welcome to journey and entrepreneurship this is sunday gardener your online travel boss and i of course and super excited to be bringing you another installment of yet another amazing woman of color who is talking about their own a personal journey and entrepreneurship today we’re going to be talking to Lolita Harris she is a stylist relationship personal development coach and you know all this week I’ve been coming to you bringing to you amazing stories about people in their own personal journey and so as we move forward what I want to remember is everyone has their own journey and everyone’s story is different so hopefully you’re gonna get great tips and recommendations throughout the week continued as we move on and that with that Lolita I’m so super excited to have you here how are you doing I am doing amazing and so excited about just being able to once again pour into other amazing people doing amazing things making great impact so I’m just excited like what can I do to know I love it I love it I love it you know we’ve known each other for so many years and I love to hear you speak and I love to hear I love talking to you so we’re gonna get started and so the first thing I want to know cuz I know your journey I know a lot about you but the people don’t so let’s talk about how long have you been an entrepreneur oh I have been an entrepreneur in the beauty industry for now 28 years it has been amazing and one of the things that I will speak as it relates to entrepreneurialship is that you are not the one thing that you want to do so there are many things within you that you discover as you start doing what God says to do first so my first thing was being behind the chair but being behind the chair gave me access to women and having that access to women women opened up their lives and gave me an opportunity to impact their lives for good with encouragement so I’ve been doing that for 28 years but then in 2014 I felt led to go in a different direction and while still doing the beauty industry and maintaining my clients held there I launched my my private practice and coaching and so with that I been doing that for five years and so it has been phenomenal but it has for real real been a balancing act yes so and what what is great about your story Lolita is is that you do actually have I mean you’d have thought you still have a very thriving salon business and then you’re building up a coaching business as well so you know and you’re at different stages in your life in each of those what was the thing that made you jump into one versus the other because they are totally different industries what made you decide to jump oh actually I was going to talk about what made me jump from the the working environment as it relates to corporate or whatever I was in the medical field okay that and that was amazing because my thing is always about helping people to grow from the inside out yes so I am in this Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago Illinois where I’m from originally and I have this situation where a gentleman had expired and I had gone into his room and I think that I was just about done with the people dining like that I was really in that moment well I happen to go after that experience and I went to go get my hair done this is while still living in Chicago I go to get my hair done and my stylist her her system wasn’t there so much Silas asked me if I could help her to get out of this Jam that she was in he had he had no idea that I had already and if you don’t know I’ll eat it Lolita still got some mad skills let me just say that extra mad skills at everything that she does you so much Sunday but I am I am very very humbled by your compliment because I don’t

always feel like I’m doing my very best or I don’t really always feel like I’m making my impact so just that seed of encouragement was very well if you ever need any seeds just ping me be good you are in that skilled woman and all that you touch so much but the thing is that I love people and then loving people I said yes to my stylist I helped her out that day and she hired me and fired her assistant it’s not too short or open a window of opportunity for me to be in a different environment because I have I’m very very high-energy I love people now when I’m at home I like to chill house in solitude got it you know recalibrate kind of energy to read to re-energize to be able to pour into people in the manner that you do so I can understand meaning to have that quiet time at home yes and that is a very important key and we’ll get back to that so I said yes to the opportunity and I gave my two-week notice to to the hospital do I remember history and so when I jumped into doing it for myself it took a little time because fear overcame goodness beer oh it was fine to support someone else and be an assistant but when God said hey this is a way for you to go yeah and you know a little you know a lot about my story but I was married to a professional football player for eighteen years and so while I am no longer married to him this line of work was definitely right in alignment with God’s plan for my life because only God knew that it would go the way that it did but having the lifestyle of being of professional athletes wife you had to find creative ways of keeping your game tight in the industry right so living in different states and everything my clients would still want me to do their hair when I came home yes it was just um it was just a constant reflection of you are good enough even when I didn’t feel like I was good enough so what I want to say to the women on the other side of this