The Haunted Town Of Tombstone

all right big guy here we are we finally did it Tombstone Arizona this is a big moment for you this is a big moment for me this is one of my favorite historical sites I’ve always wanted to come here and now I’m here hunting ghouls my big pal your big pal yeah this is a very famous street run right now it’s called Allen Street this is where all of the all of the big guys walked John Ringo Doc Holliday Wyatt Earp Shane Maday Ryan burger Goldberg Meister all Bergmeister is what they would have called me hey you know what it really smells like horse [ __ ] it does did we step on horse [ __ ] I don’t know it’s it’s really following it’s quite possible this week combusted in sob we investigate Tombstone Arizona as part of our ongoing investigation into the question are ghosts real this town was home to one of the most famous shootouts in Wild West history the shootout at the OK Corral but we’ll also explore other tales from this once lively and basically lawless ghost town saddle up all we doing we’re doing capital actions round up all the rules I can’t wait to shoot me a ghost cowboy in the street I don’t even know how that works but I’ll be right there beside you buddy well the city of Tombstone was founded by Ed Schieffelin in 1877 and was involved in a scouting expedition against the Chiricahua Apaches and was staying at Camp Huachuca according to legend while at this camp ed would set out into the desert to look for areas to prospect despite his fellow soldiers warning him that he’d instead quote find his tombstone end quote but much to the surprise of his friends ed did not find his tombstone but instead it came upon what he would make into a whole mine of silver not one to shy away from a good roast and named this mine the tombstone a nod to his friends jokes as word spread about his find people began to flood the area leading to the creation of the town tombstone in 1879 named for its proximity to that first mine very funny could you imagine if your friends gave you a bunch of a they razzed you for everyone really gave me the business and then that one thing they razzed you for doing ended up making you a fortune yeah I’d buy all their land and turn it into a railroad or something really just keep on keep on humiliating them for the rest of their lives by the mid-1880s as many as 27,000 people called tombstone their home making it one of the fastest populating cities of its time along with a population boom the town saw at least 100 saloons open and a large red-light district as the u.s. expanded to the west after the Civil War class and economic tension began to rise up specifically in Tombstone a political power struggle formed on one side was the country living ranch families led by the Clanton’s and the McLaurys cowboys who reportedly had the sympathy of Cochise County Sheriff John behan on the other side was the wealthy mine owners and business men of Tombstone backed by the family of Morgan Wyatt and Virgil Earp who was the town’s marshal at the time both sides blame the other for corruption and collusion you gotta imagine there’s not a lot of checks and balances back then the checks and balances were holstered on the hips exactly right I got your tax and balances right here I got you well I didn’t know we were starting okay you know wait a second it’s a gunfight works yet to say when wait wait wait I’m dirty you’re not saying dirty I got you there is respect to a gunfight not what Dirty Shame comes into town that’s what your name would be dirty show dirty shame no nothing like that it doesn’t matter because you’re dead the stage is now set for the main reason tombstone is still considered legendary today the gunfight at the OK Corral the lethal gunfight occurred on October 26 1881 at the time there was an ordinance in Tombstone barring the carrying of guns in public the herb set out to disarm a gang of Cowboys hanging out in a vacant lot behind the OK Corral the Cowboys consisted of their rivals the Clanton’s and the McLaurys the Earp’s were joined by their friend John Henry Doc Holliday a dentist with a reputation as a gambler and a drunk but also as one of the fastest pistols in the West Doc Holliday Wyatt Earp Virgil Earp and Morgan Earp each carried a revolver Holliday also had a concealed shotgun in his coat on the side of the Cowboys Billy Clanton had a revolver but his brother Ike was unarmed having been reportedly disarmed by Virgil Earp earlier in the day similarly Frank McLaury had a revolver but his brother Tom is thought to have been likely unarmed their friend Billy Claiborne was also unarmed when the to posses met face-to-face they were only a few feet apart from one another allegedly Virgil Earp warned the Cowboys quote throw up your hands I’ve come to disarm you end quote Billy

