Episode 46 Journey Infinity 40th Anniversary

Welcome to the Terrence Reardon and Friends podcast with your host the Rock Sponge Terrence Reardon kick back and listen to this rock and roll fan talk about the music he loves there will be no country and no rap on this podcast so without further ado here he is hello ladies and gentlemen boys and girls this is Terence Reardon with another exciting episode of the Terence Reardon and Friends audio-visual podcast boy I’m on a roll doing these episodes I recorded one episode finished one now I’m starting another boy I’m energetic I’m like the Energizer Bunny I snorted shit loads of cocaine I made even fucking Tony Montana look like a pussy by comparison yeah I mean I just snorted some more fucking cocaine mate so I’m fucking at a jack mate so I say hello to my girlfriend yeah I’m on fucking fire today ladies and gentlemen and today on this show I am going to talk about a band that hasn’t been talked about yet on the show’s history and it’s a band who goes by the simple name of journey yes I am going to talk about journey today journey the band yet because this month 40 years ago saw the release of their fourth album entitled infinity but before I celebrate that album’s 40th birthday I figured I would do a little venting on a thing called Super Bowl halftime shows or let’s actually better yet New Year’s Eve fucking bullshit New Year’s rockin Eve huh yeah have you ever seen this bullshit ladies and gentlemen I mean New Year’s rockin Eve it’s there’s not even any rock and roll on the fucking thing they should call it fucking a pop idol New Year’s pop idol New Year’s Eve New Year’s Popeye Eve or something for a new year’s Poppy Eve or whatever the fuck he call it I mean have you seen all that shit fuckin Ciara the black Brittany jeez Louise it’s like in Mariah Carey whoo-wee I feel sorry for she’s got a mental illness and I don’t want to disrespect mentally ill people but the poor woman is she’s got mental health issues as does Britney Spears so I don’t want to be disrespecting celebrities who have mental health deficiencies you know and they are just you know looking at them now they like at the very they’re there their careers are like the last verse of the song Duchess from the Genesis album Duke if you know the sign and time the the last verse one time went by it wasn’t so easy all uphill and not feeling so strong times were hard thinking about the future and what people might want there was a time when they she performed nobody called for more and while one sheesh all she had to do was step into the light and really let her know the score boy that song is so prophetic and looking at him now you’re like well they should just call it a career you know they’re a sad shell of what they used to be I’m like when I was a kid I’m gonna sell you a grumpy ol fuck you know when I was a kid pop music and rock music fucking ruled man it sure as hell did I mean my pop music and rock music from my childhood was what turned into classic rock by the middle 80s by the mid 80s who is this rock and roll and he had different styles of rock and roll all over the place and the pop music from my time Little River Band the Eagles Bob Seger Pink Floyd the Rolling Stones the WHO sticks all those rock bands who also had pop pop success Billy Joel you know I think everything he did up through the nylon curtain fucking kicked ass he lost his way with uh what was that album oh yeah he lost his way with a an innocent man but that’s you know I’ll take the mick out of that album led to Ronstadt who to me was the greatest female singer in history and she didn’t have to dress like a hooker or lip-sync she just sang and held her own plus the fact she had you know launched the career of the Eagles so we got a tip our hat off to her and she had the balls to try every musical genre thrown at her

country rock rockabilly R&B soul rock you know straight ahead rock hard rock new wave fuckin back – straight ahead Rock then – big dance you know standards of 30s and 40s material before Rod Stewart even had the chance to do it then – Mexican music back to pop then to jazz the woman did it all you know Karen Carpenter you know was another superb female singer and you know in you know 35 years ago next month will mark the 35th anniversary of her passing but they were real entertainers real singers and used the things that came out of their voice the voices you heard came out of their fucking mouths man let the music do the talking and the plane do the talking you know rush they were not the most photogenic looking band in the world but they sure as hell had more talent than all those fucking ass clowns you see on fucking Dick Clark’s shows I mean back in the 70s you had people like Chicago in fuckin Olivia newton-john doing that shit now it’s fucking all these pop idols and no one gives a fuck about now yeah well let’s show you how bad music has gone down – shit even 40 years ago you had a civil war going on in the world of music we had disco in one corner soundtracks in another corner and on the other corner you had rock and roll and the other corner he had punk and 19th you know bringing up to my thing I mean seeing all these lip sinkers now they just make me want to run to the toilet to dry heaves fuckin real music is real music you either play it and you sing it or just fucking retire that pisses me off that really pisses me off if you’re gonna if you’re a singer or performer you play and sing live you don’t feed in pre-recorded vocals cuz that’s fuckin cheap you either sing it or you don’t fuckin play it that’s my thing and to see you know these trainwreck type celebrities who just mime to a playback tape like Oh hard to sing and dance simultaneously tell