least amount of attention as an angel in your eyes well then I guess that makes you the devil we land softly underneath the canopy I remember this forest this forest years ago caught on fire from an epic battle against three feuding clans for whatever reason had never recovered some of the older members of my clan used to call it the forest of resentment because it refused to grow believing that if it did so it would mean that it approved the constant warring amounts of children of the forest well that sounds awfully sad I can see the resentment from looking at all the broken trees so Lofa beats her wings to ascend into the air and hovers there slightly making a 360 turn to survey the forest she calls down to me who knew such pain could possess so much autistic value i watch as she gracefully descends to land beside me once more I could watch her fly forever her wings look as though they are caressing the air rather than slicing through it and everything that she does whispers elegance thank you for bringing me here with you I I’ve really enjoyed the journey and I hope that we can make many more she nozzles me lovingly I hate when she talks like this because I feel so guilty I am nowhere near where she is concerning her feelings I mean of course I’m attracted to her but I can’t see her as a pair mate material any time soon I know I said that we were set to be permit pairs but honestly I’m trying to put it off for as long as possible there’s so many other able-body females that are way more beautiful than she is but also stronger in mind and body at the time when I was worried for territories she was a sound mind of every conversation but now that I want to be free in Rome I don’t know she just feels like more of a mother than a mate even koyla is stressful she always claims I beat her often everything must be calculated and neat never rough and dirty sorry but that was never me I’m thinking about maybe I need to mature and she’s the perfect female to help with that I do need a mature female I’ve had immature girlfriends before and I’ve seen how that works out for me hey I’m still invited me to this get-together for later on tonight you want to go I know we had a long day I actually would not mind if she said no but of course she’s not gonna let me get off that easy Oh quiet we definitely should it is customary to Anne sent invitation to a host why did I know you were gonna say yes well if you knew why did you ask I thought you like being treated like a noble I pressed my chest into hers in an attempt to seduce her she giggles and turns away we’re up on the forest floor I need this I need to relax just for a few hours and remember why I’m grateful slow phase mine we’ve find mountain range we’re supposed to be having a get-together here so my sister and I are hunting I feel as

though I’m a much better hunter than goalie courage but she definitely has better eyesight than I do especially in the dark are you feeling any better gee this guy sure is nice actually I feel worse because it was on a night like this choir and I had our last good times you are going to have fun tonight you’re gonna let loose and forget earlier happen you understand me madam you will choir isn’t worth your time you may be super wealthy now but he’s married so what does it matter but my sister it really does matter I feel a pain in my stomach when she utters the one married once more she keeps pushing it at my face as though she’s trying to prove something I already know he’s married they don’t want to be reminded of it every single minute of the day I know she’s trying to help me forget him and she thinks that’s a good way to motivate me too but honestly it just makes me feel worse see up ahead I stretch out my wings to glide so I can hear clearly it’s the sound of loud fluttering well it’s loud to me goal acreage flaps beside me I tell her to knock it off so I can hear it can see so what does it matter she whispers harshly I ascended this much power as I can I look down and make out the figures of our prey a group of 12 death’s-head stags flutter into the night I can hear them huffing stupid creatures make so much noise I flat three times before going into glide mode again I’m so good at gliding it makes me feel a pang of pride every time I do it I look back at my sister from some distance behind and underneath I teeter-totter to give the signal I know she can see me and when she does she lets out a commanding roar the stupid bangs panic and break off from one another I guess in an attempt to divert I take my cue I retract my wings so they hug my sides and then I nosedive for one of the stags it doesn’t even see me coming my sister is right behind it roaring fiercely to get it to lose judgment and to mask my incoming yes I slammed right into it crushing its wings that are not as delicate as you think I swing the body towards my sister it’s still alive but stunned she delivers a quick kill bite to the neck since her jaws are stronger and carries it I hope the other group did well I don’t know I think we make a pretty good team I know right don’t mess with the sisters oh goodness so many dragons are here my dad flies over to me daughter done daddy proud thanks daddy you know lots of dragons from neighboring clans are attending little moochers daddy don’t you be me now this get-together is for everyone yeah I remember a time when there wasn’t any such thing well there’s some meat simmering on the slabs over here would you like some yes but uh let me greet some of