ROAD TRIP: He Loved Us First

show me your biggest what’s perfect way to start off this show or debar with the smile the but not smile massive my alright this is rude editorial logging in for a brand-new episode of road trips your guide to life bed adventure my left side another exciting journey awaits all of us tonight because we will be talking about how we can express our love for God can John John John began the book but before we do that what about that grandpa goes up and go rabbi in my waist but am i express that in your but even not in case God Oh vampa Gissing muna pump us my lung happy muttering it all I began see torn testimony or Ibaka see the bow tie you turn I was in porn gajillion eight years old Wellington one reason you McKay I was a Christian school for llegar a la familia kindergarten high school so for 11 years in the novel her enviable Christian our young people are in the Mumma but I’m a clinic there were zombies with certain teachers with sudden parents they say I don’t believe you say you might assured good at it but all tighten again anew and I think in the even taos having more teachers parents me my classmate softener and iodine serving along was a significant anymore NEMA issue so for example your Caravan and I’m assuming you know Pru particularly their academic an image or a lump or your performance could I take the meeting is a time government a epidemic performance cope I don’t the story idea medallion was a school watashi wa boku long needs we saw the more teachers not taught to us in some green sunako Coulomb so para llegar a la mode employed also suddenly go human past liquidated foreign self-centered no more a telegraph high school of unknown that was in every novel normal teacher’s name and sir that student comes in so it’s 11 times in love for three I was we need termination I know compositionality I’m a giant the principal laminating it trouble me much meeting coming for for some reason but I’m in the wound up meeting lamp atom and I’m getting to know that I was there’s a senior engineer mando gospel sorry no time day or night no but I mean dinner in I want a big land patent dropping was a Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior McGee King Christian or say navigate only lifestyle do my teachers can a Christian Columbus over a million of removing white Union time now seniors are a new gospel param I didn’t ever actually except you might not see Jesus Christ a third receiver two main problems cappella gay number one you’d last from whenever you fire back Telegraph and even met a girl that I believe by the grace of God and I gotta be not whenever than some register so I must go to me one day you and me bum behind opener I know see CKD great shoes shined Leah visible Tina works pressure pressure and separation O’Connor so missile and so be selenium Alabama tapas total Oman Yahoo so I know my boy father is especially when I’m only signal one of my burdens are boy in the villages are enemies just place my own mr. boss actually minutes inside church now means meddling looking Christian de la luna park a lot more optimal Christian oh hello

vomiting in time Indianapolis Johnny because I have a movie tent in second and Mandela Mila Kuan Yew machina going in a meeting about how a [ __ ] specialist of school along with modeling will Cahokia meddling mom or dad in a pod Kayla Angela game availability latest at all you should remember you should know your master she Jesus Christ you must own a deal and they are indeed nothing killer and movable p.m. opieop adam not miss you even told you I think eleven and I assume my exams see Jesus Christ am you center away Noddin care whether Christian or indeed Osamu daba Damona Inanna mahogany guard and usually what is right whoa I’m sure that mean everything foots up when Tony tongs if I struggled a lot are you ban and self-centred work or the apparent typical a typical no nah kappa tompa annoyed but you know what a locus Ohana began when Tony tone Chi Ghana pocket in dish oh you’re feeling Monica Monica Alamo kiyah repairing Babu Hin the Lord you know why because nothing is impossible with God thank you thank you so much stone for sharing your story with us I’m sure I’m donning the blade top went to long super now inspiring a man a cow those of you out there who also want to testify so but I don’t believe any Lord you like more all right welcome to welcome to eat us a road trip if you want to share your story the whole world just email us at all right road trip ha I like that word op peerage and every night I’m phenom again nobody that – everybody mil Gaya pethau up for your road trip crew say yeah alright pit stop is coming up next so stay tuned y’all rupture LLL be right back you any time to take our piece top tonight you will be counting down top ten booms at xx than a