Line of Sight #2 P2: The Best and Last Men

and I’m sorry I had a power outage so what was part two is now going to be part 2 we’re gonna do this I promise you that um forever reason the all power went out it was like a power surge so luckily everything came back up I got all our guests back in the lobby and we’re going to Rick hammer through this yet that’s what we do so going to that and all right guys were once again back live so let’s start this over and let’s do it properly I’m going to we’re going to talk about how the title update and the new command list gametypes play out and how they affect ordinance is so let’s just start with you know Loomis Kingslayer how is it like affects a new meta game of reach I think it a is immediately boost the killing power of the individual it makes it mean if you play announced theater for secular 50 Bloom was setting to you you know that’s an immense amount of multi kills and a lot a lot of empowerment is to just like even an average player can do so much sometimes if you cancel positioning right it’s barely a completely different style of halo but it’s for the better um I think that we’re going to see a lot of really really good like consistent players you know really started to step up that they have every maybe an opera you’re gonna see some flashy player step up but I think people who have just like this good overall shots and good smarts that have been around the game for a while really impressed Anna and I think that a new bloom also just allows for a lot of like creativity map wise we’re really we have to start building math around balloon or in the Forge community because you know the DMR has these bad ranges close range it’s not that bad long range is good but the mineral battle range were you know standing vs pacings an option it was terrible now it’s great at every range and I think that you know mass can really start to show their true potential and that and that it is a great part about my book absolutely I finish man you want to elaborate on your opinions just for buying Oakland with whatever you know damage settings I was planning on I’ve already became addicted to that aspect of halo again whereas like no clue it’s just like her violence bloom I’m just you know you know trying to like get through it you know just get it over with pretty much but hey it is enhance the gameplay for the better like I said like it rewards smart players for better positioning not bad players that you did you know outsmart and d up one of the time that you know have loom to randomize the now come with the guilt I mean up I think it’s a lot better it no I hope that I’m going to play this soon as possible hopefully maybe by championships if not you know had to wait for next for next season um if you think you’ve any ideas or thoughts on this yeah um somewhat I played and I screamed like a lot is oh it’s definitely an obvious changed for the best but like with the settings area claiming all we’ve been transferring like Russia that MLG settings and although it’s like really good right now with no bloom I think there’s a couple key changes that need to happen when I’m MLG comes out with an old blue version like for example my shield recharge rate it’s got to be increased because the amount of time that you’re sitting there just waiting for your shields to recharge like it’s just way too long what’s how fast the game players become its outer portion yeah exactly so like from the point you get shot and stopped it taking damage and the point you begin recharging your shields is six point three seconds and that’s not that’s not adjustable in reach it wasn’t halo 30 but on what we can adjust now is how fast your shields actually recharge like when they do start recharging and right now ed default it takes 2.8 seconds from no shields to full shield and I think if you set the percentage to 125 percent or one fifty percent it’s going to help out the either the gameplay just because players going to be able to get back into action and you know it’s just

always those seconds that gets shaved off with players sitting back is where we going to help the game out other than that I think the custom powerup isn’t anywhere near as useful as it was like whistlin we’re big enough to rethink for custom or find an alternative other than that what the noble DMR does is like I think they need to bring back some close quarter weapons just because it seems like the DMR’s just overpowering on like all ranges so I think you need to create that hierarchy of weapons so come on yeah the shotgun or the plasma rifle just something that’s places it all keepers although you know the DMR is nice to have no berm quit killing wiping with a highlighter flyers you got it no you got to have these weapons right place up the gameplay so when I enter what I agree with the shield recharge like bacon back a flank I come as a no close games I played like I’ll get chopped once or twice and I have to wait so long for poking out if not you get finished so quickly because I was fun today at hearts now so I figured this I think that now that we uh yeah it’s a complete opposite like six to what we had with sprint sprint we had that uh that longer on rechargeable now yeah we definitely want people to be able to get in that fight again quicker rather than maintain the damage they had before like sprinting away i think possibly um I think yeah we definitely need the shield recharge is something that has been overlooked I think so far in testing I’ve been i boosted up to 125 at a CJ’s advisory and it’s played really well it really has and we also to Kemp for the cuff and power up in fours we’ve been playing with it on three hundred percent damage resistance and you know it sounds really strong and it is in like a 1d one constant Mario but with the on the right map if it’s you know not like maybe not a countdown it may be a little dopey because it’s not this much game shot but with multiple people really is still melt off to you pretty pretty easily i think it’s fairly similar to the advantage you got from like custom in halo 3 barely but yeah there is some balance things they have to go around and i think a plasma rifle is something that could be definitely used sounds like a 22 volts and a beat down your button right we’re kind of similar into the plasma pistol but it’s got a little bit more like a tiger and come out maybe we can use it I’m not sold on the shotgun necessarily but probably just left my donut ideas what would the PDS plate it might actually be balanced we don’t know yet you know this seems to be more diverse yeah or dog vs davis well they are certain elevate yeah as well especially when I’ll there was no bloom not that anyone used the needle rifle really on the pro circuit or anything but it was a good backup weapon just in case you ran out of animal in your DMR but with a new