The Silver Brumby S1E4 Flight To Freedom

names inside to be king his destiny won’t invade – the mr. nation surprise me dance the breeze they maintain they named [Applause] every year when the gentle Sun of spring falls across the high country and the melting snows feed the mountain streams the alpine pastures emerge from under their winter blanket and the wildflowers break into bloom for all the animals it’s a time of Independence and freedom free from the harshness of winter you’re a long way from your father’s food boomba it’s spring mrs. dingo the hurt slow within your own fries and I’m bored and curious this so much to learn that’s as may be boom boom but there’s safety in numbers thanks for being concerned mrs. dingo my father has confidence in me he’s taught me well or he’d never let me go very well I still think you’d be safer with the hood I’ve just seen the first men and their horses and dogs since the smell we’re done narrow neck vermin rogue will be very interested in that really news Thanks I best be off thanks again youngsters boop boop boop boop good morning my pack still up no poke poke poke spring sprung the grasses rizz I wonder where the Stockman is I was wondering that myself my poke the more we know of him and his kind the safer we are safe you are and safe you’ll be when you see a man just clean thanks for the advice my pack as usual I’ll be careful sleep well I’ll sleep well indeed because a lot of sleep is what they’re up to something hmm don’t they always according to mrs dingo there are more of them at narrow neck Valley

trap sounds like a Brumby hunt soon best get back and Warner hurts at least this time we’re ahead of the danger Aranda we’ve got to move the herd we’re in great danger here in the open the men are planning a hunt the broker isn’t here Boone Boone he’s probably at his favorite rolling spot I can’t do anything without him but I’ve seen the men the preparations are well advanced if we don’t move we’ll be caught if there’s danger the broker will tell us so he doesn’t know I’ve seen them you’re the lead mare the others respect you tell them to move your father doesn’t like others taking these things into their own hands Oh there’s about to be a hunt shouldn’t we be heading up to the Rams head – Sarah frightened to be by yourself our know I have a plan and I need your help you need my help yes arrow I need your help and storms even if our small herd is safe there may be many other Brumbies who haven’t been warned I think there’s a way we can help them escape even if they’re trapped then let’s go Thera I’m with you coming arrow what do you want me to do I’ll explain when we get there come on we’re wasting time wait a minute why me because you’re big because you’re strong because you can jump does it really matter look are you with me or not because we’re going that’ll be right that’d be right Oh wombat am I glad to see you oh I thought I’d be stuck here forever can’t get in the front door can i some fool ya Grambling put a foot right through our friends oh I’m sorry wombat but this is a real emergency could you help me get out let it be right that’s nice you come and break up my home and I have to get you air Oh one bed please hurry I have to find my father and warn him with a hunt this is urgent I don’t want around smashing up your I don’t have a home we roam free missing my point boom oh I don’t care just dig on dee dee dee what are we gonna do something let’s let him have it patience we’ll wait till they move out then we’ll strike hey thanks well met oh I owe you one wah-wah nothing buddy gratitude are save her and she can’t even stay around long enough to help me fix me roof which she ruined [Applause] you can’t go past it a mighty and wondrous Braga the Sun to warm you clear

skies to fly in not that you do much flying Your Magnificence but I do or I would if I didn’t enjoy mooching about being lazy as much as I enjoy rolling your gracious brain I was a Mason quiet a nice tune your leg it’s nothing I heard is in danger the men are on a hunt what follow them Kara walk now let’s get to the herd week behind those rocks [Applause] I hope boon-‘boon has won the other Brumby’s come on you two we best be gone from here it’s okay of God let’s get to work I know exactly what the men are up to there’s such creatures of habit they panic ahead drive it into a box deli and then trap them in the stockyards we learned nothing from their ways not every Brumby does I knew you is good for something sigh boom-boom is telling the truth about the man I didn’t need you to tell me that Kara wama let’s hope we’re not too late can you keep up with your injured leg bone boner really but maybe you better go on ahead I won’t be far behind very well [Applause] I know you try and hit the middle the trays leave the men to me

your own anxious munificent surrender in the polls – phones they didn’t make the treeline Lubin see what you can do and don’t get caught peg we’re all done for [Applause] just a little faster you can do it cold is feeding them straight into the trap watch it down quick split up storm you head up towards the Rams head make sure our gang is safe arrow you lead the others back to the brokers herd I’ll wait here till the last moment then I’ll head towards the lake now get going see you fara why burn burn thanks Tom Sarah be careful yes yeah I’ll catch you jet you stole my main devil you should have seen the way I demolish those stockyards I kick down the rails kick kick ha ha you weren’t frightened brave arrow frightened frightened me frightened fear never enters my mind there was a job to be done and I did it that is all there is to it you were very brave arrow you saved around her on the phone and you also let them back to say the road is narrow you outsmarted the Mandan great news great news well graduations are in order thanks Benny but really it was nothing oh you all did a good job yesterday thanks Benny even if the brogre doesn’t know it all would thank us if he did and boom boom done forget her with a sore leg as well she’s a fine Brumby and as brave clever and independent as your wise mother bell bell praise indeed coming from you Benny thanks to you boom boom bird is safe as your leg daughter it’ll be okay

you’ll become a fine young Brumby yesterday you showed responsibility courage and independence I couldn’t ask for more and a daughter must run in the family must father hmm this seems as good a time as any to tell you I want to move on Oh be myself run with Brumby’s my own age make a life of my own this day had to come I suppose I can’t say I’ve been looking forward to it I don’t miss you boom boom but if you feel you’re ready and I feel you already then so it must be done come visit often I’ll see you soon what it is to be yarn hey your noble opulence the freedom of leaving home oh oh life an interview I remember when I was if you don’t shut up Cara Wong you’ll never make old age now leave me alone I need some time to myself I know and I’m not bothered you just had to say well aren’t you going to congratulate me sure congratulations yes congratulations boom boom what do we congratulating me for my freedom today I have left the herd and my childhood behind can I run with you oh of course you’re our friend what about the brogre don’t worry storm I left with my father’s blessing of course he doesn’t know I’ll be running with you so we’ll have to keep an eye out for his spy the Kara wall this is great let’s do something together a race to the top of the Rams head you’re on so now the three young Brumbies are together to run wild and enjoy each other’s company and to share each other’s growing wisdom once again they’ve escaped the clutches of man but it’s not just the Brumbies that are at risk from humans all the other animals have something to fear as well [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you