Let's Play Donkey Kong Country 3 Speed Run Walkthrough 103% (DKC3) World 2 Part 2

How’s It going You Beautiful Bastards so episode two Let’s Play Donkey Kong Country 3 Speed Run Walkthrough 105% (DKC3) World 2 Part 2 Let’s Play Donkey Kong Country 3 Speed Run Walkthrough 105% (DKC3) World 2 Part 2 Let’s Play Donkey Kong Country 3 Speed Run Walkthrough 105% (DKC3) World 2 Part 2 Let’s Play Donkey Kong Country 3 Speed Run Walkthrough 105% (DKC3) World 2 Part 2 Let’s Play Donkey Kong Country 3 Speed Run Walkthrough 105% (DKC3) World 2 Part 2 Let’s Play Donkey Kong Country 3 Speed Run Walkthrough 105% (DKC3) World 2 Part 2 Only Thing is a You don’t have Rats Fuck Be Gone Monkeys in Canada we don’t And See why the hell The Monkeys Attacked Another Monkey On your side bro Let’S Kill The Crocodiles Roman Alright So you’re gonna try and Well I don’t think this video is gonna Be Nearly as short as last Week’s Because last Week’s Level One’s World One is Usually Much Easier Playing It simple so i Can’t Help But Feel like I’m missing something Thought There Was a Little Bigger I’m not Paying The price for that Shit All right Those Monkeys Man All Right If you believe There’s something Down here though off to the side What is this oh What oh my god okay well there is World my level One Company So i basically Just restarted the level Because Redo One Because That Works do the Whole Thing and You would think Good But When you’re trying to Hundred percent this bitch it’s not so These Guys Again But Because we’re well trained on it Nothing Over Here fine They’re really Just and Just did this so i’m not gonna go down there i get are we Whoops okay so And we’ve Got Warp Number one that Was way. Too obvious put a big dynamite barrel there like mmm know What this Does Alright So basically Just Did My Save file i Saved Half Way and i Just restarted It Doesn’t want to get this point All right and i really don’t Feel Playing Through The Whole level another time to get it boom One down one to go Alright okay so The Mics on the trees Man That Fuckin Kills me Makes zero sense The Pattern Then This Level’s Mortise and The fucking Rat trap elephants All right i need to get to that dynamite barrow Place how how you Asked i don’t know we’re gonna find out might die trying My god oh That’s from Up here See that Makes sense? They even Put the freaking Kong Barrel There Just so you have your buddy Its clues Folks Its clues blue’s clues oh that Barrels to get back in

okay Gee What Was your first clue ah Why That’s so much Harder Than It has to be okay i Think For me the hardest World in This game is like World 3 little Fuckin Robots and shitting Factories If i remember Correctly i Was Nine man okay all right i gotta Throw Him Barbar onto this Ledge In which i can ah? Damn it Are to clean the level Anyway all Right Yeah so basically What i do is i run through The Whole level complete It and then i go back and Get everything i Missed in case you Weren’t here last episode or you’re Just starting an episode of How the hell Do i do This Because i Throw Around Here but i can’t switch them out so i can do the Bieber Route oh okay maybe if i Just Jump with her Sterling Up the Monkey get a Run at It ah, oh? My god it was that Easy The Whole time i over complicate Things sometimes People okay I’m probably gonna die doing this challenge Maybe Not i don’t know maybe not So that Was me Just going back and getting the barrel i’m Just so it’s Carry-on so we’re gonna go to World – i Do That For The Sake of Saving time on this video to be two hours long all right At The River side – The River object of This Level is to keep Moving Forward It’s crazy How Much Like Women Played a game in a long time it’s like When a Childhood Games and you, oh? We Only Need you kitty It eat the cone This Level For Some reason i Was a Kid Scared The shit out of those bees Chased me like a Mouse appeared exciting trip So i’m going to go back again i think this is my third Attempt completing This so Rolling trick is the Way to go i try to do something It Just fucking die everything all right Spring Little tigers i call them Not the other Word tigers winnie-the-Pooh Twisted Greens

Okay we’re going back to Get One of The B barrels Bouncing on the water fucking spring and grab The Bends nope Actually fish at The end oh my god okay we’re Dead Okay Now we’re going back to get the d coins you have to go to the end of the level and you’re Bouncing the Water again That’s it all You do case you’re Wondering Let’s Carry on with the Mission All right so we’re gonna go now to world Three and if It Looks Like The levels aren’t complete when you see Clearly Just saw me complete them Because i go back and do All The Things i Missed at The end of The level once i beat even the Final Boss and then i crop It in you Know Save Time To hour-long video running The same levels over and Over again i auntie i remember this level Mousetrap Level i Was like That Was a Lot of fun If Those freaking Taggers Man They are the sleeper Killer Because You Just want to rush through and Just Get Things done and Then They’re Just there and They Make you before she Just Sit there this Kind of Be Smart Unless you Got a barrel i Know i’ve Said this many Times of like Gosh dixie has strong Ass or baby Fuck It because why do that i Don’t even know Some of these late Minigames man i gotta i Didn’t Get Pretty Simple then you get someone are Just so obscurely Drinking Like The One that took me the longest so far is The Riverside yeah Stupid strange Fuckers No one Bear on this level Time I think it’s the dk guy the Decayed guy with Shield Up and I’m recording This frickin Gameplay Like 12:00 at 12:00 at night i Should Really Just get a life Go to bed Before This is so much fun you’re probably watching This video at School or Work in the morning you’re like Why don’t Watch it some guy Played on 23 Because It’s fun Call in sick come on So i think We Got everything in this logo This is going Smoothly All-In-One Second Attempt miracle oh? Yeah i remember to the riverside – i think you have to do a time trial?