no bloom it just becomes completely useless so we need something to expand the sandbox baby arm one thing there wasn’t brought up though and i’ve been wondering this as well we need to bring back health regen and i know it sounds a little bit weird because we’re so used to playing without it now all but with the fact of the matter is most of the time you’re getting a head shot that it goes along with the shield recharge so longer you’re out of battle and unless you can do so i disagree i don’t think we need to bring back health recharge I think no health recharge is good well I’m not in full but just to wish like quarter area like it was a default reach no I don’t even feel that that’s necessary I feel like that you can if you take a sniper bullet and dia marble in the body and barely escaped you should be week you should be on that red bar hell and I mean I know you probably charge back up to about half health in that scenario but I think past battles so to have an effect on your your future battles unless you go out of your way to get a health pack I don’t think any weekend if you get week that should definitely be something that keeps you we can and future dials yeah yeah I think a better alternative to like increase earth returning that help recharge back to like what it was I think a better alternative is just to have more health packs on the net that you know for most movement when your week so I think that’s just a better alternative yeah I think I think he’ll text your little underutilized right now I think that um you just have no chance for get there is just mobile now with no bloom there’s no chance really to a steep anymore you just kind of have to

get to the point where you have to put up a fight now and it’s all day now you know I mean you can still be walking along and get shot a few thon you know I an awesome yeah i understand it but I’m just saying that and I’m not to be sold on having a returning I’m just bringing up as a point of the page for those in the chat but uh having it returned and having it like super slow wouldn’t be necessarily a bad thing I mean if you’re already waiting for your shields to recharge you know there’s you know I it will retire going to a point it’s not like full health regeneration it’s going to return to it’s like three bars if you’re down to one bar health which is still one DMR bullet to kill you so I mean just that little bit of difference might be the difference between a grenade killing us certain ranging in actions yeah well I still think I like it really only affects the grenades in the sniper or body shot is really the only because those are the only thing strong enough to relieve need true into health immediately so if you’re on when one red bar house here you wonder you’re going to die to both those what I feel like that’s a good thing if you say you are in a battle and you and your opponent 1v1 you both pop each other shields and you kill him and then you turn to run down the corner and you get two shots put in your back and you’re down to Red House your advantage in that situation if you didn’t die you were close but you didn’t die so you didn’t give up your life to the other team now the disadvantages they did that damage to you and that damage and stay there and you should have to play differently as a result of that battle then if you had you know totally annihilated the other guy you were playing out stripped him and five Tim and he only got three shots in demagogy then you significantly Oh played your opponent and that allows you to have a better position whereas your opponent also played well with you and you guys kind of created damage you were better you won the battle but you still have to play differently because of how much damage he did to you well I’m going to refer this the best man because you know he is the pro player um what do you think on this situation I mean do you play any differently when you’re low health versus full health or do you play relatively the same I mean relatively just saying just for the fact that I don’t utilize the health pack I don’t think anyone does unless you’re there and they’re like sell it you know you’re trapped and apply if you don’t get the red bar that go got the help by meet you you’re like trying to make moves and stuff you you just just do it though I don’t know I it really it’s all different situations disadvantages and advantages both sides I’m whatever yeah I just think that we could we could stand to have a couple more house bags out there because I’m hell it’s not a thing where you’re like oh ok let’s go out of your way you know slightly to get a health back to get that extra advantage it’s so circumstantial that a lot of times you have to just happen to be by a health pack and you know I just really wish we could throw an extra couple everyone so well you know they have it a little bit more of a factor I feel like it’s something that we could use a little bit but um I don’t understand what it took it out at the top of countdown yeah I mean that makes perfect answer me like to have it up there you know yeah well right now most of the house packs if not all of them are either in the in one of the bases or in your opponent’s base so if you’re a mid nap trying to control the map and you are weak health and you want to go back and get a house pack you either have to go back to your base or push into their base if you can’t stay in the middle of the map and controlling it and still get a house back it’s like saying if if mid ship was in this game would you want a health pocket paint to maybe carcery that’s true yeah I understand what you’re saying there I just feel that um like fake Stella’s maybe a health back on the streets maybe doesn’t have to be like perfectly in the middle like maybe on countdown but i feel that also s3 is not the biggest like power position or anything the hold I think that s 3 is more of a transition um well that’s more I feel as how the map has developed since it was first put on the circuit how the net page if you watching I remember watching really really early games right as the game came out on countdown countdown Slayer and it was always people playing like really towards the top trying to control the top as if it was like countdown but the map is sort of evolved I feel good like it’s just because of the lack of

