23 The only place where kpop fans around the globe unite It’s the online fanmeeting, Meet & Greet GOT7 has come to play on Meet & Greet! Should we introduce ourselves to the audience? Excuse me, pay attention 1, 2, 3. Come and get it. Hello, we are GOT7 Shall we introduce ourselves one by one? Yes, yes, yes. Please do Starting from me? Uh It’s so sudden Hello, everyone. I’m BamBam, who seems like an oppa but isn’t What are you saying?! Hello, everyone. I’m GOT7’s Mark Hello, everyone. I’m GOT7’s cutie pie, Jackson~ I’m GOT7’s MC for today, Jinyoung Hello. I’m GOT7’s leader. It’s been a while I’m sorry Chic and sexy Hello. I’m GOT7’s maknae, Yugyeom HIT THE STAGE! What did you say? “Hit the Stage’s Yugeom?” No, I said I’m the youngest! He’s the first place winner on Hit The Stage, Yugyeom Alright, during the — No! During the past Meet & Greets, our leader-hyung has always been the MC, but today, I, Jinyoung will be the MC Wow That’s why he’s upset! Do well, do well The scriptwriters asked me to do so I see There’s a lot of people who’ve purchased our album. So using the “random” button, it’ll recommend selected posts Yugyeom! Yugyeom’s pressing it? Then I’ll press it Do you know why? Because he won first on Hit The Stage at Mnet. There’s no need to say anything more Mwave is also a part of Mnet 1, 2, 3! All the photos are — Yugyeom’s Hard Carrying all the photos Oh, why is it taking so long? Did you press it? Yeah, it’s loading It’s because of Yugyeom’s touch It’s glitching, Yugyeom We could just skip it Oh and also before that. One of our members couldn’t make it today Yes Because of health reasons, he’s resting for a bit. But he’s been recovering so don’t worry too much Please don’t worry Even if he’s not here, we’ll still make it fun Looking at the fanboard comments on the side, there’s already a lot of people here Right? Yep, that’s right Your reaction is so good Then let’s first check the attendance of the fans here Attendance Check Someone asked Jackson to do aegyo Where is it? It already passed Is it a problem with my eyes? I don’t see it It (the camera) only focused now, do it now. 1, 2, 3! Someone asked Mark to act cute No, no. Someone’s asking JB to act cute here Oh! JB act cute! Here, it’s here It’s really here 1, 2, 3 Chic and sexy! He’s too chic! These are all basically the same Try doing the same thing Jackson did Just do this once Ready, go Isn’t that too chic? As expected of our — Oh, there’s one here What is it? Jinyoung, sing the Gwiyomi Jinyoungie, gwiyomi song, no, don’t look You’re saying you don’t know it!? I don’t know it No, he knows it! “One plus one…” Are you ready? Are you ready? 5, 6, 7, 8! Oh, you have to continue for 4, 5, 6 on You should move on now Why do you want to move on? Because we have to proceed with the script The MC can’t keep doing this Later, we’ll have time where we can chat with the fans using the fanboard. Please stay with us until the very end Now, our Meet & Greet will officially start Our first corner — GOT7’s trendsetter of variety What are you doing?! Our Jackson! Give it a try Actor Park~! No, no, no The first segment is where we listen to the requests of overseas fans The name is “Requests for GOT7.” Overseas fans have sent many requests via SNS platforms

Of those many, we’ll see four of them So, BamBam, who’s the closest Okay I can just peel it off, right? Yes Which one should I pick? Whichever one you want We’ll go along with what you want Oh, what is it? Wait a minute They’re asking who can do the best British accent Isn’t it Jackson hyung? It’s Jackson No, it isn’t We should go one by one It’s Jackson If Jackson shows us an example, Yugyeom can follow that What demonstration? You’ll show us first so that Yugyeom can imitate it Demonstration? Yes What are you hearing it as? Demonstration (Shi-bum)? Fu (ssi-bal) What did you say!?! Demonstrate! I’m going to demonstrate! Is this how you’re going to be on broadcast? What are you saying? Are you looking down on broadcasts!? I’m going to give an example first Hello, my name is Jackson and… where do I have to look? Ah, how do you .. no wait, that’s Australian accent “Chop, chop, four o’clock. Time for tea.” “Harry Potter! Wingardium Leviosa.” Was that okay? Was it okay? And exactly like that, our first place winner — Like how he dances But I think it’ll really suit Yugyeom if he does it I agree He kind of has western-looking phenotypes 1, 2, 3! Are you going to do it including gestures?! Ready, start! “Chop. . chop.. ” Wait, why are you doing that? Because it ‘chop.. chop.’ Four o’clock. Four o’clock He did it good though Want to see Jaebum hyung do this? Yes! What did you say? Don’t do it chicly anymore! How do you do it ? Then for the very end, let’s finish with Jackson showing us the correct way Didn’t I already show you guys really correctly? Just try it again. Ready, go! But, I’m curious about something Why is Jackson and Jaebum hyung’s hairstyle the same? I think it’s completely identical It is? I don’t think it’s the same Right now, Jackson hyung forgot to remove the pin from his hair Really?!! That’s his concept Oh, it was a concept ? So that’s what differs, you have a pin Then, let’s pick the next one now I’ll pick the one on top I didn’t remove the pin? But, I’m not the one to remove it . Did I have to do it myself? How do I remove it if I don’t see it? Why is it always me~!? Can we say… switch BamBam and Mark’s positions? “Yugyeom pats a member –” You’re not relaying the information well Can Yugyeom pat a member’s head while giving them a backhug and complimenting them? So there’s Korean translations There’s Korean, why did I read the English? Why did you have to read the English part? Because the English part was on top Because