Robocraft Ep 2 My Plane Is Still Goin???

hey what is up everybody pink last one five seven here and welcome back to Robocraft episode two and why are there two feet in the back and there’s one in the nose what the Freak did I miss that way man to your 600 oh yeah but what too frequent extra giant nose here like you tell me why should i nose somebody must spit on my file this is really cool I I’ve never had these Walker’s banging chicks what are they Walker likes you I like to have an extra okay Chuck medic you learn with the Freak loop with dojo back there and who like move these backwards I noticed it’s extra what’s called a bomber Walker now and why is there something is that thing looks like Bowie whatever let’s just this episode to you about my bomba and we’re gonna do it even though it has giant legs and I could just take it off but it looks really cool was it like being you six it looks cool I never wasn’t it yet oh I’m sorry oh my gosh it’s even worse what the Freak um what duh I am lagging really bad right now lady never saw his part oh my gosh this is so cool oh my gosh oh my gosh look at it it’s in party dance party it yeah I’m not supposed to be playing I don’t think it’s bill with two legs or something Oh spotted oh my gosh Oh No I just saw they knocked out my front teeth thank you to see that I was just one shotted yeah I’m done well now is a freaking great episode right guys let’s get rid of these legs things and stuff I thought that’d be really cool like it’s not just Express and you tell him he doesn’t look like Bowie or does it look good I don’t know but what da heck my dad is my nose gone there no where’s my headlight now it looks like a plane again somewhere else yeah right there perfect online member testifiers how many do I have – that should be enough all right now that we have finished that let’s go and put back on some of these babies there’s somebody seem to have taken off but there’s just put them all back okay that’s going to your battle I know look in the bottom I’m not tier 6 yet but I think I’m just gonna put it maybe on my medic truck I don’t know truck tank actually mate turn that tank with SMG I do not know he’ll never know what could happen in life right never know so while we wait for a battle we will okay they go so yeah um lately I haven’t been making videos today because I was like busy and you saw that Daniel Skype you know they were getting really annoying I was gonna make a minecraft

zombie a bitch on video but one of my friends invited a bunch of them and I just couldn’t handle it so I just left there was no point of staying my game was like oh my gosh my head was like pounding OTO so much talking I mean it there was so much talking and maybe I will turn it on right before the video ends to show you how loud it was really loud I remember I was visiting flu I haven’t played this game is so long it’s a great thing dipping back oh shoot no oh my gosh stop trying to shoot me oh my gosh my putt oh no this can’t be good flying can never be this hard this hard oh shoot medic medic I need your help okay I need certain direction it’s not a certain direction I’m stuck oh my neck I’m gonna try and find a way out of this yeah yeah like a beast no don’t leave me help me No hold me I’m sure they put Memphis I’m coming Memphis oh my gosh oh my gosh try try your best like a boss boom No oh gosh I’m flying downwards I’m shooting and I’m coming back up oh my gosh my foot did you just try to hit me I have my butt chewed off okay trying to shoot me it’s hurts hurts already not to have a foot you guys don’t know oh yeah I got him oh yeah uh cool nice great flash straight like the bees be back down you go wrong way I’m still house still flying somehow still shooting like a beast wish you’re actually my supposed to go I’m gonna killed another one so be smoting oh my gosh I’m piece mode yeah and still trying to fly it’s hard to fly when you don’t have any but I’m somehow killing everybody was just like only nobody oh my gosh I’m coming for ya Oh like Abby’s black uh P oh my gosh not flying that’s the medic you’ve gotta be kidding me like a bees and go down to the prettiest thing guys oh my gosh oh nine last week take a piece like a bj catch me now suckers which can’t oh gosh oh no

oh no too far let’s go back I got this don’t worry I’ll get there get back close that was like the funniest round every because I got like if you could see through that that frames I got like three kids that’s hilarious that was the funniest thing ever I’ve ever seen that was like without a boat I’m gonna call it flan sausage house like whole areas I’m laughing in my head like it’s on thinking laughs laughs laughs laughs how much can I sell one of those walkies explore 7,000 I’m having ideas all in my head I think I’m gonna use this again one round with it okay wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait just a second get rid of these per sec what else a storm huh Jeremih but what the heck how much is this thing take up 24 I am 49 20 21 22 24 there you go perfect amount my gosh that little piece of PE for all that work I’m a healer yeah healer in the house whoop whoop all right I think this do be the final round no I see we’ll do one more round after this if it’s not that long just really did like to run around and this could be second so yeah let’s do this tank ready yeah I think I’m gonna turn this into an SMG or something this thing is not fit to be a medic car it has to be a medic has to be like way different come on hurry up baby there’s a sniper over here hey what’s up buddy going in partly I found the other medic I gotta stay alive my medic hurry up and finish sniping you losers oh gosh they need help Oh No Oh No medic medic bee medic you’re going down buddy

I’m doing double coverage Oh so here’s little guy with you and kindness hell oh my gosh came to find the hill come on you have caterpillar tracks we should be able to climb okay these guys both I’m gonna go for them but they can’t heal theirs anymore No my gosh there’s something going on it please do not ball in the whole night and it does the opposite of why just said I said you know oh my gosh you’ve gotta be kidding me but you get stuck in this body I did a lot of good stuff mm-hmm next we’re gonna go back with our flyer because I feel like it’s necessary oh yeah first victory for this baby Oh actually first things first before we switch let me get them real I should not use for it you know it’s totally useless okay this is gonna be the final round so hope it’s pretty long there hope it’s out there round it’s like seven minutes holy crud does long maybe if they’re still in the commotion the other people maybe I can join them now show yeah hopefully oh yeah my next video that will be coming up I will give a little spoil because it will take a while I’ll take a day later I’m gonna put up a just cause – because I just got the game it was on sale you know if you know me I like sales blow up some stuff ease and also if you looked at the front of the photo the video you should be able to tell what the heck happens I noticed that what I noticed that because I have my radar jammer here five with the team I think this will be good feeler I’m gonna turn it out later yes oh my gosh like a flying car down there Oh

oh my gosh stay put kill you oh shoot I’m taking him down with me jerk maybe gosh dang it okay see Oh twice in a row that happened here I come I’m not gonna answer okay I’m not just gonna okay this guy’s really embarrassing cuz I’m just flying with like barely yeah again there I’m here please hey friends family who read it’s mostly friends let’s have a dance I danced so much I don’t feel good about what I did those helpful okay Oh oh my gosh is really tough if you do not know how tough this is sand trap the game it will be in description if you want it it’s free game so yeah how about so okay let’s go this direction this direction okay we still won yeah Oh No oh my gosh I’m going down oh oh all right so yeah that was the end um I was mostly it yeah I got money so yeah I hope you enjoyed this episode of Robocraft and leave a like and comment down below what should I build cuz I don’t know what to build and I accidentally I don’t know who to have built this but I do not want any part of it no part of it see so we’re gonna right now name it see it nothing the heck it just pops up there yeah so yeah hope you enjoyed and I’ll see you all on the next video right balmy I’m gonna and also that video um I don’t know maybe I will use this I will fix it up impossible so yeah I hope you enjoyed you