that to Mick Jagger tell that to the fuckin to Tina Turner could sing and dance simultaneously without losing a breath tell that to James Brown who could do it and Russia’s glory or soul Prince he used to sing dance and play the guitar at the same fucking time all these fuckin pop idols would just dance dancing lip-sync you’re fuckin a bunch of propped up models who look like fucking shit probably done more cocaine and fuckin Tony Montana and fucking Queen on a bad acid trip but I digress but folks support real music and fuck this drivel bubble gum bullshit music so on that note let’s delve into a journey album a journey with the band Journey as I saw a great the 40th anniversary of that set bands 1978 classic infinity journeys fourth album infinity was released in January of 1978 it was the band’s fourth studio album and their first with a new member of the band singer Steve Perry because prior to him joining the band journey were a progressive rock band who did not have any success with their first three albums I mean the first three journey albums sold pretty poorly I mean very poorly you know the band did play alive and go on tours and stuff but the progressive rock thing where Greg Rowley who was one time as member of Santana was the singer it excuse me him and fellow exeunt it Tanna member guitarist and he’ll Shawn excuse me Plus bass player Ross Valory who played with the Steve Miller Band before in drummer Aynsley Dunbar who had played on David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs album amongst other things recorded the first three journey albums and none of them sold well in fact each one soul was and less in each one got you know hoarse reviews worse and worse reviews so then manager Herbie Herbert said to the guys hey look you guys need a singer you need an you we need a lead singer in this man

because if we keep doing this aggressive rock stuff our career is over so the band decided to enlist future Vinnie Vincent invasion frontman Robert Fleischman as the first choice to be a lead singer and they had and they did some songs written with Robert Fleischman and some songs wanna appearing on infinity and another appeared on not and they even recorded a couple tracks with him which appeared on the time cube box set an on Fleischmann’s perfect stranger album and he even did some shows when journey opened for Emerson Lake and Palmer in 1977 and you heard and this film footage of it on the vh1 expanded edition of behind the music here Robert Fleischman just singing like a screeching screeching kind of like Robert Plant you know Ian Gillan you awesome Oh oh this it was cool I mean I actually kind of dug that but the trouble is those old journey fans didn’t want to hear a howling shriek artists ass creature so the band will like only had a sever ties with Robert Fleischman and that opened the door for another Californian to join the band Steve Perry who next week turned 69 dudes he’ll be a 69 year old man next week God we’re all getting old but Steve Perry joining the band came at a very crucial time in his life because the bass player of his band that he was in before journey which had two alternate names one you know they were at stage is called alien project and the yellow one was called street talk band and of course Steve Perry would later use street talk as the name of his first solo album the bass player that band Richard Michaels was tragically killed in a car accident on 4th of July weekend 1977 and the band died with him and Steve Perry was so disenchanted they decided to quit music until his mother rest her glorious soul said to Steve you know given this music thing one more try you know you can do it and thanks to his mother he met up with Herbie Herbert and Herbie Herbert loved Steve’s voice and then trying to convince the other guys to get Steve Perry in the band they first heard his voice in like no this is terrible we don’t want no crooner we want his screamin Rock sing or not this crooning Sam Cooke sounding guy but Steve Perry had a vocal range that was beyond anything that the guys in Journey could ever imagine and Perry joined as a roadie for Robert Fleischman was like though and he was described as a Portuguese relative of one of the road crew and then in nineteen sin August or September 1977 Fleischmann’s departure was officially announced and Steve Perry officially became the band’s new lead singer and he would remain that for the next 18 years or 19 years no 20 years because he would officially leave the band for good in 1997 but every album Steve Perry would do with the band would sell either a million copies or more oops I just leaked it how many copies the album sold and to prove that journey were willing to change the band decided to use a new producer if it goes on their first three albums the band’s self-produced but on the Infinity album the band enlisted the services of one Roy Thomas Baker to produce the album and his and Roy Thomas Baker of course was famous for his work with the band Queen who I’ve already covered on two previous episodes one album which he co-produced which was jazz which was the last album he would produce with Queen and he did produce the first four Queen albums or co-produced the first four Queen albums clean queen to share heart attack in an eye of the Opera and Roy Thomas Baker also produced the debut album from the cars and he would have a successful career as a record producer and his production techniques on this album were to say the least ambitious and he would record the each harmony part in different like 20 times and he would use 24 tracks to record one guitar part or one soul and of course the engineer on this album was Jeff