fire boom cloud or the Baja who you know I don’t even in sorry inside boom text and well well well well hanging in the lung countdown begins right now number 10 – come on gonna ba guy in Cambodia who ya feelin go behind vo or I’m gonna do 4,000 again boom your number 9 you think about eleven boob initialisation I opened back in using power without looking at and explain your excellent apology Nanako number seven seven seven you have won 1 million better just a whisper one Wow aha baggles baggles gimmick what job but I would never feel enough debuff so you know 1 million God take you boys Nucky canina number number number 3 3 3 Bashar al Osuna man guide by Professor slam last text una caja by me press your back boo vo and of all conditions in the hand maybe special an infernal a similar angle on government image to do you

waste universe under you laugh at us last minute market X sorry people are adding a third island namitha yo ass pop boom 2 times your next time are they getting and moon of a new excuse would wash will ass away feeling a big thanks Monica Dean a tape of my people do that you know anybody what message this 111 look nothing better I fear I may get the message Jeffrey you message alerts happen Oh you back up next y’all cause everything I think Ross was question for the week this week get the with their own the hallelujah Express and love more a lord yeah no I’m sayin uh McGregor gets pressed and loves people hold you back I don’t panic I Omega expression and love K large content and dodge we’re gonna talk about this y’all stay tuned road trip we’ll be right back you oh we are so back I can see you I can see you all right y’all we are still back here on Ana bitumen young all right before I read your answers to our cross those question for the week I’m gonna give you your fan signs odubajo sans Baba ariados a road trip billboard 500 you express not super love more I’m expressing loved more play Lord yeah and I’m announced and um not in today actually excited about Modbus am I going to say I’m just you know a curious school I don’t have any ecept namaha wrote three personality whenever we talk about loving God so pizza nada no sabe pony Adam Guevara stop being a jesus said John 14:15 if you love me you will obey me you know what about killing seven yeah I will obey Him wholeheartedly and by that God will be glorified alright so happening I love is expressed opinions all right thank you Adam I’m happy bunny Mike Ibarra ei Express Cohen by seeking him first every day oh you wanna grab ha I don’t had a mini-monster with you later all right nothing happening him first every day praying worshiping him having fellowship with him and by serving him Hindi Monforte literally service a church but in my own little way of helping and loving others just as he loved me Thank You Micah happy 20 coalesce hello queer less sorry Pina simply to trust and obey him simple on Parramatta Manitoba California D Shana for me I will express my love for God by simply acknowledging him and by praying every day to seek more of them and less of me raising and worshiping him during my daily devotion so that I could have an intimate and personal relationship every day Thank You Adi Salama alright la Stella pleasure have any air East Watson Augustine by obeying him by giving everything I have just to please God doing good deeds sharing his word and love to others and keeping his Commandments huh big enough for men that’s not far on related if someone has a little hint a meringue along seconds lang naman when we return you’ll be hearing my answers to this question so stay tuned your road trip will be right now

you pick nada today but not your mental of better love but I’m a god by no more Express I love about our Lord well today I want to speak on a subject and they told I’m in love with my god what about super love okay God so now I’m not thinking about my in love the barn a loving mother laughing me not bumping so you’re my girl my girl of gratitude Oh give me my Hawaiian super kilig like this I don’t have a hung expression at an Apogee big K Lord learner’s hobby so Bible to Luke 10:27 I mean eh Jesus he answered love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul with all your strength and with all your mind all right do not dice eight parts so the Nambu NuVinci not Billie Jean singular nothing it began lahat okay Lord so and throne if you love Jesus what do I need to do an eleven bar love bus in a fabulous kena hunt along yin-yang become a fool again pero it does not stop there and action speaks louder than words so began another nun number one number one how do you love God how do you show your love for God in mitigator play Nina obedience and love is spelled OB e why obey Him some people in Bible to John 14:15 Sabini Jesus if you love me obey my commands all