Adinda: Your ears, they said your ears are the most fragile in cold weather because I couldn’t listen to what they said. [Laughing] Aurora: Brillian! Auro: Hi! Auro: Hi! Oh my God! Ok I don’t know what I’m filming right now Brillian: Look at you! You’ve gotten bigger! Aurora: [Giggling] Adinda: Bye Dad..Bye Sis! Citra: You be careful okay? Adinda: Okay, see you guys later buh bye! Adinda: You’re not grumpy any more right? Adinda: She was so grumpy when she first woke up Adinda: Goodbye mom! Goodbye now! Assalamualaikum! [Islamic Greeting] [Giggling] Adinda: Goodbye aunty! Adinda: I want to say bye to my elder brother David, but he’s still parking the car Adinda: I haven’t Adinda: I haven’t combed my hair, I just had a shower before going to the airport Adinda: We’re going to have your luggage checked in momentarily Adinda: [Giggling] Adinda: Since our luggage is overloaded, we’re trying to unpack them right now Aurora: Oh my God! Adinda: How are you feeling this morning? Aurora: Tired Adinda: Right, you only got a few hours of sleep Aurora: Ok it’s going to be our turn to check in Adinda: Holiday vibes! Adinda: So our flight transits for about five hours Adinda: Or for six hours I forgot Adinda: We are two hours away from departing actually Adinda: But since we are not sure how to make most of the time right now Adinda: So we’re going to do what typical girls would do to spend time that is shopping! Zahra: Shopping! Adinda: There are a few things in mind already but what what I personally am craving for is Irvins Salted Egg! Adinda: Im sure most of you know that Irvins is so delicious! Adinda: One other thing that we’re doing something really fun right now, foot massage! Adinda: [Giggling] Adinda: “Pretty Girl!” Adinda: But this here Zahra: Stop! Adinda: [Giggling] Zahra: “Stop it girl!” Adinda: We are at the Zahra: Airplane! Adinda: Since we didn’t get enough sleep, we are going to take a good one right now Adinda: How’s your dinner? Zahra: Brillian! Zahra: Oh my God! You’re squishing the camera! Brillian: You’ve gotten so big!

Zahra: Where to now? Adinda: How are you feeling? Adinda: We are finally united with Brillian! Zahra: We had to rearrange our luggages at the check in point back at the airport because we exceeded the maximum weight limit Zahra: I mean look at all this luggage Brillian: There’s 3 luggages! Adinda: [Giggling] Adinda: Just imagine, all of the luggage totals to 32kg and the smallest one on the top there is 14kg by itself Brillian: I see Brillian: You are not bringing this back with you right? Adinda: Not at all, this little luggage is all your shopping list from Jakarta to be honest Adinda: It’s like I’m doing a garage sale! Brillian: I only asked for a few instant spices and mom and dad bought a whole box of it Adinda: [Laughing] Zahra: Come to think of it, mom & dad was like “One pack includes 10 pieces of spices, let’s just give Brillian one more box” So that’s like 20 in total! Adinda: Ok so now that we’re all together, I’ll continue vlogging later Adinda: We are in Germany! Adinda: Zahra, look here! Adinda: We took the sky bridge to get here Adinda: The train station is right across the airport Adinda: What’s it called? Adinda: Come again? Brillian: It’s actually facilitated by the Airport management Brillian: There’s a section where it directly leads to this train station Adinda: So we are going to be on a train ride for almost 2 hours Adinda: How much is the ticket? Brillian: 30 Adinda: Euros? Adinda: The skin of my face is so dry right now because Adinda: When Brillian Adinda: Oops, there’s my laptop in this bag Adinda: Look we brought this many luggages Zahra: Three lugagges! Zahra: According to Brillian, face wash products from Indonesia moisturises the skin & controls the excessive oil Adinda: Whereas the weather here is different, so you need oil to keep your skin moist Adinda: So if you plan on washing your face do not use skincare products from Indonesia but use oil instead! Adinda: To keep your skin soft Brillian: That won’t keep your skin soft, it’ll just make it sticky Adinda: Use cooking oil okay guys? Adinda: Alright, we’ll continue vlogging once the train arrives Adinda: I can already start to feel the cold Adinda: Tell to the camera how cold it is Zahra: Can you see the smoke? Adinda: The train is finally here! Adinda: Keep going Zahra: What’s the name of this train? Brillian: So Brillian: In Germany, there are different types of train Brillian: This one is called the Intercity Express, one of the fastest train they have Adinda: In Germany? Brillian: In Europe Brillian: The fastest train in Germany and also one of the fastest train in Europe Adinda: I see Brillian: [Distant Chattering] Brillian: Seriously? Adinda: Seriously? Adinda: Wear it Brillian: It’s either Adinda is small or Zahra grew much bigger Zahra: I’m doing both Zahra: I mean Adinda is getting fatter, all she is does is eat! Brillian: There’s wifi here by the way Brillian: It’s pretty fast too Adinda: Nice! That’s what I’ve been waiting for! Brillian: Just press this red button here Adinda: This one? Brillian: Right Brillian: That is it Adinda: Nice! Brillian: During the winter, when it’s cold season, it’s cold Adinda: Obviously [Brilliant is tired] Brillian: The bakery here is so delicious! Adinda: Right Adinda: Croissant! Brillian: People usually hang by the bakery here, so what we do at the bakery is that we drink coffee and just chill there Adinda: Not tea? More of a coffee person here? Brillian: Right, so for most people here, they sit and buy a cup of coffee not at a cafe but at a bakery Adinda: I’m wearing the wrong jacket! Adinda: It’s really cold! Adinda: So we are transferring trains from

