FIFA 20 Career Mode Livestream Season 3 – Grimsby Town FC

I gazza back sorry about closer and slightly there term for some reason my wife I was messing up arm and I don’t have any snake able to tuck into my ex pox o’ on yeah that’s what slightly delayed I hope it’s all working financial be working fine now arm ball see a ghost on back tears after a weekend break away he formal things you to belated are like us a I apologise in advance for a slightly late starter this aren’t purely based on Internet start on him belies the was an issue arm ice my exports notion was working fine before evening considered light streaming today and get it so happens that the ER but my Internet was was messing up by everything apart from wired connection was was messing u all of us all back and working final of the want it, could day each arm Monday, 8 December and December 2 in fact armed yeah like us a December Christmas just run a corner already got a few more days left a work by four are not actual what they just days off work against theft are not SH not by any plans for Millie just aren’t it is IRA would admit that I had an open arms in but all sitting on monster, hang out to had so much as away quickly to the squa such as the bass mime and a pocket only 19 years old still Annie she’s absolutely killing it Stevens and combine a race which de aren’t be used to win the oaks or wide players sleepers and to brow seem to like them crossing over quite bit arm in terms of you know Stevens will step across the left and Cabral do vice versa may have to write Enriquez he’s got in there race as well be a better recipe acid, back in prayer as well not a brilliant young what you are queues pavilions are a player we’re but we found tend relief are able to dabble in tableaux of course being sold in January which is not great arm we also got this guy and dealing is pretty pretty good it’s pretty good option to said to have as backup R behind such as RE bas our own thing that’s probably in of a thing that that’s a good enough squad to go in and tackle this first game on its first game is gonna be a home game against dark and stoke up to be our top junior such action

as its traditions we always play their first game and light enough in the got like just under double the point that we have so yes, BAE are gonna win interesting one for short I don’t know if we’ll come away if anything in this game against stoke the f on the myself so I hope that although shall polymer ordinary things are OK if you are in the chat let me know if you want me to us enough for this by I’d never I never been a fan of those are on the been a fan of those store of training things that you can do a big owner Chris a cold breath of oo in the air inigo crying game against out to start things off the scene in assayed as I’ve been pretty busy at the weekend so apologies for no no tears and I streams other weekend but the back Rebecca pl we’ve got a hopefully, find a happy place we are seeing a bit more success of this formation so as us a day goes race look at th a scene race cool, collected all inside 5 minutes wonder what against a care home I could say I mean this new formations just seems insane for us, don’t worr 433 attack for some reason he just absolute doing bits for us in our our midfielders the a four and support such as rebuttable i which is always great Amman on offence a solid as well are having said that he comforting knowledge year of the are brilliant reckon back there from Stephen stop them across does go hopefully we can get swan wait fairly quickly maybe crept out for attack doesn’t get past first man Stevens again is there got double ahead of him as a double was actually leaving us in January I believe just unhappy with Ross not, and I don’t quite know why he know the answer I we were playing them because we were at maybe you stores like he’s bigger than the club by guests when a playe wards so Ghent, complain about that , no if by chance current through ardour of people actually in the Jack if you are in the Jack tonight someone to size enter text message and as he says I’m unable to connect to the chair at please try again later I had another refreshed a chair at ordinance there are people like screaming and in the chat aren’t the if not then policeman in the chats and I can see that it’s actually working R thus not detracted of what you’re doing, cosh Stevens track back oo oo oo oo stay on at all beside Grosvenor was was at Pollok a wall four image is not bring it forward Feinstein is on this nearside to the summer fine century bass such as the bass but it through to have so far all Dari going to nil what might been going on about pop at the chat yellow and brown are own Brands and a chat house ago in man’s I can see that message now I’ve got the jackpot doubt arms had to be stored a chat, I don’t know what’s going on to chat or because he liked that sort of what had jackpot doubt as ag appears on to your dear while some unlikely sham a chance say that my contents good Allan brown are owned by 807 guys could take him out on ago check him out after this light stream Owen be 07 reject them out dies Harry anyway man Owen’s you good to date to offer fox take tacit faux eight oo oo oo, dower house you fork in touch pleaser to assets Stevens, announced nearside such as the bass tries race is touches goods or a stray goalkeeper though gonna back taxes RE bass are my word

