Road Trip to Bluestone Wales Review and House Tour in Preseli View 2015 #BluestoneBlogger

oh this is the famous bridge everyone who goes on this holiday takes footage of themselves driving through this bridge does like a pole sighs it’s really green we’ve stopped at the a48 turning at the roundabout to go to services we’ve stopped in Carmarthen to go to Tesco’s and I can’t believe it you always say that order on my website but the one thing nobody’s ever said though if it is a massive southern right you know how you make social media because of getting here at 4:15 when checking is 4:13 look I like you and then we were on bluestone we’re on bluestone grounds now but we’re queuing to chicken we’re getting nearer not so much of a queue now I don’t think we even need to get out of the car to check in that’s the impression I’m getting I think you just give your confirmation number and then they’ll ship me you over to the long stakeout book it’s been all day yeah we know there are we yeah okay we’re at the front of the queue now those two red x’s mean that there’s a car at each window when one of those becomes available we’ll get a green arrow telling us to either go left all right and then we’ll go to that window and check in so at the front look email

how do you just turn enough whoa we can find dine straight outside our bedroom this brings a new meaning to breakfast in bed breakfast is to put a fire out ah they must assume that people would have both keys I’ll be so nice if there was a parasol nervous oh yeah balcony – uh sitting room and dining room and kitchen yeah uh-huh and this is where they’re doing loads of building work yeah I went swinging out that they’ve got a thing to attach your bait to the lodges are quite close together you can see all of the others at Brown yeah I’m freezing that’s good this is the ensuite so the bedroom I just showed you it’s really lovely big mouth full shelf spotlight Jesse silver knows oh there’s a big glass to here is nothing here my sweetie they seem to be building something so this is our view but they wound us it would be like this hey Aaron loves it here big sitting room dining room and kitchen with spotlights telly a and steak eight more houses bringing everything in and I was like oh my god oh my god we haven’t got a fridge and then I realized it might be built-in and yep there it is big enough for four nights I think and I don’t know if it’s got a freezer they oh it’s got a little cool cool box freezer oh it’s totally sets up for children’s so there’s a highchair in every in every Lodge and they’ve all got their gates that he’s coming to leave it open daddy’s coming with heavy shopping really funny from the kitchen window it looks like you’re on ground floor because there’s daddy’s car and yeah the kitchen and the sitting room in the dining room are upstairs it’s quite a few stairs down that point if there’s been another flight stairs all the bedrooms are downstairs – yeah so there’s that flight of stairs on that flight of stairs there’s no

toilets up here I love the beams I stay at the top and bottom oh wow I was putting I was putting a new singer on toast because this was a convenient workshop to do it on from the toaster and the cooker is touchscreen I just need sleep I was going like that I was going at that game the crumbs off and I accidentally turned it on I got the fright of my life it’d be scary if that got hot now if Aaron touched it I’ve got mine pajamas on that’s my boys watching YouTube videos on my phone can I get me a movie ok such a cozy bedroom such a cozy bedroom and attentions to detail like this lovely and even our Plato’s like that a nice wardrobe very very very cozy I think this is where yeah that’s where I’m picking it minces me oh and this is technically the last herbage and like I showed you earlier so it’s the one with the big ensuite and he’s back I know my friend your back Camila transformer focus camera focus rayvon to calendar purpose hello come on in matey bedtime Oh should we read some of those books yeah I brought lots of books the sub tranquil life turn this lamp or so that you’d go to sleep I wants to smoke lousy the progress they’ve made on this house is just unbelievable they’ve built it so quickly we watched it go up during the course of the week and then those foundations over there for two more and there’s another one over there that’s gone up pretty fast as well I’ve loved the beam I want like one like this fairing now you put resecting on the left and no more rubbish and the way I brought all my bubble bottles with me but just hasn’t been hot this week so we haven’t been drinking up sore so we didn’t even take them out of the packet but this has been our kitchen it comes with a bread bin and a butter dish and a toaster egg’ and Audrina and you even get a green scale a two-sided meter than no one’s around but I did bring later for me and I even brought my favorite Eclipse name but um he’s had stuff pile there all week and we haven’t used all of it Oh the reason I’ve got it there is there’s no high cupboards and I got so fed up of reaching down to get plates and bolts we don’t know that I actually moved them to up here so I’m if they’re designing any new houses I would really recommend having high coverage because there is a wall there that lends itself to it easily put my cupboard there I’ve really enjoyed using the cooker it’s a touchscreen one and it’s lovely potatoes that I never got round to using and you get a really lovely toaster as well we’ve absolutely loved the beams on the ceiling really really really nice and the lovely dim atmospheric lighting design tables not clear right now but it’s been lovely to have dinner and breakfast on and there’s a different throwing there where the kitchen is but this is some things I didn’t show you just then you also get a microwave an ice block cavity air you get a tea towel so I didn’t need to bring mine from home you get a tea towel but you also get this thick one which you can use to take up and raise out the other house really thick lots of storage space all the saucepans and everything in there but the frying pan is not nonstick that’s one thing to bear in mind just on

