Let's Play Fire Emblem 12 #32 – Endgame in Sight (Chapter 22)

hello everyone we’re reaching the end of this playthrough and check out Mikelis I gave him a rainbow potion and I got a psych on because he has a portent luck problems and i want to show him off of it in this chapter he’s cool this chapter has a bunch of dragons and i love how the game already knows that i’m just going to put myself and follow up in front and have us wreck everything so we don’t even have to put any thought into things um do not go for these treasure chests I’m pretty sure going for them triggers reinforcements and they only have a worm’s layer and a dragon plague respectively off the top of my head off the top of my head I could be wrong I know one of them is a dragon play though I still got a bunch of stab boosters and I don’t know what to do with them yeah let’s just take a look at them I’ve got spirit does um those will go through a soul because he is super competent Eric could give him some Eric sees lunch making that be making a last-minute appearance how about pets it takes along let’s just dump everything on that so he’s amazing fortify his blood a rank ah Jesus he’s not going to be reaching any ranks to do hmm about we just take barrier and spam that and hope for the best if not that will have ceased mel c is because fortifies just you we’re just a huge help 2425 you could probably be any map in the game just by brute forcing he there about you but I’m not dropping able or north I insist and I could have started this chapter minutes ago already and let’s just clean up the sports cure best boo where did that come from ma jeje do it Oh God asked too bad there won’t be a next time Minerva hmm that’s a pretty simple way of thinking limited abilities quote quote limited abilities as the second best character in the game okay a little hell they just give me Mira support because there’s literally only three chapters left for you to get them huh okay who would have anticipated the garner would condemn the clerics you betcha

ok not soon and get on with the show oh hello heretic priests yeah he’s telling you to just bum-rush everything my friends are no shell sally forth I like Nagi Nagi is pretty overpowered because she has the divine storm like I said don’t go for these treasure chest just go straight for the end I wish I had someone who can one-shot hey what you catcher Mike Alice come on guys you’re better than this marth yes yes and your final level 1 HP ok I’ll roll alright get that out of there sorry about that um mage dragon obviously targets res soon slap some more resin there you probably want to move nagi so she can actually do things since you pretty much one hit KO then you dragon she comes across Oh meteor I mean swarm okay whew dodged sick dodges get the crit power ah well a straggler will clear that one piss off don’t Luke is even doubling solar masses loop the god freaking fortify free game ass monkey yeah check out Nagi one hit KO is up in this fam don’t like they said just keep rushing forward glower it is scary hmm yeah rid me of that guy I gotta actually heal her okay she can take some punishment actually more than even I can Jesus 30 31 17 that’s about

16 19 wrong right this isn’t too bad chicken liver little soon elbow let’s check that and I’m no move someone weaker there baiting and we press forward that’s the sin even doing anything to be fair a lot of people aren’t even doing anything Kallis s23 speed this guy has a tomahawk McAuliffe should be able to wreck that guy i would like to think all right flower okay yeah both going for Paola not quite what it wanted ok freaking Ford mend yeah get you back up one running Mikelis not one shot you so let’s get someone who can huh get speed will you Oh can only kill this guy yeah wait no I saw that crit rate I don’t trust it you shouldn’t do that getting lucky for work that drew does meet here stop going to be meet hearing very much anymore let’s go ahead flower dr. death flower okay perfect this dude is standing in such a way that I can not kill him without fear actually I can kill both of them without fear let’s just check these out yeah nice dorky perfect quick the lady sword and yourself if everyone pretty short chapter hi good I would really want I really want to kill that guy out right but whatever hmm look now I know that God dragon spawns from here and from here eventually so I will be weary of those and I’ll I got some nerve up empty level well my controller what are you doing controller stop okay God break in the middle recording that would be great petzl got that be ranked I really think it is breaking because

it’s moving in weird directions come on what the hell controller come on Wow seriously controller stop stop all right someone has to get rid of that court if I guy alright uh give us the key and give someone the brave Lance can you use it yes you can perfect I’m going to get Noren out of here I think she’d die because there are meteor dudes in the building that we’re about to open that’s why I didn’t bring Julian to open the doors because he really would just what I got himself killed over and over hey those guys are moving now get you closer closer and then we’re going to rush this room who there are the reinforcements the massive amount of em and big surprise in the room a bunch of these jerk brave acts can’t kill them so dragon fight can what can we do to get rid of all these guys we can get rid of that sword master Luke can go in yeah that’s a lot of crit great right there brave sword this guy good enough this room sucks the food has flour the students glower that dude has meat here so as long as we keep people safe alright oh we don’t need barrier right catcher I get through that dude glower blow he’ll not Mars because he’s not

endangering it seriously and hopefully this turn goes well alright all right I’m right here I can just not go in because I die okay that’s good it’s good so far good so far yes perfect silver lands you whew speed okay get out of there oh I gotta decide how to deal with these meteor guys and this guy has to know he has one range okay I will let the dragon come to me and then we’ll rush the throne at the last minute sounds good yeah that dude never had a chance nor did we no stat levels of and there are those dragons all the dragons and ironically i’m perfectly aligned that none of them can reach me yopo note that that has a crit rate I don’t trust that it could be like a two percent critical and then I’m dead he anyway hand me that I take care of the boss I really take care of the boss and just sees screw them to sorcerers look stairs shortest end of chapter ever the door point of X you turn out very resistant to magic that’s a true moon slave and second to last chapter