we’re together with fans from all around the world But he’s not relaying the meaning — BamBam might not understand things that are too difficult But he should still be conveying the meaning. He’s not doing so at all Why do they ask me to do such things? But you should still do it If the birdies ask you to do so, you have to do it Alright? Then Yugyeom has to pick one member You have to pat their head Jaebumie~ But I really don’t like people patting my head so You don’t like it! But if they ask, you have to do it! Isn’t that right? The youngest towards the leader — I don’t think it should be me. Please choose well Then, I’ll But I don’t have to compliment them, right? You have to compliment them It says right there “if you could compliment them.” Besides complimenting — Do you dislike that so much? Do we really have nothing for you to compliment? Wow Let me ponder over this a bit I think you’re being like this because you’ve attained first place Hurry up and choose. 3, 2, 1 Don’t tell me you’re going to choose yourself I’m going to pick Jaebum hyung I got so shocked when he first looked over at me Then let’s do this, change it to patting my shoulder I really don’t like being pat on the head No, it’s your head It has to be your head The head and the shoulder is completely different Then fine, your face. Like this Back hug Oh, the back hug? Sigh, seriously Wasn’t it patting while back hugging? That’s right! Right? Let’s go and do this You’d do this while backhugging But patting while back hugging is — And complimenting You can say stuff like “Jaebum-ah, you did well.” But the way you pat him — – Pat him while saying “you did well.” – But back hugging and patting is what a boy does to a girl

But the thing is, this team doesn’t have a girl Let’s just do this But you can pat him in a Hit The Stage way Like this I’m sorry Then let me do it once too. Since you’ve gone through all this trouble But my name isn’t there, is it? I want to pat you once I already did it This is so embarrassing!! Seriously, what is this~ It’s your chance! I really don’t like stuff like this We understand We like stuff like this. We like it 5, 6, 7, 8! – Stuff like this happens once a year — – Backhug!! Seriously… seriously Our leader is doing well! Wait a moment. Redo it! Redo it! The fans weren’t satisfied They aren’t satisfied “A” is the title of our song But he doesn’t like it when people pat his head Oh, it’s another – Should I do it for you? Or not I’ll do it in the dorm You did well. You did well I’ll pick the next one~ That was too much Can I read this? Don’t read the English Ahh, he’s so cute I could read this If you had one a day to spend time with IGOT7 — what does “one a day” mean? One day If you have one day with IGOT7s, what do you want to do? Then BamBam can answer this I need to think about this for a bit. Wait a moment Then Mark hyung should answer it Mark hyung has gotten too quiet again Do you have to think about it too? I wasn’t quiet Are you full from eating protein bars? No. Hey, protein obsessed What would you want to do with fans? What should I do? Should I do skydiving? – Skydiving – Skydiving? For real? Would you guys really want to go skydiving together? Yes Because everyone are birds But we aren’t the birds Everyone else can fly and we can just… we need parachutes Yes How about BamBam? I think… I’ll go to the ocean side – I like the ocean – Me too, me too What would IGOT7s do? Well, they could swim… or — In this cold weather? – Cold weather? No, not now but another month – It’s winter now And your clothes? You’d be only in swimwear? I… I can’t wear swimwear yet — I… that You don’t have any other choice There’s that thing… That thing Scuba diving? Right You want to do that? Yeah, with the fans Oh right. In our music video, we tried it before Yeah, but this time, we’d be in the ocean looking at the fish Then what does our Yugyeomie want to do? Don’t say anything about Hit The Stage Did you want to dance? – Go break the stage with the fans – I want to go to a pension A pension? And then do what? IGOT7s would order food and you’d take a nap? What would you do? I want to grill meat and Yugyeomie’s really good at grilling meat So we always ask Yugyeom to do it. Since we’re bad at it You say that you’re bad at it I did well yesterday I did well, right? Next one Well, I Oh, Jackson – No, no, no – You skipped him I want to read the next one Someone in the front just sighed There’s none here? Please read it Read it Please read it Didn’t you want to read it? No, you Should I? Please make a dance for “If.” Wow, for this I think Yugyeom has to show us his freestyling Please make it for us “If” is too difficult This is a broadcast tailored for Yugyeom That’s right Then let’s play “If” and see what choreography comes out But Yugyeomie really choreographs like this It’s true It just flows out of his body That becomes the choreography No, I think about it a lot Just think about the lyrics Ready, go! Please play the song Oh, it’s coming. It’s coming The chorus. The chorus This is the chorus 5, 6, 7, 8! Is this also part of the choreography? All of us c– What do I do? Ready, go I’m going crazy Is this the choreography? This is too — ahhh! It’s embarrassing, isn’t it? It’s so embarrassing This can’t be A lot of people were — – But wait. Hey! – I thought it was good I think Jackson could do well But in our team, there’s another person that choreographs So he doesn’t have to do it himself! Ah, Youngjae? You mean Youngjae? This hyung’s refusing to do it Please replay the music. If – Fighting! Fighting! – He’s going to do so well Jinyoung hyung’s clearly better at this than I am He’s really going to do well Is it going to be?? Paper Heart~ He already thought of it!