In order to do something but i do Recall There being some Kind of time trial i Don’t know if it’s like The Bernstein Bear guy or whatever? We Got The illustrate timing god i don’t Number What it’s been so long come on you Just fucking Leg Muscles Get Up there Hell is Kitty Comedy But okay i can Admit wall criticism This game Guys i don’t think spare but that Is one criticism where i’m like Fair enough I Mean he’s Kind of That Ran Him so he could a three dog he’s trapped out With didi somewhere Why not introduce a member again Why not put him in Dunk on 64 Instead of Chunky Maybe he is chunky who knows Just My Brain Hurts Now Wow okay Jesus Just taking Longer Than fucking Very obvious At Least Knowing That This trooper Level and for some reason i find on country to slightly harder i Believe it’s the same Rule of Thumb for all Host Your hate in the comments but i know What’s coming like i described Not much to or Sides back to the first one you be i already did this Shit we Out we Out oh? all right oh Yeah this guy i Don’t know if i Get something Special we’re having it but i Just so I Always Check if there’s something Back There a Little Creepy Crevices Which there wasn’t so Moving on to The Forgotten Woods Oh Yeah the springy spiders man oh? Good Times You’ll hurt me either They’re Simply there to help Out with the myStery I Love these tree Loves so much to See the porcupine Makes sense Because We Have Those fucking canadian White Pines our Red Pines we Have those Two Real Seen One today Like Even The Buzzsaw bees those are canadian delicacy Man We Have those The Spiders Yeah We Even Have those? The Rats Is a Is there a Secret up here oh? Accidental Secrets Those are the best one to fall into a parent boxer Barrel Always a Good day All Right So guaranteed Throughout This parent Shenanigans Mcgarry’s one Key Barrel somewhere somewhere There it is come on What’s It gonna be i don’t know Dear Lord This one I’m going to fail i know it This is the tedious one Go Squawky I’m having fun

I’m having fun i’m gonna Keep telling Myself i Slowed the point up here no should Know by now it’s Always a Then We Got One We Got One on There are endeavors so Let’S see if there’s Any more Secrets Though Which i don’t believe That there Is so Thank you lack guy can not Happening Both Laugh okay Perfect so carry on yeah rides Fires Boom That’d be a shit Balls And So i died Almost All The Way Up to level so there i am again Didn’T think you Guys want to watch that nonsense so what i did discover though is that the fucking little trick Here Which i lost a Bunny last time I’m attempting Now Let’s see if we can Get It done this time ago fucking it up come on I’m a little Fucker My areas are so subtle why the barrel is This Thing Is Exceeding The Limits of My game Captures capacity to record Memory i Hope It Doesn’t stall I got a lot of Shit on here i need to clean it come on Bribe The spiders Oh yeah i like the Yellow Spiders Cuz They Basically They Jump Higher All right so here we are ah? son of gun Son of a car back yeah Yeah This Level is taking me the longest i’ve already died for you twice Got That coin Already so we can Return It This trip to the top but first we’re gonna grab that stupid Balloon Phone All Right Now let’s Just Try to not fall into stupid Ass Collection It’s about the Journey Guys not about the time or the speed dr. Venture All right Carry on Carry on i need a coffee It’S so late it’s past my bedtime i’m Just being a bitch okay oh Ho there we Go this One Killed Him but i Killed something? Well i’ll tell You i’ve died Here before this is where i died the first time yeah i Was Very easy to find and i’m probably gonna Fuck this up 80 seconds oh? Throw Him and come on oh bitch

Well That’s a Pain in The ass i’m gonna complete the level so basically i beat the level and i came back to get this Mcgee gir because i didn’t want. To leave her behind and I’m not gonna fuck It up this time Hopefully How about that Zigzag Now See that Wasn’t so bad Now i’m Just gonna complete It Again There’s Literally Two Seconds Up the Road Now we on to the last level of This World but i think minigame Gosh I love This World – It Looks Like My net Bill Legit Don’t Know Where my net Bill is Neither do One okay oh yes ii do You Say dude stupid elephant Level we’re gonna suck the Water Actually This One’s not too Bad This one Was always Pretty fun Genki Damn son of a Beep So we’re back for Round 2 because i fucked it up Thumbs back At This squad and i’m gonna Try and Stay Pittsburgh This time it’s Miserable Bitch Again cuz yep Seems to Be Any Optimal Way to get in there is sacrifice one of Your Guys i Don’t see if we can do? Yeah Freakin Cheap The Mouth Will take It probably Not The optimal Way to do that Whatever Now we gotta suck this dynamite How do you Suck on land i don’t remember come on Preston Every Combination Here oh? No this where our Play Is this where our Let’s Play Ends? Not Like This is it a bug in the system That Would Be Really Awkward Right now oh Oh, oh there we go you Panicked Mechanics nothing Touchy Button ain’t Got a press down inside gap There Be Doable yes it is yes it is this elephant is freaking Athletic and i think we Better Walk This barrel i want It but i don’t want to die so Hmm I’m gonna go and find the safe Which oh there we go i knew it was close so now yes okay There’s a Barrel Maybe Down here i

