Alice In The Country Of Clover: Cheshire Cat Waltz Full Complete Chapter 2 Boris wants a kiss

okay from Phoenix here so welcome at the treasure house balls it’s all in one chapter two it says where we didn’t know when I recorded my videos and stuff I actually record them and upload them and added them all on the same dates they’re actually seen this a couple of like minutes after every pulls together so let’s read chapter 2 pierre brought me to Wunderland against me well I started in the country of hearts everyone is replaceable a new culture off with their heads with killing values and still not used to him there’s always something more bizarre on the corner and I’ve been dreaming for so long I wonder if my older sister is worried mr. matter you’re bummed Boris hmm you’re stressed face is pretty cute though and it’s know from your bum cheer up listen up those shoulders that boy it’s soft how am i feel Dinah hmm what are you doing huh done already it’s my turn man Boris stop let’s tickle it’s just like a real cat stop doing that he’s not a cat he’s human tears and she’s going creepy why are you so uptight about this is fun you can’t just do things because their son Boris sure we can stop trying to be such a good girl Alice everyone here likes you even if you feel it being bad the doors back to normal I shouldn’t have kicked him out like that what if I can’t see him again I just fell from the amusement park which made me really something it wasn’t a part the Kemeny in Wonderland was it then why did I stay boys when I say his name my heart speeds up I remember this feeling from a long time ago no I five sick of love until now everywhere for you Henry it’s art but it’s important to me I’m being too simplistic about this it’s not like me and being weird bits and lonely can you think of that didn’t john-boy so finding me I guess it can do next time next time huh but where’s Boris going to live the emission park is gone now kids know without asking and forest I don’t know if he slips outdoors maybe he’s living alone in town hmm I need a walk to clear my hat maybe the most the town – I better go find out and I kind of person blood forever so I need to think about my future well again going up yeah we’ll need to check out the town I don’t think anything will have changed you look there find pleasure in something no I just picked up my shirts that’s all no I’m sad about the park are we I have to get over it there’s nothing I can do about it I have to focus on my future in this world I’ll be up for a while wait from this wind is unstable after move be careful what sure thanks against the path to the highest did change what do we do I can’t wander around at the Harrison mansion

forever I have to find a job then I can rent a room somewhere yeah I said say hello my heart that’s the overflow wow I was so worried about he might suit I thought he was her only missing part disappeared thank you for worrying but I didn’t want you to find me so you talked me delusional rabbit hon I bet you played hooky from work to look go home and do your job so what is probably mad actually geneticist I need to find ace then go look for him God that legend wasted you’re my priority No thank you for your concern but I’m perfectly fine since the movement of the land I felt if something runs what you can live in her castle huh no Karen take my hand oh god no I said bring you to my love nest I read your mind never get the hint Peter Alice have you forgotten last night my bashful little devil when my heat overcame us and we made in passion what no what are you talking about is he serious ah where do you come from he’s making me up Boris and if I do you heard the girl came out hurt keep keep her out of your delusion Prime Minister delusions they are not illusions I’ve had her in my bed the one inside my head oh good lord he’s been dreaming about his eye serving give it a rest Alice came to the country of clovers to be with me what wait what what you’re a violence you’re inviting mistake Alice has new interesting casts of off the street what what where’s this going what the diplomatic means have failed yeah let’s get to the killing not to worry sweet less I could kill this ugly picture if you don’t stop I hate you not that I like you now and you Boris my love yet just get back to work Peter but I’ll hate you bye sec you can’t take the high road here oh hey I was were you doing in town anyway oh that’s right I want to thank Boris when I saw him again but it’s hard to say that now I uh I want you to the first op what screw that’s no fun if you’re free was pretty no we’re not you’re the one here who have to have duties that’s not true I need a rule in this world too huh Lily really things gonna be anything hi I guess why I’m in restaurant is the owner here yes he’s right here I guess both knows him they’re actually really friendly hey good news Alice huh he says he’ll let you work here is that okay I didn’t even apply it thank you so much no thank you whoa that was a big help a lot of people seem to know you Boris I’m surprised really but I’m a cat I’m always poking my head in places Oh anyway were you doing after this let me take you somewhere well I guess I’m

