Outdoors In The Heartland – "Sight Fishing for Smallies" (2014)

if you like playing video games you’re going to enjoy fishing with me and Bob today the bass are shallow you can see them it takes hand-eye coordination it’s just like playing a video game catching fish this week we’re fishing the first week of June it’s warmed up there’s a full moon and a lake full of pre spawn and bedded bass so enjoy with us the best smallmouth fishing in Northwest Ontario at canoe Canada Outfitters only deep clear lake or an Ozark stream I kick back relax and a stop to dream about what Mother Nature has a wedding around the bend hey Larry Anam take me my gears packed up and I just can’t wait yeah Oh he’s like on me Oh it’s not for me this phone as far as I can see where I wanna be aha your quality Ford dealers present outdoors in the heartland with Bob Richardson and Larry Woodward this segment of outdoors in the heartland is brought to you by Ford and your quality Ford dealers Strike King number one in fishing lures browning the best there is Lawrence we lead we find you win and Triton boats we take America fishing well it had been a slow warming spring up here in the North the ice went out later anybody can remember we’ve been waiting this whole trip for the bass to get on the beds and finally there they were here’s another bed right here with the fish and we got one there and one bed they’re both got fish you know we’d already filmed a full day of fishing by noon on this day we were catching some pre-spawn smallmouth in an area where there were some currents but a funny thing happened on the way out of there to go get some lunch we passed this bay and looked over there and we can see these beds going in the dark well lunch was gonna have to go on hold down Larry there’s a fish on the bed there and we’re on the bed there going I get almost as excited as he does watch him like set the hook set the hook I’m trying to tell him we need to go eat lunch has been up to five o’clock this morning and come back he lunch tomorrow elevating and ain’t thinking about eating I’m a little giddy right now okay here we go this segment of outdoors in the heartland is brought to you by Browning the best there is and Triton boats we take America fishing no fish might look like underwater right here you know here we go good job well we’ve gone to a little extra work and what we’ve done yes of course we got the onboard camera but we’ve got these little HD GoPros which are actually an underwater camera we went in here and put the camera down in the bed I’m still kind of dripping wet so kind of wanted to do something a little different mix it up and see what it looked like fish to be caught and swimming in front of a camera don’t go away we’ll be right back with more exciting smallmouth bass fishing in Northwest Ontario right here outdoors and heart check out oh i th calm or go

to facebook.com slash outdoors in the heartland every week there’s gonna be prizes giveaways and contests this segment of outdoors in the heartland is brought to you by fork and your quality Ford dealers and Triton boats we take America fishing you know since 1997 you’ve seen Larry and I run nothing but Triton boats you know each and every year we think that they’ve designed and built the biggest and the best boat well for 2014 they’ve even surprised me with a new TRX series and this TRX series gives me the biggest roomiest deck that I’ve ever had to fish off especially if there’s two of us fishing up there we’re flipping and pitching and taking up a lot of room for film and TV shows we got two of us up there and now we’ve got the intervention of a third guy with a camera for filming purpose but it’s never enough room well I think they can say now what’s under the front deck of a Triton will shock us all Bob not only are these storage compartments huge why don’t you show them the giant rod lockers also with the introduction for the first time of a huge center rod box I can actually store 12 rods and reels 16 tackle boxes in there and still a lot of my small need to go to parts and pieces on the passenger side I’ve got another rod box again it can be used for storage and up to an additional 12 rods and reel you know for me spend a lot of time in the boat you know the cooler system is so important but always with coolers and all the bass boats we’ve ever had is your sandwiches your food gets stuck in with the drinks and the ice and everything they’ve actually designed it now with a lid system where when you open it up the drinks are in the bottom of the food sandwiches all set on top aid to check out and see all the new features and benefits not only the new TRX series with the full Triton line stop by one of your Triton dealers and while you’re there tell them Bob and Larry sense I got him to eat my grub ooh that was a big one following it whoo-hoo matter of fact this is a good fish here big fish this is what we’re looking for one would look bigger than this one easy easy easy easy look at that one big old fat deli owner the bite that I’m getting is completely different want larrya’s Larry went to a little Strike King copy jig I’ve gone to a little jig head and put a three-inch curly tail Strike King just kind of a no nothing but my bite because I’ve got heavier line on a little heavier bait is all current they’re seen it they’re reacting on it it’s it’s current here all these little bait fish are moving in there and wherever there’s food these fish are gonna follow you know whether there’s some walleye in here there’s some pike cause you just seen Larry catch I chose to kind of keep my bait in the current and when it comes out past the rock and they’re gonna jump on it good ones yeah gosh I got one to a school I know where they come from I want to get right back in their little old friends strike king curly tail that curly tail scrub he’s about to going in that here as you can see there’s a lake up above and come in here for some reason and kind of put a coffer across it keep the lake level up there so what it’s done is put a lot of algae plankton bait fish in here so with that said these small mouth and suckers and pike and walleye have all come in here now the other thing that’s happened we got here another day and hit was down in the

