A to Z Phonics Song | Learning Street With Bob The Train Cartoons

Hi kids! Guess who’s is here Yes its me bob Join me for learning street with bob “Hello Kids! I am Bob the Train, your DJ & Host Welcome to our PHONICS SHOW “Our participants in this show are the letters of the alphabet Isn’t that cool? They will sing, dance and teach us sounds that start with the letters Now, let’s say a big hello and welcome to our wonderful judges” Are you ready, judges? Yes Bob! “Let’s give a very warm welcome to the one and only Awesome Letter Mr.A You know what they say… An apple a day keeps the doctor away Ah-Ah… apple Ah-Ah… apple I definitely can’t have ants in my pants Ah-ah… ants Ah-ah…ants See you later Oh Mr. alligator Ah-ah… alligator Ah-ah…alligator Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Yes, it’s an airplane! Ah-ah… airplane Ah-ah… airplane Here’s my favourite kind of corn Acorn. Acorn Ah-ah… acorn Ah-ah… acorn Who’s that in a cape? Why, hello, Mr. Ape Ah-ah… ape Ah-ah… ape The best of the lot that’s an astronaut Ah-ah… astronaut Ah-ah… astronaut There is nothing as pure and bright, As an angel dressed in white Ah-ah… angel Ah-ah… angel Slick and narrow, Is this sharp little arrow Ah-ah… arrow Ah-ah… arrow If you fall and hurt your head Call an ambulance whose light is red Ah-ah… ambulance Ah-ah… ambulance Ah-ah-ah-ah He is Mr. A. Amazing Mr. A That’s how you say Ah ah ah Awesome Mr.A Judges, can we have the scores! Awesome!Astounding! Absolutely perfect! Admirable! Amazing Thankyou Mr.A, and you Awesome Judges We will be back soon with the sweet sound of other letters of the alphabet Till then Adios !