Whirlwind Girl EP2 | Yang Yang【ENG SUB】Chinese tendy drama | idol drama

The Master must have his reasons Xiao Cao, we have to trust our Master We are all tough wild grasses Such a beautiful place Bai Cao! Bai Cao! I say, why did you disappear? Why are you cleaning again? You cleaned it the day before yesterday, yesterday, and today and you’re still cleaning? Why can’t you rest for just a moment? Say, you’ve been here for so many days and every day you’re up working before the sun rises – It couldn’t be that you’ve turned into “Snail Girl”, right? – No Could it be that I saved you in my past life and now you’re here to repay my kindness? You had better not fall for me. My heart already belongs to Senior Ruo Bai Wow! Xiu Da, did you realised recently our hall is extremely clean? Look! Our uniforms are so clean, they’re gleaming! The carpet is so clean, it’s shining! Even the cobblestone on the pathway is so clean, it’s sparkling! It can even be compared to my, Bai Xi’s, sparkling white skin! That’s right, it’s just like you, completely barren Shut up! Don’t tell me, it’s cleaned by her? Is she new? I’ve never seen her before Qi Bai Cao! You’re Qi Bai Cao from Quan Sheng Martial Hall! This is great, Qi Bai Cao I’ve finally found you Speak. What are you doing at our hall? Did Quan Sheng send you here as a spy? What are you saying? Bai Cao is my classmate, I was the one who invited her to stay at my house. Even Teacher knows about it No way! She absolutely can’t live here! Xiao Ying, the Hall Challenge Matches are just around the corner Quan Sheng knows they’ve no chance of winning, so they sent her over to secretly learn our skills You’re so shameless! Don’t talk nonsense! Oh! Xiu Da She’s that Qi Bai Cao who has been on your mind all day long? Oh, Xiu Da Now I understand. So the one who threw you on the ground the other day was Bai Cao? How could I have missed such an entertaining scene? Let me tell you, Bai Cao has never properly learned Yuan Wu Dao before Your standard is truly making our Song Bai Hall worried Why did we even accept you back then? Enough! She was just lucky. I fell only because I slipped Sorry, what happened the last time was my fault I was too busy chasing Guang Ya and didn’t help you up Help me up? I merely slipped. Stop shedding crocodile tears! Listen, with me around, don’t think about lying your way into here! Qi Bai Cao, come. Let’s properly compete, right now Let everyone see who is truly better! – What are you doing? Are you serious? – Senior Ruo Bai, hello Senior Ruo Bai, hello Do none of you not want to participate in this year’s Hall Challenge Match? Senior Ruo Bai, Qi Bai Cao is a spy sent from Quan Sheng! She must have came to our Song Bai hall to steal our skills and our plans for the Challenge Matches! All of the Yuan Wu Dao Martial Halls in An Yang is under the same family There is no such thing as stealing – A hundred frog jumps – No, I– – Two hundred – She– – Five hundred

Begin training One, two Mommy! What happened to you? Mommy, quickly wake up! Mommy! It’s you. It’s all your fault that Mommy became like this! Guang Ya! Guang Ya! Guang Ya! Xiang Nan I am here, I am here Xiang Nan, tell me Did you take a stimulant? Did you? Husband, Xiao Ying, come and eat Coming! It’s dinner time! We’re eating dumplings today Let’s try it! Quick, come eat! Dear, I must compliment you Today’s dumplings tastes good and looks good Really? Aren’t those the ones I made in the past also dumplings? Were the dumplings I made in the past fed to pigs? Pssh Let me tell you, today’s dumplings were made by Bai Cao Bai Cao is so talented! – Eat more! – Bai Cao, tell me how are you so talented Look at you, you should learn from Bai Cao You only know how to eat Mmm, it’s nice. It’s really tasty! Don’t speak when you are eating Bai Cao, try your own dish Bai Cao, truth be told, your dumplings taste really good Who did you learn it from? I’ve finished making one Bai Cao is so good! Your Master loves these dumplings the most Breaking news, during yesterday’s World Yuan Wu Dao Championships, the Champion Qu Xiang Nan, was found to have taken large amounts of anabolic steroids before the competition Currently, the committee has taken back the trophies and medal The Committee may indefinitely suspend his Yuan Wu Dao practice and teaching qualifications Reporting from An Yang News Aunt, what’s wrong with you? Mom, what’s going on? It’s good, eat more Come, eat the dumplings Bai Cao, eat more Bai Cao? Bai Cao? Eat! You should eat up Eat the dumplings while theyr’e hot Go on Uncle, Auntie, Xiao Ying My dumplings can I pack it up? Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall Master Master I’m Bai Cao If you don’t want to see me,

