Reflection of Light: Plane Mirror, Point & Extended Object, Virtual & Real Image – 10th – 03/20

okay so um nagito palea key like as a bee reflection Oh tied to a lock of a locker ta okay Rockefeller Carnegie but your diamond have was other time car tyre wall comes anger fear why because diamond key to surface a robot is smoothly Hussein hang a regular surface or hatha yoga regular reflection MATLAB light cabins this directions attack rocky or Jessa reflective Ottawa as a buncha rahaga who bunsby Cragen a light car bunch been Skeeter a yoga pack Riga or as a bungee reflect over like another ye Volk about Karenga to wall Cathy rough surface the ocean of surface pay light carbon stock ran Akiba Vickers a tie her light array Allah Gallic Direction may reflect to jata so we will say that is a regular reflection because surface was rough the smooth surface and rough surface no Oh bother home is reflection ki baat karu to him your reflection cupa-hr a hamachi Vijaya see hamari ta reflection kupuna a reflection goes amaz 9q Caracas in a shockwave atados cuckoos name Allah toes knee reflection Ballia SNA reflection the couch use it which importance brought these other importance examples are example jokey up daily use curtain daily means 100% it is daily as a cabina yota up Kazakh within a yota Java post-disco use nahi cart a reflection her importance ake instrument Mohammed ethnic Amina were instrument it now commonly it Nevada common a her Quay is world may hark ye whose instrument gah Opie Oh Curt I am a pet Avena Yuta keyboard instrument reflection give a toss a kangaroo I mean he bethought religion verbena mooskaa pura Opio car temperature ACU scardino’s instrumento was instrumental kata plane mirror in am both his other common hair plane mirror now plane mirror hey what is plane will come near a hockey plane mirror gag instrumentalize dismay apne face disco discreet enough ah grabbed a whole table of no face was made except you licking wop cafes Binaca sarah esos freaky ahora aquí Ozma Apopka face Vic I didn’t ellika how it know why it is so how it is happening it is because of reflection Joe mirror may up coconut face big time whoa self or self reflection key we just say he the chi they tie Oh totally subsequently is a must a key y plane mirror Baracus the same plane mirror Kalam there a he actual mihika it is nothing but a sheet of glass castle sheet of glass jo aapke her make glass window ty just Kim are perfect a the glass window be cool you see cheesecakes sheet Jo hair that is a mirror now wish he’d come in urbana a quesadilla she’d come mirror make Caracas a company convert quesadilla so let us say key yep he glass key she’d when a man Leah this is the sheet of glass you window a classic avoid is glass here are Parma Jay her cheese dick idea agar mohassid Akuma so inner key objects the hiding yeah save Akuma through 30 objects the Chi ring not a biscuit our permit they accept ow so I will say key a glass a translucent object okay now it’s translucent object K agar made a coffe cohesive Ethan either this or this ether of silver color Kia garma coating garden silver coating Casa silver Kaja paint attack silver Calaca paint whose silver delicate paint co a Girma is glass key a tariff Regatta do both do so silver color key paint Kiva’s si J glass key sheet egg plane mirror bonsai today he Katniss and a mirror banana jam karma can’t use karta it is very easy Tiger nap co-op civic glass key sheet liji okay actor of silver