Don’t know Somewhere Like That i think it’s in the Water it Would Just Be way. Too simple flows Out of the Water Ready Yeah i Don’t i Just don’t see it being Awkward my barrel Goes Just there come on come on? Oh there it is Cheesed you Kill Those And How the fuck oh? Shit I screwed Myself oh no i’m supposed to use those Bugs Probably Dammit i’ll have to go back Is what it is No Snipes Susan Be Joking me Lep elephant Do i Jump Over the Sky or if you like Crawl under i think i got it now That i think about it It Makes so much more sense to Just wander oh Well i Died now I’ll Just kill Myself. Oh we gotta be close now Yeah we’re done we are done folks Whoo so we have to go back Get that stupid barrel Yeah so basically ah Fuck Jump Again Damn It i think i must go back again Although There is one bug Why did i let it hit me can You do we’re gonna Try yeah all right oh so We’re going to That’s it huh okay all right so i think it’s time for Boss fight and the level looks on Incomplete it’s because i’m gonna go back after i beat this Boss and do all Those Missing Things Okay Which will already have Been Prepped in the video so you would Have already Seen It before i even did it? Mine fun Right I don’t believe this Guy’s too difficult my memory serves Pretty Much The Shoots a Little Bing Bong We do not have spiders here in canada this bing not to my knowledge We Got moose Bleak The Snowman we do Have Those Sounds Really Fun he was so Jumped for real How’d You Kids hide yo Double Kill Give me that one Round two Yay That Was i Should Have Been Sudden Death no i mean Jesus I’m fucking Losing dixie This time her hair barrel Thing is perfect for this guy it’s meant to be i Was Like Bill to earth All you gotta do is Heinemann’s This is Actually The easiest boxing World i don’t know how yeah Do you think this game has the best box animal-free dunking on countries don’t get on country one have it be?

Worse two Bosses i’ve ever Seen in cycles yeah So we are going to go to mr. Monty Funky Kong Funky Dunky Get Out Yep or the hovercraft First Oh yeah right We Need to go do the river – Race – Forgot all about them So let’s go All about That Hey The Man a Brand kong What do you think you’re Doing coming Blah Blah Blah See that Riverbank Race i ran That in a minute 15 Went for a Walk on the riverbank Level and did you that Would Explain Your pitiful Just look at All These Trophies Yeah you’re a Little bitch People Can Are not rude Whoo okay yeah i’m not But we’re gonna lose the pride dice That This River Thing Does i Just know i had to do it before Then i remember i had such a Pain in the Ass T1 Maybe we’re here all night Guys i Don’t know i’m Pretty Badass at This game so i think i can probably bang it out Jing er You never cease to Amaze me we’re very close Guys Aha Damn comes Out You Know Seconds is it sufficient Let’S go check in with our Upstairs What gets a Call That a decent time on the riverbank ah come on You’re an Asshole you Are an Asshole All right well Let’s go back and Redo it Because i have nothing Better else to do All Right no fuck-Ups i think i don’t know this time It Feels Pretty Good God Damn Diggers Master Yeah i Do Feel Okay i believe it’s oh look at that that Was clutch That Wins championships my Friends That Right There is What Separates the Boys from the band moves Like That Let’s Say Hey I’m here and i’m here to win and i think you’re gonna do it with one oh Ten Hot New record Would you look at That miracle wow okay What’s Got to say about that one What You can’t have Beaten My time You’ve Held i thought The record for the last Ten Years You made me so Angry i could

Do What What are you gonna do Rage quit My girlfriend Rage Quits Way worse Than you Alright oh Right The Tunnel i didn’t do It Turn on this lovely Down Down down right Down Down down Jeff right Down done done Call It a day Now i’m gonna want. To save my game So let’s Get out of Here And We are going to go to The King so i got two birds three Birds so far Love She’s Asleep Go Runt huh one Letter short Folks Alright so now that we’re done that we are going to peel odie and We are basically going to go to Funky Dunkings Rentals i Guess a Pad oh Yeah Just What i needed it yeah i know god from a spider who knew hang on for Just a couple of Seconds late at night i can’t Handle This always seeing you later Hello that Was good ah Killed me Alright so i Think this is World 3 so that Will conclude episode 2 took a Little Longer Put the first one but We Got It we Got What we needed We Got all our stuff So thank you guys so much Watching we’ll see you next time