can you at least listen to what I say? I want to tell you, I’m staying in Xiao Ying’s house now Her parents treat me very well It made me think of the past when I was with you and your wife That day, did I really do something wrong? But you said before, people who practise martial arts have to distinguish right from wrong I have never forgotten Master’s words Can you tell me where I went wrong? I will change You didn’t do anything wrong I was the one who was wrong It’s because of me that you were unable to learn well Master I brought food for you It’s your favourite dumplings When your wife was still around, she often made these for you Do you still remember? Eat on time. Drink less alcohol I will come by often to bring you food When you’re willing to talk to me, then open the windows I will wait until you are willing to talk to me When I’m not around, let it accompany you Master, I’m going Get ready! One Two Five – Do you like Yuan Wu Dao? – Yes Can you tell me why you want to learn? You guys look very cool when you are practicing I think if I were as talented as you guys, that night when I was around, I could have saved Dad and Mom Child, don’t cry Kick! Hai! Hai! Hai! Bai Cao, not bad! You’re better than me when I was younger Kick! Hai! Bai Cao Hai! Bai Cao, I think if you like Yuan Wu Dao so much, you should find a new Master and learn again I already have a Master I only have one Master Hai! Hai! I’ll go off first Hai! Qi Bai Cao!

You’re still telling us you’re not a spy? What are you doing here again? It’s all because of you that I fell the other time. Not only did you not help me up, today you even got me scolded by Senior Ruo Bai And, I was punished to do 500 frog jumps! You jinx! No wonder you got chased out of Quan Sheng Let me tell you, no matter how much you practice in secret, Quan Sheng still wouldn’t let a jinx like you back in If you said this in the morning, you might get punished with another 500 frog jumps Stay there! Don’t move! It’s all because of you. Everyone is laughing at me for losing to a woman No matter how much I explain to them that I fell on accident, they still wouldn’t believe me Fine, let’s have a competition Qi Bai Cao, I officially challenge you Why are you standing there? You’re standing there like a bamboo shoot. What’s the meaning of that? I said I want to challenge you! Are you deaf? I won’t fight This is not fighting It’s a competition If this is a competition, then wait until I return to Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall before you challenge me to a competition upfront Fighting in secret like this, there is no spirit of Yuan Wu Dao I didn’t fight with you the previous time and I will never fight with you even in the future Haha, Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall will never ever accept you back I will go back! Nope, no way I will! No, no, no, no, no! Qi Bai Cao, let me tell you, even if you run to the gate of Quan Sheng Martial Arts Hall now and kneel until you die, still, no one will want you. Everyone won’t want you! Are you angry? She’s angry! Move away, move Come on, today I must teach you a lesson on behalf of Song Bai Come on! Don’t stay there like a statue Get into your attacking stance Come on, Bai Cao Come on, I’ll let you hit me Remember, Yuan Wu Dao is not to be used to fight someone out of anger Qi Bai Cao! Qi Bai Cao, don’t pretend to be dead. Hurry up and get up! Bai Cao! Bai Cao! What’s wrong? You scared me! Why didn’t she try to dodge at all? Bai Cao, Bai Cao! Qi Bai Cao! Oh no, oh no, hurry go get the senior You’re in deep trouble! Is it a dream? Is it you? Even if reality wakes me up, this little life, the more tranquil, the more you can’t underestimate Is it a dream? Is it you? That pair of youthful, blazing eyes No longer avoiding my beating heart, even in the dark I’m wide awake Where is this? You’ve woke up? Are you feeling better now? Don’t move so much