prized I would I was here oo oo W looking for clues there to support team R doubts that was terrible that was absolutely terrible is a side was standing, Pollock , Co.s Pollock was babbling like to go forward maybe it’s a blessing and a curse given the double when he saw more sort defensive minded players are right back or my word Pere that’s it Stevens takes under control Enrique as far as Campbell called non this far side now such as rebounds easy at issue La cleric I don’t even know what’s going on guys I mean by aces eye on plenum perfection the difficulty are not legacy for Bart’s a narrow goals this flow in the Gaza you slow and you are absolutely insane looking at forking shot there font Alejandro such as the best that 19 year old wonder kid from Spain absolutely amazing are absolutely I’m a using 2 minutes at the time here and in the first after stoke just as you stunned into silence by way stanza just nonexistent at the moment perhaps expecting he’d come in a wider to come away from the it with you all three points an easy win trackways games yell was sucked at play games two or my next fox yes ionic stocks and when the Sonics walks three nil Enriquez you look a bit tired mark Monday night as the been a bit tired to get Mason more on the pitch given for 5 minutes them an ironic fox played as doings he goes all okay in the chair at the purer hope you had had all abated be OK day years in December nowt King into the Christmas to was gonna be couldn’t run like a seminar on legal couple of days left at work to this year ago a bunch of days but daft not r arm in it does go any Christmas plans are mostly still few weeks away you are mites bucking got dressed a black syntax direct Talbot defending good defending please don’t much mind channel spree remain much it a man where while wild wood immediate and watch the channel the mean and an identity and later videos DC dancing obedience grey ERM and you may or may not your comedy show me some support this lyce back and say I don’t ordinarily in it you may think it’s not good on an thing to do my content is good but I had people come and hang out an initial a supporter , race race for a second a large a softie at some other post unlucky make a fantasy bus market on the market channel done by that man baguettes any people knocking my channel it doesn’t work then it is about a man or not, like that you know you to just about fund assets ways of four such as the bass-after what: a been you have one meal views medau of one will be the had I don’t artist Owen brown might have won male viewers switch to be at the same time it Owen brown if you got 1,000,000 view is our man I don’t put that they sell down as a for us because incredible are in a mini views of god and back again that don’t numbers of staff on duty but don’t start I don’t care is just right now it’s like I know small you to but I know I had a that this isn’t as or something and nothing

order under on an think and gollancz you know make anything of this this isn’t like a coolly he is this an ideal for fun and tha you know winner recently hit 90 subscribers not a sudden wild act as light to have 90 people in the world actually like want to it is just insane had own way you do that and the different account what you’re either on a rare chance com 1,000,000 viewers to die since it that is absolutely incredible man dump the stuff down like that are lobby parliament substance had a good again enable start somewhere and that you got start somewhere because it doesn’t numbers are just numbers to me at the moment Clan know that this isn’t gonna be PG anything exciting because I don’t spend enough money I don’t have enough money are the fou reader why we tried a play that through ball to him more more R nutty ball over one killer one, copyright you have want a sub scores of copyright Mason more for RGN on are now money once a Z is an insult to A Jack raise games thank you if you defeated subscribe thank you very much the amount are we sure to go ahead and check out your channel after the stream as well man or whatnot saved it is from the stoke city goalk their majesty had R McLean this corner wicket with bewildered by terrible towels absolutely terrible there is absolutely tell making be at their hair make plenty on deftly not on him deafening lawmaking deity and 1 May specially when he’s come up to a Christmas is no way he like a C I got there by but I wish added which added added to stop spending it a dad anyone spending on late useful things it is pointles them the go go’s three nil three nil in the first games on the right rooms against league leaders stoke absolute upset by//interview estimates to try and g the Simpsons video ice cream according not like the a one a Scot 1,000,000 kids or if you must recall you-you doing there for for funny old life will lives and the crushing blow to stoke will stokesley think again I’m sure some an inspiration Owen’s recording a slightly next time I the a cappella for a year I mean to contest the Grimsby Town twice as to say that you are all a make of the second of foreign we deserved a result before I were firing a lot better just over all and the games skip through that bought spent too much time : free that are so we’re option to eight now are not mention it was like wigan we may be struggling a bit Chester Crocker me to bizarrely enough forgot game on Christmas day eight in 2020 ones which use weird arm, why we have a higher but for a four every tall club didn’t play on to sustain but the means when other player estimate order wait in the squad had a bit you guys in the Chatsworth you have any like suggestions of any football as it were seen the past po are many as one of your principles minutes of the block from the local team you support to amino proper message in the channel d guarantee there are signs the players are you suggest a box only do my best to to to make you happen to a ski in be on the pitch is well let’s get Mickey Yonkers use complaining be are all read