workman who of course worked with Roy Thomas Baker on Queens heart attack as a assistant engineer to the leap Mike stone Mike Stone would equate into the journey story in 1981 but that’s a story for another episode and Mike stone of course produced two albums for journey I’ll be talking about the second album he produced in the not-too-distant future why he discussed frontiers for its 35th anniversary so the band recorded and mixed infinity at his master’s wheel studios in San Francisco California and at Cherokee studios in Los Angeles California in the fall of 1977 with a front cover designed by Kelly and mouse with that wings fear thing which would become a journey trademark journey were ready and primed to take on the world and with a new lead singer they were ready and primed and hungry to finally get some success but my backstory with this album and with journey let’s go back to 1980 81 when I was about 4 or 5 years old my sister Tanya I believe had the album or my sister Tony had the album escape actually take the back it was my mother who had escaped and she also had evolution on vinyl she was a huge journey fan so I grew up listening to journey literally it was in my household you know we had copies of evolution escape frontiers I’ll talk about my love for that album in a future episode and from this album I was only familiar with four songs before I heard the most of the album properly one night on an episode of in the studio with red beard or red beard played of course the force signs or radio staples being wheel in the sky lights feeling that way in any time plus he played some deeper tracks like patiently opened the door the winds of March boys at a classic and something to hide and I’ll tell you my opinions on those songs when I get the chance but when I finally did get to buy the Infinity album on CD and 1995 at a time when music in my opinion had just gone too depressing I won’t look backwards to my childhood and found all this uplifting shit which was journey and getting back into the cars and Styx and foreign or all those so-called corporate rock bands to me there were breath of fresh air compared to the fucking depressing direct that was uh Alice in Chains Pearl Jam Nirvana Soundgarden sorry but you all know I don’t like alternative rock Bush very well I got I can help it in hearing the Infinity album start to finish including the two songs from the album day and not heard let’s just say that this album knocked me on first listen and all those those first five journey albums with Steve Perry are all perfect albums between 1978 and 1983 journey did not put out a bad album or a bad sign every song they did between 1978 in 1983 two of which came out in 1985 or 8485 were nothing but pure perfection in the lineup of journey on this album was steve perry on lead vocals neil Shawn on guitars Ross Valory on bass guitars and backing vocals Neil Shawn also did backing vocals Greg Rowley on keyboards and vocals he sings lead vocal on two of the tracks or shares we vocal on one of them and sings lead on another hand on drums Aynsley Dunbar and when I first heard this album in full in 95 after hearing smatterings of it over the years on Greatest Hits albums and radio shows I was blown away immediately and this is my favorite journey album of the night eighteen seventies decade actually prefer this over the follow-up and the fall just as an amazing album but I’m talking about infinity and boy do I love infinity and why do I love infinity I’ll tell you my love about these this album and the signs right now and bring up which signs they did play on the

subsequent infinity tour so we begin proceedings with a ballad called lights which was recorded which is the first sign from the album and the song is about journey’s city of origin San Francisco and was the second sign that guitarist Neal Schon and singer Steve Perry wrote together they collaborate on the sign Sean wrote the music and Perry wrote the lyrics and Steve Perry said it was originally intended to be up about Los Angeles and it was Steve Perry’s first journey tunes where he recorded soon after joining the band and he had a written about in LA about almost completely except for the bridge which was written about Los Angeles and it was when the lights go down in the city and the Sun shines on LA I didn’t like the way it sounded at the time and so I just had a sitting back in the corner that my life changed my whole life changed my plans once again now always facing journey I love San Francisco the bay and the whole thing the bay fits so nice and it was one of those early morning going across the bridge things when the Sun was coming up and the lights are going down it was perfect and the song is just an amazing tune and this song was played live on every tour with Perry in the band and in the 1980 and 81 tours they would play this song and The Ballad stay a while from the departure as a medley so they play this in full and then segue right into stay a while because both sides were in the same key in the same tempo but lights is a beautiful beautiful ballad and it was a minor hit reaching number 68 on the Billboard singles chart at the time and it the classic rock radio staple and a promotional video was made directed by Bruce scours the same man that filmed those early Queen videos of the Queen connection continued in journey on this in their early days Roy Thomas Baker produced in their albums and Bruce goers direct in their videos and he see some of the kind of the effects that they had in the Queen videos like the the weird camera the fact that Bruce cowers was known for the camera feedback which kind of mixed some of the Bohemian Rhapsody video ideas because it was directed by the same guy and the song is just an amazing track Neal