Uncharted The Nathan Drake Collection Walkthrough Part 3 Drake's Fortune – Plane Crash

hey guys come over here and welcome back to uncharted Nathan Drake collection what the fuck’s happening here we gotta go bellies way fact I did oh it’s gotta be whoa there cowboy oh thats related me at the dock don’t hear listen I’m a good enough recorder to follow a couple of nola two robbers oh you down to one tomb robber now Sully’s dead what yeah and we’re next if we don’t get out of here oh god I’m sorry please tell me you have a gun ours come on oh crap I see you can tell this is the real game the way that the way people died in the latest the AI move in that you can tell it’s still an old game let’s get the memo I might be getting shot at they’re shooting at you too you know those to death Mamo stay close long story not you later No ok stand down mi never a dull moment huh just keep your head down these guys aren’t messing around that is ask him down

am I save the guy okay for now running jump the house going what are didn’t even realize as a runner I could just walk down horny Copeland scandia third me nothing quite as well yeah this way you always been this popular really do seem to attract the scum of the earth the pill offense taken do you think of memory yeah why UK 2642 you got that yeah what is it it’s creats marine coordinates I think I know where the Spanish took el dorado probably so that the bastards killed selling damn it if the Spanish found the treasure they had to remove it there to that Island Drake followed him well what are we waiting for I’ll get the story and you get whatever it is you’re after hey this isn’t gonna be a vacation you know I can take care of myself besides you owe me one I suppose I do we’re on the trail of the lost treasure of El Dorado and it’s brought us here to this tiny island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean let’s get a closer look hope we’re the first ones here stuber the ruins of a forgotten colony and a fortune in Spanish gold or does the island have darker secrets in store for us that should keep it from changing the channel what the hell was that anti-aircraft fire this is so not cool oh crap damn of course just jump count to five both gorg kind of busy right now get going i doing

ok it is Chuck Oh can that be ah shit strangers trying to kill me leave my map on a burning plane ladies missing I was likely dead that’s good good snack it seemed to be quite alright with people just dying he doesn’t seem to bother him much does it so we can’t open them the first time now when you kick them again they just fall off the hinges oh I guess yep seems about right all right maybe this really obvious but here I’ll make that oh she has people that are messing about on the fucking love and I made sure they come so when did my now it seems to be a lot more combat now drop down

me shotgun fucking everywhere oh boy got this tonight everywhere I’m long health thing should just stay back for a second stop fine my name is just uncalled for sorta major aki take that angle like you just don’t stop today I’m usually out completely out of Emma gay seemed like bitch I missed the last one you sure hey I’m own quick yep man what was he jump I’m sorry I’m is fucking cool or I’m on okay let’s get out of it poker night dos he’s interesting to me endless twinhead shows ok here we go

hey guys are gonna end this video here hope you enjoyed if you did leave a like want to see more make sure you subscribe and