sidelines on s3 there I just don’t feel like s 3 s 3 usually is only really useful to me if it’s during a flag run to drop down something or you know like that but really I just I feel like p to the PCO example is like that this empowers vision is being held in an incredibly important and p3 there I mean I s3 on countdown is just like you know it’s not exactly something that you know people are going to be there you know and in today’s the transfer area hell yeah help backs up I don’t know that it doesn’t need to be exactly in the middle maybe like on tonights Prairie and a health pack over on health bag and maybe one on peachtree how no big places I feel like they should be emphasized tomorrow look how effects are expecting an omelet hash marks then Oh spring oh oh boy first one was going to say this in there sa this for the record in you in my opinion with formulas in each to say I agree I am also pro sprint I’m it depends on how many shots who takes to tell if it’s five shot kill I think no strength is the way to go and if it for shot killed then sprint is better but I’m still gonna how I feel about it I gotta play more of a full check it was spent he’s lying choose one more letter well are you are you know sprint Imperial or last miss all those who is a I’ll say that with no bloom and the amount of shots and the kill plans that are happening I think 120 speed is a necessity yes it does have a negative impact on the street but you know what the street stuck in this game anyway um I think 120 is needed to have a healthy amount of shops in this to create a skill gap I think a lot of people realize that I think it’s to be absolutely tested like that so that being said on 120 speed I originally thought sprint could be okay because the kill time increase really negated a lot of bad things of sprint I didn’t feel people were sprinting out of battles I didn’t feel that people were escaping punishment like that and all and I thought that it could work I just am not i’m not exactly sure on because 120 Sprint’s pretty damn fast i’m not exactly sure what the effects are going to be at the top level on on the map positioning on that and what it’s going to be like either for shot or five shops with one point spreads it could be disastrous or it could be minimal what as of right now i’m gonna have to say 120 notes credits definitely the best way to go in my experience 110 to me is just out of the question i feel that you just hit an obscene amount of shop and i think we need that gap and reach especially with with the easy aiming and I’m gonna have to go 120 on this print and I’ll go against you guys all that all day you know it but uh I’m not as against sprint on 120 with no bloom as I was with 110 speed with bloom I’ll put it that way well my thing is if we do go with no sprint 120 then obeyed it has to go jetpacking Jacobi the only armor ability to stay in jennette okay this guy at the vate has to go if you take from dota blows oh it’s just too powerful when the other players on the map can’t like basically the player with evade is always added advantage they can always choose when they want add the battle they can always escape they can always engage as favorable time and they can move across the map significantly faster than anyone else and it’s just it’s just really overpowered with without strength it’s like if one player got a custom power up that lat give you one extra layer filled it just lasted forever I mean obviously that’s a bit of heaven Utley and there’s me but it’s just too much of an advantage to overcome without sprint and I really really really like the positives that evade brings to this game it’s part of the reason I’m Pro sprint on the other hand I don’t think 20 20 is enough of a speed increase to warrant no sprint like I mean there are still areas on the map that are too big that on a pro level could like make the maps slow down to a standoff like Long Haul on the pit you’re much less likely to push down long haul if you don’t have sprint if you decide to try and poke down long haul you can you can transition through that area much faster and you you do have a potential route of escape if that isn’t the perfect choice and it really helped speed up the paces than that and

if you don’t have sprint I feel like you’re right in saying that it they’re not mutually exclusive you can have 120 cricket is not out of the question and but with that said I still don’t feel that the sprint is is healthy on the gameplay I think that countdown will no longer be delighted and we talked about this last podcast it will no longer be blighted by sprint as much because kills will be happening faster you’re not going to have those half-filled guys or you know know she’ll guys running away I don’t think it will be at that debt and I will not be pissed off or anything if they keep sprint I just feel that the natural flow of 120 speed is not a bad thing at all and I don’t think that we should be in a rush to include strength just that just to have more factors in there you know there’s places I just want to say I think this is physics guarding progress on one misses ok Frank yeah I don’t want to sound like I’m stuck in the moment or anything but I played on 120 sprint and if I don’t 120 to go straight granted it was referrals with the stranded people footer but I just feel like this game made for sprint it was the map everything sprint the key it doesn’t I don’t feel comfortable buying those sprint maybe because I’ve literally never played those spring like well a man a halo reach and sprint was it because I wasn’t playing it was written so I mean I may just be stuck in a moment like how everyone wanted those friends to begin with you know now people are not just one spring because it is playing it you know whatever but I just feel like the game space in I feel like some of the maps are okay with [ __ ] mind I feel that countdown is going to be naturally at least without the kill time boost we have now a countdown was naturally very very bad a sprint but I think that some maps like sanctuary are never going to really have that a huge problem with screen like that I I don’t agree that the game is made for spring line I think with this patch in the settings we can potentially make with it we can make it to the sprint acceptable but if you think that sprint is a great thing with apply shield bloomed weapon was a mediocre rate of fire I don’t agree with that because I think that it’s tailor-made to have people get away with 120 I can disagree that into a point where that I think sprint can be beneficial but yeah I could say that a majority of people i played with from a few different you know places on the Barmes would agree that 120 sprint or locally that’s right does play pretty well I think that if you are in the MLG settings minded its grand becomes so important to the gameplay that may be awkward not to play with it and was kind of weird to not play of it well I really do feel if you guys do give it a chance at one point is not bad thing at all i think you know i think everyone is just used to screen know the same way generals same way people weren’t used to it when it was what nickname is little value now everyone does usual is everyone looks like it’s just mental teasing i think that if it’s one of whichever one is best really game should be annotated put one way or the other you need to give