The floor! The floor! Jackson! The floor! Floor work Was that okay? Wow, Jinyoung~ How is Jinyoung hyung so good? – We like it, we like it – The vibe was so good And then, a lot of people — A lot of people had sent in requests. We thank all global IGOT7s who participated. Thank you Now that we’re at Meet & Greet, we still have to introduce our song and album to overseas fans Now in front of us, I’m not sure whose it is, but we have such cool albums prepared Yugyeom will now briefly explain the album you’d be receiving after the show Yes, I will Because you’re Yugyeom No… why Second full album! The name of it is Turbulence And because it’s for Hard Carry, we made it look like a carrier It looks like a carrier and If you open it The reason that it’s cut out here is because if you put our polaroids here, it’d show here – Do you understand what I’m saying? – What did you say? – Excuse me! – What are you trying to say? How can you say something nonsensical then ask “Do you know what I’m saying?” No… wasn’t it this? No, it wasn’t! Yugyeom’s really good at dancing Please continue The polaroid It’s not this? It’s not What are you doing? Isn’t that the other album? Ah, the album explanation is being done by IGOT7s Then why don’t we have Jaebum hyung explain it for us? Jaebum hyung doesn’t know it too well either No, I know it So as seen here, you can get a member’s photocard And Why is this here? The thing that Yugyeom can’t explain well Why is it here? For style! Oh, I can explain! I can explain! He says he can do it This is here for styling Mark. Please give Mark a chance – Oh, I’ll give the chance to Mark – Give Mark a chance What is this part for? This part that Yugyeom couldn’t explain It’s when you peel off the album — Is it not? When you open the album After you open it, then you look at this If this is the group photo, then this is the group version of the album If it’s a single member’s photo? It’s their version of the album Of course And! What was it There’s that… Is it not? At the back The flight card This! The thing that has the CD — oh, sorry – If you drop it like that – Sorry. It’s a performance – You can’t drop it like this – No, you have to remove everything The thing that holds the CD, on the back, you can make a big photo! What did you say? What did you say? There’s the CD here, right? Yes On the back there’s this photo He’s explaining it to us He’s right! There’s a big photo comprised of this! He’s right!!! Oh you piece it together Really? Yugyeom-ssi, did you understand? He’s right Did you understand, Yugyeom-ssi? Do you understand? Now you understand what’s going on, right? Yes And there’s also stickers here Why are there stickers here? Why are there stickers? To stick them onto our album Personally! Because it’s carry– because it’s a carrier To go along with Hard Carry, it’s a hard carrier That’s right, so for the design So that everyone can decorate it in their own style That was a very nice explanation Wasn’t it? It was okay, right? Thank you! Then for the explanation of our title song, Hard Carry, let’s have BamBam give it a go Me? Do you really want to hear it? Yes Do you want to hear it from BamBam? Yes Okay Ca— the t-title song? – Why are you stuttering? – Why, why? Why are you nervous? The title song is… that… we We’re hard carrying you guys Why’s the reaction like that? The audience couldn’t understand I wasn’t prepared – Then let’s have Jackson-ssi explain – Wasn’t it originally for Jackson hyung? Firstly, it’s a fast tempo EDM track, right? Please make some noise for me Hard Carry. Hey! That’s right! Then for more detailed descriptions, we have Jaebum hyung A more detailed description 808 Bass Then why don’t we have the member who messed up earlier, Yugyeom, explain what kind of song Hard Carry is Uh… yes… it’s a song with 808 Bass and Did he memorize it well? It’s very It’s a song that conveys how we’re hard carrying you guys

It’s a song with strong beats Or you can interpret it in the sense of Jinyoung hyung’s story in the music video It’s all different Yeah, it’s all different. It’s open-ended It showcases GOT7’s charm via powerful beats and strong choreography That was a very nice explanation, worthy of being in a newspaper article – Do the members have any favorite album tracks besides the title track? – Mayday, of course! I said it’s Mayday! I said it’s Mayday! Please look over here Oh, you picked Mayday? I said Mayday Then why don’t we have Jackson sing his part from Mayday? Does he have to sing his entire part? All of it. He has to sing all of it It’s up to me No, no, it’s not up to you. It’s the MCs decision I want to give everyone a chance It’s the MCs decision Shhhhh Silence You don’t know the lyrics Oh, do you guys not know the lyrics!? Jackson, you don’t know the lyrics, do you? Of course I know it Then sing it Mayday is very good, and No Jam is also very good No, no, sing Mayday – The lyrics – Don’t try to skip over it Mark hyung is so funny these days Then what song does Jaebum hyung want to