▶BloodyNightCon Europe (2018) Brussels || VLOG DAY 1

Good morning everyone! Today we are in Brussels because today it’s Saturday June 23, which means this weekend it’s Bloody Night Con Europe We just arrived by train and now we’re gonna walk to the venue to get our passes and extra’s We just registered and now we have all our extra’s – And our pass, and we’re in row N number 23 & 25, normal pass And we got this, it’s the timetable of today and of course our envelop with extra’s And I’ve bought a necklace! I was doubting between the rings and the necklaces but the rings didn’t fit so I bought a necklace And now we’re basically waiting until we can get inside the panel room That might take a while because it starts at 10 A.M. and now it’s like 9 A.M. So we still have to wait for like 45 minutes But we’re good here and we’re so excited! – We can still rest for a bit We’re now waiting until it starts, we’re in the panel room And we’re pretty close to the stage – Still a lot of people behind us I’m gonna show you guys how close we are So yeah, we’re pretty close and we are sooo excited It starts in like 10 minutes and we hope it starts on time. And then we are finally gonna see them So that happened

I think for us a lot of I mean that it’s not necessarily something some one thing specifically that was funny But I know in the rare scenes that we were all together All in one scene that those for me were the most fun There wasn’t like a specific prank, but we would joke around the whole time and kind of get in and out of character Mess around with one another. I know there’d be times In the Salvatore house like that if there was a scene and It was like Ian Somerhalder’s coverage and that the camera wasn’t on me or like Paul Wesley I know Paul Wesley would always look at me and always give me the funniest faces trying to like make me laugh during Ian’s coverage or something and so like little moments of that where we were just kind of Mess around with each other just joke around because we rarely all be filming it at one time those Those were always fun Another time we’d always be filming together was for all the dances, the decate dances And that was one of my personal favorites cause they would make us take dance lessons Beforehand and they weren’t really lessons it was like on our lunch hour They would get everyone together in like a weird office and show us Dance moves and I really wish we had footage of that so you can see these gentlemen in dance class Learning the throw back, like the fifties. Yeah I may have one of you. Yeah – But I’m such a fabulous dancer Michael You’d be fantastic That was funny I think us, all of us having to like talk and dance at the same time It was really hard. I try I Anyone, I challenge you – There’s all the costumes too, it was always like a theme right there was always a theme to these dances Ridiculous We have to describe each other or describe ourselves? I would say goofy little brother Hilarious, encourager, fun I’ll take it – games,snowboarding. Yeah, yeah I love it, I’m good with that Do you guys wanna…? You have to describe me then Did you say little brother? Yeah But he’s not so little, look how ripped McQueen is, he’s big I want to say, I don’t know why, I want to say bobo’s that always comes to mind but that’s an inside joke No, no, no, you know what? Yeah. It’s a little inside thing that you probably I’ll remind you later It’s like a season 1, season 2 thing, you know yeah, okay And Candice, for Candice I would say oh my goodness Because that’s something that she would say that I love and I feel like you just take care of everything I love how serious you’re taking this – Just because it’s like you, you really like to take care of Like, not the event planner But if you’re like traveling, like we went to dinner last night and Candice made the reservation and the place was incredible. And so

like you definitely can count on Candice to really like navigate Trips or events or any type of celebration And Candice throws it down and it’s always the best I would say wildfire and hard worker Okay, I like it, I’ll take it Wildfire Wildfire.. That might be my new perfume line I like that Get lit, yeah, like a wildfire Oh my god, I just returned from my meeting room with Nate, I won one with the raffle tickets And I sat next to him so literally half a meter away And it was so much fun – Lise went crazy Yeah I almost cried But that’s because he’s my favourite and it really was very nice And I saw Daniel’s panel, and he was so funny, but really really funny. We laughed so hard He also did a mic drop. Just BAM, and then he picked it up again. And I was like That was so funny And now it’s time for the group photo’s but we don’t have that so now they’re showing fan videos on the big screen and they already showed mine. And I was like… proud! And now we have to wait until the group photos are over for the next panel Who is in the next panel? – I have no idea! Me neither Well Probably my favorite moment We went pretty late, but we had a free day and we just kind of walked around. We’ve got too like just experience Looking at everything around and then somehow we start walking in to this like amazing like courtyard And this is how dumb I am I’m like, I knew that I wanted to go to the Louvre really bad But we were just wandering and we walk into this courtyard and I’m like, it’s taking my breath away This is the most incredible place I’ve ever seen like I was almost teary. There’s like a violin playing like it was just so gorgeous and We’re walking and we realize we’re in the Louvre like that’s where we were going and I had no idea and then we just explored For like three hours just going and of course trying to see the whole thing But that actual building just the ceilings and everything. It just really took my breath away it was just incredible and even just going to the little cafes There was a lot and I didn’t have a lot of time. So there’s a lot of things I wanted to see that I didn’t And ooh we read in a fest bus like a scooter It was so fun, but so scary The traffic there’s no lanes and like I just felt like my knees were like touching the cars. It was an adrenaline rush I know like it was crazy, but it was so much fun. We got to see a lot of a lot doing that Everything’s very very beautiful there. Yeah. Oh and we did a boat cruise At night because the Eiffel Tower lit up, but I know it’s all the touristy stuff, but it really was amazing Okay, we’re in line for our photo with Candice and we are sooo excited!! And she is so pretty in real life and now we’re just gonna stand next to her?? She’s even prettier in real life than on television So we’re gonna die We just returned from our picture with Candice and now we’re waiting for the full meeting room And it starts in like 25 minutes Yes! And Candice is so pretty and so sweet, so we’re still so excited! Okay so we just did the full meeting room and it was so funny! – We laughed so much!