means it has them all equally just distillery I i was playing on honor tornado sprint on you know is that was pre brawl and I felt like no informants kill because even if he is really done sulking in but like I felt like and it’s been more with honors money like I like that people tell you like ice skating I was like I I don’t really feel like that wow they’re so i guess on campus [ __ ] hole narrator and I’m excited to do it actually I think having the speed that I would be worse on side of your mouth sore for forty nights I mean just because just because the ending is a bit different all those naps but if there’s if they’re more fun G bass posts and post anniversary i think was when you would do a lot better i mean i hope i don’t i don’t know how many like that I’ll one master gonna be good but like come on one that comes with her mind is like being good is what has to be a battle creek cir you know it’s not like that again every map inhale one is not a halo one wasn’t a great for rapport game it was a 2v2 game but yeah and i don’t understand why people say like you know halo one that’s like damn it dude placing prabhat first for the gameplay the gameplay was good but the mass 403 I go for reform and I’m at dawn he’ll die like it was just like dude I go as ridiculous now we’re great it’s not exactly always going to be built for 44 in like prisoners case it would enough

built necessarily for this game like hang them I hang em high you will never function in reach it needs to ease respites Enix to become a skillful map where there is not doesn’t have the dance floor enough carry become a 41 out it’s just vertical bridges and it’s a positioning skill map see II was a very very different beast than reach and I think we all can agree on that I think that’s an important thing to remember with you settings that we have to build things for the reach sandbox and with that being said I agree with best man in there and say that there really is only a the only really great map for this game this coming out v8 could possibly be beavercreek but even that I don’t think we want to see the red team advantage return I don’t think want to see that we need to be a rebalancing degrees if we’re going to see that circuit this damn mission could work but i think it’s going to base a really really stiff opposition but absolutely you can’t say enough about this to see email skill it’s just it doesn’t transfer always over well very well for this game work play now well and not only that people need to drop nostalgia which you know honestly separating a memory and how that played from actual reality is a hard for people and it’ll necessarily want to admit that you know there are flaws to other sandboxes but each game needs to be taken by a base by base case and each map has don’t isolated sandbox that need to be thought about I just think not a break that I’ve heard I’m going to be happy battle creek only one that seemed to bake that purp more before all the other acts was just like oh all big that Brandi like sorta more exciting in any other game it’ll be interesting to see what kind of Beaver Creek reuse because we do have some improvements here some natural improvements like I think of the screen phone around power-ups and shoddy I think that’s going to be cool like I think I don’t want to see some kind of religious opposition to that just comes different from insufficient power I want to do that use i think that could be really cool but uh you know we’ll see I mean we’re probably going to need dynamics volunteer and you know Rockets may not be on arch you might have to rethink the snipers it’s going to be very very different if it works unless an emoji just wants to be like you know what we’re going to recreate what we have a tale or two on it and some people seem to love it I just don’t think like tackier tacker case you’re going to buy that I don’t think they want that asymmetrical game plan part building a system that’s our bad thing no they’re not datadirect they didn’t play like symmetrical maps the idea I think you having nothing but symmetrical maps it’s just to get stale like the gameplay doesn’t really vary that much vodka me prepare for visa my favorite style of map just in general has always been symmetrical maps that play asymmetrically like if you were to think of a map like construct yes it is symmetrical functionally symmetrical these or even a symmetrical concept of construct if you were to take that yes it’s symmetrical but when you play the map it plays top versus bottom or lobby versus goals which is an asymmetrical way of playing the map and I really think that is the best style of map for any competitive team shooter because it allows you to have that balance they’ll still not losing the advantage that asymmetrical map spring after are playing identical side versus side where I’m on my side and I have no incentive to push to your side becomes the same thing it’s playing asymmetrically but you still have that balance at least off the start and that’s that’s the construct example but we’re really I mean talk about like computer green thing I mean when you have red team’s base we’re going to capture the flag scenario attack and we have Rockets up there on that arch and you have the arch on red team side and a ramp going up to the arch on red team side how do you how do you like how do you justify that kind of difference if you’re going to keep static spawns on a flag game time for something could that be something that you would support for the circuit I don’t I don’t like it I don’t think that beaver creek whiskey current asymmetric allottees and McKiernan balance should be on the circuit we don’t know what options were getting with it we don’t know how we can rebalance it and we don’t know how it plays out of pro level in this game so I can’t say oh yeah and put it on the circuit oh no it won’t put it on the circuit etc etc I won’t support it be against it but I don’t like capture the flag on that map it is better a canal there is an advantage for

