NAVI TAKES TOP-1. PUBG Europe League Day 2 and 3

– What’s this supposed to be? – Pancakes What are you watching? Recrent’s first interview Let’s do it so no one can run away He is outside now Why?! I did my best After we landed, he circled around parachuting for ten more minutes before landing What was the result of you game analysis yesterday? We’re gonna change some stuff, someone will be displeased, but we’ll try to improve Doing the usual stuff How much does your service cost? 1000 a day. Rubles, of course – Are you prepared for Miramar? – Yeah – How about Erangel? – Even more so Enemies on the ridge I guess. Or I mistook them for bushes? What was this HE for? We need to be quicker. Batulin was quick, but we need to do it even faster And don’t be afraid. I don’t know, I think… After someone shoot Batulin, they instantly got killed and it took us a while to take up a position That should do it. Finally, top 1

You asked us to step up and we did Walk me through your first top 1 finish That was an exciting game. For the first time, we had a favorable circle on Miramar at the beginning, but then it shifted heavily away from us towards the edge of the first zone – up north from Los Leones However, we timely made it into the city, flanked M19, headed through all the buildings to the center, then up the ridge Killed everybody, took control of the top and winning the round was a done deal at that point We drive to the left, the circle shifts to the right; we go right, it moves left – I want to hide like TSM did… – Grab a cup of coffee, relax And then come out at the end of the last cirle to kill two opponents and get a win – Hiding on the right. – Jokers didn’t engage. – They were probably right on top of us Who are you filming, man? The spot wasn’t taken, you got over there, Jokers arrived, then Knights tried to go for a push but ended up dead Good job getting kills today

Not really. One dude from TSM picked up 8 kills in the first round of Day 1 The kills will come Jokers and TSM, that we wouldn’t make it, Avenger said it would’ve been better for them to drop into Ruins Well, look who’s here. Hey – How do you like playing with the Europeans? – It’s good, comfortable We’re not doing so well for now, but we’re adapting slowly and surely – What do you think about our roster? – It’s good, but they seemed to have a hard time in Pochinki, and I think they make the right decision moving to another spot Otherwise, it would’ve just ruined the game for them and Liquid, whereas now they can rotate more or less freely, because without a vehicle it’s difficult – Do you miss the CIS region? – Not yet. It hasn’t been long enough for me to start missing it How do you like the league format? You know, 3 weeks as a test is okay, I guess There’ll be 2 more months of play and by then I will have formed an opinion on the format Overall, it’s not bad: you get to play on LAN and hang out in Berlin. It’s cool – Okay, thank you. Good luck. – Bye What do you think about War mode practice games? It crashes a bit, also M4 with an x2 scope They didn’t adjust the settings properly, barely any Med Kits and ammo, AK is x2, auto fire on guns doesn’t work, parachuting takes a while, but overall it’s fine It looked like you misheard it, meanwhile, the guy went upstairs and pulled off a flank I didn’t know it was heard that way You should’ve Yeah, I know I should’ve At that moment, I see you standing and figure you won’t go since you didn’t do it earlier, then I switch the camera to the guys and see you dead, meaning you decided to go for that push after all Maybe Primorsk? We’ll see, we might return there someday Do you want to? Not really, it’s overcrowded and there are too few vehicles I wanted to say ***, but don’t use it in the video, because ***

It wasn’t taken Vadim asked to take the left entrance somewhere here, and it was empty When you were driving, I was sitting rooting for you to enter this house Where was the circle? It ended near the left entrance You drive in, you see – you keep going We could’ve been first because that dude wouldn’t commit We’re playing over-cautiously Had you taken the cover and killed one, you could’ve played on But you were out in the open, once the smoke clears up, you get spotted immediately You took one down and didn’t even get a chance to turn around before getting killed You could’ve pulled out an HE and died. Don’t hesitate to do that Dima, the third round of Erangel, top 2. What did you lack to win it? We didn’t manage to get that last push towards the end. Sadovnik was proned and I was basically idling around, too I should’ve tried going for a knock and play off of it, but ENCE were shutting me down, so I was too late with the smokes. So, yeah Don’t you dare lag now. Crap, it did Vadim, I checked the map, nothing can be done there

The only option is your idea to drive into that pit near the road If we played from the edge like ENCE did, it’d be okay, but driving across and taking up a position just like that would get us killed DA did that and got destroyed, one of them drove to the center and was taken down anyway ENCE moved from the edge and did well