Malaysia to Bangkok by Train ( ETS )

Now Tok at ETS KTM Kuala Kangsar Train tok will show you how to go to bangkok using the train from Malaysia Train follow this journey now we have arrived at Padang Besar Station We depart from kuala kangsar 10.40 am and arrived at Padang Besar Station At 1.15pm Leaps of trips due to the train have technical problems Next from the big field will take the Thai train to Hatyai RM 12 How Much This ? RM 10 RM 9 We will exchange trains, and will use this ticket to go to the hatyai of Padang Besar Now 4.12 pm Malaysia The train is indeed obsolete kind of world war machine but in the train is air-conditioned cool If you see from the train this is like old times the train has started to move Mirrors are dirty it is difficult to see the outside scene From Padang Besar to Hatyai, then from Hatyai just went to Bangkok now Tok has arrived in Hatyai

from the train station we walk 5 minutes Halal Food There are plenty of halal stores here we pack food because the journey takes a day the train will depart 6.40 pm still waiting this train is provided by the bed but the bulbs are sure where the beds are we’ll wait and see the beds are ready to plug

pillow windows edge blanket Phone Charger You can place the phone here curtains on each bed very comfortable electic supply is provided Our internet has been unlimited 4.50 am Malaysia You can check your location using google maps still in train

8.09 am Malaysia travel takes 2 hours travel takes 1 hours to arrive We are now at Bangkok station From Bangkok Station we will be to Hotel CHALEENA PRINCESS HOTEL the last train station in bangkok This is the train we just went up short this is the location of the train station in bangkok here is a mosque for prayer You can get a taxi here where I stand now

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