the neighbors was only frightened me already we both smile and wink at one another I heard my dad used to be one of the shyest dragons of the clan now look at him running around making a fuss I go over to the slabs to turn the meat it looks so delicious I’d love to take a bite but since I’m on surfing duty I exercise as much patient as I can but boy does it smell good while turning the meat Stone henchman shows up in this dying light the colors on his wings are so captivating my lady I just had to come over here and tell how beautiful you look tonight did you know they wanted to teach you so long well I don’t know if you’ve heard but I’m quite handsome and I had to push my way through a barrage of ladies just to get to you they’ll have you know that I kept my eye straight on you the entire time my mother walks up gracefully behind us oh hey mom dad was here earlier good I trained him well hello stone missile Asami I can’t wait till you two were paired you’re just what this family needs a little noble blood it is you who would be doing me the honors yeah I’m sorry I don’t think I mentioned that stone henchman and I are set to be married he specially picked out by my dad we were practically paired by her parents since who were babies station you’ve done well why don’t you go and serve the last of these and then take a break to feed yourself and socialize I’ll help I serve some food to some of the newer dragons and then stone and I go somewhere quiet to eat all the

dragons genuinely look happy to be here stone looks at me with a warm smile what you’re just so pretty and kind Am I what makes you say that well I’ve known you almost my whole life doesn’t that count for something maybe however you can know someone your whole life and still not know them that’s true but I know you you always make sure that everyone else is comfortable before you are you always serve others to make them smile even though you don’t feel like smiling stone is right about something I really don’t feel like smiling suddenly stone looks over my shoulder then back at me oh station that guard over there I went to hunter Trading Academy with him he actually came here he was an awesome friend I probably would not have been able to hunt if it weren’t for him go on I’m so sorry we’ll catch up later I watched him fly away and smile my smile quickly wipes off my face when I realize who’s flying into the area oh my gosh this isn’t happening descending gracefully next to a group of younger dragons who had just recently arrived is none other than choir and his wife I panic I scurry out of there like a mouse and dive behind some rocks I find a small creek and wash myself up I prove my feathers no I have no time to be meticulous damn my bad eyesight I can’t even see my reflection while in the water I walked past a female Imperial of my clan drinking the water thirstily hey hey hey you how do we look like a Cody I saw an exasperated takeoff in flight to rejoin the congregation of dragons as I fly back I see choir already deep in conversation with my parents I roll my eyes well you like you’re doing well for yourself Bob what else do you need me to do polo station I ignore him or at least my attempt to hey honey look who it is I forced a smile at my dad why are they acting so jovial I remember when they had such a problem with us being friends I also remember when my father and mother forced me to break up with him we love each other so much that we met each other in secret anyway but I don’t know why our relationship was such a threat other than for the feud that was going on between her clans but now that they see he’s married and no longer a liability to them or me they’re behaving as though they were always bestest of friends it makes me mad mom well we could use more insects for the tidbits you’re good with you getting those yeah I beat my wings like my life depends on it and shoot into the air determined to fly as high as I can to get away from him as the night progresses things get more interesting dance couples who’d been trading their whole lives for events like this put on aerial shows some are actually mating proposals right now I watch as two gorgeous walk laws perform flips through the air the bright white female spirals into the sky while the male spirals for the ground suddenly they flip and spiral towards each other everyone gasps believing as I do that they’re about to collide but instead they expertly lock claws and swing each other around so fast I wonder how they don’t get dizzy they splay out their wings so they form a spinning circle with wings it’s beautiful many more dragons performed acts like this I said quietly on my spot in the darkness the closest dragon to me being about 12 feet away after about 15 minutes I feel a presence I look over and see choir walking up beside me i Huff and return my attention to the sky of acrobatic dragons my nerves are at fire I am angry but elated at the same time that he’s here where’sa Lofa she’s chatting it up with some other face she loves the attention she thrives in environments like this that’s nice at least she’s having a good time yeah fazer total gossips and Salo fall always loves hearing some juicy news aren’t you enjoying yourself what does it look like I’m sorry I didn’t want to do this but why did you come back to prove a point or something I was fine I really was until you showed up with your freaking wife I mean there was nothing left for you here choir he looks disappointed but only for a split second narrowing his eyes he says you’re right