camera is that never allow fear to overcome you hop over the hurdle called fear and do it anyway do it afraid like I did I did it afraid I didn’t know what the outcome was gonna be but here I land 28 years later I’m still in the game getting steel you look fabulous in the game like love you so much okay so you decided to jump and you know in five years you know five years ago you decided to jump again right and so you know normally I wouldn’t go there but I love you and I know that story is a powerful story to that I would love people to hear as well so you decided to jump a second time in a thriving business to start another business and what was the catalyst for that so the thing of now navigating the hard life coaching is the name of my business my coaching business and so what I realize is that that was what I was doing behind the chair I was helping people understand what was going on in their lives and how to jump over some of those hurdles of fear and doubt and shame and you know I don’t feel so amazing all the time and you know what giving people permission to be human because sometimes what people don’t realize is that you know what you’re not doing nothing different you doing what’s cool you know and so that’s why what you’re doing right now is so vital because sometime when people feel like they’re not good enough and they are failing or whatever you have these kind of talks and it exposes the truth okay hey we all have a point where things there’s a starting point you know so just because you see the glory here doesn’t mean that there wasn’t a struggle along the journey that’s a and so I’m just um I’m grateful

that I had the experiences that I did behind the chair because it was behind the chair that I had this new vision a grander vision that I was not going to no longer just transform people from the outside but there was some internal work that women had to do on themselves and so that’s where girl talk came from that’s right I love that I love it I love that okay so you’ve been on a journey start almost 30 years at two different businesses that you’re currently still on and you’ve touched a little bit about that but let’s talk a little bit more what did you think two or three main things that you would like to talk about in terms of struggles or lessons learned that you had when you first started so one of the things that I would definitely say is the work/life balance in entrepreneurial shift that’s a god I think that entrepreneurs can often because you your foundation and your everything is you everything you rest on you so without you quitting much nothing happens you know you have a team of people so in entrepreneurialship we have to learn how to manage our relationships with our families we have to learn how to take time out to take care of number one what we have to do ladies I mean we really have to do this thing we have to take time now for us because we take care of the whole world we take care of our our children we take care of our men many of us in these circles we are leaders outside of our homes and so as an entrepreneur you are a leader you know um you are launching a vision and doing it different and setting yourself apart from everyone else and that takes a lot of time and investment another thing that I would say is not just taking time to take care of yourself spend time with family but take time to have fun yes central to our success because if we are only pouring into our business without the balance of fun then it makes us life pretty freakin boring and all of us need to smile again we need to be rejuven eyes but I like it because and that’s I know exactly the feeling that humanizes the new word of the day we gotta get for real about this thing so yes those are the things that I would say so in the work/life balance making sure that you take care of yourself spending time with family and friends and making sure that you have fun um another thing if you are successful like I was in the beauty industry or any other industry if your business just launches and takes off and you soar please get the financial advice amen to that no one’s really I actually have a lady who’s gonna be speaking in she’s that’s all she does is financial advising and planning and all that but that is I think something that we don’t talk about enough I’m glad that you brought it up because it’s true you’re gonna start making money and for some it may be more money than you’ve ever made or for some you’ve got to manage it differently because you’re not getting a paycheck and how do you do that you know how like so whatever it is there’s some sort of financial component and if that’s not your superpower you need to get somebody to help you that’s a great one that’s a great one absolutely I think last I would just say time management time management is of the essence because so often when you work in corporate America or if you work for someone else they usually a lot your time for you you know that you’re gonna owe them this amount of time and you’re gonna be paid this amount entrepreneurialship that is not edged in stone but because of the other