gallagher DZ Subramanya plane leader it is very easy so silver coating gonna say yellow mirror glass cheetah yay a plane mirror Katara come car nella Giga like in a secure PRG ship silver he free color Kia cameo or quick alarm a casita y silver silver heat Q because silver color jus hota hai silver is best reflector silver color subset HR reflector Jota silver gal our Sequoia cha reflector possible nahi silver color is the best reflector means Puri Joby light silver color Peggy ta almost 100% reflect becausethey silver absorbed bothy come Curt I see a color scheme Acacio – ta keo kisi like to absorb quraíanic Jessica placin Omega Omega Hodja tiger mio may up white girl kappa a penny or Sergio Maya dr. Giga predominate why it is so calculus which is acuity it is because your dark colors with a light Quezada absorb Curt they reflect come curtail so light Kujo be object absorb Korea Bob Segura Mooga yamaneika hisagi light key energy heat energy may convert to j’tia so jordão capita okay dark color so they will like or absorbs Agha courteously VOC grams adult or chill light white color DiCaprio tell Jo a matter of light shades with a light color supe vocalist Sao they to like Co reflects on a curtain or absorb concurrently so Jeremy you may kiss his killer with it Jeremy over him chatting key how mad is your dress a marriage of copperhead who comes to come he to absorb great packing him agar me come like to I’m Cathy Jo white color quick load so they who can got a paper absorption come curtain reflections Albuquerque so he’s like a Romeo Micajah take up white color Kickapoo Tiffany Latino in Sergio me Omega is Revati I’m a heat kisser with her because atmosphere what turned out so I’m a heat kisses with her who heat cancellous Actium again I’m dark clothes painting it though sunlight coat dark clothes absorb curling absorb can you see heat me convert Korea or hammock cozy field hoga okay so see that I say silver color Jota it is the best reflector best reflector means silver set check we reflect Rani reflector Delta ik vocal er joking like 100% reflect Kirby tomcatting is silver color Joey silver color like pure across a reflector derive absorb push me Nakata okay so easily omnia be silver color cacao pen kardiolita esse podía now yamir ahead is murder may omit Kestrel 70 a merry party guests are say mu j es mehr armada KDT how much disco so much Nikki coaches cotton so subsequently honey Monday he Joe objective where Samantha did you object my thickness 800 object body to die body point object to consider first this point object a manly thing is a psychic fly egg McKee egg makigami considered as a county or ethnic OTA Kim Miller Kelly avoid point object watch hoodie my man’s a talkie was Arabic point leg in cap up knee up quick point object man said to me America some national bugger map up knee up coca who so I am NOT a point object mara sighs Barbara up food cake point object obviously not why because up the size bar ahead taking Joe makea wachati so I will say him a cake point Disney buddy so it is a point object okay now let us say a man little he hamara plain mirror a Sam Marlett a Kia Amara plane mirror hey are you happy objector how ahead o which is a point object they say kiuic mucky-muck easy object it’s a point object now a BA Joe object here it is object q / apne to oblige allegory the tube lights a local message alpha cube light sulukim s a light tube lights a nick leggy or nickel like a bath is objects a petrol its objects is a light ah crikey whoa Allah Allah directions

may reflect Oh hooch other jayegi couch other je coaches are either her jacket reflect home a monolith he ate light ray could estas a reflector e qo c de jakke is mirror see across from day her direction amana licking her manly think he egg light ray kuch is tarah SE reflect we kiss miller pay exactly 90 degree angle by Jackie Cochran esta clase que Haga light jesse is surface pay tracker ie law of reflection Co follow Garth away you light reflect OB or yoga maximal part light almost Puri Puri the rasa reflect Oggy because of silver silver gavage sa do light a cry low light reflect we so man you think he light and Sita cry or a chronica bath from naked key angle of incidence or angle of reflection para ver una chai a half a harem angle of incidence key bath gray so angle of incidence is zero degrees why it is zero degree because angle of incidence cow outside it is the angle between incident ray and normal Tommy except a key Joe Murray incident ray Head buoy normal via normal exactly 90 degree so it means incidence or normal Jouret hey you do not coincide courage egg juice raki uper char agree it is because of this honking a key angle of incidence is zero degrees is addicted let us say Agora Mario normal ot or incident ratio T the angle form with a leaking gas ASM NHL Arthur’s around incident reco of the exact same SMS angle the rocky which becometh Azara or finally subdue no egg do syllable overlap kazowie the angle of incidence will become zero so it means angle of reflection could be zero hona chahiye so EA light rays of acetic Wragge so we’ll cool EC Direction may reflect back b oj because AC direction may reflect back be Jose so how many dikenga ki give a laser light ray hey yo se que se RA exactly yun seunghye’s omega is cook p chiquita of produce curvy Oh Marisa observed hygge s abdicate off key light trigger he pitches airing features a glossary abhi pathani Christ Atari okay now a glider have no mana Doki will call 90 degree pace Morocco striker a Doceri light ray let’s say a particular angle pay gusta light ray let’s say quake particular angle pay is Morocco striker T let us say this is the normal si a normal rate be happy Banega striker make a bath law of reflection to follow got away Eli Drake which is Thoreau say reflect back ho j’tia other ham is slightly Co observe correct ss omnes a karaoke apically person is the recycle I you see Eisen so is person koe de que diga que a light ray kahin pjsait are he Eli Tracy Akamai a CRE so it’s called the Heidegger key light Rekha he pitches RNA origami she produced by occurring Sojo hamari poor analyte ready to light 90 degree Peggy ready for light ray or a valley light ray do know is point pick mid Kirby exactly this point now huh making it ki-yay object Joe be light amid kuraha yo history s is RA yeah Orko directions is a Technicolor yogi let’s say something like this eight light ray couch was at a a seat Acharya or then se reflect for you because light ray sky light ray single travelinkerry with a bunch so bunch of light ray I see guy a bunch of later as a reflect week so light Jovi Ray’s reflector in here Emmaus Ithaca Vega Kemosabe light ray ultimately is point P P chicken of milling Agora a slight recovery of offering a house a so you will find keylight Rekha hi peaches our TV the kaiping ki light ray actually peaches happy with the color features ra s ni e light ray the mirrors attic rocky a get rough nickel be lickin amazed at the