arm and let’s book listing and so we’re pretty retain the squad for the wrote in the squad are not a not so good fee for this is this is a chemist is against a computer before a I known it was Amin maybe it’s something I’ll have to try out may be a Scot go online again some people can see I was there but for the level o by they’re buying definitely not great free for all Xavier look at this guy describe recently signed from our youth team promote wickets have such a brilliant young scored coming together and it’s actually forking amazing Hendry what you’re telling me payment stay grounded its they get stay grounded boss the conduct a caste man, avoiding a database latest Arbitron but the faces you on a axed more from described them are out dragging row of milk it R them a favour you to burn out A Stansted are let’s Perella don’t worry man you when you were just rotated its foreign confined to go back in the squad’s it’s gonna be OK so 10 this press conference just get through it will we see more Dave issue know what location is keble so it’s nothing personal unites nothing but some degree heat in encountered the last time where’s my expectations were snatch green your own leave will Wilbur wins report had a best to win at least budgeting of order takes to dismantle going demand a monetaris call the toilet and skip through that let’s make some changes are still don’t understand why eight by manager ratings go down to arkle had not done anything differently and some reason my manager at niches dropping a stone like for a walk more wormald the when the to do say so much I can do mote in the squad is was like an trial make sure that everyone is keen again to on a desert of I still like a lot of the should surely based around the fact that i.e. don’t really like I don’t really have in of debate they want me to make a bunch of money I just don’t have any of that money like to a financial a profits -8087 K lever financials eight or did they want me to the the didn’t want me to potential profit margin of 80,000,000 your own brine, both 20 minutes or terrace at real poor be still be on artful do the stream to bypass eight arm of the market by are Keynes risk of against it’s a hold 50 team, nothing to sema just a four eternal the new year getting into a busy fixture sch still more confidence inning a lot of games are moment jobs because I know we eat out we don’t seem to be seeming and winning as much as we used to in the lower divisions so it is enough to use our guests a player but more games because seminar doubt was that that first game was completely unexpected or was more expectant to win that three kneel in the fa but or take it in out of northern line at three nil win to go to Hull City or see just how dangerous they can be playing at home again merry go kick of our home against a city to say army was switched up the formation tall 433 course in the last unaware Martin seems to have been working out for us are not doing like any special instructions are all my word look at their sensational start of this came again very early goal bury it coal

Sanchez RE baffled the through ball around a corner who is airs at Enriquez looks like my beer makers look like that just gets a you Stephanie Enriquez ago that just snacks a goalkeeper world had not not reacting cooking of ago one nil straight away he had us all we needed to bring together crowd going get there early momentum hopefully from grab a second all fairly quickly Steven Steven struck him to track him down and cut back inside to our and that’s your old way , down Campbell called on to a Zantac about Cabral back inside R why would you about was not running at a why don’t understand a row just stopped is run you should of she is continued to regard to the honor down, down tacit good tackle good tackles for there is a he is their first corner of the games didn’t await no not like that Jesus Christ about players it forward hold up play from grace nice looking for someone in support statutory Bassett found him and then Stevens again, suicide touches RE bass grocery shop nice nice defending crucial defending next knuckle 64 back or centre back Robinson about gunner Paul had chronic sick an attack that cross field ball just as income of great Ford such as the Brass called up late on a plate and such is the best excise man gets the ball back at her bar or watch the Lord Elgin at the half hearted look at that hardly governor did it on globe on that please tell me that’s all that you go sort how much that swerve to the left where that was it absolutely incredible Anita gaining more like shooting positions like that back to goalkeeper tactical to tacitly a liquor liquor price is simple to another complicating races now, it mek is back to statutory bass R tried a cheeky all through ball to race extinct must income of staleness tell them Hendry donor be allowed at sandown on Bassett’s what on entry R lucky , cross, cross all Bowden and nasty forest out went through to him luckily for a said in San Jose RE bass all walked in am I went for a player’s legs their goalkeeper did well to see that bar lucky or unlucky us all that’s on a run at the far post to Douglas patronage at Yeo was going on don’t what is going on how are you today man’s apologies for not having a lot of our dreams any videos up by the weekend hours at they we are back to one 1st game on stream three nil women seem to eight games Charlton we drew that nil nil such as reverse at the turn bang out definitely definite becoming something of a lucky charm for us look at this booklet is turnout baggies planned is money’s gone to no chance at harrogate wide blue I had no idea waded hit that wirral’s a voyeur, go near post bop making all keeper did as well lured at Saturday’s eight century bask in it yet again for us with Grimsby Town absolutely insane you can hear home fans showing their appreciation that support no no control at controller easy control statutory Bathurst somehow still got it all is that-like suddenly suddenly actually improving in