right Hannah have a de novo and spreading them love Gaylord well you’re not OB e why love is spelled obeyed vahana it becomes easier not to steal not to bad-mouth not to dishonor your parents not to cheat not the Chiefs niece not to look at pornographic materials not to hurt others not to do this I don’t know not anymore among peanuts dead Joe it becomes easier to choose not to sing Janka singer you peanut unquestionable again Mahalo bacillary yeah you go for the decision that says I love God I honored that you uncut mine was hard you know be more shot because you know because we are doing it because number one we love God and we obey his commands alright number two if you love him a toe toe toe toe some mug boyfriend girls Brenda papa in his lap karma that’s our super good super gingka’s on my end yeah but in love God lagging boost more Asama Basha so you know as far as our relationship with God is concerned and topic number two if you love that you spend time with him pairen on Europe you know why in a beam of our machine or a parent II cannot suspend on time with him so love is spelled Molina OBE why he I think number two love is spelled t IM e love is spelled time happy born on Psalm 37:4 it’s a fun example night noise and town super miles in order 7 yeah the one thing I ask of the Lord the thing I seek most is to live in the house of the Lord all the days of my life or the bad boy right now in the process of gonna be nama you’re not in love you lord the lighting in the Lord’s perfections and meditating in his tempo some 26 807 imbibe oh Lord I love the house where you live there are place where your glory dwells ba yung Psalm 82 obviously always a super fella dumb animals they were cussing at like I’m whistling and under lunch and nothing in a diner spending time talking with God and love somebody for 10 having a Bible better is one day in your courts than a thousand elsewhere or about I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my god and dwell in the tents of the wicked ya know I’m an example Natal super in love how about this look tender sir Quentin oh there’s a story there’s a Quinto there’s a story about my capacity Martha and Mary limiting seducer vanilla and here’s what happens what about verse 38 as Jesus and the disciples continued on their way to Jerusalem they came to a certain village where a woman named Martha welcomed him into her home her sister Mary sat at the Lord’s feet or the by spending time where nothing in lungs abide Jesus listening to what he taught verse 40 but Martha was distracted by the big dinner was preparing visa she set up one on him bad guy she came to Jesus and said Lord that’s it it seemed unfair to you that my sister just sits here while I do all the work tell her to come and help me Barrow in business on P Anthony Lord Andrew Simon to Jesus verse 41 but the Lord said to her my dear Martha you are worried and upset over all these details there is only one thing worth being concerned about him Mary has discovered it and it will not

be taken away from her and obviously Posse Jesus was preparing know you and Kay Mary and Elijah been upon us is Eva spending time with Jesus more than anything else debar now appreciate any God do not show you me no no nothing like to spend time paisa honey I like a peanut for eternal love they love nothing nice Amish I love all right number three that was fine me but if you love Jesus if you love God Jeffrey you put him first yeah and company Allah be spelled obey love is spelled time it or love is spelled first fi rst you know ona mean I Mahalo liebe Matthew 6:24 s I’ve been a Bible no one can serve two masters or you will hate one and love the other you will be devoted to one and despise the other so it’s a burrito you cannot serve both God and money so context attend shop ready providing trabajo God and grades oh wait we had Metuchen grades pero 11 order priority see God Mona yeah seek God first having a know Matthew 6:33 seek the kingdom of God above all else and live righteously and he will give you everything you need relationships young rejection or ASEAN finance Sen tappet lagging no unity Lord to say but Muhammad say Lord you put him first alright last number probably seven Kuna if you love Jesus you will feed his people interestingly say New Testament but based on Cuenco about Jesus talking to Simon Peter everything area jun 21 2013 11 Peter Simon son of John do you love me yeah so good to be there yes Lord Peter replied you know I love you heavy said witta Jesus come on what was then feed I lambs feed my people feed my sheep you just told him and then verse 16 Jesus repeated the question in all occasions a nose I mean a Simon son of John do you love me so good to be there yes Lord you know I love you I’m gonna get us dead take care of my sheep that was verse everything