there is nothing for me here man everything was always about you wasn’t it station I came back because I wanted to show the female I’m gonna spend the rest of my life with where I grew up you don’t own this whole land you know and you can’t forbid me from coming back but you have everything that you want back at your home so why would you come back just why do you know how much your just ruin my life coming back here I don’t even dam about how much you think I ruined your life if you think that your life is ruined then that’s because of the choices that you made remember station I did give you a choice I gave you a choice to be with me or just stay and be married off to some other dragon who had little land at the time and you chose him remember my mind goes in reverse to that better day what are you even talking about quiet my life is here and I don’t wanna be always looking over my shoulder to see whether or not your clan is after me I wouldn’t live free you cannot guarantee that I will be safe station if you had loved me this whole time then you would have trusted me when I told you that I would take care of you and then a promise I promise to keep you safe no I believe that you believe that but you don’t know how we will heat quiet my family is right I know you think I’m immature but now it’s the time for me to start acting maturely I have to think about my future and not just the now please believe me when I say that I love you with all of my soul but honestly you had to have known all this time that our relationship was not realistic is it all coming back to you now that’s what you get when you choose material things over the person that you claimed you loved looking up at him I can see a look at his eyes I’ve never seen on him before he’s acting as though were enemies he walks slowly forward facing him I lower my head and he really hold a grudge against me all this time but don’t be too sad station you’ll get a front row seat of what your life would have been had you stayed with me are you seriously gonna punish me for a decision I made years ago based on reason I’m not punishing you you did this to yourself you think you’re the only one with feelings I turned out every opportunity my anger at family throw at me meet females three times prettier and five times smarter than you but I turned them down I stood up to my family to pay with you yeah in the yen they told them before I came to get you my mother just owned me and said if I ever step foot on this territory again she killed both of us I throw away all of it for you you selfish dumbass and do you know how broken I was when I did all of that for you – then tell me who threw it I’m just gonna marry that guy because my parents want me to marry him and because he can feed me better well I hope you have a swell marriage station I hope that was all worth it but I’m glad because it makes me realize that you were worthless to me and you know what he walks closer I can smell sweet pine on him I’ve never seen him this livid every word he throws at me breaks my heart to pieces despite my will I begin to cry when he’s right up in my face and I think for a moment he’s going to kiss me he says I thank God I didn’t end up with you you’re the best thing I’d never had and thank you because if it weren’t for you I would have never met solola she’s ten times more than half the female you’ll ever be enjoy your evening i watch as he flies off I don’t even see where he goes because my vision is impaired by my burning tears I’m breathing hard I’m so mad I want to kill something I want to feel fresh warm blood bathe my razor-sharp claws I can’t find saloa I need some release there are over 200 dragons in attendance here at least now there is that’s perfect I want to get lost in the crowd I’m glad I got all of that off my chest I throw it into stations face I didn’t count on me getting this worked up though I had rehearsed what I would say to her if I ever saw her again time and time again the pain got me at first but after some time he got easier and eventually I moved on with my life however seeing her again made me remember how much of a tick she was to me three gorgeous females advance upon me oh man – they look sexy especially they’re not know maybe the spiral I want to take the ball home with me tonight right now this is just what I need a distraction so Lofa isn’t around so her loss maybe

I’ll just choose one of these babes to be my wife instead hello are you the Eastside Victor ma’am then I’m happy to be me right yes yes I never imagined you’d be this sexy yet sexy and strong well what were you expecting I don’t know the spiral twists and turns around my body oh the way she moves is turning me on the others join the knock walk seductively towards me on her hind legs while the wild claw shudders her wings against me my body’s on full stimulus alerts I want to crumble at this moment I don’t care about anything nor anyone yeah I got hurt but I’m awesome my family dumped me because I chose my girl and my girl dumped me because I wasn’t her family so I’ll dump everyone before I know it I’m kissing all three of these females I can see stationed staring at me from a distance she had flown atop of rock a little closer to where I am I can see her face and hurt in her eyes I engage even more with the females the next time I look up she’s flying away I wish I could see her worthless face right now I want to watch her heart crumble to pieces the way she made mine