Adinda: Hello Adinda: They were looking at me while I was vlogging Adinda: They are probably thinking, “She is definitely not from around here” Adinda: So this train is much more economical compared to the previous one we rode in Adinda: So we have to transfer Adinda: Using two different types of train from Adinda: Frankfurt to..where are we heading again? Brillian: To Stuttgart Adinda: And if you are bringing bicycles or big luggages, you should be in the bigger space car Adinda: The elevator is so adorable! [Whispering] Zahra: Right, I think so too Adinda: Morning! Adinda: [Giggling] Adinda: Ouch Zahra: [Laughing] Adinda: So Zahra, what are we doing today? Zahra: We are going to have breakfast and we’re only having bread and now we are going to Adinda: This bread here right? Zahra: And now we are going to go out for a jog right after we eat this bread! Adinda: It’s really cold outside and it’s currently around 6 degrees outside Zahra: Seriously? Adinda: Yes Adinda: Brilliant is taking us jogging! Yay! Adinda: Trying a healthy lifestyle Adinda: By the way Adinda: Where’s the kitchen? Adinda: Here it is Adinda: The kitchen! Adinda: With this view of the outdoors Adinda: It’s cold! Adinda: Zahra is freezing! Adinda: It’s really cold right now Adinda: I forgot to wear a beanie Adinda: My ears are hurting Adinda: [Laughing] Adinda: We’re jogging in an open space and he lends me a jumper without a hoodie instead of the one he’s wearing, how annoying Adinda: My ears hurts quite bad, it turns out that the cold could be very hazardous for your ears Adinda: Because you need ears to hear Adinda: That’s just irrelevant Zahra: We’ll stay for a few days until we visit the castle okay? Zahra: Sure, we’re going to walk there? Adinda: How are you feeling? Zahra: Very cold Adinda: Do you want to keep going? Zahra: I don’t know Brilliant: If you look over that direction, it’s an apartment but it’s constructed using a container, look and observe Adinda: Oh that one there? Brilliant: Right, it use to be a ship container which they built it to an apartment eventually Adinda: I thought it was a parking space Adinda: Apologise for my ignorance, but I want you all to take a look at it Adinda: That white building you see on the other side happens to be an apartment built out of a ship container [Laughing] Adinda: We are on our way to Karlsruhe! Adinda: Did I spell that right? Adinda: This is the bus we rode earlier, are we there yet?