gonna be able to do stuff I think we’re eight finally get moment the reason I’m playing I’d often at games already is because a manager rating is like droppings because we are not meeting a fin such as RE bass R you’ve got to much hope it does he’s got too much: I’d only had only do don’t have the that you’re not leaving amount Conley not that you leave did a minute feel free to lead into the orderly will not, to stop you from leaving by to come back and we had two to president W words by the way he began as word that you come back and they immediately score or if you come back and a two to match the Aunt Agatha C downton and the innocent TS the that is that may be are you leaving on the likes of tie you to the streets team all such as the mass no such as the bash the to welcome you strang steel we are we we do have an inner strength training but tweed in the we needed work restraint constantly because he always gets shrugged off to fight to waft even though he’s like 6416 for two just did you which just be struck off the ball and it’s way too easy for the opposition had back inside races running Sanchez reverse R-a bar my word art kicked by Keith irked by keeping too much or such as the rationale I keep doing too much ago wisdom and waited much from him to I think it’s cousin about my hair done only scored some at some screamers for us already are not just in the season buying your three years at animal: it’s been there two seasons at week at such is the best Robbie’s b in league one in terms are golden race last he I don’t think he’s gonna come anywhere near that again this season but you never know he has been insanely good for us in front of goal so France own if he can continue that limbs are the brilliant to stay on Stella Davis or are all are just over the top from the where the chil making a substitution Hendry suffered a blow double leaving us are just a few days’ time in general, glasses leaving us as well I don’t think a brown is someone else’s leaving us we were doin did because idiom wanna play for a symbol which is it’s a bit yesterday of a shame but the dens must not do one sure hedges and that sort mindset where you’re not excite the club there’s really only so much a manager to do try and keep your breath R4 ultimate penalty before the way that such as RE mass managed to get across the goalkeeper there are somehow almost seven attempts on target watches insane because Ronnie Lopez’s that is at Ronnie Lott’s grammar mired knowledge of whole city goal players is not a great Barr was stacked at was god dance talking all four that’s what I was come on good interceptions you’re a side bar you are for art for what is facing lost by down in the Bonn on a now was a run for darkfall at mid may be Enriquez is as follows a side I generally for reels off it looks like a Braddock about four cabals outside Aston fun it as it tells one attempt and as a secon goalkeeper completely no chance is a rivalry games I should win on a know all I know that where it I hadn’t a that them I don’t know where Grimsby years in the UK promise you must be somewhere or I know it’s north of where I Town are getting my a geography was on my strong point to must be near hole by that deduction what he plunged from Pereira are have been a wide good awaited away

if we can come away he promised a menace it served on a local derby good tackle from them an you do parser back to such as RE Basso however R unlucky so I like to four unlike the and 10 guys I’d been sent by attacking creativity is just after the flow into a seminar in be done anything differently just for supper formation to 433 a but is actually is rebounds by the audacity to Shilling for maintaining but the been slower to opacity certificate that goalkeeper restrain at him but never never an easy stabled at that mapped out wouldn’t tableau R the camera angle they go three nil final score Grimsby is next a whole fair enough grown up world widow, where the win got to France to be pleased about that on damage I think my heating stood on its getting quite toasty in my room arms, her quickly turn operating si has sorry about that I’d fallen turned off my feet in the four so extreme that as it certainly get on so does was getting fairly your arm in wonder at four I don’t honor but myself to death basically us as far as I am I a but data deserves all the praise of course he cuts , what is competitions competition Adele a strong Brochure rival a standard format I’d get all matches equally perform in a bitter rivalry but the did all importan great win boss are told you that that prayer at we were one we’ve all about you but regarded great job he made you to make a good couple key states on knock on complain about that Autry cart, we have to play the R Wright so were going to January which means guts which means are we consigned by its or gathered go a trance and the sole unit your Danny go any suggestions arm plates on taking any looking for right back and maybe a left me before I come good in all other positions and in the right back and left me to is the news from the can for Gabrielle Xavier, 677 King is a 88 to 94 the skin is, beyond saying that potential for by the high street entrance in any of the a director 8894 the guys could be insane or disguise, the absolutely mental a doorman Allied’s rush of a normal rushing into the first team though even I know it can be absolutely must as a locals and the other players we asked me do key worker my Asia Roma know you not to Ricardo Sanchez battles are in a that a sale at southwark are made up name in it he had a clear is barely year he Kabila feed Kidman the you’re you’re you’re ratings are to know all the guys get out or lever, such as in the four now a C all Jordan Cooper’s goal for us San babysitter 6068 checkmate for tat CM we could do see your G abdominal goalkeeper or not great Newbury you need for you neither you Ruth Richardson’s to be decent decent so could you route would he doesn’t that are Hargreaves a flux thank you up at at a of the that had at the Arlene as respond to that anymore what all of too much remote databases are the night respond to a more Dionne by a I would ordeal on didn’t add runner, well known eight in the night, you you’re gonna take forever to 74 to 94 that startled by 70 to 90

money as they do ranges cousin or would it mean that are Hargreaves does not exist on this game anymore need the right back because I know that double as leaving me off with him in January by Monday evening and it sees some military dislike and four right that there’s no chance missed it was backs team that beat range R and a score of release call for a sum some of the release course that the interesting would go down sisters like music to is this guy wet weather, as a 5053 million nine is too much jade and bluntly a all JG I don’t that I’m completely glittering name I go by this guy Bogle into the white backplane been feature but an easy English as well at school art mum always appreciated of English players going aboard prudence are eight resist the greater the and used by do been tanker you may we had to Delhi alley to sign up daily at your been the campus date doubts this chap discount work which he used gap on him and he’ll go MS Ben wood by a all the 30th which much Pablo 4 hours a week or lesser player after player to to sign a bright to players are not just be a right not luscious kit Navajo four out and the club since is why mean by doing so well but we 64 in terms of Al manager like ratings by brow up to 71 I think you snuck up to him Ri Stephens is still there 68 to John Stirling do jean mustered year or a commitment net by so for the purposes of keeper my board happy because I need to keep the ball happy as much as possible matter, play eight herself a cup hope to win arm to report see how back to its because you are alerted squalor great REM I can say at need to explain this to win all tuition making forecasting me year but kicking and when Surrey rights definitely white the for become one year it right back below the override backs were backed by an issue by a firm water states kits to its an interest in the picks up an injury that could be a huge issue by luck o are poorly see maybe one or two games after this just to renounce be a bit processor bit but yet we need to ER in to do this or other look at the John Stirling a forgot that the other to do so in or after this term after this game rubber could he also leaves right back as good as good many do we need deafening you right back on anything in the goalkeeper and got back up goalkeeper adaptors be obsolete that make as he ran away each thought that you know he wasn’t enough game, but such is fair enough to just wasn’t Dan I couldn’t promising game time we need to many sort out some of our players’ contracts as well which might help to increase Moore owl arm to air Tesco’s at the same Bristol plane IBF fourth weakened squad growth in can come away with the win got it for free free still is working Roddy Lou Stein for us we signed at start season for about £1,000,000 funnily enough for a dealer who also got four suggested to me