recommend? I… I want to recommend Hey No. Out of the songs you’ve written and composed Home Run? No, Home Run is also his song. But there’s another style that hyung likes What style does he like? It’s obviously Home Run Wait a minute… Sigh You’re answering for him Prove It. I’d recommend Prove It – Please sing it with hyung’s smooth voice – Make our hearts flutter What? Oh, sing Prove It? Yes, make their hearts flutter Even the album fell over – That huge impact – Even the album’s heart fluttered Yes, and it recalled all the good songs we’ve forgotten As you guys listen to the songs we’ve recommended after the show, you guys can share the very emotions we also felt They will Then, now is the time where we read messages of encouragement from those who have purchased our album Yes. We’ve said it earlier but people from many different countries has sent us messages Hee hee~ It really says “hee hee.” (in the script) There’s two “hieut’s” This is still We have to read it Oh, JB, Prove It – There seems to be an issue here – The script says Yugyeom, but this is — It’s working! Oh, okay, it’s good now Many people has sent us messages I like If The photo isn’t the one from earlier There was an error Please read it for us I read one and — You can’t Oh, I can’t? It’s Yugyeom’s time now Ah, I’m sorry Translate “Hello, kids!” “Congratulations on releasing your second studio album. I really love it and think it’s your best product yet.” “Your vocals, dance, composing and also lyrics writing skills really improved.” “I can’t stop listening to the album.” “My favorite songs yet are Sky Way, Boom x3, My Home, Mayday and…” “Hey! But… but I like the others, I’m grateful For giving us such a cool album as a present.” It says “gift difficult” though Depending on Yes, anyway – This is the gist of it – Thank you They really wrote a lot! They said they like Mayday Boom x3! Thank you Sigh It’s not “Boom x3” though Yes and Doesn’t Jackson like Mayday too? That’s right And then

Don’t hit me, please Choose three from page one to ten Because so many people sent things in Oh, this one Click on “All Random” Should I click it one more time? Yes. Please click it I want to do it on the third page Yes, please do so Ah… it’s slow Because so many people sent messages in Even when we press “All Random,” it’s not working well There’s also the problem with the Wifi but No, the Wifi here is good Right now Because it’s Mnet Someone pronounced it as “wee-fee” before Should we just read it directly then? Just pick anyone that you want Markson forever. Markson forever. Markson forever Please love GOT7 There’s also Jinson Please love GOT7 There’s also Wang Gae Park Gae Yes, Wang Gae Park Gae If you just keep on calling for Markson it’s If you just call out for Mark… it’s really… please love GOT7 The server isn’t working as we want right now So we’d just directly recommend them ourselves later Why don’t we move onto the next corner? Yes, yes, yes There’s so many corners Why do you dislike it? No, I like it so much Is that so? Please hurry and host We haven’t been able to meet these fans (messages) yes but we’ll do so in a little while Because so many people sent messages in, we feel like we’re receiving the overseas fans’ love Of course In order to repay their wishes, we’ll gift the top one supporter with a signed polaroid To find out who it is, shall we disclose the top supporters starting from the fifth place? – I’ll do it – Yugyeom-ssi will disclose it The fifth place is! Amanda Chue! Congratulations! At moments like this, we all applaud Then shall we disclose the fourth place? Fourth place is Tohma! Tohma~! Oh it suddenly And the third place is? Who will be the third place? Jackson-ssi is the one to tell us Lamanttkk! Oh, it’s gone It disappeared It was supposed to select recommendations but it disappeared If you click it again, a new one will pop out Hey guys Leisurely – Second place! – Oh, it’s here Second place! Second place! You can look over here Second place Who’s in second place? Carol Gao First place! The first place is So hard Wait a minute Woah, Bam-ah! Why does this stuff have to happen to BamBam? The first place is! Enchanted9394 Yes, congratulations Congratulations! Then we’ll now take our polaroid photo How are we doing this? While sitting? – I think we can take it now – Move closer together – Oh! The album fell out – Yugyeom! – It’s Yugyeom! – Surprise! Wow, it really… hit the stage Really I should go to the back The photo Let’s take our photo Let’s go Okay It’s fine It’s okay, it’s okay Okay We’re only taking one? – Take two and choose the better of the two – Please take two! 1, 2, 3! Thank you! Woah! Today is album crashing time Oh! Turbulence~ Our IGOT7s have so much wit Of course Congratulations to those who won And the next corner is to communicate with fans who are watching the broadcast This corner us Mwave Fanboard Chatting! Yes~ So at this moment, please write what you want to say to GOT7 in the Mwave Fanboard chatroom Why don’t you read some of it for us?

