CanadaGoose Plays A Galactic Conquest Part 9: Victory in Sight!!!

hello everybody welcome back to canada goose placed a galactic time quest part 9 i am here to uh well give you the last episode that i’ll be making for the month of May I’m going on vacation though I don’t think any of you guys do that but I am an actual vacation this time not just making videos for you guys tie squadron here so what’s going on I need to refill yer eyes myself well that’s going on three four five six up seven planets left Wow one two three four five six construction the six construction we’re not Hilary just six planets left until the Empire controls the galaxy that is awesome alright I am going to try to build you guys a Death Star just for fun building started except I think the only place I can build it would be thing ma which has a struggle to space station so we’re gonna have throwing to fast forward for a little bit construction in build up the Imperial and army for calling soldiers unit in production 8080 ready construction Ahram online I know some of you want me to do another galactic conquest after this and I am more than willing to do it ok so i’m not gonna place the Empire again just that seems too repetitive to me so in the comments if us TV plays an or rebel let me know I will play either I’ve never really played with the rebels in the absolute corruption mod although I give it my best shot beginning construction building started yes building started or constructing unit auxiliary watch my books in chrome fighter so you guys don’t hear a term in production I don’t even know what why the cinematic mode in the Galactic hand cause mouth seems a little cool hmm yeah this is one of my favorite games growing up star wars empire or once I discovered mods for it it became instantly better to go nothing wrong with a few mods here in their beginning construction come on ma I want my death star I’ll even pay full price for it cuz i know you guys want to see me use a death star that kind of want to use one too I wasn’t gonna build one in the comments I was a filled this probably a good idea do i do it just for fun so I need to go we’re gonna do it beginning construction right well that’s happening cuz actually will use that the space battle we are going to finish second Korriban everywhere we’ll see how that goes for us probably pretty for a living Tommy took her ha nagar i’m sorry i have no idea what I’m even saying someone needs to slap me in the face with a wet you wet too wet noodle or tuna either would work spook the living daylights out of me that supplies nothing wrong with smacking around a goose yeah there is there’s a lot of bar there’s a lot wrong with the instruction country why is your I fun traveling with me ready to go all right we’re gonna click takeover hanniger and then we will unleash the Death Star hopefully probably start building it and then this cut to when it’s done and we’ll go from mark we’ll see you i’m going to try to keep this a short episode a little bit over 30 minutes give or take so i’ll have to do some editing of constructing the nester but i won’t do anything off-screen battle wise for you guys i think i would ruin is your reinforcements there’s no one’s complained about me not showing them all the action where are my eight EST is on my way in putting together under way on my way in putting coordinates this planet is at risk of falling into the hands of the rebel that’s right mount a defense that will

send them crawling back into their holes yeah back in the holes can I do get back in the holes you rebel oh right yes sir all this planet looks awesome this planet was the unfortunate victim of a accident during the cone oars we figured an enemy where it was the scouting polluted oh my goodness what are those things ready awaiting orders on my way always ready sir you’re always ready I doubt it it’s impossible to be always hurt yeah it’s Sean dark troopers not you I’m gonna butcher their name that filigree something like that yeah i butchered their name but that’s right construction complete oh yeah go Imperial on juggernaut we are gonna take this planet in the name of the Empire and I did have some flak change so we’ll be okay the blue is a couple of 80 s DS I should thought for a second that they shot down their own snowspeeders area yeah go 80 s DS revolting it bombers standing by what do they think they’re doing initiate those tanks need to be bombed you’re gonna palm them back to the early days target the galactics of war well it’s like they know I’m coming you have a feeling they knew I was coming because they’re cheaters yeah do that d gauging crushing the roses a quiet let’s go what in the heck are they even shooting us with I said this is the game with ultra week-long series rides away you destroyed your to destroy it wouldn’t be in unit 2 sure where the Empire with his truck moving out unit destroy show that c4 Becky a slaughter of t4b tank with what’s going on yeah it exploded because it’s been a good thing he wants to behave today and not make me angry these things probably increased my blood pressure more likely than not yeah let’s bring some flat a stone we need them I read you sir over you destroy we’re on it month snowspeeders play with us awake before