red team and huge initiative it got taken out of six no seven dude in them let me flare is really what I’m looking at here yeah I’m not seeing like if you see Slayer this and you have dynamics bonds where you can control risk website or something and that can be your side if you have control I think that can be a good thing and then all you have to do is worry about the starting spot and maybe use on rockets in the creek so that you have the same advantage for each team you can work with that but I think it worked that Slayer only for that beaver creek thing well I think we’re gonna start off with uh I think the halls of Beaver Creek or at least a remake for more videos I see just look way too narrow and campy in my opinion it’s just going to be found out I Prix prep one of my bag of the map I think yours off at the base one the one on the base yeah I’m not available to do well and what you were saying about moving the Rockets I don’t feel that even necessary to an extent if you were to start teams on an even ground I’m sure how you would go about that look I haven’t seen that but if you start teams on a one hundred percent even ground maybe just start them on opposite sides of the creek so everyone has the same initial starting form then from that point on any advantages game say you can ever take my my team takes control of red after that opening rush we earn that control of bread and our advantages that ease of ruckus it’s kind of the same thing with contra whereas the starting sponsor construct were the same they were balanced to an extent and you have that opening push and the team that won that could take top control and then top control with their advantage writing that dude feels I do feel like if you’re looking at that though that it’s easier said than done because one guy yeah yes it’s like let’s say you have one team at shotgun spawn harness and once even like a less spawn well one team is going to have an easier way to get up the artists or something like that again for Rockets the first ones to come up I think an equally good option when maybe not have rocket that start yeah there’s little things to work there’s no perfect option out there so it’ll be interesting to see what LG gain testing can come out with to actually give beavercreek involved in service yeah it’s really going to come down to just our testing I mean maybe we can balance it in porch I was honestly hoping for the racket eat it would be for jable start with but uh I’m starting to get more and more damage with that but who knows he’s just going to come down to testing but I mean there still might be hope for maps like that damnation Eden but I I hope man be nice to see some purple in the circuit you know like zealot want her to get another map adds up a race track um let’s talk about went through and how it affects the game I know that even be a little bit shorter discussion on this mud didn’t need to be addressed so it’s it it’s there it exists right now we don’t have the option to play no bloom without it so um the biggest thing with lisa is this is gonna sound weird like mail is it has become stronger because um to keep them at the strength they currently are where it takes three males to kill might as well open up your controllers take out the right bumper or whatever button you said melee and just throw it away because you’re not going to be mailing ever if the Dean Martin show this fast and mailers are that week and if you have mail ways that week it’s going to make it even more frustrating with a weird assassination hit boxes so you gotta we go we have to make them stronger just because it makes sense within the balance of the sandbox and I just think that’s the only major issue that comes along with losing bleep here I think blisters too inconsistent right now this way just move move really literally like they’re there have been times when I play for mine is okay for my understanding isn’t it like for edge cause of the total mass today general exactly yes I played I played on that setting and I sometimes I remember like I would hit all four all four shots on the net it wouldn’t get ill but other times i would get the bills so i don’t know it just seemed really interested well i mean until the shields are ready to break and you can bleed through to the head getting a head shot at every shabbos I mean the matter I mean it’s just hitting the body to play the settings are so inconsistent right now because people are using so many different kinds we have our standard five shot which doesn’t really really through is if it’s not a clean five shots like let’s say a player takes a slight amount of damage like by a grenade or any in launcher and it’s or shops with a bleep Russia but there’s so

many different kinds we’re seeing it’s really hard to keep everything consistent you know you take it for four shot but it’s really a flop shot etc etc and that’s what we did really standardized settings I think it’s kind of scene itchy but if you enjoy the skill gap oh you know having to know when the shields are going to break and then hitting that a shot and there’s a way to do that on five and four shot kill obviously i love it thats that’s something that really really enjoy instance attached well what about the male is Amalia their issue ideally what I am in Tunis they be increased from my opinion some I’ve been a lot of eyes on you I’ll Duke 100 and it was free shots than a beat-down it wasn’t so bad I didn’t think a ladder that’s fun so 75 75 useless yeah I got underneath it yeah i mean with especially let’s say we add the fiscal in the sandbox you’re just going to get obliterated at close range you miss your melee and you’re dead that’s it end of story i think i think the fizzled a bit overpowered right now the only is very random to hell yes Beck could realistically see MLG taking out pistol or at least epistle we currently have maybe if I add in the CG pistol and key anniversary drops but right now the pistol that we currently have this to random it’s like if you’re outside of close-range like if you’re trying to shoot someone’s head like it you might as well just flip a coin okay it’s really absurdly random and to put it to put it in perspective from at a medium range sniper to big door on countdown the pistol spreads worse than halo 3 BR it spreads a lot and you can be rewarded for missing a shot you just expressed so much that you could not have your reticle on them and still hit that bullet which is is really bad and I just I just don’t like it at all yeah cover your ears justice but i agree i don’t think i don’t think that this ilysm at first i was in love with it and then you know i was using it as a secondary even and you know you can laugh but it was fun but then it really quickly realize number one how out of balance is number two how unreliable it is and that it was it’s it’s less of a problem on four shots kill settings oh when the pistol is also a for shopping on five shot kill settings the fish will kill time wise I think an effectiveness was in terms of like it can kill faster but it’s harder to shoot is balanced on a five shot kill as I got like a suit of power weapon but the problem is this random and we just don’t want that like we don’t want that i i i i can’t support the pistol being a big part of settings if yeah it’s going to split intact we’ve been all we’ve all been talking about how bad that sucker is a sprint it is is very very palpable you may not realize it but when you try to put that thing at range it’s effective some of the time like click it it’s unbelievably effective on the time and then at other times you feel like you’re doing well and you just get nothing out of it you just wait