pretty free now by the way boys where are you staying now in the forest obviously what oh why are you so surprised but that voice is so creepy all those hours and weird doors creepy hmm but the doors talked to me it was really disturbing those doors only talk to people that are lost oh lost I never get lost the doors won’t talk to me which means they’ll never take me to where I want to go you mean those doors can be really convenient they’re connected to places you most want to be but I was where were you trying to go I bet you what hanging some to me I didn’t say that well since we’re here we can go far as I want to say something but I don’t like those doors no worries honest the forest is a big place we’ll find without the spooky things okay you’re right I don’t see any of them here I guess I did rush out of force pretty fast there aren’t enough doors to cover the whole place you said your rest out well things happen every Saint know you were here Boris I’m bullish thank you for earlier thank you for what you getting you that job well sure that you found me too he said you looked for me right after the Mills I want to thank you for that to be honest I feel so much better now I was really depressed with the amusement park but then I woke up and there you were you may clean see he’s gonna do it just easier that’s the same much and then you got me a job now you’re helping me feel better but the forest you’re beautiful you’ve been supporting me since the minute things changed I’ll give you a proper thanks later I don’t need anything like that I’m just tell me cuz I want to that it’s fine I was really I was just worried about you wandering in a room well though I’m still unstable let’s set something about that that’s true it’s true that a lot of the paths of change I’ll have to learn my way around again should I told you huh hey Alice if you really want to thank me I’ll take a kiss how about it stop joking around it’s not funny you think I’m joking I bet I meant I treat you to leave didn’t or something I’d rather because seriously oh you think I’m not serious you’re just eating me but people give thank you kisses all the time it’s no the other thing for the hair of course not and you said you don’t like the old man magically right we’ve really talked about this then prove it to me but why I’m here why not some may come and if it bother you much are killing me but this is that’s even worse then wait then we can do it if we have some privacy no that’s not the problem gotcha what are you doing Boris wait I lost him screeching you’re the one who got expelled the earlier I’ll pick you up the screening guy right so I can touch you if I want what let’s go down and if you mind I can squeak in a kiss you’re not making any sense oh and if you like you squeaking I guess

you’re making no sense huh no she’s your girl now is she try and say that again means Boris don’t you kidding you probably a guard around that pipsqueak it’s weird you’re so defensive but boys are always crawling all over you hey what were you boys she ran off earlier I said he’d be right back then you moved you’ve never said that will you disappear too it’s cool c’mere this way what’s that it’s a part of the Trump national poll right yeah I didn’t think a chick who live is such a giant hole in it are you waiting for let’s come in I guess Oh be careful thank you so Baek I would have loved this when I was little boys never let girls in for their Clubhouse she’s kind of fun it’s tighter than I thought it would be it’s perfect right wait my friends going hey can we do it here right huh do what I want kiss kiss obviously hold on that hurt are you okay it’s pretty tight here don’t still on too much come on and traps here you said you take it on the cheek right or the lips mmm happy now yeah I am boys don’t go crazy on me no quit joking I’m not joking if I let you going you’re gonna run back to the house well I mean I’m living there now I was gonna stay with them for good no it’s just temporary good and you can come live with me hey why do you hate me let’s know what I meant what I mean I love you behind you over down anyone oh boy you never said anything like that before hmm no y-you didn’t feeling that somehow I love you you do Alice I want you to be mine he waits pressing down on me fish strangely sweet I don’t think but I’m a cat a cat back in my world I had Dinah she was really attached to me but if I gave her too much attention she ran away she came to me if you wouldn’t let me hold her boy she’s a cat too if I get too close I don’t want to lose someone some point to me I know how much that hurts I never want feel that way again come with me I wanna be with you mean cats don’t get lonely I’m fine being alone not really but I don’t want you leave

that’s what so we live in me no I can’t right now what I just can’t I mean it’s a question whether I like him or not I think I know the answer and not scares me I’m sorry boys you going back to the harsh place aren’t you damn yeah yeah for now anyway you’re saying I I don’t want to force you or anything but I really want us to be together so can I please don’t look at me like that I wish you’re tired I can connect the door to your room if you need it I’m fine I need a practice there’s new paths and I’d like to see what happened to the cleft her it’s the Tower of clovers now but you’re going to assembly later right assembly maybe nobody told you the leaders of all the territories have to get together from time to time remember the ball in the country of hearts sure it’s like that in covers they open up the assembly I don’t know who decided what do you talk about there sometimes we have an agenda but not always the important thing News came together hey we’re here the tower of liver it’s cute yep it’s way bigger than the top tailor when I go in I’m okay it’s not like a business here anything about the clockmaker yes but not romantically okay before you ask we want that place but I miss him loose in the clock tower like this it’s been using Park all over again should I care about Bob in the blink of an eye hmm I just remembered something huh yeah after address for the assembly this is close or something I didn’t have any business close then we’d better go bison I’ll help you shop well thanks something sexy poor hmm I end up at the Tower of clover I didn’t and that guy’s is the end of chapter two I do hope you enjoy but oh my god I’m going to honestly think you really be distraught really okay so I know lead each chapter and then you know get them up I don’t know when that surface could be up hopefully it’s my tray space the choppers out so you guys are gonna try to protect every day beef sales gonna get another at mine group as well and rebalance of the channels much they can I’m so sorry yesterday and the day before I just wasn’t feeling myself I’m feeling much better today so yeah I’m sure it’s a bit dark it’s we just haven’t had the proper lighting in the UK here because of like it’s been raining a lot lately and I usually the natural lighting from the windows because you know our bulbs in here make everything look yellow so you guys enjoyed this chapter and yeah there will be more chapters on the town I just go space everything out didn’t try to keep everybody happy there will be more Boris hopefully tomorrow can be more chapter kid again bye-bye see you in the next chapter