Clinton reportedly replied quote don’t shoot I don’t want to fight end quote Wyatt Earp came back with quote you sons of [ __ ] have been looking for a fight and now you have it and quote it’s unclear who fired the first shot but thirty seconds later Billy Clanton Tom McLaury and Frank McLaury were mortally wounded Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday were charged with murder testimonies differed and town people were split over their allegiances emblematic of the difficulties in enforcing laws in the West all parties were acquitted in time urban holidays actions would even be glorified as heroic well Shane this is a pretty big moment for me I have always been a fan of Old West history and right now we are actually on the exact spot where the infamous shootout at the OK Corral happened that’s a that’s pretty crazy we’re walking through history right I’m trying to contain my excitement but this is a it’s kind of hard there’s a boyish glee that washed over me it’s evident yeah I mean look at that this is the exact positioning this is based off of Wyatt Earp sketch it’s the only sketch from a participant of the shootout that exists all right my name is Ryan I’m Shane and we’re here just to find out what happened here there’s lots of different tellings of how this went down you want to find out the truth so if any of you fellows want to tell us what actually happened here particularly Billy Frank and Tom please let us know now how did you die tell us your side of the story why not what do you got to say for yourself is that thing broken you get buff kiss with that we’ve got some stuff as much as I hate the spirit box I hate it even more when nothing happens with it this is just going back to what I was saying then I never saw it’s gonna be active if it was radio channels like you suggest they would be talking all the time wouldn’t it is it is it killing you right now a little bit Hey what he got for us sir yes the face I make when I hear the spirit box – I get it about you with the boyish face what do you got to say for yourself shave this morning densha on the day you die well folks I think we’ve had our fun here clearly none of you wanted to talk to us and that’s fine I got to stand in history and that’s enough for me maybe I’ll find something later I won’t say I’m not disappointed it has been an honor to meet you sir he just gives you a hug okay don’t smooch him while the herbs escape the fight bloodied but alive the actions of that October night would follow them the rest of their lives on December 28th 1881 eight weeks after the gunfight Virgil was ambushed as he was crossing the street he was shot in the back with three rounds and his left arm was shattered Virgil survived but was permanently disabled on March 18th 1882 about five months after the gunfight Morgan Earp was playing billiards in a saloon only a block away from the OK Corral from a darkened alley Morgan was shot in the back by assassins within the hour Morgan was dead they really don’t like these herbs well you know I mean that’s what happens when you feel like you were wronged in a gunfight that’s why you gotta adhere to the code otherwise things uh devolve into chaos si got him again it’s not impressive no one’s impressed so here we are this is the site where Morgan Earp was gunned down while he was playing billiards obviously this is continuing with the fallout of the OK Corral shootout this was the Cowboys revenge they killed Morgan Earp in here in cold blood on Wyatt Earp’s buried there on his birthday brutal kind of eerie to just be in the spot where people are just gunned down like all day that’s what we’ve been doing yeah I mean it was a long time ago so that’s true well we’re here to reach out to Morgan Earp I know you probably get a lot of people coming around here asking for you I regret to inform you that you’ve done this spot of your death is now a lovely gift shop pretty good one it seems like they’ve got they’ve got some good Murchison disrespective cursory glance here we got some items that I’d probably wear but you know I’m not that picky is there anything you would like to say Morgan gonna give you a minute here anything you want us to take back to sunny Los Angeles and maybe tell your brothers ghosts sort of like a ghoul telephone yeah I think that’s about it I’m gonna cut that short that’s a picture wrap on Morgan Earp Morgan’s brother Wyatt wanted vengeance

in March in April 1882 Wyatt set off on a vendetta ride murdering Cowboys searching for suspects in the attacks on his brothers he indicted for murder Wyatt and Doc Holliday rode out of Arizona in April 1882 leaving the citizens of Tombstone to tell their tales another area of interest in Tombstone is a saloon now known as big nose Kate’s which was originally the Grand Hotel allegedly the McLaury brothers were registered guests at the hotel the night before their deaths in the shootout the saloon on the site in operation today is named after Kate elder aka Kate Holliday who called herself doc Holliday’s quote one and only wife and quote who was often an accomplice in his exploits the bar and dining area of the saloon has several reported instances of paranormal activity staff and servers reported feeling unseen hands touching pinching shoving and even choking them some have witnessed drinks they were meant to be served levitate off of their trays and then hit servers