the washing up so that we can pack and I’ve packed all the last stuff that’s not in the fridge which is that whole bag I’m gonna do the fridge last so they can stay refrigerated as long as possible we obviously got too much stuff look at that you should only really bring what you think you can eat in four days and we brought too much glue um yeah the other night when I lose this pen I hate the fact that it had a brown bond so I cleaned it here but I run out of wrist power to do the rest of it but yeah I’d love to see it with a silver button like my ones that I am but here I did here which proves it’s possible so maybe the next guest continues but oh by the way it wasn’t me that made it there I found the packet of sausages in the fridge and even though it’s going to mean washing the grill I’ve decided to do them because we’re going to Cardiff on toy hammer Idleman to go off in the car so we have sausage sandwiches which hopefully means we won’t need lunch roll around and I use that symbol which is the one for family just put 290 so took don’t agree with religion 20 minutes I finished the washing out I’ve finished packing all our stuff that was there I’ve nearly emptied the fridge even though it doesn’t look like it I’ve cleaned the shelves of the fridge of clean that bottom bucket thing and because I came across a packet of sausages I’m cooking in there and I’m even taking the crumbs out of the toaster but I started at 8 and it’s 9 then we have to be out by 10:00 and I’m not washed children’s yeah judges are coming along nicely but it’s putting me under pressure for time because it’s really no knowing and I still haven’t had a shower but dressed all packed my clothes think it’s normally no cars at the accommodation because you have to leave your cars in the longest a car park but look carro their car their car because everybody has to be checked out by 10 and I’m still cooking my frigging oh they’re lovely and brown though too much thing for you to see my sausages are done her are I don’t need to carry them from here to Cardiff and then home but it’s 9 21 and Aaron is 9 22 I only still asleep so I’m gonna try and quickly pack up the suitcase now because I have packed the food well still a few bits in the fridge but I have packed the food and clean the kitchen so quickly going quickly home pack those I’m finally pecking and this is a pile of clean t-shirts but there’s about eight there and four pairs of shorts that Aaron didn’t even wear cuz we just didn’t have the weather for it I’m finally pecking and this is a pile of clean t-shirts but there’s about eight there and four pairs of shorts that Aaron didn’t even wear cuz we just didn’t have the weather for these things that stop a blind cord from stranding it one puny trouble is they don’t have them everywhere before they do but they don’t trip like for example this one doesn’t itch yeah what’s more worrying here’s the one so if the water would be real of course of itself as a toddler could stand here and this one has and I can’t see you mom used to be photographers down here and have a real accident with this one so as good as they are with those I think they should I’ll just show you that this is the Betty that’s here wow that roof is gone quick we’ve watched that house being built this week for another one that has been built very fast I’ll be very sad to say goodbye to the town wait on the break this was our best ideas weekend love you

the builders I love don’t pet see with a new toaster it was all sweet and that heat was fabulous when there’s a cold my lovely big birth which was also shower my shelf eternity absolutely perfect have you loved it yeah and we get there yeah we’re gonna check out but we’re gonna stay on site because mommy wants a spa treatment and Aaron wants to go to the Blue Lagoon again because we make the mistake of only discovering it on Thursday so that so that means you just can’t bear to only go there once so we’ve got the panic you’re going there after we check out now if we discovered it Tuesday we would have obviously gone every day because it’s just a loan still on site because I’m gonna have a spa treatment most people have checked out and left but some people are still mingling to enjoy the last day I’ve just walked from up there from the long stakeout back I’ve left town and Daddy up there we used to love running through this archway it’s cool The Legend of salad in the world probably pronounce that totally one but me and Aaron used to love running through it and our accommodation was over there somewhere I’m heading down to the village to my spa dream when you take into more footsteps I’m still next to the arch and our accommodation was over there that’s Preseli you and the playground that will keep the door is there in the villages