by my scout initial manager 2020, from racing our world goalkeeper David Martini yes yes yes what artois performance that was not we can buy away like EC are emotionally Causwell that was just so that does man I saw I want to try your by the fact that he’s been there a Mrs. Charlton club an assassinate place to them he keeps a clean sheet against Chelsea arts absolutely insane EC after the game is why embracing his doubts like man of Argos atom definitely definitely needs to be start Morgan’s side you just see how much it meant to him grass rideout destiny translate itself into bike performances on the pitch bike given Roberto try that it all my work to such a liability to the fact that David Martin like didn’t get a joke under pressure you know heat it was a real professional delicate own first that more that Mason malt market Mason more get step in the small you’re not look at David Martin because you why not client and but still for sale got its honestly summer quarter will fail or Mike team or that are going KQED still I don’t know I had a suck the leech got room or write to the one nil by myself a cup game just just to be a simple player simple Mason maudie young whiz kid Mason mount, right basically got same first name says basical today on a massive Harry cliff turn Belo R. Clift an unlucky unlucky their destiny drop a scout and David might white frock not as ours are patrol R. Forrester right to pressure the pressure on the head of a forces and the state look for a one to Mason more absolute dictating the play in the middle of the pitch, and get the return bal it’s lovely bit sloppy Friday it may be used lacking a bit of a match sharpness years or even feet and plus recently but would sunny day trial at amen to that aim was offside offside good lying there for a de 100% intentional for adults and nettles it than a lot the ball GM a small bald run rest talking hell traders rights or whip this Whitby is wickets were R let us go Edwards is weakest wickets and I don’t us all and I had to do this I don’t know what to do three a, where a change free kicks to the old style of free kicks in three spot on an altar don’t I know to go back to like all had free kicks because this new free kick system which is complete Paul ship bike I liked having to your lineup line up the players and do all that sort of answer was great fun or tour at the soundtrack the I don’t call our masters dynamics to say from the goalkeeper though asset just calm it down to another commit done over commit all as wanting are more more for the second he dismisses it tommaso 124 maintained their very nicely or want to be away good character and that, down in under control beginners are some whistle

very good performance 05 like to say so for it ain’t broke don’t fix it you know Graeme broke down fix it so Stephanie’s an OK each team real seen to be relatively happy with the winner play in no one’s too tired and it Hewitt bucking finder a strike brilliant insi to see a mean free features to is he now finish is too easy Banning goalkeeper as absolute no chance led the first goal efa cup this season brilliant brilliant goal as well to nil fantastic lads are absolutely fantastic R maybe maybe we’ll begun a trick when in youngsters on the on the bench to weaker been on efl championship January 8 against millwall are but clear that all of our players biggest adds action by about circus arsenal player to be stacked Tory Clifton to R. Leahy registrar to do a bit too much is waning is looking it’s looking, one by Ludwig Ludwig Ludwig good defending its hold your ground that the Bristol C rovers bands been very vocal now not not happy with what they’re saying to straight to Ollie batters be there straight into his sank four for giving ones look at that Bangs golf room bar my word war as white chic a an ornate regard eyes but I’ll take it or take it tacit bal balcony orient absolute disrespect for the away fans can absolutely mental or is it are 40 to curb betwen in a bid to much time to ensure way but definitely a deflection to the edges comes offer the heel of one at defenders mustn’t talk in committee do about that Edwards, of an bring such as the baton for Edwards call and us as the bass and do on the pitch such as the but suddenly also can arrest him a bit on paying attention to you’re a substi are all see what they can do together on a pitch before us as the bass or not statewide touches the masses Bethany gonna be the player or cup back inside to go today is still go and do still for pressure on no no no no Andrea and RE entry all my god what Golan is when a goal that is our goal that is what what dumbing form at Bristol rovers player near post what dummy that is the nave and aggregate demand enough to stand up to chase them the that Tommy Patton not the best not the best from a spot 31 is given the Bristol rovers fan lunar something to cheer about somebody excited at least sloppy sloppy passes accommodation said there yes you know what is given them something to cheer about why not we start bit sorry for them dust assets used pacifism a news release let them and back into the game give a been a hope we noticed really cope city sign outside a goal kick coal R tough to turn special let’s do not going special for its Harry Clifton R played to feet