to the clip on lemon and that’s just in consistency to debrief and it’s such a fast rate of fire that it just becomes a very a shoddy weapon and I’m not exactly sold on it anymore like I kind of was at the beginning I want to see how the cee Bissell turns out I want it to be a more consistent and skillful weapon than this one and maybe we’ll be able to use that in a way to pick up on the mo gmaps but right now this distal we’re facing a problem I believe I report yeah i agree as well and i believe 343 said that the rate of fire is slow down the three chef’s this cold weather yeah so maybe they i would assume they adjusted the accuracy too i mean if you’re especially in the settings that they’re releasing for the three shot exclusive pistol our anniversary settings you just are probably to have a more reliable pistol own around it needs to be wouldn’t it takes for the third they get a nice everybody saying that facility that great the most work I just I we have headshot weapons that shoot one hundred percent straight one hundred percent of the time why would we want to introduce weapons to a sandbox that don’t I understand that yeah i think that people are what people wanted what I wanted was like the oh you see the DMR is good at all ranges but if you really want to boost at close range you can use the distal the problem is is that it gets random at long ranges and people are still going to use it at those long ranges you know what I mean like you don’t want a lottery cannon shooting out at long range because you want to test the Ranger because we’re not going to switch out of your pistol as you use it as close range scenarios for your EMR it’s not really beneficial to you so we don’t walk that randomness which is going to be you know with like a with a closer quarter left like a fissile we’re

still gonna see the randomness when you try to stretch its range so I don’t think it’s a good thing it’s agreed on sniper rifle and your thoughts upon it I find it’s going to be less useful unless you’re completely covered or unknown so you can’t you can’t be an idiot with a sniper rifle any more like you can’t be jumping out like trying to knowledge go someone like like the typical right how the major plays with a sniper like you’re not going to be able to pull that off in one and especially if we end up with a four-shot deal with MLG settings you have to really position yourself in a way we like you can definitely get one clean shot without any interference like getting pinged by here mark you just have to position yourself so much better now but accurate is still going to be a power weapon a massive one but it’s going to come down to a lot more about positioning now so much more than it did before with with the DMR being able to effectively under scope someone at any distance and really keeps them put pressure on the window pregnant that shot it’s really going to come down to how well you position yourself as a sniper absolutely I think that it’s like when I played five shot killed no bloom first um I noticed immediately that the DMR is incredibly effective and yeah keeping somebody down at a consistent rate and getting that quick scope off as possible I’ve done it I mean you can still you can still take over with a slight but it’s going to separate the skill involved that much more but when you go on a four-shot kill put it in your pocket it’s right you can’t use it you can get like on those goes off and you know usually have a switch no scope it’s you’re caught off guard you literally have to put yourself in cover while using a sniper and usually use it a long-range it is normally like you made you know using it as its intended to be used as a sniper rifle um that’s it for Jack he’ll really hurts the timer for better or for worse you know some people would say it means that because of the intense auto am on the timer but five shots you I feel is a really really good balance on it or shot killed really really really hurts it but uh it’s going to separate skill you’re not going to see movie players being able to pull crap off you know with the sniper that they shouldn’t be able to do that’s a good high completed really like I feel like like you said put type in your back pocket you know kill you know whoever you’re trying to do instead of like but below them you try to stifle it was like when that bite you know if you’re no shields take off of n plus a sniper and do it and it’s not you know just run out with it open you know in case like ridiculously fun rush to Denali that and like I think you know it’s gonna be better could be worse i think i could be better like it’s just like such thing as I used to be able to play has it morning around at will wherever is know that you’ve got a plywood let’s do yeah and like right now I’m looking at the numbers and either colors numbers he’s going test via motorized 8.4 seconds in between shot shot and a sniper rifle point eight seconds on average so that means if you’re on a force I’d kill it only takes two shots there’s two shots per sniper it’s obviously so will usually you only have to two shots with a sniper rifle before you could potentially be dead and like hang out to get both of electronica shot yeah and like that Justin is way to punish him to a weapon that should be like colorful it’s going to as we like to say like be emphasized the sniper it like it’s going to de-emphasize the Rockets Emily Rockets are now even if you’re using rockets you see a guy you jump up in the air to get your angle and then you fire your rocket a lot of times you’re going to be one shot because in DM are now with Porsha at least and five shy you’re still gonna be a week now I’m you till your smoke with splash yeah I mean it’s very difficult to you tonight it’s these new settings regardless of what settings are playing on are going to be emphasizing skill to power weapons in a way but it’s also going to be you it’s going to be a heavy d emphasis here and the typing is going to be interesting to see and with on a four-shot yet it’s somebody gets the first shot on you they have the potential to make it so that you only have one quick noscope opportunity and you’re put down and it’s very very effective at bringing you down flankers like that but I think grenade launcher is also a very interesting weapon with this I’d like to hear some opinions on you know people who have played with no believer nade launcher I think that the no believer in a launcher