things that I talked about and work-life balance if you do not manage your time well you will be like I was and you will miss everything that is important to you how am I gonna work that’s so true because I you know and I don’t so I can’t speak because I’m not Caucasian but I can speak as an african-american woman that oh yeah we are we are just I mean I think we come out the womb hustling right that’s what we are taught to do we’re talking buddy is everybody and you know when you get into your own business I mean you’re doing that with the Vengeance right and everything potentially does get sacrificed as a result of that unless of course you do what you recommended which is have that white work-life balance and so I think that those are great great items to discuss in terms of lessons learn so you know now you’ve been in it and you’ve done it and now I’ve got people in my community who are most of my chemo my community are either existing or future travel preneur and the travel industry what are some recommendations that you have above what you’ve already discussed in terms of struggles for somebody who’s thinking about because who’s new they they’ve not jumped and they’re about to jump what are some of the things that you can recommend for them so okay I have more than what you want but if I could put something in the right now so the first thing that I would say is get a mentor so what is that you want to do any in any business that you’re going to go into a mentor allows you the ability to save on time money and a whole bunch of hiccups that could cost you in both time and money so when you have someone who has already done what you have done it accelerates your ability to be successful so mentorship is number one number two I would have to say is to be patient patient with the process means a lot because if you are not patient and you rush the process there are so many significant things that you have an opportunity to miss on your way up the ladder of success that’s right without those building blocks you will not continue to go up in many businesses it usually don’t look like this you just climbed straight up a lot of times is very loopy and up and down and through these things you are learning different things so do not despise my beginnings but do be very patient yet diligent in what God has given you to do because if you are an entrepreneur you are an answer to somebody’s problem so whatever that is whatever that looks like whatever it is that you need that you are lacking seek it out so that you can get it but be patient nonetheless through the process I love that and you know that is certainly what helps spurred me to want to do this journey and entrepreneurship because I think we need to see other women other black women who are going through that journey because I think that we’re underrepresented and in social media and other different platforms to see that there are many of us like women who are going through this and it’s not a quick rise right it’s not a you know boom and if you look at because I was telling somebody the other day if you look at Facebook Ads Facebook Ads will have you believing you can make a million dollars in like two weeks right just like oh I’m gonna buy this program and I will be a million dollars and I’m that’s it that’s not the way it is definitely critical immediately there is there are two other things and I won’t really deep dive into these but I think that they are it’s essential to your question and so the first thing is to just really be sure that in your entrepreneur real ship journey that you are making sure you prepare for the things you can’t control Oh life happens and we will have

interruptions I recently had to be the caregiver for my grandfather and and he recently passed on well what I didn’t do is that well I was prepared and I did have savings but as you say dipping into your savings because you’re not able to really be present at work you know you’re valuing the time that you’re spending with your your parent your child whatever it is so if you divorce let it be illness on your behalf let it be death in your family whatever the case may be life happens these things are gonna happen friends and so we have to prepare not just our hearts not just our minds but our pocketbooks you have to prepare so in this season of my life I am putting in more time into my work because I have some recovering to do for you that’s right yes that’s the bottom line so that is very important I think that it’s important to prepare financially for the mishaps that can happen not just in business but in your personal life that could impact that um that could disrupt your workflow yeah exactly exactly exactly and then finally um I just want to share the importance of when you are doing business if you are an entrepreneur and you are going in business with another individual or another group collectively be sure that you hire an attorney do guide you in the right direction for your better injuries because unfortunately what can happen sometime is that we I mean everybody start off excited on the same day bla bla bla bla bla but that can really it can get different as time moves along and people can change their my about different things people can pass away people can decide that this doesn’t work and they fall back so what happens to the business those are the things that you have to do so if you are in partnership have legal counsel for that as well so that you are not left holding the bag and you don’t know what to do we have a tendency to not handle these things prior to getting into business and so just making sure that we are taking care of the 360 degree of business as it relates to us the business entity because when you think about business as an entrepreneur it is also you as an individual tree that’s right yeah so it’s just very important and I thought that they would be essential to the conversation so I hope that’s helpful for someone else I believe absolutely it is you know when when you talk about legal counsel I think it’s equally as important as insurance we just recently did a training last month on a travel