Shawn recorded this with a Fender Stratocaster and played the brilliant leads very bluesy sounding but my god a beautiful song it is and then the band would not rest would not just do that one power ballad of course it would take the power ballad all the way to the bank three years later over three and a half years later with another ballad in the same key which was an album closer that being open arms on escape so this was the first Bela that they did and it would not be their last but lights a great song I still don’t get sick and tired of it and a great way to open this album great song next is the sign feeling that way and the song was written by Steve Perry Greg Rowley and Aynsley Dunbar and it begins and it was originally an instrumental called velvet curtain until Greg Rowley decided to re-record it with lyrics and changed the name of the slang to please let me stay it was really gonna be put on the album next excuse me but was Paul at the last minute and then when Steve Perry joined the band he wrote rewrote the sign adding an fresh new course and Sheeran lead vocals with Greg Rowley so Greg Reilly’s voice was entrenched in reverb and delay and effects the open my eyes to a new kind away all the good times that you say are you feeling are you feeling that way too or am I just imagine stuff you’ll and all of a sudden Steve Perry sings the chorus when the summer’s gone and the band just kicking into overdrive and then the second verse is sung as a duet by Raleigh and Perry and harmony and then Steve Perry singing the chorus again and this song is just an amazing tune and again Steve Neil Shawn pulled out a guitar solo using the Fender Stratocaster as in the video I think you might be used to lost Pauline so sure Anna was and another video for this was produced for this line directed by once again through scours and this song is just an amazing tune the song was played live on every tour with Greg Rowley up through the departure tour a live version of the song appears on the live album captured and this song if you know

this song and the next song you have to play is one tune because you just can’t talk about feeling that way which is awesome without talking about the next track any time which begins with you any time that you want me who any time that you need me and then Ainsley’s drum fill ba-ba-ba-ba-bom into this mid-tempo rock I was just fucking huh I just fucking rules and then you hear and was released as a single on the summer of 78 and any time was written by Neil Shawn Ross Valory Roger silver Greg Rowley and Robert Fleischman and Greg Rowley does the main lead vocal on this track arms wide love dad oh my way over the way in the shadows what more can I say you know see I’m singing the damn tune because I fuckin love this line and the course Oh anytime that you want me a spike is all I need right in the shadows and then what a phenomenal tuning Steve Perry sings the the bridge which is the anytime and oh oh and then the harmonies from the band kick in and all of a sudden you hear one final batch of singing with some flames thrown in which was a Roy Thomas Baker trademark just listened to Killer Queen on sheer heart attack with where the singing is drenched in flames we were phasing and then the drums had the flange thrown in the pum pum right into the killer ending guitar solo from Ross Valory which just fucking he’s is one of the most underrated lead guitarists in the history of rock and roll and and the song is just a classic rock staple when it’s played with the preceding track feeling that way feeling that way in any time both awesome in fact these songs were played live together on the Infinity tour the evolution tour or as the British would say evolution door in the departured tour of 1980 and when they did the song on the capture live album from the infinite from the departure tour the slang would then speed up at the end instead of being ooh any time that you need me the drum the temple would pick up the boom ooh any time that you want me dead intended under done ooh any time that you need me babe and that’s how the song would end on the captured album from the live album from the tour of departure anyways the sawing any time killer track another winner on this classic of an album by journey called infinity and it sets up nicely where we go from that sort of thing to a sign which is kind of almost borderline metal for journey a sign with the name of la doo-dah boy does this sign fucking rock and it’s a heavy rocker written by Steve Perry and Neil Sean of course Neil Sean wrote that blistering heavy guitar riff that attended it downtown into this kill or heavy rock tune which would work good as a concert opener on the subsequent tour as well as the following tour for the album evolution and a perfect segue from a guitar solo spot for Neil Sean on the departure tour which is captured on the live album captured and would also bleed into a bass solo from Ross Valory and a drum solo from Aynsley Dunbar replacement Steve machine-gun Smith on drums and the studio version of Vlad who dies fuckin amazing I can Steve Perry singing his ass off Neil Shawn proofing like he’s one of the most brilliant guitarists in the history of rock and roll his souls are just like an borderline her ass she fuckin little a little like an angry he was playing like he was pissed off of the world boy was he fuckin playing and singing playing his guitar like a mad man in the rhythm section of Aynsley Dunbar and Ross Valory right in the pocket and Steve Perry’s vocal performance on this track / cure perfection on this track and especially Steve Howe the range of Steve Perry’s voice what he could do with his voice on this track was the first inkling that Steve Perry had more of a ranger than some of the other guys in journey because at the very end of the song and after Neil Shawn’s guitar solo and completely apeshit here Steve Perry