Adinda: We’re in a different town now Adinda: Oh I see, are we getting on another bus? Brilliant: We’re taking the train now Adinda: Are the Kebab joint open? Adinda: “Asia Pan” Adinda: Today is Sunday, usually on Sundays, grocery shops are closed Zahra: Closed until Tuesday Adinda: Zahra did you trip on the staircase to the train just now? Zahra: Yes! [Laughing] Adinda: The next train, destination, Karlsruhe Adinda: From Stuttgart Adinda: This is the third train today Zahra: I wanna eat Adinda: B-ready! Adinda: Because in Indonesia, this is very hard to come by and finally we got it here! [Laughing] Adinda: You look so round [Laughing] Adinda: So round! [Laughing] Zahra: Ok, so now..I think I’m just going to wait for the announcement & continue Zahra: We have arrived Zahra: Where are we? Brilliant: Muhlacker Zahra: We have arrived in Muhlacker or they call it, nevermind, I don’t know how to pronounce it Zahra: Outside, you can see there’s so many adorbale looking landmarks Zahra: The weather seems cloudy although it is actually cloudy Adinda: We have arrived in Karlsruhe, but apparently someone left their belongings on the train and we’re just going to return this back Adinda: What are we doing now Zahra? Zahra: We are now handing this lost belonging to the information locket Brilliant: [Speaking in German] Adinda: We are at the university area where Brilliant studies in, there’s a lot of buildings here from A to Z The next day Adinda: We’re going Ice Skating, in Munchen..I mean Munich Adinda: However you pronounce that but It’s freezing out here, again Zahra: She wants to go ice skating so it’s my job to go with her Adinda: We had to rent the skates for..how much was it again? Adinda: 6 Euros but we have to store a deposit for 20 Euros

Brilliant: 40 Euros Zahra: 40 Euros Adinda: Right, so the deposit per person is 20 Euros Brilliant & Zahra: 40! Adinda: Per person? Brilliant: Yes! I’ve said this repeatedly Brilliant: Do you want retake the scene? Adinda: No, it’s fine! Adinda: Right, so per person is 40 Euros and Adinda: So with that 40 Euros deposit fee, you may wish to do two things, one, bring the skates home with you or acquire it back when you return the skates to the counter Adinda: There’s also an entrance fee by the way Adinda: The entrance fee is Adinda: For adults is 7 Euros & for kids is 5 Euros Adinda: We are going in the ice rink momentarily and again, I’m freezing! Brilliant: They’re performing ‘Winter’ by Antonio Vivaldi Adinda: I’m in front of the Marienplatz in Munich Adinda: This is one of the Adinda: The most famous church in Munchen Adinda: It is now 6 PM Adinda: 6 PM right? Adinda: It is 6 PM and it is currently 2 degrees outside Adinda: We are about to enter the castle of Hohenschwangau Adinda: Unfortunately, it is forbidden to document it on camera and we will be with a tour guide at all times Adinda: So I will probably describe what’s in store after the tour Adinda: We arrived here at 8:30 AM but since there’s a long queue waiting and now it’s currently 10:00 PM and we’ll be commencing the tour shortly Adinda: There’s actually a few castle in this area, but we’re only going in this one and this one, since this castle has a long queue as well Adinda: Oh, it’s a bit snowing here Adinda: Word of advice, for those of you who aren’t very friendly with the cold, make sure you use a proper jacket Adinda: I think my jacket is quite decent but I could still very much feel the cold down to my toes, so wearing thick double socks is a good idea as well Zahra: We are going in to a museum but the line ahead is quite long Zahra: The queue is very long! Zahra: The temperature is at 1 degrees as of now Adinda: Back in the days, before there were electricity or machines Adinda: Conventional boats looked like this Brilliant: This diagram here refers to the mechanism of an electricity conductor using fossil fuel energy

Brilliant: This concept is applied so that the emitting gas isn’t toxic or harmful like it was in the olden times Adinda: We are at the planetarium section at the museum Adinda: The Deutsches Museum, the very top floor, we’re at the sixth floor I think and this section it’s educating us Adinda: The instruments used for planetarium Adinda: We’re at the sixth floor of the Deutsches museum Adinda: And this area is informing us about instruments? Brilliant: Astronomy! [Whispers loudly] Adinda: Come again? Brilliant: Astronomy Adinda: Astronomy! Instruments for astronomy back then was something like this Adinda: In today’s practice it’s a lot more advanced like the telescope and such whereas this depends on calculations and diagrams Adinda: Inside is the planetarium but we can’t go inside right? Adinda: So I’m just informing you all what’s out here and it’s freezing out here!