please write to three next time don’t try to play through a descending to defend a backup to backup mistake yes Hendry president De deux R before operate from India to be set breath and Paul rest of the Aer in this game where the hell is that BAE are sat mat E up some Tom at Upton is it such a R’s what used Wyatt Y which he had not then someone in four or don’t have someone like spine 2 minutes added on come across and help out to Amman on one Amman bizarre side offside bank god’s banker about almost embarrassing definitely offside R Tesco their ego three one’s own fans are not happy absolutely not happy in embezzling Scotsman Post match press conference are within a o’clock maybe that was also a single Korean I go again only night’s sleep dinosaur’s long weekend Edinburgh you lots league yesterday robin but for all day today or my impressions of a game unhappy with the ball use you aren’t happy with the portly by daily focus our next game for climax came to it wasn’t easy it wasn’t easy, against in I mean squad goal but for a back foot for a bit but they all up to 66,064 X4 C pass on to the E Josef Starbuck is back K mean for be given and railway are gazed at Starbuck is back Starbucks aback by calling a cluster Gloucester been traded import should require no Arnault release it joke Mason more up to 65 great turn them off up to 67 gonna be a good utility back up striker for us to four up in the next games against mill probably end up sitting at all what actually matter between a couple suggestions and the chat let’s not forget about as do jean Sterling David Morales he is not much David Moore is it can’t we know for Sterling already in Gucci on to John must they’re district scout them scout want to John and the mark to all other riders at a more I’m sorry but mocked by nearby disk on spell at me right Davie Marty there is not in the games David Marty not in well she it on, wines are what David Myers night him but for design again to other can do about that by doing the right is counseling for were thinking next games against GM by mail your its between the Lea and 40 points after 26 games us not to back smart suit them are sure it just finished outside to look to tail flown by playoff s happy ox are to be a tiny be happy with what switches incredible odds absolutely incredible scenes right to deal gang bacteria shots get down backed by Stevens up the him because in their Clifton snuck of race in the Clifton in the announced that Pollock that there are camcorder Becky and the rarer back in as well gloom liquor that start work is 58 the Norway are you are in a great meant sorry about that by CNET that assume that the rocked by got good good enough bench for us in this game

away from home against millwall and on the best or streaks , one P soul 31 Enriquez into goals such as RE battle with our third as well bidding for one back in the 66th minute but in all three one’s not, complain about that knock, complained about that you’re kidding this book is back or dropped a our job to scour on to John Stirling want a packed and 69 Doyen back and 69 °a right back up I haven’t weep weep we played the game in efa car because one of our goals of the ethic a pistol in a Makin to run a fete to America, to ensure that we would do that I have got a arms not still not for a my work backs each way should not do need the left made as well art year are too easily leave it was inevitable as inevitable you of animals, the any way goals, late winner on track why it led to win on track worked on us because we don’t have enough money I’m not do anyway died make that 80,000,000 by selling such as the battle liked niche in the only way we do the amount of use to do that I absolutely refuse to tell lucky number was 16 at 16 and a 169 is a lucky number unit your system is a lucky number now I threw no wonder he’s going to the skies is a bricklayer to trigger by you know-you know all about 60 time being unlucky number from the book will collect which I’m that sorry to it finished at stone or so he episode of the light streams, make etc. before the closing the champions’ medal at 10 minutes for a long it takes me to be them Burnham it opponents, go to one emphasis and 50 K the gas to win after them domes it’s not just not playing for us at torquay out of a game time snuffing we can do about the I’m sorry about started I guess time to go 680 K maybe so held up that all coal 51 team talk city one I don’t want central city maybe it are set whenever be a real honor, stop them from the a one more money on most money I get Branford now I think we since dinner plate next want before we don’t do it for a in belatedly I adamantly just outside the play off positions let’s go purely on an away from home I will take all take nearly always return that are so predictions of a 71 a back up to 71 dared to abort doesn’t know whether to you believe me on not R she’d taken Burnham at the training it is not a dangerous animal sure written by Mr. Think we still need a less need for I’m still gonna be looking for were left mid on notes, not the end of a tractor window travel for small eight disguised as ridiculous as buyers now works that he’s worth at least it’s worth at least if block offers from or actually more is worth at least like to millions at least fine scalpel in the and more Ciskei comment was was inbox that many pressed left or right ever go for all wiggle room to Hull City colourful ethnic thank you very much manufacturer much to help is very much push it did tell us chap, don’t need that James hunt’s ridges guys such justice J rewriting despite the grim this be anything that is justice gently audience cut symbol as simple as it should anybody in disguise Darrell Clarke outs were