going my my mine you thinking then he goes a little higher like Kenny go higher than that then he does and I’m like Kenny hey higher yes he does he hits that high a flat he that I aim that I a fly at the very end which then say you know feeds off into the distance as the drums are being overloaded with flames a typical Roy Thomas Baker treat for you which builds up the perfect ending of the sign and vadik when I first heard this album and fall in 95 this sign Kayode me right square in the fuckin balls although I was familiar with the preceding three tracks the next track and much of side to bar one track the other signs I had not heard that which was LOD who died and another song which I’ll reveal when I get to it this song is one of my favorite deep tracks from journey and this could prove this proved they could do hard rock and metal if they put their mind to a lot of people like journey doing hardrock oh yes they sure did especially on this side and the studio versions amazing the live versions well especially after Aynsley Dunbar live turned into the fucking Steve Smith’s show especially his drum solo which would go on for like four or five minutes and doing those crazy drum fills and I’ll talk about Steve Smith in the next episode because this is about infinity not about frontiers but Aynsley Dunbar who was fired from the band after the yeah after the tour to support the album would be replaced by Steve Smith who by the way ladies and gentlemen was born and raised in the hometown that I was raised Wittman Massachusetts so Steve Smith even went to the same high school I did Whitman Hanson Regional High School so Steve Smith is a fellow native of Whitman mass he’s a Masshole just like me so that’s a proud accomplishment as a rock music fan especially a fan of classic journey that a member of the band came from my hometown anyway I digress la-dee-da great tune heaviest fucking fucking Hall great song to set up nicely for the melodic song the inside one patiently which was the very first song that Neil Shawn and Steve Barry ever wrote which begins with us droning synthesizer and come multi-tracked acoustic and electric guitars played by you Neal Shawn and Steve Perry singing here I stand so patiently oh your love inside of me this beautiful kind of power ballad ish type of thing just the beautiful beautiful song band it’s gonna be a ballad then all of a sudden it bleeds into this heavy middle section that we’re Neil Sean’s lead guitars come in multi-tracked of course and Steve Perry singing one in a million and if I can Niels Sean tearing up another heavy guitar solo which just fucking burns I mean he literally melted the fretboard on his uh Gibson Les Paul the black Gibson Les Paul that he played in those days this was in the days before he wanna playing Stratocasters more often and music man guitar synth type guitars and all that those other guitars a human later use but his souls on this track are amazing the drumming of Aynsley Dunbar right in the pocket he was an amazing drummer it’s a damn shame yet like go from the band I’ll talk about why when I’m done with a review but patiently my god when I first heard the song on in the studio with red beard back in November and 91 I said shit I never heard this journey song before the song is fucking amazing should have been a hit single but oh yeah 1978 disco was king so Johnny Saturday Night Fever in Greece was the cat’s ass I think they were jackasses fucking disco music I mean some disco music I can stomach then men much of it I think was a bunch of fucking drunk boogie-oogie-oogie huh how about shitty shitty shitty fucking fucking fucking just kidding anyways patiently by journey the song that closes side one of the Infinity album beautiful song you know it goes like it starts at mellow then it gets heavy then and just like it begins with a repeat motif of the intro before ending with a beautiful G chord hit by Neil Sean side

two of journeys infinity begins with the album’s first real big single wheel in the sky written by Neil Shawn Robert Fleischman and Diane Valerie I think was the wife of the then wife of Ross Valory the signs in D minor and it’s been a concert staple for journey ever since it was released so the sign begins d-minor into that heavy riff that you know playing nicking clean linking and then all of a sudden into the sign which is just an amazing rocker which is played always on classic rock radio winters here again oh Lord I’ve been home many years on more along this dusty road wheel in the sky keeps on turnin don’t know where I’ll be tomorrow we own the sky keeps me urine and what great what a great great great great Rock and tune this is and the song like I said was played ever since its release on tour you know every tour since its release and during the infinity tour the song led into a drum solo by Aynsley Dunbar and during the next two tours the evolution and departure tours which had Steve Smith replacing Aynsley Dunbar the drums were a little more faster tempo on the sign was a little shorter live because there was no drum solo during this track but that’s okay and then when Greg Rowley left Jonathan Cain when playing live would play rhythm electric guitar so there would be no keyboards except for the very ending section which they would just jam to and have a big finish which would signal the end of the regular set before the encore a Hawaiian with that arrangement appears on the live in Houston 1981 the escape for CD DVD which is highly recommended we own the sky an amazing rocker and the sign was a was the