Drink some water first He’s so gentle Why do I feel close to him? What’s wrong? Nothing Where is this? Why am I here? Yesterday, you were injured. I brought you back to take care of your injuries Luckily you weren’t heavily injured. Does your head still hurt? It’s much better now You. Are you a doctor here? I guess I’m considered to be one You can call me Chu Yuan Senior Chu Yuan? Fine, you can call me Senior Chu Yuan My name is Qi Bai Cao Thank you, Senior Chu Yuan Bai Cao? It’s a name full of vitality That’s why despite receiving such a huge blow yesterday, you still could recover so fast Let me see again Yesterday, when Xiu Da kicked you, why didn’t you dodge his kick? Teacher said before that Yuan Wu Dao is not to be used to fight someone out of anger You are a person with principles Bai Cao! Qi Bai Cao! Someone’s looking for me I better go now Thank you, Senior Chu Yuan Be careful Did you get hurt? I planted so many of this plant, but none of them bloomed if I continue planting this, it may end up the same as the rest No worries Bai Cao! I’m sorry, I’ll leave first Bai Cao! Xiao Ying! I’m here! Bai Cao! – Bai Cao! – Xiao Ying I finally found you! Hey! What happened to your head? – No, wait, you even have a gauze on! – I’m really fine Aiya, you had me worried to death, did you know that? I didn’t see you in bed last night, so I thought maybe you were secretly practicing your martial arts and was coming home late But, only during training did I learn that Xiu Da actually attacked you sneakily and made you faint from his kick! Now the whole academy thought something happened to you and everyone is looking for you What? Then, we better hurry back Let’s go – Qi Bai Cao – Qi Bai Cao! Qi Ba Cao Hey, here! I’ve found her Qi Bai Cao, since you’re fine, hurry and follow us back Because of you, Teacher is going to send Xiu Da to another Martial Arts Academy! Come on, let’s go Teacher Teacher, I was wrong I won’t dare to do it again Please, I beg you, don’t chase me out It can’t be. Is Teacher really going to chase Xiu Da out? Please, I beg you Teacher, Xiu Da did it on impulse Can you just let him off? Yes, can you forgive him this once, Teacher? I will look over him next time Practicing Yuan Wu Dao, it’s not for you guys to bully the weak and use it offensively! Xiu Da, you should go – Teacher, please – Teacher, I was wrong! If this was a personal challenge, then I could probably let it go

But you attacked someone sneakily, despite the person’s refusal You’ve violated Yuan Wu Dao’s most basic ethic Get out! Teacher! He didn’t sneak up and attack me! Hall Master, Xiu Da did not sneak up and attack me Before he placed the kick, he already told me and I heard him So, he didn’t sneak an attack on me You don’t mind that he kicked you and hurt you? No matter if I cared he hurt me or not, he did not sneak up on me That’s the truth Teacher, since Xiu Da did not attack sneakily, you should consider not kicking him out Accept Qi Bai Cao’s leniency and let him make it up to her Xiu Da, you can stay But, it’s only because this woman is magnanimous Just based on this alone, you’re incomparable to her How should you be punished? Ruo Bai, you should arrange it The Martial Arts Hall Challenge Matches are about to begin All of you gather your energy! Ruo Bai, training cannot stop Understood Come over and practice Thank you, Qi Bai Cao! Xiu Da really did sneak an attack on you, right? It’s because you’re soft-hearted that you lied for him I didn’t lie Xiu Da is very fortunate, he has so many comrades to plead for him As for me… I was chased out of the academy by my own comrades Forget about it In the future, you’ll have me, Fan Xiao Ying, looking after you