in the chest or face other times objects will fall on their own accord and silverware will fly off tables bartender jerry fowler detailed the ghost encounter of a fellow bartender who as a result of the incident ended up quitting and never returning to the saloon in it the bartender was locking up at the end of the night when he noticed a cowboy wearing a duster at the bar he urged the cowboy to leave but then realized upon second reflection that he was the only person in the bar again oh boy classic saloon doors this is the moment I’ve been waiting for when I envisioned this shoot I envisioned myself walking through saloon doors oh ho and here we are we should say something cowboy when we walk in right oh yeah okay oh boy oh [ __ ] I really messed it up there was that there was that there was a step there I didn’t see I’m gonna do that again that’s fine take two hello ghouls I’m your huckleberry it’s me Ryan oh ho that looks good here I come hey ghouls or shoot Jesus Christ that that’s what your cowboy saying was horseshoes I don’t know good enough they use those you ain’t no Daisy you know Daisy at all so here we are in big nose Kate’s this used to be the former site of the Grand Hotel back in the day which was the building that existed back when this was all going in fact the McLaurys and billy clanton stayed here the night before they were killed at the ok corral gunfight well they were killed bit of a ways from here yeah yeah yeah also a small town so you know if you die a few blocks away maybe you’re haunting over here sure maybe they got a good breakfast in if I died and I you know had a choice to go to any of the places I went that day Chipotle or you know where where I had bacon and eggs that’s probably where I go I don’t eat it that often you know that okay I’m not a big breakfast again I don’t like waiting okay okay what are you doing here what’s he got right here standard whiskey glass I’m gonna put another table oh-ho look what he’s done now to the folks in here who like to move things I would appreciate it if you did not move that glass oh I see what you’re doing can’t say I see what you’re doing well now it’s ruined please move the glass no they don’t know I mean oh yeah dad we don’t want you to move that glass we gotta get on the same page here man what we hear that you there’s a trickster among us here that likes to move silverware and glassware right there you might recognize it a whiskey glass oh oh they recognize I’m sure they recognise mass town yowza why don’t you show us what you can do if you can move that glass it would let us know that you want to talk to us no way Ryan a ghost to move a glass yeah Shane uh no I’ll believe it when I see me too shall we sure hope nobody moves that glass you know I know this is destined to be an L for me here but I’m gonna do my due diligence because something like this would only happen I feel like if we weren’t here you’re a very committed ghost hunter no I just believe other areas of interest include the stage where a pair of bull horns reportedly flew off of a wall crashing into a nearby table so right now we are in a very interesting part of the bar this is where there’s a story that I will admit I’ll be the first to admit it’s pretty outlandish apparently these bull horns that are on the wall over here were sent careening off the wall and into a table and it wasn’t just shoddy or you’re saying that maybe the table was closer maybe they just didn’t have them secured up there they went flying

towards somebody sure all right will it happen I don’t know you won’t put money on if it’ll happen and I would like not to but thousand dollars yeah I’m not gonna take that let’s do one dollar buck fifty sure I’ll do a bucket okay all right good okay what sit down if there is something in here that sent those bull horns towards people please do it again because I’m torn these people because I believe in all of this and frankly I do not believe that happened you’re gonna have to show me why don’t you drop the horns drop the horn the real folding chair at us there light ish what is this the WWE it’s a TLC match it’s a table lighter chair match a pack of sugar a ghost present or the impact zone the goons big goons peace as God is my witness he snapped them in half all right we could sit here in Rio all day but we’re here to do a job and I know I may not seem like we’re serious right now but I seriously want you to throw something right at my face please come on drop the horn one minute you got you know what 36 30 seconds to drop the whole 30 seconds to throw anything what did I mean anything at just wiggle them give us a little wiggle it’s got to be a better way to say that – this is your chance this is your chance to grab glory or should I say throw glory throw it right into my stupid face five seconds come on just way too long drop him three two one blew it you owe me a buck fifty another rumored story at the former Grand Hotel is that of a former janitor a man called the Swamper as part of his paid he was given a room in a dark corner in the basement cool what a perk what are the