GOD LEVEL Chinese Food With MY FAMILY!!! INSANE Chinese Food Tour With 7 FOOD RANGER FAMILY!

– Alright, check it out guys This is Trevor James I am with my family We’ve got Tseng’s parents and brother And my parents here, we’re in Guangzhou, China and today is an ultra special occasion We are gonna be having a Cantonese food adventure Let’s check it out (laughing) Get ready for Cantonese food of your dreams Cause in this video, my parents are coming along to China to meet Tseng’s family for the first time Coming along with us for a full on Cantonese food adventure And you’re gonna love every minute Cause today, we’re bringing you along with us, as we try four different classic Cantonese foods And, if you watch until the end, we’re driving deep into the south of Guangdong to get into the kitchen and eat the best roast goose in the world Let’s eat And here we go guys We’re going in, this is the White Swan Hotel It’s supposed to have the best Dim Sum in Guangzhou Wow Look at this Dim Sum Wow This is gonna be the ultimate dim sum feast today guys Look at this, we’ve got a whole table, seven people, my family It is just gonna be delicious And Tseng is just ordering here So, we got the menu Chicken feet Oh, and we’re just getting some rose tea Perfect start of the day and this is the nicest hotel in Guangzhou And before we knew it, we were staring at a full table of Dim Sum, with delicious hazelnut stuffed pastries, BBQ pork buns, rice noodle rolls with shrimp and light soy sauce Insanely, plump truffle topped siu mai pork and shrimp dumplings Ha gao supreme shrimp dumplings, radish cake, youtiao crispy fried dough to dip in your rice porridge, and more Starting first up, going full on and giving my parents their first ever Cantonese chicken feet Oh, here’s the siu mai Beautiful siu mai And here’s the ha gao Shrimp dumplings, oh, and we got three of those Okay, so we’re gonna go in for the chicken feet first Oh, look at that, oh, chicken feet in a black bean sauce And the secret here is you’ve got to take the skin and just kind of, pull it off with your teeth – And don’t eat the bones And just bask in the joy of the collagen and the fatty bean sauce – Okay, here we go – Okay – Going in – Let’s go in – Wow – That’s pretty good – That’s really good – And it’s a little sweet – Really tender – Great flavor too – Tender Bite sized they’re sort of like – Tender, fatty, sweet bean sauce And look at this guys This is the siu mai with truffle and crab egg Pork, shrimp wontons, incredible We got three steamers of ha gao and a few cheung fun rice noodle rolls, as well And we’re gonna go in for ha gao Look at these Awesome Shrimp dumplings in rice paper wrapper – Yeah, those are delicious – Oh and we got more siu mai Oh, those are so perfect – Huge shrimps in there – This soup is crunchy, yum – Yummy – Perfect (laughing) – This is the ultimate dim sum breakfast Let’s go in for this beautiful siu mai with truffle Oh, so it’s pork and shrimp wonton – I could eat this all day long – You can taste the truffle for sure Luxury siu mai Oh, the ultimate meal And we are all wearing Tai Hao Lei merch So happy today And we are just starting And after finishing up that massive dim sum meal, and before going goose ranging deep in the countryside for the best roast goose in the world, Tseng’s family went back home to cook up a huge, home-cooked Cantonese lunch But first we had to go to the local seafood market to pick up some crabs for Tseng’s mom to cook Look at these sand worms So, these ones are, these ones are alive here

And then these ones she’s just cleaned and she’s selling And then look over here, right behind us, there’s just massive tanks of Alaskan king crab Look at this, just full of king crabs Here we go Oh, that’s the Sunfish And as you guys can see, there’s just crate after crate of fish here, at this seafood market here in Guangzhou Okay, so we are gonna get some dazhaxie, hairy mitten crabs here, to bring to Tseng’s mom for lunch And those are gonna be juicy and full of the eggs Let’s go have a lunch Here we are Hey Awesome guys and we just got back to Tseng’s family home here and Tseng’s mom is working hard in the kitchen – Cheers – Cheers (laughing) Tseng’s mom cooked up some really delicious home style Cantonese food, like, sou ji baked chicken, seasoned with soy and salt and honey Steamed broccoli with garlic Stir-fried peas with wood ear mushroom, onion and celery And a home-made pork meat ball with carrot, water chestnut and cilantro Topping it off with a pork bone, carrot, corn and water chestnut soup Wow The hairy mitten crab Wow – Wow – Look at those Aw, there you go Open that up Oh, look at all the Huang in there And we just cracked open a new one, look at all the Huang in there Oh Look at that Huang That’s a good chunk – So, then what’d you do, get your- – So, now you just, you get, you can actually just slurp that, just slurp it – I can Oh, good He’s not sure yet (laughing) Or, you can take your chopsticks- Yeah, don’t eat the gills Oh, yeah, go for that – Okay – Yeah – Wow, reminds me of the food egg yolk – Yeah, tastes kinda like an egg yolk, a fatty egg yolk – Texture of an egg yolk, color of an egg yolk, but from the sea – Yeah And next up we’re going for the ultimate, ultimate, God level roast goose You’ll never experience a flavor this delicious And we’re going one on one with Master Chef Liu, who undoubtedly cooks the best, most succulent goose in the entire world Get ready to taste a flavor reserved for the Gods That some how found it’s way to earth Awesome guys and next up, we are on the road We are going on a goose journey We are on the road right now going to Shunde, south of Guangzhou and we are gonna have delicious Cantonese roast goose You guys excited? – Yeah, super excited – Yeah – Should be good And this is it, right up here guys, the best roast goose in Guangdong Oh, and it’s right here, and you can already see em chopping Okay, so, we’re gonna get the char siu, the BBQ pork, the datouhua, the roast goose, and datouhua, the liver of the goose It’s gonna be so good Okay And he’s gonna bring us down to see the roast goose If you remember about a year ago we shot this place Best roast goose in Guangdong It’s gonna be amazing Okay, so we’re gonna try one today (laughing) Look at that That is just amazing