band’s first signed to chart in the u.s. peaking at number 57 in the spring of 78 and during the guitar solo Steve Perry hits a an extremely high note during the guitar solo which is amazing and the album version is great and the song that as it appeared on the live in 81 Houston where they just would add in another section so there would be another guitar solo from Neil Sean which you would just go completely nuts right before the final chorus what a phenomenal tune we own the sky is and if you don’t like this song you subconsciously don’t like real rock and roll what a phenomenal tune wheel in the sky is all the classic rock radio is somewhat burned out this tune for many I don’t get tired of it especially if I’m listening to the Infinity album the tack this was the first sign from the Infinity am I ever heard many many years ago it was one of two signs from the album that appeared on the initial greatest hits along with um lights but um this was one of the songs I was familiar with before I heard the episode of in the studio with red beard in November 19 was a spotlight in the making of the cell we own the sky amazing tune now we come to a song a little slower in nature and compared to wheel on the sky called something to hide which was written by Steve Perry in Neil Sean the third the fourth and final song at Perry and Sean wrote together on this album and this sign is a ballad in 4/4 time and in d-minor for most of the chords and goes to the relative Court of A at the end of each course you you’ve got something died la da da da da da very melodic course and I and I know and Steve Perry’s vocal bovary on this track is worth the price of admission I mean you know he’s sing very relaxed in the melodic sense during the verses and then he goes into falsetto during the chorus which he pushes his vocals high and I and then he and then you have an excellent multitrack guitar solo from

Neel shun harmony leads again a Roy Thomas Baker trademark which Roy Thomas Baker seemed to have taken what he learned we’re working with Queen on their first four albums and taking it to the bank on this tune which is one of the big production numbers of Roy’s on this album and the multitrack vocals again a trait that Roary learned from his work with Queen in the engineering of the late great Jeff workman who was one of the unsung heroes on this album as far as how the album was recorded and this song was not ever pointed live intact was the only sign from the album that journey did not ever play alive it did appear on the 2 CD essential journey retrospective thank goodness but because it’s such a great sign the way it ends with the lead guitar of Neil & Steve singing what the guitar is playing then he sings a harmony a high harmony above it and then he ends with the highest node ever hit on a studio recording by Steve Perry where he goes into that extremely tight high a I think was like an a5 or something you’re like wow this guy can sing I’m like Greg Rowley no disrespect to Greg Rowley because Greg worked well for the first few albums but he was not rock star quality he was he was just you know more keyboard playing sitting and more of a baritone rock-and-roll voice Steve Perry had the elements of CM cookin the Motown guys where he could go into the notes those extremely high notes especially the high note where it goes from high to it high you descending down to F and what a way the song ends that sustained b-flat seventh which just that note with the feedback just goes on and on and on and then at segues fittingly into the best song in the album the winds of March what an amazing song this is one word to describe it epic and the song is in C minor and it begins with Neil Sean’s acoustic guitars and the piano of Greg Rowley and the slang just builds and builds and was written by Neil Sean Greg Rowley Neil’s father Matt Robert Fleischman wrote some of the lyrics on this track and Steve Perry also wrote some lyrics because the song was written before Steve Perry joined the band and Steve Perry came in with some lyrics and got a writing credit for it and the song is my favorite song in the album and then again it’s the favorite song of one of my fellow podcast listeners doctor fought chorale fier who made a video for this sign if you check it on YouTube a plug for his Fayza linear channel winds of March you know he did a great job of the video he made for the sign but because it’s just uh hard to put into words the sign he was just so amazing Steve Perry’s vocals I covered you with roses like the stars at night like a blank on a coal when there’s night I cover you with you a joy make my laughter big and bright you’re like a child that came like the winds of March with all your loving your eyes what a brilliant the first part of the songs very slow and brooding but my god it doesn’t let up and then the electric guitars kick in and then change in dynamic where Steve Perry excuse me holds that note and then goes higher and then a little higher than higher and then the multitrack Neil’s shine guitars come in the dead do-do-do-do-do in multitrack guitars again you swear was Brian made of Queen type tactic but again it was Roy Thomas Baker overdubbing Neil Shawn’s guitars – solemnly she was 20 guitar players playing bad riff when it was just Neal Sean and then the sign stops cold and then for the solo section the band just picks up the speed with a dud and I’m dead and I’m into a brilliant organ solo by Greg Rowley who thankfully left the confines of Santana to rock out with journey and start journey with Neil Sean and then an intern Neil Sean pulls a ripping shredding guitar solo on this song which just kicked everybody’s ass and this slows down again as the solo lens and it ends with a reprise of the course that you’re like a child he came like the morning light with all the love

