Making a Composite Plane – Finishing the Wing #6

back spent a couple days actually I realized how long it takes to build something you’re going to try to film the steps and I’ve just been busy doing other stuff particularly with the camera so let’s take this apart turn off the backing [Applause] [Applause] okay position the camera a bit better see what’s going on I like to be as careful as I can taking the pill fly off or not the pill apply that release film so I can reuse it a few wings out of each one they’re as good as new all right good here’s the wing you can see maybe you can see how the my laurs have kind of come together I’m not the best of this but it’s it’s not too bad and it’ll all sand down anyways when we get through here so you remove the tape okay now usually at this point look at the tape off there’s a little bit of excess epoxy that gets scores outs particularly on the trailing edge a little bit on the leading edge already starting the Milo just starting to come off there so I’ll usually try to scrape that off while still on the wound clean it up for the next wing you all right now we can appeal the my lawyers off so the my lawyers come off and they’re reused and they leave behind the paint these mile ours are no longer painted and the fiberglass so there’s the bottom of the wing little dusty but it’s the bottom of the wing on the top of the wing so there’s the wing

that carbon is like slipper wood slimmer all right now all that’s left to do is sand the leading edge just to bring it back to the the carbon tape that we put on there so you have a good shape to the leading edge trim the back from the trailing edge to the right shape cut out the ailerons done and we’ll do that here shortly watch this restart I use pretty coarse sandpaper to begin with to get the initial part sanding and all I’m going to do is where the skins come together I’m just going to sand it down to the tape I put on the leading edge the carbon that I put on the leading edge and then just kind of feather it back a bit that’s all you I’ll go with the like a320 no that gets us to 220 grit paper just kind of smooth it up a little bit don’t have to do a lot of sanding and makes it nice and smooth you kind of see conceive the unfinished the unfinished leading edges right here and the finish leading edge is right here that’s nice and smooth and you see the tips they look decent yeah you know if if you want it to be nice and shiny black all you have to do is paint a little thin epoxy on the leading edge and it’ll make that carbon fiber look shall I slice and shiny I don’t always do that cuz I’m lazy but as an end-user if you get the wing and you want to do that that’s perfectly fine now I’m go ahead and do this side you okay leading edge is done it’s all black carbon ready to cut the trailing edge usually what I’ll do when I cut the trailing edge is lay a little bit two paper towels down to keep from scratching the lead cut it down take my template

[Applause] tips in the center take a straightedge do this one first then so as you can see this so then I just take my razor you definitely don’t want to try to cut through in one cut I’ll use longer cuts one doesn’t cut through the paper towel very well is it that that’s all right keeps getting scratched up okay one side and now the other side okay here’s the end right perfectly shaped wing the trailing edge is nice and straight you can see it nice straight trailing edge I will all right since the camera ran out figured it’s time for a different view anyway so you can refer see what I’m doing I guess I’m not sure where it ended last time but I put the template on using the razor saw to cut down as far as I could one of the problems is the back blade on this saw doesn’t allow me to get all the way down in so I use this to cut through and it will go all the way through on both sides okay and I use a piece of sandpaper this is going to be difficult to do I usually hold it in a different manner that you put you put the tennis on all the way down kind of opens it up a little bit do the same thing on both sides okay and I’ll double it over and do it again with

double thickness okay now look at the top you see you’ve got it cut right in the middle you know when you see the strip kept LARP so we’re going to be good okay now what I do up here is a brand new razor blade good sharp razor blade okay remember there’s Kevlar on the top skin on the phone and just fiberglass on this side so I’m going to cut through the bottom skin all the way through the phone right to the Kevlar and but not cut through the Kevlar it sounds more difficult than it is really not that so right now I’m not really cutting much through the phone I just want to make sure I get all the way through the skin which I am alright I’m all the way through the skin so now I’m just cutting through phone down to the top skin and I can feel I can fill the razor blade rubbing against the top skin against that kept line so I’m not pressing very hard but I’m just making sure I’m all the way down and I am okay so now I’ve cut through now I pull the template off leave the tape on and just slide my template back I’ve got an eighth of an inch a little less than an eighth of an inch out of the tip it doesn’t have to be had to recharge the battery to get it there to go so I cut even with the line and move the the template back about an eighth of an inch first level it on then you get the razor and kind of cut straight down through the through the skin and once I get to the skin once I get through the skin all kinda I’ll try to angle it came through the skin okay once I get through the scan I try to kind of angle it towards the joint but it’s not I don’t know that it’s real important but that’s what I do so try to make it a little wedge shape doesn’t always turn it on that way this one probably won’t either it doesn’t really matter okay so we got a space cut there now what we want to do is flip this tape around put this back on here line it back up with exactly where it was with the you’ve cut it already okay now this edge is going to be right above this spot where I cut before now I got to find my my file I have a triangle file I use here it is right here triangle file and this is the wrong angle to be doing that you just use the template as a guide and scrape off you have to remove the fiberglass remember there’s three layers of fiberglass that I have to sand through before I get to the Kevlar so you want to remove that fiberglass so that the Kevlar so the hinge is free to move and it’s not stiff fiberglass is going to be real stiff try to use it as injury on again this is kind of a feel thing you just you can kind of feel when you get through the glass and hit the

Kevlar the file kind of catches for sure race is over so there’s nothing to watch punch a green flag pit stops of the need for somewhat exciting race if you’re Dell jr. fan or a closeout ski thing okay that’s pretty much through I think you can see they’re scratched now what I do is I will take a straight edge just to make sure it doesn’t lift up in the corners hold it down on that edge and then break it free okay okay now I don’t know if you can see this or not but there’s the phone wing I’m going in the back here and you can see the little part that I’ve cut out pull up pull out the extra that hinge is free and what I’ll usually do is it break it over down this way on the hinge and then just taking a pile I love it a little bit just flaps in the breeze looks good look you can see let me see the phone of the hinge see how it closes up when you’re going down that’s plenty it down more down than probably need probably really only going to run about right here but and obviously you don’t need that much up get lots of the way it works now we’re going to cut out the other side you okay there it is wings ready to roll ready to race I guess we’ll do a fuse next or the horizontal decide