from a little bit as a third time he asked him Simon son of John do you love me aw stupid and hurt now Peter was hurt that she just asked the question at third time he said Lord you know everything you know that I love you then jesus said if you love me feed my when we evangelize when we share the gospel when we disciple when we share the word of God we are actually saying we love Jesus I think I’ve been in Jesus if you love me feed my sheep for races on beyond now but nothing Express you but even as a man a man that you can find in the Bible better today or Laguna all right that one among you know into ministry and who are serving God I want to encourage you in Hebrew 610 seven Bible for God is not unjust he will not forget how hard you have worked for him and how you have shown your love to him by caring for other believers as you still do I want to end with this I don’t lastly why why do I love God okay almost I take it away so good all right why do we love God it’s because God showed his great love for us by sending Christ who died for us while we were still sinners mahalo distillery Casio national Mahalo no mean D Kappa my mama boy ed Veronica bong sins the Adel enemy got nothing yeah to die for us Jesus Christ laid down his life for us well yeah but not in you love it is his love that makes us want to love him more come back alimony on Oklahoma bodega Armando winter opinion he’s even when Ilan still or didn’t ever bother you buggy because I owe his love never fails all right time’s up y’all um let them in pray or let’s just pray that God give us a heart that is so totally in love with him more and more let’s just bow has your clothes right father right now we pray thank you Lord for for allowing us to talk about this subject Lord loving God inside it’s a cliche already means unworthiness a banana hammock in a hot enemy but God today I pray a challenge upon melody seller to step up floor to to move up a notch higher in loving you Lord that loving you is not just about saying it or seeing it Lord loving you is about obedience loving you is about putting you first or spending time with you loving you got it it’s about feeding your people and today God I pray God that you just Lord inspire us and encourage us Lord to to love you more Lord remind us every day of your unfailing love that you loved us first that even if you don’t deserve it you still love us Lord and may this truth Lord encourage us to love you more so like when I’m gonna killing good lord

the monitor serve say no god I pray that you just encourage them right now embrace them and learn remind them that it is your love that makes us want to love you more thank you God for your goodness in our lives thank you God for the miracles and for the breakthroughs we give you honor we give you praise this we stay in Jesus name Amen amen all right but those of you here know Boris Boris is about all right it’s a tricep agree it’s a fun way now my family loves my god I kept on cinerender muna unlike most Anya so just in case right now in the open I surrender boom bow on life my Jesus and you want to show your love to him why don’t you surrender your life to Jesus today if you want to do that right now just bow your heads close your eyes animo under the dome panel and with all your hearts a bit more dear Jesus right now I ask for forgiveness for all my sins I’m opening my heart and I am welcoming into my life as my Lord and my Savior I surrender everything to you I prayed that you cleanse me and that you heal me from this day on and I say in your name Amen without God begins today you know it reminds us that everything that we see is from Joe an exhibition of Israel or do a neck turn I’ve done Vasili a certain way and much much indifference alert – ha PFLAG they won’t play for you so maybe about rebirth of woven Yonezawa you surrender all right otherwise I’d want me to do sir Road Trip that’s it if I improved item by improvement I’m gonna man I got its got a progression coming anybody an input given to like one fire engine painted a I’m Way more annoyed bug and and I’m done but the poem for tonight I’d like to invite all of you to like us on Facebook alright here we go y’all nobody wf8 look calm /ro chips TV and follow us on twitter at roadtrip underscore TV you can also follow me our instagram grab me my followers and put the mean up with me dinya maja pictures check it out y’all thank you very much for hanging out with us tonight bye bit of gravy yeah but I learned Oh a lance I say love the Lord your God with all your strength six brothers I think my hero will trip always remember let’s build and let God be the driver of your life god bless your grades settle my exams god bless you in wisdom or device god bless y’all you get a nut good night bueno banana mine huh it’s an odd lewis in a row Muslim