is incredibly powerful in doing that little bit of splash damage it really makes the DMR believe your head shots come through a lot and I think that it’s an incredibly effective weapon I’ve been using it recently in to do much better than I ever did with bloom on so I like to hear some of those tenants do well when I was doing my test to fire off like the fastest you could fire off a grenade launcher was 2.2 seconds like chrome firing it not holding the trigger and reloading until you can get that next shot off so literally you have one shot so yeah but that one shot is like you know you got the flash damage on it I mean whom who completely misses grenade launchers when you shoot that thing and somebody usually you’re going to at least do a good bit of damage room we’ve all adapted to that weapon enough where we’re going to hit it pretty decently um and then I feel like just finishing those kills off when the guys get weak it’s just panic automatic man um plasma pistol is an interesting weapon and that fires at point one five seconds per bulb which is an offending we fast in with lead through Jones even more of a monster this was what I feel what the plasma pistol was already true pre-packed but it’s become even more emphasized post patch the plasma pistol is no longer really an overcharge weapon unless you can actually come up straight behind someone and have time to prepare if you miss an overcharge or even if you don’t get the full damage with the overcharge since it has splash now you will lose the fight the switch and switch the time between the DMR in the plaza pistol all that it’s just it’s too too long if you if you try and poke out overcharged someone’s pushing a DMR and kill them you missed the overcharge you will die yeah like it’s taking a hit well how many games have you actually picked it up and tried it I mean it’s one of those weapons that in the past was kind of like me you know the other one I really known to actively use the plasma pistol and our test group of solo saw what I actually have to offer this yeah you should i do it a couple times um I don’t know it’ll be interesting to see if people pick it up but uh it’s rate of fire is insane national so I i know that when we were playing Android I know society but he always picked that thing up and you know if he has a slink on you you can get the platen overcharged on you but and then there’s the way solo uses it yeah he’s always when you can totally gets in your face release ones out of play time he was always in my face using that thing and it because of the police repeat down the thing is so fast a close-range and I don’t know like I can see it’s still being useful um what I do don’t I don’t know like I could still see the plasma charge happening and then close range beat downs but to be honest with you with these new settings I shot to kill for [ __ ] kill doesn’t matter i plan to use a DMR like i’m i’m finally the death star that Bungie promised me id like I can kill anything I want with the DMR I have no reason to use anything else so I think that everything else is kind of a little bit lackluster as a pick up including sniper and even rockets I just kind of want to use the DMR so all right um with it I think we’re going to Cleveland talk anyone have any final um things they want to state our what they want to show you about orlando or with no blue know what not good don’t bloom for landa ulti holler let’s go but i mean i hope they’ll bloom gets tested right no for whatever term is a championships next year and Orlando I have to go through the motions of bloom thanks keep going I agree i hope we get no bloom as soon as possible I don’t think it’s going to be from Orlando I would love for it to happen we get some may be objective gameplay is really fast but I don’t know if that’s gonna happen I don’t know if I’m much you avoid it but i do think maybe we’ll get it for Providence and I want you know make sure that everybody knows that we’re always running testing lobbies we’re always testing out you know where is the sprint no spread more shot kill shot kill different weapon layouts different maps we’re always testing and I hope that everybody you know tries to have an open mind about all the settings and you know try a bunch different things and i also want to you know eventually here see some pros trying some of these different settings app where before shot kill or no sprint I want to see a lot of the different things we can compare the variables to see how you know things

actually play it at that level because you know we can we can talk about the theory of it all day but we really need to see in action as top level to make sure things don’t break so I encourage more testing them everything we can roses seem to stop being lazy quite simple yeah hopefully a Danville oops can I say that i think i think as we’re closing out here we should should rob the idea from some other podcasts and see if there’s any questions from the audience try and get them involved we could do that ah if you choose kevin like low battery so i think are you just trying to get back again all right we’ll see how long he stays with us um aw do you have any questions we’ll let that go for a little bit in the meantime we’ll plug Twitter’s and whatnot you can follow me at a turtle tower with a colonel or co l underscore keller and APK you can follow him best man last min you want to plug your Twitter’s or a demo divestment Oliver easy cy TV yesterday what follows I wanted to do a nice little like any predator of hand everything adjusting to time today unfortunately so so we got some questions rolling in if know Blum was implemented for Orlando which team would do the best i’ll open i think instinct would be the first team to adapt very well to that anyone else ah yes fake right area all the teams would do better but the best I’m still probably both instinct and then your top five from probably this this tournament would probably be most beneficial from the settings because they’re just overall you know playing the best and playing out of their minds so okay okay everyone’s going to benefit from this like all the top players you know I’m sure as hell hope I could benefit from it and it’s hard to say fuzz apply in when I would fit oh sorry in particular I think they place is definitely someone to watch just because of how aggressive and smaller he plays at the same time um it’ll really favored him more so than other players purchasing hate it legit yeah um we got four shot kill versus five shot kill I don’t know if best man or later we’re [ __ ] up yeah um bench man in the future if you want just go to the reach form and you can find like a bunch of settings were bluffing charts um you just kind of see what’s their arm I believe tag have post they had all the game type you just download come on yeah there’s not game types there I do not believe but it’s got all the I have a thrower that though the day i said as i noted in all right but if i have to answer the question for shutterfly shot right now i say five shot same with the eight shots to the body that’s kia yeah i would have to lean towards five shut until I see some pro gameplay on Porsche and a four-shot deal holds up to you know rigorous testing at a top level and I say for shock can be right I just find it a little bit easy and I don’t know we’ll see I mean I everybody name is a pretty staunch supporter of flash after a while but been playing a little bit more for shot and I think that you know if it does hold up hold up and I think it’s a pretty fun way to play a game okay all right I think that’s it but someone asked if we ever ramped ghosts all scorpion tanks on Tidewater and yes I did and it all right I’m going to ask this question because jack is ignoring it smash manolache menus are directed to you what are your favorite forge maps uh I don’t know I only play the ones that are like i don’t i’m watching all this game by one stream right now I have no idea what anything Spencer this is referenced killers map you gotta know this one nadja not a guy I realize I don’t know how you guys feel about this I really like that uh uh conserve what is it complex haha wow yeah yeah but I really like that it’s actually kind of