in your eyes and this time instead of going higher and higher Steve Perry’s notes go lower and lower as the song ends and it ends with some acoustic guitar playing from Neil Sean with a drowned out C minor chord played by Greg Rowley on the synthesizers and this song was played live on the Infinity tour and the evolution tour and the first leg of a departure tour in 1980 so it was played live during the last tour with Aynsley Dunbar who will talk about what happened in after this album laughter we dumped her we’re done with the review Steve Smith played the drums on the other live versions one of my favorite live versions was the one from the Comiskey Park in Chicago in 79 and Steve Smith’s drumming was little more energetic I mean not to take anything away from Ainsley but Steve Smith during the that I’m instead of going not doing anything he was doing some hi-hat stuff but adding the you know doing some and then the guy’s going everybody while nails done on the riff and then Steve Smith Steve Perry don’t put your hands together instead of it going but I’m Steve Smith was gonna bother I have adapted that the site was played in a faster tempo on the evolution tour and the song was great live to shame me and play it more often after 1980 but the song is just so amazing epic not much more to add to wins in March but a great great great great sign my favorite song in the album by a landslide and one of the best deep tracks journey ever made and now we come to the penultimate track on the album a rocker a short rocker written by Steve Perry and Ross Valory called Kendu and it begins with a heavy guitar from Neal’s friend that doesn’t let a bear to stop and listen to the things you say did it did it to doom and the riff and the sound is just pure hard rock almost metal sounding all of the mostess heavy metals journey got on this track just like a la doot da i mean earlier in the album the song is another heavy hard rocker and the course sounds like you can do what you want to pump the pump you can do if you track what a phenomenal song and then Neil Sean rips out another killer guitar solo which shreds like mad and then repeating the chorus at the end and the drumming of Aynsley Dunbar on this track is amazing the singing of Steve Perry and Greg Rowley doing the harmonies kind of sounding queenís then again he can blame Roy Thomas Baker and his engineer Jeff workman for doing all that crazy stuff with the overdubs and the you know multi lawyers of vocals which was a queen trademark but it worked well with journey as well especially on this track the shortest song in the album but an amazing song it is short don’t Boris get to the course if I can kill her tune to set up very nicely and this song I didn’t hear until February 95 when I first got this album on CD the sign hit me on first listen because you know the preceding two tracks something to hide in the winds of March I did hear on in the studio with red beard but Kendu I did not ever hear until February 95 when I first got the CD and I’ll talk about the reissues when I’m done with a review of the album because there’s one more sign to discuss but Kendu was another reason why this album fucking ah my favorite 1970s journey album by a landslide Kendu rules and now we end the album with another song from the album I first heard on in the studio with red beard when I first heard the episode of infinity in November in 91 the sign opened the door written by Steve Perry Greg Rowley and Neil shun the first half is you know Steve Perry singing so brilliantly in his lead vocal on this track is just so amazing and he sings superbly I think getting Steve Perry in the band was the shot in the arm journey

needed because like I said earlier in the show without Steve Perry in the beginning the band couldn’t even get arrested but with Steve Perry joining replacing Robert Fleischman he was the shot in the arm at the band needed to give themselves a good kick in the ass to become one of the biggest bands in the world and you opened up the door and the multi-tracked Steve Perry’s at the very end bring about to the ending of the song which is that killer guitar riff by Neil Shonda da da da da da oh what a phenomenal way to end the album this song is the second longest song at the out of the album at four and a half minutes or just over four and a half minutes but the song is just oh my god if you don’t like the song you need to have your ears examined because this song is amazing and this and the riff keeps going on until it fades out into the distance and this song was played on the Infinity tour of 78 and then it was the final encore I believe on the evolution tour in 79 and comparing the two drumming styles of Aynsley Dunbar and Steve Smith on the live performances Steve Smith actually played a faster speed because he came from a different drumming background than um Aynsley Dunbar but I’ll talk about Steve Smith in the next step so because we’re focusing on infinity right now which ends with that beautiful opened the door and when the album was released in January 1978 the band took to the road and supported the album bringing with them an unknown band who would go on to become one of the biggest hard rock bands in history on the tour to support this album if you all want to know who it is the mighty van Halen yes journey brought van Halen on their first US tour in support of the first van halen al so that journey van Halen montrose tour of 1978 helped establish both journey and Van Halen in fact both journey and Van Halen has sold more records than any other band I can think of you know the two biggest American bands