– Yes, let’s read some – Please comment Oh there’s one here, can I read it? – Yes They said it’s been a while so they want to hear BamBam’s Call You Mine That’s definitely not here It just scrolled past. So please show us a bit One stanza Just one stanza, one stanza This is so Just one stanza… do you guys want to hear it? They want to hear it though~ I think it’s better to sing our album tracks then Okay, which one? No, do you want to hear Boom Boom Boom? Oh, Boom Boom Boom? Ready~ start! “Double B” Okay, thank you There’s this Let me look for it first Read something else first Oh! “Jackson, act cute.” It’s really here It’s really here “Jackson, act cute.” Then act cute while you’re saying Mark’s part I keep adding things He looks like a man who reads I want you To find me And save me Let’s not do this Yeah Let’s not do this But you should do it completely I already did all of it – That was good – “Mark, sing The Confession Song.” Confession Song… when was it “How is it.” Oh, “How is it.” “Jinyoung, please sing a stanza from Mayday.” Okay, “Mark protein.” Please take your protein “Say hi to Korea.” Hi Korea What is that? “JB, wink!” It’s clearly written there Can you see it? Is this the right spelling? W-I-N-K Ah… I see 1, 2 Please focus on him Pay attention My eyes are small so they can’t see this though What did he do? I winked One more time, do it one more time His heart fluttered “Can Jinyoung rap Mark’s rap in Hard Carry?” That’s something new How’d it go? Finally I feel confident because I have Jackson Let’s read a few more an — GOT7 Pride! But they wrote it as “GAT7 Pride.” – They made a typo – “JJP” Someone asked Yugyeom to show us Hit The Stage Your acting is truly Over here, show us over here Go and show us Show us the “hip hop” part No, wait, show us this part They want to see it… hitting your body yourself The part where you hit yourself – Okay, okay – Please show us Come to the middle, the middle! Okay 5, 6, 7, 8! Is the mic okay? I think the mic’s going to malfunction What type of dance is this? Stomp No, if you were to give it a name I can’t give it a name That was really cool Why is he so cool? Can’t you name it “Mosquito Hitting” dance or something? Oh, mosquitoes is okay. It’s itchy so I’m hitting it Oh my goodness Oh my god What happened? – We can’t read this one – Skip it, skip it Let’s finish after reading two more Yes They say they love you Let’s have the six of us say hi to Youngjae. Say hello to Youngjae Ready, go Hello, Youngjae! We’ll come home at night Aloha The last one Someone asked Jinyoung to pose like a model! Photoshoot Cut, number one! Do three of them Number one! Number two! Number three! He did so well You did well Once again, we’ve met with the fans (messages) real time Yes Now to briefly organize the set, we’ll be watching a promotional video for Meet & Greet But we’re supposed to read the messages by purchasers until the forty minute mark So are we playing the video or not? Are we playing the video? At the forty minute mark We’ll play the video at the forty minute mark Now that the messages are back We’ll continue reading it Oh, it’s really back Since Yugyeom has read it already, we’ll have Jaebum hyung Im Leader What about Jaebum hyung? It’s not opening again now that I clicked it – Is it opening? – It’s opened It’s in Chinese so I can’t read it

No, there’s the translate button Okay “Love u Jackson n GOT7~” “Wang Jiaer” “And then your weight too thin eat well more organic foods.” “Cute lovely face let’s sell.” Thank you, please love GOT7! – Please love GOT7 – They said to sell your lovely face Jackson’s skin has been improving due to organic food It’s improved a lot He’s been taking care of himself And Jinyoung’s pear house (jip) Pear juice (jeub) Thank you What is pear juice? What else could pear juice be It’s the traditional medicine extract where you open it and drink Read something else That tastes good Let’s have Jaebum hyung read in English His pronunciation is so good “You guys are my pride (young-gam).” My Sir (young-gam). Why’d you call for me~ (Reference to song lyrics.) Please continue “I…love…” “…similar sweet songs let’s go…” “In the United Kingdom…” “Mark, act cute.” Ahhh, “Mark, act cute.” Please love GOT7! “Choo Shinsoo Mark…” (Choo Shinsoo is a professional baseball player.) He’s not here right now Mark hyung, please act cute What should I do? You know that “I dreamed of you.” Say “I also dreamed of you.” “I also dreamed of you?” Do you want to say “I dreamed of you?” Then… let’s take a look at the original Let’s see this first, the original version The loading time is a bit long so I’ll see the original version and then I’ll do it You’ll learn it I’ll show you the lines You have to say the lines and act too – No – Act too Say “I dreamed of you” like this “I dreamed of you.” That’s good. Let’s pass this topic now Are you going to do it or not!? No, no, no. I can’t act cute Mark hyung has to show us Act cute I mimicked him already Cutely – Say “I dreamed of you.” – Look at the camera – The camera’s over there – Ready, go! I dreamed of you too~ Look at that, Jaebum hyung! You can do it! I’m sorry, I did it unknowingly Where’d you learn this from? Hit the paper! You gave me a shock! Next Hyung, I’m sorry I’m next, right? Yes I didn’t know he’d see me Select it from here Could you press this? Which one? This This? When is this going to appear? Please read this in English Are we going to do this again? Then should I press ‘Translate’? Well I could read it but I might not understand it Then I’ll translate it Okay “Hello.” “This luck has been made.” “Congratulations Hot Dreamer Hard Car want made.” “I’m proud of you guys making album together.” Making what? For making our album Album? Yes, about that There’s a message about Jaebum-hyung Where? Is there? Are you sure? Oh, they said that hyung’s the number one leader Jinyoung is…! For writing songs that they love I’m guessing they like Mayday Jackson, there’s you! That they saw a very cute side of you in the “A” album The album for “A?” I didn’t take part in it though Not about you taking part, but that they saw you as very cute I love you too Shouldn’t it be ‘participate’ (cham-yeo) instead of ‘attend’ (cham-seok?) Is it ‘participate?’ They said that Youngjae’s voice is impactful/shocking I want to hear Youngjae’s loud voice Please show us Ready, go! Hello! That’s why I can never hear with my left ear Recently I can hear well on this side Then let’s read a last one before going on Which one? Which one? Next? Next It’s not working here either Over there, this Pick this one It’s done. It’s done What is this? “Hi GOT7.” He wants to read the English, why’d you translate it? “Congrats on your second album.” “Please stay healthy and take care.” “I’ll always support you guys.” “Also, come back to LA soon.” “To Mark. You’re talented and hardworking.” “Keep up the good work and be happy.” “Love, a fan from California.” It seems like Mark hyung’s fan Please love GOT7! Now because it’s almost the forty minute mark Let’s watch the promotional video for Meet & Greet

Oh, I came back lighter That’s a relief This is a corner where we can have fun and play together with GOT7 Let’s have Protein Mark hyung introduce the games we’re playing today Today’s game with GOT7 is about finding who is eating the special food It is the “Who’s The Liar” game! Who’s The Liar Oh, this time with the “Who’s” it’s — It’s a pun, a pun – No, no. It’s just the title – “It’s a pun.” Including me, the MC, we’ll split into two teams of three The winning team will get a snack set Really!? There’s something that has cheese in it too I’m hungry The losing team will wear the monpe pants and wigs we’ve prepared on the side Then we’ll have a simple “Hard Carry Dance Time.” But how are we diving the teams? Then we really can’t lose! Should we do Jendi Jendi (hands up, hands down)? Can I possibly be with — Then let’s just do this (palms up, palms down.) – This one, this one – Jendi Jendi Jendi~ Jen~di! It’s not that! What are you doing? We don’t have time for this Jendi! Top Bottom Top Oh, it’s this No, let’s sit over there I’m back over here? It’s the older brother team and the younger brother team What? Oh, it is ‘Sup, man It is indeed ‘Sup bro man. What’s up man Shall we start immediately? Let’s first decide on team names Team names? Really? Yeah, it’s not in the script but Team name? Then you guys first – You guys first – No – I’m the MC – Because he’s the MC Oh, our team are room neighbors The younger brothers have gotten arrogant Then what about us? What should we do? We’re done. “JB Power.” Believe in our leader. “JB Power.” Then we’d be “Jinyoung Power.” No, you guys should be “Protein Obsession.” Why this all of a sudden? No, let’s be “Small Peppers Are Spicy.” But that’s strange! (Pepper is euphemism for the male private part.) – Then we’d be “Big Peppers Are Spicier.” – Wait a minute, wait a minute Wait a minute. The fact that you’re thinking it’s strange is funny This is just an idiom that’s been passed down since olden days Jinyoung hyung ordered us to say it Big Chilis I said “Big Chilis Are Spicier.” “JB Power.” – But I like the Chili one – Then we’d be “Small Pweppers Are Spicier.” Good It’s Pepper Oh, sorry. Pepper SPS We’re BPS BPS Fine Okay, then we have BPS and SPS So you guys are one team Yes – You guys are first. Your food’s coming out now – I don’t know What did you say? Where is the food? Sigh, seriously Please give us the food Wow~ It’s Black Bean Sauce Noodles Black Bean Sauce! It’s cup noodles But unfortunately one of these has soy sauce added into it

Jinyoung-ssi, we’re listening to you One of these — please leave it — has soy sauce added But I don’t think soy sauce would make it taste bad That’s right It’s just making a difference If you keep challenging our script writer’s ideas No, I’m just saying Really, small That’s right Unfortunately he’s the tallest one If you look at it another way he’s big What can you do if you have height alone? Your biceps need to be big too His shoulders are wide, though But he’s on our team Yes Then can we pick it? Yes, go ahead What color do you want? I want pink Pink? I’ll take purple Okay, I’ll take what’s left This is unsettling – The amount of water — – You guys can act, too Not yet? It’s not time yet It’s not time yet? What’s not time yet? Please leave it, it’s not time yet It’s not time yet? Leave it alone, leave it alone Can’t they do it like this? I’ll do it Excuse me, you’re on my team Now we’ll get a chance to each ask a question to find out who’s the liar Please try the food now Yes? Try it Then are we doing it one by — nevermind First eat it then we’ll ask questions based on that Please enjoy it We can look at it? Please eat it If you eat it, you can look at it It’s obvious Look at it, eat it Is there a spicy one? No, no, one is — He said no He said no – It’s soy sauce flavored – Soy sauce flavored Thank you. I like this But this is too Wait a minute Excuse me You said one of them were what? Soy sauce Does it taste good? He could be acting Yeah, he could be acting Jackson hyung didn’t eat it Jackson hyung didn’t eat it – Jackson’s – I did eat it I don’t know – What is this? – I don’t know at all Is it originally this taste? I don’t think it’s Mark hyung Then let’s ask them questions one by one I’ll go first I’ll Question, question Yes, question It doesn’t have to be a question, it could be a command No, you can’t Why not!? It’s our water Mark hyung… Well, Mark hyung ate his well though Jaebum hyung, could you eat Jackson hyung’s? Jaebum hyung… mine Yeah, take a taste of it Should I eat it? Me? Yes Jaebum hyung’s kind of scary Eat a lot, eat lot That was acting just now wasn’t it? It was acting If it wasn’t acting his chin would’ve come out So, question, next question Yugyeom? Jackson hyung try eating JB’s It doesn’t seem like Mark hyung Why me ? Why isn’t it me? Your expression was too normal Yeah I’m normal Jackson you can’t eat it now What? Eat a lot Jackson You’ve had a bite, you can’t eat others yet Ah seriously! Focus please! How can you MC like this right now? Sorry This one? Yeah that one Eat a lot It’s delicious right? Yes it’s delicious Ah this is acting as well This isn’t it I don’t know Then how about Can I finish all of this? Have it if you’re hungry Then how about we see JB again Mine? Yeah Nice nice But seriously eat a lot this time Eat but don’t swallow it Explain it for like 5 seconds What kind of taste it has Please do it faster A commercial just came in didn’t it? Mmm, Tasty It’s this one – Then – Are you telling us? Should we guess? – No, we have to guess – Then guess I think it’s JB 1, 2, 3 JB! What? Do we reveal it now? Show us the sticker