prisoner CIA and the the mechanical their stated in you could young less mid that we can implement it in as good a rotation why not let’s get more on the pitch risk it White House to be over a now Edwards dealer or would you up to 69 deftly is Araki number us to be passers by and in the reign of King in the city this is what mean by lets poor someone right Max right gone left for a the same do any less made a disk or prowl decision armies these great I don’t hurry back up to than at any back up to him so again if the usage and no hope I have to deal Toon army now on being one wasn’t on for long but sad to say and like that all my gosh all my gosh we’ll play in west ham in the E S a cup or my gosh I need to only two or eczema said no because discipline, an image that he is a < so apologies for this is a very bad, like seen to be to do in this but I need into it what rebates and that the and so are those humble ago but again she is playing a chat yes don't worry about playmate I'll send us back doubt my inbox when on track stopped anyone on track aldershot Sterling so the user to score as good as don't have to wage for him don't have to wait rear no I don't I don't have enough money from grace and I don't have time and wage available to spend on someone like that it might be a include the Dubai don't have hearted effort that money arms their frustrating Barkin frustrating is what lies it was the whether they confuse me I've got plenty of money for him was that when is a confusing by cops any money for us to Johnstone and eight D's are answered regions are no better or one youth development whatever whatever for answerable could endure all distant view the arms are looking for comment and the honour oak hill missed out on him nineties or 70 rate war or signing under been pursued the zoo kiss is still the Lopez Blackwell again another free agent missed there's a good old friend David Tavarez still doing when I see wafer of an offer to come through our think it's already come from Burnham R resold Vernon's two hole and lets them a three year were by the missed approach to buy or not why not let's go a check enough to pay eight noir thriller by really cheeky and try to write r I want to really low ball it an SAE to 0.8 million to plan a were all but we were islets and what swallow contacted you're right rang rampart 2.9 and a while four per cent sell on for weeks yes short short of than that negotiates the which deafening, become an owl prey standing player that might also screw up about four profit targets is could be crucial course he fork in his IMF release three years when he cases Jesus okay

R disregard all the schools his wages of 36^more one arts, from 25 J 24 hour of called up by cheeky and away from it are happily have Stirling welcome to the club to John De onto there are just seen a recommendation beyond Cabrera got good right back we got our first he might beg nicely no Henry thought back a bit cruises Dionne Pereira Da are reared by rushed on to rate were that the but that’s sparkle to ours beyond the rear of AF a K a whole outdoor the whole of the clarinet in all he’s good like indispensable man all is often a you know it was like that staff are baton in depth knowledge for it, stress test could at hammerson these outlets at the last day summit insightful knowledge R go west ham growth and a friend seen a message it is a common at sea by west ham be to make some changes to the team Stevens back in there about back in the mek is back in this can be basically to steam all holes that might be our apologies black felt summit, summit called my ear which is I alarming had are but I think it but it did to do John to ensure the backspace is up to its did not score my left ear nine Delors, minus the that’s just feels we death needles as a bucket of its liken it at Arles four baby underside of properly you react against the I’m distinctly all fittings are a player of it for you mean goose fair enough you know R Miami in my knowledge for young players decent just form for too much foo but then again other thing is anything I have had as any such thing there’s too much or manager Denise Allan play on his of an think I could make sure it entertaining that would not sit down display for a major because they are mindful manager campaigns to enter not go as I expect them to go and I display it just fun our own players like to be good game I play for Mr., tactics and seeing how it goes on items at enigmas twice more often than not because bad believed to a were playing at home for Andean Lines by going let’s go against west ham here because it out since the cynical town par hopefully R should aware that what I wonder why don’t I wider light ordinate rank up back Godot is yarn R such as the mass should not have shown a bad in the right to shoot from their R is poorly back for your towards Guido Verde had acted on, ditch grant do each to John masters what’s going on to an end to John and John track back tracking back Dijon could track and back still would nil nil here I hope we can clean or other we’ve really annoyed

all our could tackle mean that such a diaphragm Clifton buyers solid challenge from level at cent was no no no no no Bassett’s any Morrison and one R try to be a senate post goalkeeper had a cover philpott , was successful slide challenges and twin between the begun in a there was nothing so west and new signing all my gosh come on guys don’t know the pressure gets what’s man were at ho trigger TD John Thailand run our RR a all whi got the disk aim is not changing the play and I wanted to change to that’s why all my players you Sykes static because at nine want them one at the doorman at but the one at the and testicles they a sign outside lassie solid and all for it witnessed a defence of the pitch outside clearly completely 1% men that swells we’re looking for someone to, support pass it to press had eight of the and these bar R insane insane but no goal not a goal R her to go to go governor for this to be my last game pence a night fuel rasped maybe we’ll terrace can stop naval base can continue our nose may payable way for Pereira scouts come in getting the right field after this game but and the likelihood is that if I don’t been used in gear night and Tonya nights about Mr. Fayed end up losing it that great goal there’s none of the foreign sector match that is grants are cricket are absolutely no chance on the plane will be topped R refugee report that back should appalled at blackpool’s no advantage he played their good good defending lesson camcorder many just blocks after man but take you take it you have to be solid and crunching and is in a situation is is at a a by LM Allen alvar that last line unlucky and then barn Bucky unlucky are all there will are hours’ rest and it’s your business games Simon listed west are not skin will lights are our are all known a order of trumps an such as rebuff from the race, space: fortunate been very isolated a top class Tory balls in west and game plan going into this game but they might feels it had been isolated in targeted at supper pitc to an end to John stay up, and do you like that yes to GE , Duncan them are why did you hit back from their man such a tame shot before you is that a meal out that by each didn’t no Allen is fokine hold a plate Gooch reach R good defending good defending rigorous embrace the counter sit satellite last barn for Aussie and barred for I wasn’t in our no doubt about the opportunity man a good move Goodman form