At a certain moment, my face was hurting just from laughed so hard And I asked a question and Nikki also asked a question And Nate answered my question first so he looked at me the whole time And Daniel answered my question first and he also looked at me the whole time and I was like aaah Yeah, in case it wasn’t obvious yet, Nate is my favourite – And Daniel is my favourite We’re now waiting for the next panel and it’s the panel with Phoebe, Riley & Candice And I also have a picture with Steven in a few moments – Ooh and during the full meeting room, we were so close, like 4th row, so we could really see them And we also took pictures. Yes, it’s gonna be great! I always use the same quote which is which is “be the change you wish to see in the world.” I think that aplies pretty well to how I try to live my life I know I said there’s kind of two the one “be yourself and don’t apologize for it” Again that doesn’t mean be an asshole and don’t apologize for it But just whoever you are I do believe you’re made perfectly and I find myself and I see other people trying to be something else or trying to For other people and I think we should just be yourself and the other one is “only God knows why” which is again, like No matter what your religion is is just don’t fight your circumstances Whatever’s happening to you usually is for some type of reason or growth or you’re affecting someone else It’s also a lyric to a kick rock song. So don’t make fun of me Yeah, sorry about that I love you Riley – Yes I know I’m a strange bird I’m looking for a new mantra, I don’t have a good one at the moment I’m just trying to live more presently and put more gratitude. I think it’s easy to get bogged down by the worries of it all and not having it all together and I used to always be the person that was like: ‘ooh it’ll all work out’ and then I think as I’ve gotten older the panic of what if it doesn’t work out and mortality and all that fun adult stuff But yeah, just being like grateful for the things that are there in the present moment and just thinking wow you know what, even if it’s raining the ain smells nice, you know, just trying to appreciate those things and Anyone got a new mantra? I’m in the buyers market for one but yeah just being present minded I’m so sorry. I do not remember it but you’re gonna have to say it again and I’ll try my best Yes, let’s all learn this Probably The Secret Circle, that was a really fun role for me, yeah I had a lot of fun on that show

Okay so after the full meeting room, it was time for Steven’s photo OP and I took a picture with Steven And I just got my picture and he really looks good on the picture, and his face is really funny And Phoebe’s panel just finished and now we are waiting for the last panel with Steven, Michael & Nate And after that, today is over 🙁 But we still have tomorrow and I still have pictures with Nate, Riley & Phoebe – And I have pictures with Nate and Phoebe And I hope, which is not going to happen, that I win the meeting room with Daniel I tried to win one with Riley but I didn’t get it but this morning I had one with Nate so I really can’t complain I’ve been to Perugia I’ve been to Venice I’ve been to different parts of Tuscany Florence I’m going to Milan Yeah I’ve seen a lot of it. I love it yeah, what was your Mine was Rome and it was great, it was a quick trip. But what was, out of those? Which was your favourite? Tuscane actually, there’s a place called a Sicily which is Beautiful. It’s this city that was built on a hilltop. It looks like something from Lord of the Rings What’s that place where they’re all living? I don’t know, I feel like Sicily was really beautiful for me Biblical fact, write this down Please put your seatbelts on This is your instructor speaking, we’re about to experience light turbulence Please fasten your seat belts and put your tray to that proposition. Thank you So the Coliseum was built from the money that they took from destroying the temple, the Jewish Temple, in Jerusalem in 65-70 AD So when they destroyed that all the gold and the money that they took from Jerusalem built the Colosseum Crazy, right? Who knew that? Yeah, yeah, it’s crazy. Amazing. Anyway, that’s a fun fact. I I hope you tell someone that today. Did you know that the Colosseum was built with the money that they took from the Temple in Jerusalem on 65 to 70 AD, keep the date, thank you Let’s think about what happened inside Colosseum, you know innocent people were killed for entertainment So I can appreciate the structure but the creation of it and what it was used for

I’m probably not going to be like, yeah, let’s put lions and people in there and see what happens Steven! – I’m a lover, not a fighter But let me ask these guys this question: who would win out of scissor, paper, rock between you 2? Let’s just find out! Ladies and gentleman, introducing to you weighing… how much to you weigh? – I don’t know I don’t know, in the red corner, Steeeveeeeeeeen McQueen And in the blue corner – you like blue? – Good! In the blue corner: Michaeeeeeel Treviiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiino Okay Don’t forget to roll. Keep it steady. Keep it fair. Keep the hands clean. They’re dry. They’re good. If it’s wet, it’s dirty. Okay You guys ready? Take 5, hands in, good okay Okay okay start again, start again, wait guys please, if you’re filming this, press record now Ladies and gentleman, I’d like to present to you, heavy weigh champion of the wooooorld: Steven McQueen Thank you I think I’m in the wrong job. I should you know washing dishes at the restaurant where no-one can hear what I have to say Okay, we are outside. The first day is over and the last panel with Nate, Steven & Michael was so so funnny Yeah we were laughing the whole time, my stomach was hurting just from laughing Steven is not coming tomorrow so I’m a bit sad that I won’t see him again But because he was in the last panel and because it was so funny, was a good one to close the day And now we’re going home by train and then we have to wait until tomorrow