We’ll reveal it, 1, 2, 3 You were right Oh! It was right? But is the taste okay? But I usually eat things on the saltier side – And he expresses it very manly – True So we won – We got it right first – 1 point for us Let’s swap spots 1 point for small peppers Ah I was supposed to add ‘Small peppers are spicier’ So with that, SPS gets first point Do you want some It tastes good though. tastes good though Whats in this one? This time it’s Americano Out of three, there’s one with salt added – Ours is stronger – It’s salty Americano This is difficult because we have an actor here How could we guess it? Then we’ll start 1, 2, 3 Oh, that was a bit awkward The acting was a bit awkward But I usually can’t drink Americanos – Ah, Jinyoung – Yugyeom has a baby’s palate – Jinyoung’s acting – He’s acting BamBam, How did you drink? I can’t see Don’t look at it No because BamBam didn’t seem to drink well “Didn’t seem to drink well” BamBam, wait a minute, BamBam My vision isn’t good – Don’t look at this – BamBam drank this much earlier – Drink a bit of Jinyoung’s too. This much -Can you take that off? The brown thing – Estimate it, around that amount No, we have to put it on One can forgot to do so Drink untill that point It’s Jinyoung’s. It’s Jinyoung’s No, it isn’t Is it good? It tastes like death Yugyeom-ah, drink Jinyoung’s – Is it? I can’t tell – Take off the cap Take off the cap – Take a big sip – He acts so well Wait, this is someone else’s question, right? Yeah, that’s right Why’d you decide that on your own? Wait, not yet. Not yet – Someone else has to go – I’m going to ask something else Because he (Mark) already asked, he’s out of chances Alright, protien? Pay attention It’s better if you go first, I’ll go last – Hyung ask first – This one’s your’s Then in place of Jackson… then Yugyeom can No but Mark hyung asked that Mark already got his turn earlier Oh, You are right Then that, Jinyoung’s drink Take off the cap and drink Jinyoung’s drink Aigooo Sorry Because I’m asking something else so Wait, wait, wait. I need to prepare because I can’t spit it our again Think of it as a chocolate shake Yugyeom’s good at I had it and almost died No! It’s obvious that through acting we It’s not a joke, right? He is using acting to make us bewildered How much did Yugyeom drink? – Then the last chance to verify – Oh, sorry It’s my turn now, right? Yes, yes, yes Can all three of you take off the cap and finish your drink in one go? That’s too harsh! – Then let that one slide – Which one? This is really suffering It’s different from the one before It’s different from the soy sauce Have you tried the soy sauce one? But this one is harsh? Those that haven’t had it won’t know I feel like I’ll vomit Then don’t drink it – Only those win the Americano drink it – But you asked us to finish it Only those win the Americano drink it Fine, then I’ll think of something else – What kind of question was this? – You gave us a scare If you can’t take it, don’t drink it I can’t drink it Because I This is acting. He’s acting It’s really to the point where it’s inedible – No – Then other two can drink their’s – They can drink their’s – Drink it? Yeah, you two can drink it Then let’s do this Remove the cup holder so we can see how much you drank Surprisingly I drank a lot – Fristly, Yugyeom – It’s not Yugyeom He doesn’t drink Americano anyways It’s not a one shot but there’s an indent on the bottom – This? – Yes. Untill then What’s the difference between drinking all of it or to that line? You’d die even if it was to the line, hyung Those that’ve drank it would know – We’re asking you to do it though – Then can I drink a bit of it? No, no The soy sauce was salty for me too

It was salty but I just happened to like salty foods I’m not kidding. This is to the point where you want to vomit – It’s BamBam – Please decide – No, no matter what – Do we really have to drink it all? Do it. We can do it Promise that you guys will take responsibility Wait, did you try BamBam’s earlier? BamBam had Jinyoung’s and then he spit it back out I didn’t spit out. I just drank mine faster – I’ll drink it. We’ll do it – Are you sure? – Jinyoung hyung has to drink it all? – Don’t do it. Don’t drink it Don’t drink it I just want to speed to show along – Wait then – I’ll drink it – Then you guys can just drink two sips – Alright Two sips each Take off the cap, drink it without the cap This cold-hearted person This is obviously acting Living is too difficult Wait a minute – Can we vote now? – Yes You guys have to decide now – BamBam – I can’t do this – I pick BamBam You have to decide now Wait, wait, wait Please hurry up I pick BamBam BamBam? Really BamBam? – I pick BamBam – I’m tearing unknowingly It’s BamBam. The acting Jinyoung acted too well I was deceived Alright – BamBam – Right? – I think it’s Jinyoung but – You think it’s Jinyoung? – But let’s go with BamBam – Let’s go with BamBam We’ll go with BamBam – Then JinBam! – No, we can’t We’ll reveal the stickers now Yes Is it BamBam? 