Opposite Songs 1 | Learning Street With Bob The Train | Nursery Rhyme For Children by Kids Tv

Hi kids! Guess who’s here Yes it’s me Bob Join me for learning street with Bob Ok kids….who wants to make muffins? Weee…! Is the butter soft? Yes Bob….here is the butter But Polly, it’s still hard If the butter is HARD Keep it in the backyard The sun will melt the butter Make it SOFT for your supper So if HARD has an opposite SOFT is what would fit So while the butter becomes soft, how about we explore more opposites Awesome! So if TALL has an opposite Which word would be a fit Hey, I know that….its SHORT That’s right! So if TALL has an opposite SHORT is what would fit I want to know more! Here is one for you Johnny When Papa says Johnny Johnny You say YES Papa When he asks, “eating sugar.” You say NO Papa So if YES has an opposite NO is what would fit And for you Jack You went UP the steep hill Along with little Jill And then you broke your crown When you came tumbling DOWN So if UP has an opposite DOWN is what would fit Polly, How can we forget you When you put ON the kettle The tea gets really HOT When you take OFF the kettle COLD becomes the pot So if ON has an opposite OFF is what would fit And If HOT has an opposite COLD is what would fit Mary, you will like this one! Your little lamb is WHITE But Baba sheep is BLACK as night So if WHITE has an opposite BLACK is what would fit Awesome! Can we think of some more? Jack is a very good BOY And Jill is a GIRL full of joy If BOY has an opposite GIRL is what would fit What can be the opposite of DAY Come on who will say? NIGHT! Very good! What can be the opposite of STRONG You can’t get this wrong WEAK! Excellent! And kids, our butter has melted. Shall we make our muffins? Yessss! Awesome! We’ll meet more opposites soon!