So, what they do here is they load up the fish with tons of soy sauce, and then they sun dry it and you eat it after Look at all that soy sauce – Wow – The best soy sauce Wow, and it’s so cool That’s the thick, that’s the thick Laochou, yeah And then they’re gonna sun dry that – What rice wine, or rice – Vinegar – Rice vinegar – Liquor – Liquor, oh – Something special for you (laughing) – Oh It’s clean, it’s clean So, we’re on the roof now and because the weather is so nice, you just have to dry these fish for one, sometimes two days Oh, look at those Wow And you can see all of these fish right here, just covered in that soy sauce And Chef Lei And you can see there’s just so many here That is incredible And here we go, we’re gonna take a look, at the beautiful roast goose This is the master, he is truly the master of roast goose (laughing) Look at that – Look at the skin – Wow Oh, and look at that oven (laughing) – Look at that Isn’t that amazing – Beautiful, amazing – Wow – The skin is perfectly crispy – And look at that – Whoa It’s just here that makes it like this – How old is this, like, oven? – Oh, 40 years – 40 years – So, he started when he was 16 and now he’s 56 So, he’s done it for 40 years (laughing) – Did he learn from his father? – The master taught him – Oh, the good master – Yeah, the master taught him Oh, and look at that Oh, the skin is bubbling – This is so beautiful, right by the river, too – Yeah And look at the wall, he’s got so many awards for all of his, his delicious food He’s won all the awards here This is it Oh, here we go guys Look at the skin on there Oh, it looks so crispy and perfect And he’s gonna cut it open – Golden – Golden Okay, here we go And the drippings come out Oh, look at that – Wow And here’s the char siu It’s all here So, that’s the BBQ pork – Nice – Oh, look at that Isn’t that beautiful – Just glistening – Glistening (laughing) Wow So, we got the BBQ pork Beautiful, glistening And then we’ve got the roast goose and goose liver There we go guys Oh, look at the magic That is just a steaming goose from heaven (laughing) Oh

Wow Look at that Oh, and it’s just dripping Wow – Whoa – Look at all that juice Look at that Oh, and the most beautiful part is gonna be, the skin and soft meat combo – Goose from heaven – Goose from heaven? – Yeah – Hard to believe I’m from Canada and eating roast goose – Yeah, exactly Oh, yeah, there’s lots of juice and oil in the flesh, in the skin Oh and he’s just gonna put the Datouhua The goose drippings over top of it Oh, doesn’t that look awesome – Amazing – It’s too nice to eat (laughing) – Wow Yeah Okay Let’s try it out Look at that Oh, that is incredible – Oh, the skin is crispy It’s unbelievable Oh, that is just perfect You guys like that – Are you kidding me? – It’s so good right? – So, good – It’s all about the natural flavor of the goose And the crispy skin And now we are gonna make the char siu That is beautiful. Okay, and he’s just gonna put that secret sweet sauce on there Ultra secret sweet goodness And here is the goose liver So, it’s the ultra combo, goose liver and BBQ pork together You can make it kinda like a sandwich BBQ pork, goose liver, BBQ pork And it is so good And we’re just gonna slice that up first Wow, that’s a lot of goose liver And then he’s gonna put the nganjur The goose drippings on top You’ve gotta have the nganur on top Perfect slices He’s just gonna cover it with that secret sauce Oh, it smells like honey Fruity honey Wow (laughing) Look at that Okay, and we got it right here guys The goose liver and BBQ pork Let’s go have it with the family This is gonna be so good The best BBQ pork in the world, right here Here it is Look at that It’s just dripping with that secret sweet sauce – Please tell chef that it was worth flying all the way from Canada just to eat this beautiful goose – He said he’s so happy (laughing) That was so good Amazing That was just the best day ever, guys Thank you to Liu Dat Choi

for showing us that delicious goose And we had the best time with my family and Tseng’s family all together Hope you guys enjoyed the video Make sure to comment down below Click that subscribe button and check out our Tai Hao Lei merch, in the description below Thanks so much, guys – Thanks, bye