Kaiba s a prety fuga some observe car buying it ki Li trip peach a sec hey are he okay you will find here peaches a TV the chi ringy lake in actual mela heinie this is very important up which is gathering a bath or a key light ray features a divisive the cranial akin what actual pitches it nihari so and he happens to us you will observe the is objects and nickel level it’s Severus yah he points a activity hi Reggie is points particularly disappointed our TV recurringly honking a ki-yay point is object car image your point Gaia a point is object car image point is object cake image for materia medica hearing now is point P against objects image bonito image kiss Turkey yay image bilkul object kita rahiba KDT of nyserda kaga a Greg McKeown to scheme is a gravel are making it so image may be home Ikeda Kylie oh material are we in technibond Jack so I will say he is object here is Makiki image bilko I see Katara dick I dig ya image bunny guess eh yeah image basically light Jovi is object to forgive a hippie whoa is objects they reflect okay Marisa we reflect currently on mirrors reflect on Ichabod Jovi person Kurata whose person Cody colorada key light rain i PT se RA AG area surface smooth 92 yellow light rays is Q part occurring here either becausethey or beaker Lusaka ha ha ha McCoy be imaged the kinda hidden T key light ray a particular points in here party so honey they accept Anki is object key you happy ake image for Maria lakyn de semana caja key light erased pj actual manor him already so if as a observer our key light crispy Chiquita of Miller here it’s cometh lop light key riska pj milna is a false gay dude head it is false obviously lied res name will rain so it means light keep it milna agar falls head so image Gotham wannabe it falls yeah tjuta can image form via thumb hanging it image the rule for my year like in image is a virtual image to image form via were image ik virtual image virtual MATLAB jute egg falls sudo image Qi Sokka ha because light is actual minimal ray so image actual reform nah yo sati is come observe curtain observe constructing a body hassan ezzat agora pick mirror may Abner face the Cotto up cause mirror mahaki image the hiding click in the SAF malarkey PT they cookie how many vacant eye image mirror give each heavenly today say up malarkey pitcher they cooking up book which Vedic I needed a poco image Mohammed Aviva Kanaly it means self optic Rio table up Co image decree like in JC a pitcher a cookie mirror key a poco image the kinda hint Iggy it means for a magic virtual image say Oh a magic false image with Tjuta it is not truth was a China here with jute now a big omnific point object liiike ass object Dookie both shootin my eager may expand : something like this Esther archaic pen : toka is Penco manic point object months of tau K a point Authority crack obviously not gig point object nahin the Jo object point object mahir oh say hum cackling I will say this objectives extended object I will say this is extended object a lumber appointment

nahin agar myself is K Nikki Barker so is casual neighbor here a spanker nib nib is a point object licking agar with pure pen callaloo the pura pen is not a point object now alumna kaki a pen take extended objected a pen a point object named lick another risk a hurricane comedians a vehicle that is pen is consisting of thousands of small small points brought sorry chotto chotto points could judoka here Penman ahead so I will say hi Jovie extended object toga it is basically a collection of point objects boats are a Scottish Haute a point objects car absorbing a twig extended object bun jaga so I will say here let us say this is mirror a man with IKEA mirror its mirror kasam name na is panco kuch is tarah SE reveal something like this it’s Marcus Omni s-pen connect as I read the history as a Gurkha now let us say this is the top of the pen this is the bottom of the pen agar my pen Kate top key bath guru means is point key so this top exactly this point this top is behaving as a point object so Caracas a donkey was point object as a reflection head bilkul is terrassa Goga exactly 100% is lock of allah got a yoga so jelly uske reflection karate wreck there so a monolithic a glide ray even cynical couch mr. assists right Kathy could Esther as a striker T or EC Terrace a rebound back because or maybe Qaeda tak kpj sorry Japan cut topless it is a point object Assam nay mana sub so per se there as a Pankaj of bottom name so what the most pointed subsidy chigga whose point could be make point object Katara consider Cossack town yes I can consider this so I will say his same Jessa is point kisseth wa Vasai is point case at the hoga or light ray which is the rest Jonica body hepatic raggy or then rebound back Jose or america de e QP j Seca he re somewhere here Peter say will I try Hamid our TV the Chi get here now up a glide right on the deck Lea is key 90 degree paste I carry is points a 90 degree per strike Ricki Lake in I’m nauseous I operate acaba a glider SCT a Cassie a Cassie Oh Sakura say you have to become a glider or velocity is top Valley point object Lee yes let us say Q light raikage Esther oh say Stryker T estrus a miracle strike Katya this ray will behave as a normal egg normal ray so it means light Cochrane Ichabod law of reflection to follow cutaway which is thoracic reflect back hose RT hi and you will find this light will be observed he it is coming from Casa de que diga que já light ray yaha say reflect to you who light ray peach a second ERT week Nick Hagee means it means j-point key image I’m a Yahoo pay the high biggie a body taught as a point guitar point of Jakarta the Kyrie 2 Sochi agar is extended object K Herick point Co is put external object mahuri point Co AG erm a single individual observe quorum ake a carcass up Kody qu the seviche image yah say you have before Mooji or Joe image overall form hoagie Ohama couch esta aqui in the high degree it means Desa object will cool receive AC image up co form of TV Vic I dig now the family