benefits were working as a janitor at this bar you’re gonna live in the cave well we got a room prepared for you in the basement when he applied on his resume did it say the Swamper man with the job you know I imagine he had a real name I don’t know why they decided to just make his name the Swamper it’s pretty good I’m sure I guess and since I don’t think I’d like to be called the Swamper I would I mean I’m not telling you to call me the Swamper because it feels like you’re telling me I’m not I’m not good that’s not cool to make your own nickname but I will say the Swamper does not sound like he’s quick on the gun you’re gonna reach you put your hand up I saw where your hand with I think you’re just a little embarrassed oh because you’ve got caught in your see already dead I got already dead no you’re wrong okay this is this is still believable when renovating floors in the basement tunnels were discovered that were dug beneath the hotel in an attempt to gain access to the silver mine shafts that ran beneath town some believe these tunnels were the work of this one who according to the story would take silver nuggets from the mines and bring them back whatever happened to his cash is unknown but some believe it may still be hidden somewhere beneath big Kade saloon apart from the treasure staff tourists and locals alike claim that the Swamper still wanders the dark corners of the basement when employees explored the tunnels they could hear moans of distress echoing throughout the basement though the building had been empty and locked when they inflected to enter the tunnels in general the basement is said to be one of the most active areas of the building as usual with the most horrific parts of buildings we’ll investigate this area individually okay Jesus tell you what if you want to set a nice creepy vibe right off the bat how do you do that well a big old pile of baby shoes is how that’s inviting all right so we’re down here in the basement I’m gonna turn my light off just for kicks and just spend some time bathing in darkness come on Swampert don’t got all day you know I’ve met a lot of ghouls Swampert and buy a metal out of ghouls I mean I’ve met no ghouls but I’ve heard a lot of stories about ghouls and you take the cake in that I’m a big fan of your name and that’s basically about it also the fact that you steal it’s very funny to me so look I’m gonna level with you Rian really wants to find a ghost but you could show up just for me and then I’ll delete the footage and Ryan will never know you imagine how funny that would be oh you Swampert I know you like to steal from people you know you’d be stealing from

Ryan satisfaction then that funny that’s the greatest thing to steal a man’s joy imagine so come on give me all your God come on swapper how was it that’s fine pretty boring boring is it dark it’s a dark room no Swamper action now is Swamper action and I really wanted it have fun I’m not going to you but that’s what we’re here for you down there to have fun with a guy like the Swamper you’re gonna have a good path right I’m here to get evidence I’ll see ya out of the Swamper for me okay here we go here we go here we go he’s a goner all righty all right Swampert I know you don’t probably don’t like being called that why would you put a gift shop next to the most haunted part of the building there it is there’s the swampers creepy decrepit dusty old bedroom and of course the entrance to the mine shaft what a fun thing I’ve stumbled upon thank you thank you so much for this opportunity I’m gonna give you one minute of silence because I’m a masochist if there’s anything down here show yourself I’m going to regret this this is your one chance to show that you’re here if that’s what’s your that’s your prerogative Jesus what am i doing how about it boy I really wish my time was up I feel like my time should be up I hear footsteps is that you Shane Shane yep Youth buddy you didn’t meet the the was is in Swampert not that I know of nothing you know of do you meet somebody else I think I’ve liked that did you I know I got a little too boisterous down there for my own good yeah that happens yeah that was I don’t like it I mean I don’t like my time down there you look messed up right now yeah I’m riddled with adrenaline right now so yeah well well that’s been that yeah thanks tombstone it’s been a it’s been a dream I fulfilled my childhood dream of roaming the streets of Tombstone Arizona one of my favorite historical sites oh look my name’s carved into this door oh it must be Timmy okay anyways stay golden Swampert I’m out it’s been over one hundred and thirty six years since 30 seconds of gun fighting secured tombstones plays in American history books but our fascination with the town remains is it merely our obsession with the Old West that keeps tombstone going or are the ghosts of a violent past as much a part of today’s city as they were when Wyatt Earp and his brothers patrolled the streets the answer remains unsolved [Laughter] hey everybody if you’re a fan of BuzzFeed unsolved good news we have new merch and a new store