30s and 40s had been raining and had cooled water temps but we’ve had high sky 70 degrees and we’re pretty certain that some of these big bays out here and we can find some of these smallmouth bed it’s so I’m gonna keep chunking and wind and see if I can catch one of these big Pike or a big walleye and when we come back from a commercial break there’s a good chance we’re gonna be out on some of these flats looking for big bed and smallmouth right after this outdoors and the heart this segment of outdoors in the heartland is brought to you by forth and your quality or dealers and Strike King number one in fishing boats there he is hmm a 10-0 that’s calling a shot that’s that’s cool patience patience got to get right in the middle of bed drop it in there there’s a little bit of a weight where you can kind of control it kind of aggravate them a little bit they just don’t want nothing in their bed I got pretty fish that was a nice one she’s got a belly on her you know there’s only a week or two out of the entire year you can come up here and do it and fortunately all the starters lined up and we’re gonna let her go she’ll be right back on that bed probably within probably 10 15 minutes you know what I started to say before I caught that fish I’m throwing this wacky style and if you’ve never thrown a wacky style but you have to really watch it what kind of cover you’re gonna throw it to because I’m using a Faurot offset worm hook and I’m just basically taking it right in the middle and hooking it just like you would a night crawler and that’s how I’m thrown it when you pull it it goes like this and then Springs back so it’s just basically just like you’d put a night crawler on you throw it in there I like to use it with no weight especially on these shallow fish because you can twitch it and keep in the same place you know sometimes when you’re out hunting and fishing you see things that are unusual and luckily if you have a camera with you you catch some of these things so while we’re fishing in this Inlet we look up on the bank and there’s a bat standing there walking around kind of unusual alright so there’s a bat stand on the bank and after catching a couple more fish our camera guy all of a sudden tells us hey the bat is swimming across the cove it’s like a mouse out there going these fish remember I said they were biting voraciously I wonder if he can make it across his Cove without something getting he there’s small mouths following him they went mascot him seeing a bat swim across the cove and get eaten by a smallmouth bass kind of usual bounce back home yeah nope and you got it in his mouth though now he does but you got to watch wait for that bait to completely disappear that little male coming out there after there’s another one up there little guys little guys girl we’re gonna let you go you kind of swim right back there I’m gonna make lots of babies for the future like that Larry there’s one in the bed right there man Larry has kind of switched up on colors he’s throwing on the strike King a big tube jig and there’s a bed right there fishes facing right at us so we’re gonna see if they like that white better than I do this short truth like that white tube huh yeah you know sometimes that’s what you got to do you know when you get into a fish and you throw a bait in front them three or four times and you won’t take time you got a changeup I figure if they weren’t hitting the one you’re catching them on change and it worked on that one take the one that was both feet brightly colored baits are so important but on some days a chartreuse bait might agitate them more than a white or vice versa and when you can see it all happening right there before you it doesn’t take very long to figure it out there we go like that short truth that’s pretty nice little fish there it is come here easy well as you seen what we’re doing it’s

just that special first week of June we’ve got a full moon that’s come what full this in the last 24 hours and when that happens and water temperatures get up all right now in the low 60s the mid sixties them fish are on go now two days ago we couldn’t hardly find a fish on a bed and that’s how quick lanes can change so it’s it’s it’s a lot of fun it’s something different it’s kind of nice to be able to call your shots sometimes but not every fish you see are you always gonna catch important to put them back and the main thing is he’s getting back in the water as quick as you can please remember release these big smallmouth as soon as you catch them they are so precious did you know that a four pound smallmouth and these yield Lakes is probably a twenty year old fish just think how valuable that fish is how long it took him to get that big you know if you’re wanting to eat fish my motto is smallmouth are for fighting and fun and walleyes that’s what’s for dinner that camera look likes pointing it to dirt he’s noticed that yeah but that water is three foot deep there I had to point down that’s why we went back actually from here it oh he’s got her in there little male being on the camera guy go right back in better quality – not bad took a couple cast well that’s a nice fish look that’s a pretty food you got some shoulders – she was up there shallow yours we had a metal metal stake I do look at that she gives a pork chop there we go little belly on her that absolutely beautiful I knew I can catch her that’s something small one there which was the male and this was the bigger the one of the female she’s a pretty good fit come on back here get down on my knees I guess for her what a pretty fair you know there’s another Bay just around the corner that should be just loaded up this is probably as much as this one is I’ll tell you what we’re going to commercial break on pace and Bill’s we’ll be right back with bed fishing first big Smalley’s right after this outdoors in the heartland has been brought to you by Ford and your st. Louis Ford dealers strike team number one in fishing lures Triton boats we take America fishing and gilbreth’s taxidermy the official taxidermist of outdoors in the heartland you get to the first okay you lost I love competition even a real mine in I was that was low blow it’s a good little fish that fish

was up shallow I’m not certain that white tubes good yeah maybe it is he’s got him on Oh let’s prepare now since we got competition here and we both got fish on I know being my feet hey you hurt my feelings you know what’s going on my thumb’s are getting hurt like this mine bleedin going to lunch you need lunch tomorrow so hopefully we wait long I’ve been telling you how you need to go on a diet a good day to start pull my pants up I’ve lost so much weight and we’re catching a lot of fish but I just want to slow it down for a minute and show you that there is a time in the spawning process where they’re not going to bite very well here’s some underwater footage we caught that day of a big female and a male on a bed actually laying and fertilizing the eggs and when they’re in this trance they’re not going to bite anything next actually good so they can go ahead and make the next generations a smallmouth bass there’s a deep one here right here I’m deeper beds I can’t there’s a whole bunch up my head that was dude look at it if you want the fish in vacation of your lifetime you got to come up here for Bob Richardson I’m Larry Woodward and we’ll see you somewhere next week right here outdoors in the Harley