Amnesia Gameplay – PART 2: The First Sight of a MONSTER!

hello Larry salon on 21 and we’re continuing with amnesia gameplay videos this is the part 1 and last time I got stuck around here with these things and with all the books and stuff I had a little hint that i should be moving some of the books or something to get forward in the game I’m not entirely sure about that but I guess we’ll try and oh look at that yeah it’s all this shelf I have to get past oh that’s cool so let’s try and get past this bit ah try to push it somehow or what do I do with it throw things at it maybe I don’t know that won’t do much but uh I do have to get past this somehow but how hmm i don’t have to go around do I let’s check it out over here I’m pretty sure i should go the other way now this isn’t the way in it is behind the shelf that I have to get to well I can try and run this shelf as much as I want but I don’t think it’s going to move in any direction no it’s been moved from here why can I not push it well yeah I’m completely suck with this bit here damn bookshelf no seriously anything I can do to move it or that looks out of place I can’t track it out what is with this some sort of lever thing for that all hang on any other books like that aha I I don’t know if this is doing anything photo hmm it’s kind of dark here I’m pretty sure there’s something about these books there’s no other books so that’s those three I have to work with or something do that I do have to pull them in certain on order or what is that aha here we are yeah it had to be in a certain order by hey we’ve moved on finally it took some time but we’re here now there’s some sort of key oh yeah with that wine cellar right um anything around here check the Wardrobe nah um now there’s nothing here I think I’ll just check these the true drawers of the desk and with this somewhat real quick

archive so I do think that I had to go back and get to that wine cellar place don’t think that’s gonna be anything more in this room ya know I’ve got I’m just going to go back now and we’re gonna head over to the wine cellar if I remember how to get there ah you wanna get my lantern out I forgot how to do that oh yeah I have to press us or so I thought hang on how do I fill it up with oil where we are well also I did get some feedback from feedback from my first impression of manisha video and I was like you know bad thing what I’ve been doing I’ve been wasting a lot of oil which I shouldn’t do so I’m gonna try and avoid doing that all the time and just use it when needed in the dark parts matches always useful that’s just some boxer I’m in book whatever ah nothing there and only more books right so we need to get back I totally forgot how to do that I need to go here okay ah did I check these before I think I may have done yep ah we need to find a wine cellar where was that place I’ve been here before holy [ __ ] oh my god oh god what was that okay um yeah I think I had to unfortunately go the same direction as that a person went um I really don’t want to turn off my lantern now I’m hearing things oh god am I supposed to go where’s the wine cellar oh yeah ice liking hits overhead an entrance hall move it on oh god what’s going on oh [ __ ] what’s going on oh oh god I’ve run out of oil I run out of oil got done it right well I think I had to go this way don’t I know I don’t nice wrong way I’m hearing things again was it this way oh yeah over here down here and we go through ah use the key here we are oh my god i’m going to be screwed oh god nice really dark I need to light up something really badly um okay over here thanks God get my sanity up a little bit I need to find Oriole oh [ __ ] all of that oh [ __ ] okay I’m not liking this what happened

oh that’s not a way out anymore I’m just gonna check if there’s anything behind this Christ but I don’t think so that damn i need oil I need light here we are and nothing uh right so where am I to go right now I kind of got blocked in cuz that thing came down hi look at that I can move this okay let’s try and get them up from in front of the door they got kind of failed our though all right push here we are let’s get this out of the way as well we’re getting there we’re gonna come on strawman here we go god dammit need to move this a little bit okay there we go now I think I may be able to open it here we are yep i still need oil though holy crap I’m just being paranoid now I thought I thought I saw something but it was nothing Christ made me jump out of my skin for no reason as well oh [ __ ] what’s with these trails I’m going to just move out everything a little bit see if I can find any oil because that would be useful I don’t like the darkness at all now there’s nothing though I’m screwed I’m so screwed also do i go here this thing won’t open oh god I’m sorry enemy near me or something oh my god hey I do have oil what am I on what okay i didn’t know that i do have all after all this whole time I’ve been worrying about oil i do still have some left I’m out of matches though that’s not good there’s something bad not just perhaps I’m gonna need this

or something to climb on here we are um some not just we have to look more of those I’m more of oil well did I check everything now here I don’t know I’m hearing things oh my god I’m scared I don’t want to run out of oil okay i still have decent amount by even so I really need need to find more hmm oh I can increase my health with this thing that I just picked up where do i see my health though wonder am I good with that i think i might be so this oh my god hi to me hide me oh my god is not even nighttime it’s not like I’m playing this in the middle of the day but i’m still like scared I don’t want to see those things oh god I think I had to go this way anyway because I’ve cleared out that place here right things oh my god this anyway this is false carry all of a sudden than it was in the first impression gameplay video that i made didn’t have too much happening then okay um I’m not entirely sure where I had to go now but um I know why do I keep hearing things oh my god [ __ ] okay well I guess I’m coming to the right place unfortunately I really am i hesitating about opening this door Oh God you what is all this I really should try and learn to save the oil more bottle I’m afraid to go without it not choose fair enough um it’s nothing much over here in this room lots of blood stains and guts and everything around us not very lovely anyway we’re going to move on and I’m gonna save the oil a little bit right

now read this letter quickly somewhat yeah okay that’s a lot of about the past I guess just no break you know reading things anything in here nope it’s just a crate all these things coming out of me like a my pleading or why is it my pleading seriously I think I might be I’ll be fine for now I’m not gonna drink the thing that I got not yet ah where do I have to go I think I’m going to continue from here in the next game play episode I don’t really want to make all too long gameplay videos I have couple that our way along that shouldn’t probably be so I’m just gonna keep this kind of you know shorter than the couple previous ones oh my god yeah i just noticed those anyway as I was saying I’m going to keep these a little shorter ones so I’m gonna leave the gameplay video here and continue the next time keep on watching my videos guys like comment subscribe you know with any of it highly appreciated as usual and thank you bye bye