insurance for your business so not for your customers but for your business and I think as business owners we jump into doing a business but we don’t get the professional super-power help of the people that we need to protect us insurance is one of them legal counsel is another financial advice advice meant as another I mean unless those are your superpowers and you need to find professionals who have your best interests at heart to do that and don’t take it lightly I think those are very important topics for us business owners to do to consider as we start businesses so those are great recommendations so let’s talk a little bit more about navigating the heart and what how someone can work with you or what we can expect from you what do you got going on in your cube let’s talk about you okay so about me so like I said I’m still behind that here but I’m only behind the chair part-time now so I am continuing to go in the direction of coaching I’m still building my business and so because of the light interruption Girl Talk had to kind of fall back and so Girl Talk is I am working on a Girl Talk conference I am working on Girl Talk the book and I am so what is that sells out against what Girl Talk is I know what it is but what are they so

bro talk was well Girl Talk Steel is it is entity it is an event it was a monthly event that I had started in 2017 and it just it launched really well it did really well but I was doing them across the u.s. but every month I did them both here in Dallas and in Chicago and so this community of women were women that would be dealing with a specific kind of issue within and so um the the the platform was for us to build community for us to understand that we are not alone in our struggles and that is another lie of the enemy that um when we are isolated we feel like we’re alone but to create that community so that you can have support and that thing that you might be going through but then myself as the coach for those who wanted to do deeper work so that they could release some of those things that are going on within to help them to be their best selves so that they are better in every area of their lives because sometimes even in business we are not successful because of the way we see us so when I look into right here I’m saying hey do I like her is she beautiful to me is she capable my ass is yes to all of the above but guess what my friends it wasn’t always the case that’s right always the case and so I myself I had to deal with some of those childhood issues I had to deal with some of those things that people had spoken over my life are you so bad you gonna be the first one had kids and I wasn’t you know oh I have I have I have overcome so many different things and because I know that navigating change is possible with the right help with the proper support you really can get to the next level because I know that and because I did make the investment in myself you have a better product today that I am perfect because I am still yet working on me daily daily you know so as we continue to make steps in life and as we continue to do things in life we have to always come back at once the man in the mirror so you’ve got girl talk that you’re getting back on line again are you going to continue doing them in that you know from a selfish perspective I’m in the DFW area are you going to continue to do them in DFW or are you changing what your plan is for there so yes so what I’m trying to do more now is partnership so organizations and that that that really helped women I am trying to do more speaking at those invite in those environments but I am the the plan in right now without life interruptions and just right here in the moment my goal is to relaunch Girl Talk in Dallas and Chicago January 2020 awesome and that’s right around the corner so Wow all right that’s great so how can someone get in contact with you I’ve got all of the information is in this post so your links and all of that but do you do one-on-one coaching what do you do if somebody wants they feel moved by your message today what would you be what would be your recommendation oh yes so if you are interested in reaching out to me you can always reach me via email at lolita and navigating the heart calm that is also my website you can also get my book I did a collaborative effort called roses and thorns in 2016 with some amazing women we had some really amazing topics my contributions were to divorce and recovering after divorce as well as blended families the book is phenomenal and you can purchase it on my website it is no longer available anywhere else but

you can still get it there so if you are interested please do and I and I would love to hear your comments about it because it is a phenomenal read that’s awesome with some great stories in it so so yeah so you can reach me there but you can also I’m available and you can reach me there are no excuses about anything I love that Lolita you know like I know I know Lolita like I guess we’ve known each other now it’s been a long time I don’t even remember what year it was I want to say 2006 maybe Mason’s right when I moved to this area and so what you’re gonna get from Lolita is she’s gonna shoot from the hip she’s gonna tell you how it is she’s gonna do it in love and in kindness and I’ve experienced both of her services both her hair services and her coaching services and they have both been phenomenal so I thank you so much for taking the time lolita to talk to my community and support into us and if you’d like to reach lolita she’s giving you her contact information and with that we will talk soon iraqi bye-bye