had been down at one end and the movement going forward was absolutely incredible from that spot garel- burning off the were a sound was a dismayed are in a at all expect you know we’ve come up against west and the premier league team with a championship side by any player we have to to make into this team would be such as the bats I would hope that least good way of doing John on another was a deluge on by he’s just not offer any other there’s no one offering a number parts : running forward to offer a simple pass them helpless working out from the heart not want dollars in space I’ll gouge coach defending , down, down, uncle and aunt for truth that it frustrates and varied very fast ucca say omits don’t John to were a large place not that good cycle backdoor goalkeepers got that by tracking back by conclusion on but does shown he’s got pace she’s always great to drive play two means cobalt forward just not work in all know all know all know bar at R year that for coming for a current far carrier far quest down to the R. Jesus Christ right guy Wright had another figure stubbornness a right to are Yer don’t have anything to say right now by his scarf tea shop just ball just before we hit that laps and starts at short white prints are perhaps don’t listen book definite are dimmer switch to attacking I know I know where it OKI know terrible battery to go ultra attacking bucket let’s go barking go through that I don’t know if distal like to help mean he might target was distal mean I sale might tiled good good clear is that inventive inventive becomes Heseltine are testing for storming forward to go Clifton Clifton that R O gon C1 of the one if you’re one of you are not run a pleasant ground and there what do John Stirling doing all dwell on this nearside I don’t know the guys are forking right back Benny want anyone wanting anyone bar staff but that her are a chance I’d stuck in pairs attainable as Taylor marks or her Rio at effect out or key idea what can you do we do ordered by RE at wages in this post match press conference which there were all buck was down all the sport it gonna walk fell to make chances count R ship while an immediate do that by a risk in spring or a backup been a backup remember a backup and orbit to have any say that he wants OEM so following a more relevant all jackets update the nine we’re on track not to eight do influential performance

on parity do asset keep them happy treating them happy keep them to slap he ordered that whatever the scathing in his R yesterday a case with achieve that SP cup objectives by reached around fated that’s call to littlewood radiation which seems Abdul are right beneath the table which seems a bit and by natural or 15 per cent bicester for the San Diego stocks or two more seasons at used by Miners were lacking today which for me to make money out of my quiet data destined to use as to allow for players are you couldn’t find vide system as well returns are now training areas be trained up R DOS your neighbour to start destined to die become £right back Campbell all the offing the best income or discourage not quite so these defendants Magritte’s listless to that Spokane on back in some eagerness him forties at up to 68 insane at glanced at the our right, saint 49 Athens recall the day he dies it’s been a pleasure as always for the ones are thank you for coming out and the coming out United’s naive and do nothing to come in and hanging out to R. Liverpool barking orders could mean sane men before signed world youth level of scouting he’s gonna be absolutely insane i clear that as many of it expensive know what we were looking but still be on Pereira is Carries a gonna come through in time she’s a nine I need to check on this amour out did was just how bad you missed out on him ? It’s very badly one, rail lines and might be dug don’t you write but feel for going out through M sure he’s gonna be insane I the fourth got him geordies, B and C citing play MM it signup sorry starts by don’t fiddle new Crossley and sir grid Houston at Steiner the sneeze at between of arms down , as annoying as an are well buttoned about that again fokine ship cold Stan Davies finale to sign you up to the squad to Morgan rose hon. to sign up and not not buttress you will he be there but casinos we’re gonna go and toward a bit for next games Gary against derby but luckily game for a start the next like stream we’re in Ireland’s top two to backtrack thoughtf probably would have them gear had given them the means to we do anything for us at the moment we’ve got that Xavier keep coming throughout youth academy I give you charts May Mason Mason, but that, but at least not give your chance R us a ghost winner in but we’re here, and stream tomorrow bubbly will than what game arm what might be, recalled the final episode of the year but was four had game players will tomorrow on maybe not having a baby had a poor Wednesday may be stream tomorrow are a different game Ardmore market or suggestions but year are Sager thank you very much, and the manager or sea Lions are tomorrow hopefully to work on hang out so you take your eyes and I’ll see you later by