fall out Lord you’ll play with the flag thanks a key permit available in my sights more my copy yes yes today is my lucky day we’re ready I’ve got deal with my flesh our base is under attack yeah come play with the Flex Hanks they you know they want to play why are we so zoomed out you know play with him slow speeders yeah he exploded get him get him kill those rebels yes today is my lucky day what did I still have a few troops left oh no enemy spotted all styles yes let’s get off we yes yes that was like the easiest land battle ever guys much better than episode 8 or are we lost so many Imperial troop really lose any troops system control achieved whiffle these planets and we don’t need to forcibly recruit anybody if beginning construction but that’s so much fun being started making people work against their will so with us back into fast forward and hopefully we’ll get the level five Space Station student on the moth Construction complete construction my MA ready to go yeah the mocking built some really cool stuff ties quadron here bikini awesome shin I love taking over the mall construction company because it’s just a space cattle it’s not a way in bed leader Oh Boba Fett’s back everybody’s healed alright let’s see what’s going on here construction country seventy five thousand dollars for the Death Star to death star construction has begun is crazy nine minutes I squadron alright guys I’m just gonna cut to when it’s done I will show you what that looks like when it’s done okay okay certain i’ll see you guys in about nine minutes hey guys welcome back the desk there’s about 10 seconds out and we are ready to rumble we’re gonna take this dust are over destruction to Yavin 4 we are going to give it a spin sadly enough we will not need the Super Star Destroyer anymore sadly enough but we will be taking a second praetor with us for fun moving to the organs hello sucky I was at the sovereign yeah i guess i left the eclipse at hunter ger alright guys this is my impression of how the Battle of Yavin 4 showed up lines this is where the Empire got it all wrong in episode 4 i’ll talk about that in a second once the battle starts now you guys know Yavin 4 actually isn’t even at the planet it’s like a moon of the planet the planet Yavin was the son thing is a gas giant I’m guessing oh a technical battle eminent I’m so scared I only brought a Death Star with me so yeah that’s pretty cool oh yeah the Massassi warriors the supposedly sif awake yeah this is the planet Yavin that’s the full that’s you happen for those little moon things is that supposedly orbit system dispatch them so that we can secure orbit for the Empire yeah whatever you say enemy base will be in range in one minute see the sea when the during the battle of episode 4 they were not on the same side of the planet Yavin the death star was on the other side was waiting for you havin four to come around Oh at the Empire shredded on was his blasted this and then blasted the planet again why did their stupid let’s

wait for a full rotation or destroyed no no one said the Empire was particularly smart numbers employers from being range in 30 seconds 30 seconds until we get to unleash the Death Star yeah this will be awesome by the way Amy base will be in range in 15 oh if we zoom in we can see the dead death lil the star number one what’s up with that enemy base will be in range in five seconds five-second the enemy enemy base in range Star Destroyer reporting in tie squadron alright so I’m just here to get the fleet moving a little bit and then we are going to unleash the Death Star run you havin four awaiting recreate a new home report it or would that be a new death I don’t want in your oldest all right let’s sit back and watch go Death Star to bigger and better than the first steps fire and that pressure wave looks like it would have just exploded everything in this battle attack formation yeah that’s awesome yeah we pretty much already won I think I’m going to cut this episode after this battle I just wanted to give you guys a short episode before I went up north I don’t have that much time leaving in about three hours and I still actually have to go do some shopping falling out not related to the trip but just for me and I still have to render it out to this video should be up sometime this weekend say they should like like this hopefully I mean who doesn’t look like that start and like ninety percent of the rebel blowing up realistically you can see the space station in this game now you can the driest occur supposedly is hidden by the fog of war although fog of war and space doesn’t technically exist if things are on the same client come on coming around get uptight offenders they were target oh he gets a missile bullets back more people i’m dan johnson cruiser reporting intercepting a way to stay in formation are you get tired venture forever is I mean all these units was very unfamiliar to me even though I know what they do let’s kill obi-wan Kenobi again pretty sure we already killed Emily songs target priority is the lazy but it’s old Ben yeah I want to know how this works and why you can’t do it all the time like the blue shield thing I’m pretty sure that’s just cheating batteries online it was like super charging your shields or something p equal

well I want the person that made this game to explain that one to me oh yeah we’re just crushing the rebels as always exhausted nothing new there the rebels have vista victim of poor strategy and bad AI reported we’re moving out no escape for you now Ackbar it’s a trout I know it’s a trap ackbar that’s why you’re dying you got caught in the trap and there’s no escape this time there’s no shield generator to destroy the forest moon of Endor I think you’re gonna dehydrate space now Ackbar there is our target star destroyer standing by time to kill rebels star destroyer reporting in I like the five other planets they own attack formation bomber squadron report missile boats let’s go die squadron standing ready for orders setting up my rocks go after this all right we got those it was never a doubt in my mind yes come on de bois Durkin just come on Frasier let’s go I think it would be really cool to be on a spaceship like this taking fire one that’s like giant pizza slice in space of course we’ll never see that in our lifetimes we are victorious alright guys I think this is going to wrap up part 9 I just wanted to show off the power of the Death Star for you guys and while i’m gone i do have a question to ask you guys if you guys would like to see me use the Death Star more let me know in the comments section I will be checking up on that when i get back on monday today is thursday so you guys have a couple days to leave me some comments about what you want me to do Joe way to finish them all off with land battles or a mix of that modesta let me know we got four battles left until this galactic conquest is over alright guys if you liked canada goose poison elect the Galactic conquest part 9 reporting it please rate comment and subscribe and as always I will see you guys in part time