who just rose virtually simultaneously or as van Halen would go heavier and heavier journey would go more melodic Rock but that tour helped establish both bands let’s talk about Van Halen’s debut and a couple in a few weeks but for now infinity from journey I’m still discussing infinity when did not only did it sell better than the you know was a shot in the arm journey needed but it was the first journey album to crack the American top 50 in fact the top 30 take that back it peaked at number 21 on the Billboard album chart which up to that point was the highest position of any journey album up to that stage of course they go even higher with subsequent releases and initially by June of 78 the album went platinum and then went gold by June of 78 by October 78 it was their first platinum album and it certainly wouldn’t be their last and to date as of 1989 it is sold three million copies in the US alone to date an infinity was given a four-star review by allmusic.com rightfully so because they panned the first three journey I mean those first three albums had their moments but Steve Perry joining the band boy was it a what’s the word I’m looking for a shot in the arm Journey needed to become the ultimate one of the ultimate the ultimate American rock bands in history and to gloss over a few albums evolution another phenomenal well actually before I talk about you know my sum up of journey this was the first album with Steve Perry but it was also the last album with drummer Aynsley Dunbar because the tour to support the album Steve Perry and Aynsley Dunbar were just banging heads you know because Steve didn’t want the drums to overshadow was singing and Ainsley tended to be more aggressive of a drummer than he wanted to play more aggressively and he just didn’t want to play behind the singing so by the end of 78 by the end of the infinity tour the other members of the band voted anslee Dunbar out of the band

and Herbie Herbert had a reluctantly fire anslee Dunbar who after he what after he was kicked out of the band would not be unemployed for long because he would join Jefferson Starship in 1979 in time for their album freedom at point zero and he would be the drummer for the next three years and then he would play with Whitesnake and a few other great bands over the years so Aynsley Dunbar made out very well and Ronnie Montrose’s drummer Steve Smith who proceedings playing with Montrose played with jazz fusion musician jean-luc Ponty who first cut his name playing with Frank Zappa Steve Smith took over on drums in at the end of 78 and journey would just get even bigger because the next album to gloss over the next few albums evolution an amazing album just as good as infinity if not better departure another great record captured the live album amazing escape and then Greg growl you would leave the band and Jonathan Cain would join for escape which is still their best album of the 80s then again a lot of people agree with me on that one frontiers I’ll give you my opinion on it next week because you know quasi spoiler a masterpiece there that’s all I’m gonna say will spoil or about what I think of that album been raised on radio had some good signs but a lot of filler on it trial-by-fire best thing that they did since frontiers because the escaping frontiers lineup was back for one more album and then Steve Perry was resigned from the band due to health issues it’s damn shame because you know without Steve Steve Perry journey just isn’t journey without his voice and then a succession of the singers came in and I’ll talk about that in the future but for now let’s my look at journey on the 40th anniversary of 1978 infinity which is a hugely recommended album and that’s all I can say about that for the time being but uh what does turrents listening to right at this moment in time excuse me well excuse me I will go with a few albums one of which is by the kinks released that same year called misfits which featured the title track hay fever the politically incorrect black messiah that signs hilarious rock and roll fantasy trying to think a lot of great songs on that album live life out of the Wardrobe which is all arias trust your heart make sure you get the remastered Edition because it brings some bonus tracks including the Christmas track father Christmas which was recorded during those sessions but was not released on an album until the misfits until the misfits remaster in 9899 so that’s one album I’m going to recommend and another element going to recommend for you all to listen to this week is going from that to something a little more on the heavier side an album by a band with an unique name of Queens Reich and the album going with is pardon me the classic the warning from 1984 their debut still their best album in my honest humble opinion not seeking anything away from mine crime or empire you know rage for order although this one song on that album that I absolutely despise and should have been relegated to a b-side but never mind but I’m recommending the warning which has the title track and force deliverance no sanctuary n m156 take hold the flame before the storm child the fire and the epic roads to madness so this week I recommend an album from the kinks and an album from Queens Reich so before I do the plugs for favorite radio shows and podcasts I want you to check out my buddy DJ Jeff’s radio show every Saturday at 4 p.m Eastern 1 p.m. Pacific on sound for your radio dot to come and doing these solo shows although I have a friend on every now and again it’s the best thing I’ve done since I left one of the shows I’m going to plug so here are the plugs for you cool buggers to check out take it

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