obokata Yabba ki-yay a magic virtually why because light rays actually meadmaker a sieve decry cumin curry okay kami Castletown yeehaw baby coochie cetera say aura obviously yes he lightly acetic rocky acetyl iggy lake in DIC cassia here yabba job server Oscoda Haga eli trip each is airing but actual many area so i will say he again yaja page your image form hoagie whoa egg virtual image form the image will be a virtual image now this virtual image is hearts are aware from Yonsei observed courage so let us say this object is a B this object is a B and this image is a – B – someone something Iike image connect a – aka is pankot top this top key image Giovanni use common amnesia a – he says let us say BK hit bottom how many gesture hace a key image benign he see the receiver be Caleb image form Kazakh Cassie let us say glide rate be say Michalka coach Xterra SE ESCO cycle a or reflected away and you will find a light raikage estrous a reflector a or reflect on ma you have the archaic image form ho TV thick right here so I will say a dash B dash is what it is the image of a B now I got up the an C observe current so a a – dual line head a a – is basically a perpendicular to this mirror a a – kaya is marek a perpendicular here now what BB dash is also perpendicular to the mirror some Kasich as actinic e a a – or BB – egg juice rake a parallel because da no a key line k perpendicular it means do no uppers make parallel now though parallel lines key beach major distance hota Camp Catoctin kavaja measure constraint to tie a supply parayoga yes obviously as hamesha do parallel lines give each car distance constant whatever distance change nahi hota again we have a observe carré’s so a a – and B B – are two parallel lines tsukikage SC celery other have a biggie but current so a B is what a B is a perpendicular between do parallel lines in 90 degree pivot a B is what it is a perpendicular between no parallel lines two parallel lines as a watch similarly a – B – cigar bar Crito a dash B dash is also perpendicular between two parallel lines a Dyson BB – two camicus active key a B or A – B – basically are of same height they are of same length because Dhoni cases may yeah dono in though parallel lines k-beach get distance I can say this this is 90 degree this is also 90 degree so we can say a a – or BB – k-beach make Joe a B or A – B – f 1o equal no this is what this is pen you have capella you have object is object key yah pika this is an image image key hide Kitty a dash B dash from Navy Rika Pengy hide kitty a pendulum by a bee retina or a B or A – B – Barbara – comic character who is your image for me yet images of same size I’m crying it Joe image bunny here for Bill cool same size here whose car sighs bill cool putana here jet Namira object s objects

at a agar mania comer our medical plane mirror made a coup to commit or voted ahead Yuma obviously not come up at logic high doula obviously not Magister akka who will cool via he the Hiram wah I stopped taking taken coach mirror as he opens up a up corruptly up codec ho cough cough a sporadic time yep coverage Tata dicta your orchid ship and data yup opposite dicta ho ticket for sorry cases okay genome following classes may discuss carrying it Allah Galactica mirrors but for time being a garam chef plane mirror ki baat karu so plane mirror my harmonica Rica image go for mati avoid virtual image you see I’m catching a nature of image image kickassia the image can nature some concerted so virtual image form of TA Yuki light actually meet Nick earthy then image same size key for mood theory this is very very important image will cool Whitney body form OTA jitna bar objected agar may assume so many image we will cool SC form hoagie size kegger vodka Rito same size OTA TK like in a casket or Oh Thea is image me I said yeah I got up up knee up co-maid armada copeland middle made a cookie dough up we’re decking up he up Jesse up na right hand oh poor gurgi moment pay up taking he keep aapke image of the left hand upper curry jesse apna right leg uber garage a vase a image up my left leg Cooper curly this is very very important this is very very crucial gothic wrote Chuck see ik phenomena here but the miracle JCT is head he goes over a key above me image to mirror made a cookie two vodka left hand up go ride the Higa right hand up go left the Haga it is known as lateral inversion disco home further classes may discuss carrying it so for time being home safely after the egg Nagiko she’s Korea image Joe egg extended of the key image of former a a boy image kiss Thoris a form what here some miracle he virtual hooky same size key hoagie images of same size so you can note this