1, 2, 3 It’s Jinyoung Wait a minute You got deceived! You got deceived! Who was it? Jinyoung You weren’t acting earlier? I really almost died – Give it a try – Just how bad is it? Drink up Drink continuously Decide whether this is bearable Jaebum hyung, this is worse than the soy sauce – Then the losing team is – This is just sea water The losing team has to wear the pants and wigs We’ll give snacks to the winning team But this is too much – Try it. Just one sip – No! No Honestly, the soy sauce wasn’t salty Since I eat instant noodles like that Thank you – Even though we’re doing a recording right now – But can we just eat this Just eat comfortably – The pants – It looks delicious The soy sauce noodles wasn’t salty at all I didn’t even know I had soy sauce This is harsh, right? The Americano was harsh Let’s hurry up Pull up the pants Don’t you guys know the recent trend? – It’s the recent trend – Monpe Pants! You look cool. You’re handsome You’re handsome~ BamBam-ssi BamBam-ssi BamBam-ssi What are you doing? X2 Hey, Jack! Look, hiphop Come here and we’ll eat this – It got caught – We’ll eat one each – Woah, that looks good – Please go that way We’ll diligently observe you guys No because I couldn’t put it on with my shoes on Sigh It’s delicious Cheese rice cakes, it’s not spicy – What is this? – This reminds me of Youngjae Mmh, it tastes delicious Why is this like this? Wait What went in? Nothing went in Is this too long? Please hurry up Okay If you’re done preparing, we’ll start right away Not to me, do it over there 3, 2, 1! Music, start! Oh, here? Music, start I’ve already ruined myself I’ve nothing to fear Wait, please put it on again The wig is too small And just like this, GOT7

Did you want to do more? No, no, no You seemed like you wanted to dance And just like this, GOT7____ wait You said to keep dancing No We’ve had fun with GOT7 In order to organize____ this looks like we need to organize it Let’s go and watch a video – Another video? – Yes Everyone, you’re watching GOT7’s Meet & Greet – Wait a minute – Now we… are you not ready? We’re ready – It’s time to wrap up – Time truly passes fast Did everyone enjoy the Meet & Greet with GOT7? Yes! Was it fun? Yes! How was it for GOT7 members? It was enjoyable! How about Hyung? What are you eating? – Jackson-ah! – Why are you eating? I’m not eating. You eat it What did I eat? I’m not eating You ate rice rolls No, no Yes, today… Meet & Greet was a delicious___ It was a fun day Was it a delicious day? Yes – You’re still not adjusted – It was fun because we got to meet fans like this It was passionate So chic Mark hyung, how was it? Me? Good Isn’t this chic? Honestly, isn’t he more chic than me? – No, no – One’s chic, one’s annoyed – Was it good? – Good Then are you going to dream of everyone? Say it I’ll dream of you JB-Style, JB-Style, JB-Style But that belongs to Hyung Is it? Let’s go, Hyung “I dreamed of you.” 3, 2, 1! Chicly Me? Do it chicly? Do it chicly this time – Oh sorry – Ready, go – I’ll find you tonight – What are you finding?! In my dreams I’ll find them in my dreams How was it for Yugyeom-ie? You can’t do that Express it through a dance. X2 This emotion. X2 Oh my god – Was it this emotion that you had? – It was great – BamBam? How was it? – Express it sexily? Why are you doing this out of the blue? You’re good at sexy – I can’t do it 1, 2, 3 – But you do this all the time – BamBam-ssi, untill when are you going to do this? – Try something else – But something else is 3, 2, 1 There’s not much of a difference And lastly to commemorate us coming here, we’ll be leaving behind out autographs – Yes – Yes – On the prepared signing board – Where are you touching? This is a close up, so be careful – Why? – Because your skin will be seen clearly Do I go first? And oh, it’s like this – Are you okay? – Yes, yes, yes Oh! Why did “A” suddenly play? You should make expressions to the camera How could you just leave? Is Jackson-ssi going to do that? If I do it, will you? But I already finished Please wink chicly Why’d you – Your fingerprint is smudged here – Oh, sorry Yugyeom-ah, dance while you sign – Ready – How do I do this while dancing? There’s the felling Start Ah! Really? Ah! It’s embarrassing! If you ask him he does it Yugyeom’s kind

He’s amazing Oh, me I feel like my nostrils will be seen – Excuse me, if you sign largely – No it’s the same man It’s okay. If he signs largely, we’ll sign smaller Where do you see that it’s the same? I’ll show you how small I can sign I’ll show you It’s the same. X2 The height’s different – Because BamBam signed it too big – There’s plenty of space! Ah, seriously! Aren’t you doing it so it’s in the centre? Oh, really? Sorry No, no! Jackson-ssi! Sorry, but because you’re saying it like this I wasn’t! I feel sorry – It’s not erasable – It’s not erasable Just sign on top. X2 – I feel sorry – No – I didn’t mean it like that! – No – Why’d you say that? – I was just commenting! Sorry, sorry – I’m sorry for taking the centre – Sigh, Jackson Oh, a different signature You did well. You did well What great public image management, Jackson I’m sorry for the center, I didn’t know No it’s fine, you did well Someone write Youngjae here Youngjae – You’re writing it in English? – You wrote it English. I thought you’d write it in Korean I can’t really write in English, my handwriting turns weird I thought it was erasable so I tried to erase it No. It’s ok Saying it like this makes me look bad No, it’s fine We won’t forget the support and love you’ve given us till now GOT7 will work even harder in the future to reciprocate it For those who want to see GOT7’s appearance today over and over You guys can do so by visiting MWave’s homepage Unfortunately, today’s Meet & Greet ends here Who’s the next artist up on Meet & Greet? Who is it? We’ve already seen it in the video before It’s IOI who came back on October 31st, 5:00PM with “Very Very Very”! Soulless Please anticipate the next guest and GOT7 will say our farewell here Yes 1, 2, 3. Till now it has been GOT7. Thank you – Bye – Thank you