nice it’s a good mix of like midges and redemption I was alright I mean that was one of the best I was a supporting and put it over the ditch another one of my master I don’t know I fitted oh yeah all about that thing man I’m still really don’t like I’d rather play android or retention so grab attention Flashman I’d rather fight I like androids oh I started I really like the enjoyed by all right across the land a proto I get my complex in her damn I hate an Android Claro’s he pleased the worst games i’ve activated in halo Oh was pretty hectic it wasn’t so bad like sprinting yeah I’m gonna get pretty into people spawning on base thanks to last man any favorite Forge mapper um I was trying to say my favorite ones are complex and redemption oh but I haven’t items played you know most of them I only play whatever I’ll goes for a hex on us so yeah like they’ll be spent with Lawrence enhance did this one right here retro got into a MLG playlist fair slot but nobody nervous parking fairy slot stuff so then I rarely comes home he only had one genotype Italy yeah yeah so there’s never get voted on yes I played the one with I mean was it was also a multi pilot they have a Triana pretty agree that what else have I Gemma need to play for shot girl and like I’ll be sympathetic this one like the pros play know Blum a display like I don’t even know if any multiple settings one day in speech and stuff yeah I mean I did I played Primrose with 122 a sprint what’s funny friend yeah I was gonna say I really gives a lot of my opinion is that you know some of these things are going to break on the on the highest damage setting and again like a four-shot kill setting fine I have their back you’re going to break on you know a top level and it kind of like it’s a big deal i mean i think that the settings should always be made to support the top level because for shop Jill can work with really wide skill gaps like with a random pick up games and stuff it can work like this the better player is still going to win a lot but when you put a lot of players in the same level and then see how something works I think that’s where you really see a good game side coming out I just want to see the poor shot killed has to buy you guys and in those great and stuff like that and once we do we’ll have a really good idea of what makes you tick I just think well just won’t test it and then once obvious what I’ve been poked a fight about it fire will happen other than you I’ll send you a link specimen to the thread with all the pretty pictures and all the damage having whatnot so you can take a look at it alright one last question to end this how much do coach is actually help on in game for those who haven’t used one so or been there a coach can be really helpful if they can be helpful with weapon x and just gel in communication I know I know it’s like a lot of lower seeded teams don’t really communicate so much as they do just call our position if you get a good coach you can make sure that people know where a particular call out is going or what you need to be on top of things like that so I think coach is gonna be helpful just depends on which could to get I personally the coaches I’ve had I don’t see that big a difference between each coach some like I don’t like the extra chatter I don’t like extra all up like everything I’ve been off that really good communication so I just like fine that’s all I care about and if you miss a time that you saw playing simple I don’t like the extra chatter a playful what I want to unless is that important like coach directed to your name like NBC’s that you missed the home from your demon oh my god I don’t think it’s I don’t think there’s coach is out there that are like on another level than another coach you haven’t seen Audrey Kirsten he’s amazing i gotta agree though I got a fever you guys coming from I mean I like Bravo I don’t think Bravo’s absolute coach I

think he’s just napped average good you to think that they’re like more famous and more like reliable because they done well yeah I mean Bravo obviously questionable what it did ah Thank You Italian as 150 got them hot pocket sponsored he made videos he got figures like triggers on YouTube is most tasty and then even when they were winning I they got food at Dallas 2009 like that’s addictive and then Bravo just pretty much made them a fan base but I didn’t really think he was that like what’s on a good cup I feel like Bravo’s mordor promoters and he is coach yeah i got i remember when complexity came out with their statement of like sponsoring them they’ve been mentioned bra bra more than players I was like are you kidding I was like come on I mean if a project sponsor us I know it make this look like the coach is a bigger deal than it is honestly Oh take it easy all right and with it I think we’ll call it a knife so um thank you for you know thank you best man last man for coming on the show you know being the first pros and real big celebrities on it really means a lot to us and I I’m sure Bret and Shawn and you know tech of all a wonderful time chanting self injustice Kali ale and I know I was until you told me I wasn’t a very huge superstar in the community thanks for ruining life pretty much feelings their killer and tax the biggest super strong all our local forum forge moderator happens to visit the starcraft form the tech forum and occasionally other forms um so yeah add a big deal this is line of sight on tune in I don’t know if we’re going to have one in two weeks just because in two weeks it is MLG so we’ll have to see I will between them both or maybe Keller maybe you could run one on Thursday just before or lindo its ability to possibility hopefully we get a Tiberius back on here and you can talk about his red bowl adventures and maybe some should be fun so but further ado it this was our line of sight and I’m Colonel color and i’ll be talking to you later