Once Upon a Time Season 4 Episode 11 "Shattered Sight" Review

okay hi hey youtubers Raven here Starfire um today we’ll be talking about once upon a time season 4 episode 11 shattered sites yeah cursed was in full force yeah it was holy crapola I like our Regina I was like what the hell my way I know right that was so funny right and each time she did that like at the beginning and then like after yes like what the hell – no laughs so the snow queen fight nothing doing – was f it was at buzz you think you see me a bad don’t you dare touch it here baby protect your brother for the win even with you a hella pissed off and under inverse which I didn’t mean you don’t hurt sir fate you don’t hurt her baby man um I also like what Regina was like I wanna watch you bleed and then when charming and snow we’re all fighting at the beginning now I was like that’s not but they really have nothing in their life to argue about really they have to go back to that I like oh my god this is so lame like they’re arguing yeah it was hilarious it was scat cat he’s not gonna hurt you stop demons you buy me that’s just weird okay I’m not one of you the letter yes I know we finally found out what it said yeah yes you are okay you’ll probably be doing that tomorrow night when the flash is on you’ll be like fake cry oh god okay well you know this is my um okay so yeah I liked how um mmm I just I like to pick on I found it and then mm-hmm I like how she’s smashed how she found it she smacked the bottle Ohio man she’s like no you’re unconscious that’s right yeah she’s so awesome yes but yeah the snow queen of course didn’t believe her at first and then you know then she sees it and she mmm you know touches the thing in it shows her all the memories yeah her sisters and she knows that that she did love her and yeah yeah yeah oh the fields and then the flashbacks of Emma immigrants yeah those were actually really good they were I was like oh my gosh Ingrid was really really nice like she back then she kind of actually deserved a happy ending she did even though like do you think back then she she knew that Emma was like the girl that she knew Emma was the savior of Storybrooke yeah she that no matter what she did I might go to Storybrooke mm-hmm but she was just she wasn’t like the queen that she was no no no she was nice she didn’t even have her powers hmm except for the part where she almost killed Emma I know she’s like what the heck are you trying to kill me yeah Rumple oh gosh he just he does you know more and more mysterious things every time I’m kind of tired um me too I mean I I hate to say this but he should die legitly this time and not

come back yeah I mean as much as I like Belle and him it’s like really you’re totally screwing up everything and Belle is not gonna support you on this no she’s not you know I know that he wants a second chance of Henry and that’s why he wants to take him with him it’s like she’s probably not gonna support him taking him away from his his family like his yeah no no his mom’s and everything had sounded weird it sounds like he has lesbian moms his mom’s a mine Regina Emily doesn’t have a daddy I know he did he dieded any day forever bitter about that man but yeah I mean I don’t know I don’t I don’t think that the rumple’s necessarily the the best person for Henry to be around I think that yeah no I mean Henry’s kind of wind to him anyway by working in that I’m in the shot yeah but then like at the same time it’s like really what’s he gonna learn from gold it’s not like he can do magic yeah yep he does have image and you come into her own until yeah and tell like she found out about Intel Henry found her and told her about the curse well she always had that special gift yes okay but she never used her powers but they started appearing and what went in the flashback mm-hmm but yeah she didn’t know how to use them then yeah she didn’t know it was her yeah so theoretically Henry could be on the cusp of gaining powers mm-hmm because he is special too even though I don’t thinks he’s not yes yeah my dad is making noise I want to kill the cat killer cat No okay the memory sounds whoo it was and first I didn’t know what they were we’re like a hacker that yeah why is it under the it was the peppermint ice cream thing yaar like carrot cake or something oh I saw it was red guy all I saw when like they were showing ice cream flavors was carrot cake I was laying wood I did not notice that I did I think I figured that yeah but yeah um hmm I thought it was nice that she sacrificed herself and she gave him back their memories cuz they deserved to have that yeah um and everything I covered that was noble of her and I liked the fact that with their memories of the happy times that they had with Ingrid that they were even more reluctant to let her die yeah like everything she said was true that the fact that they weren’t killing her was evidence that there was good memories between them they just didn’t remember yeah and then like when she gave him back Emma step forward like there has to be another way like Emma it’s like okay like I kind of felt emotion there but yeah I think it was me um what was third um putting my emotions yeah like you sympathizing with her with the memories moment what was going on that little girl was a better actor than Jennifer what’s her face everywhere isn’t whatever yeah she is I like the flashback Emma she is waiting right address where you better actress than Jenna but it’s weird that I have the same name as hair sometimes it’s like it’s like I’m being the one that’s being taught um but you guys probably didn’t know that was my name my Starfire no because the first video we did you oh yeah I don’t have I didn’t have a name yet have there nothing I use yeah yeah it’s Jennifer for those that didn’t know obviously you know you’re around me all

the time so support captain SWAT yeah even though he was under the curse dammit he still doesn’t like that his mom and hooker together yeah and that’s a that’s a win in my book whether it was whether he was under the influence of the curse or not mm-hmm okay people could use that argument well he was under the curse so he didn’t know what he was saying oh you know what shut your mouth people yeah you know everyone remembers what happened during the first right so Henry would remember that hook wasn’t trying to kill him yeah therefore Vic wasn’t under the spell therefore Henry would have questions hmm hmm what Henry have been under the spell because Rumple made that deal yeah and he was he was in Regina’s house under the protection protection spell but Regina was under protection spell and she got infected yeah but point being but Henry didn’t act like she was infected sorry my cat likes to meow and he’s playing with this toy love the damn thing to do what is born to do meow until it croaks okay I must be she’s ist’s against cats um Anna is awesome yes she is she reminds me so much like she reminds me a lot of my cousin Melissa um she kind of looks a little bit like her oh um the actress kind of looks like her a little bit but yeah I think that she just kind of has that personality a little bit too hmm she’s sweet and fun we can hear the meowing in our video I don’t think it really matters you’re just hyper aware um so yeah yeah okay from no time y’all know what this means newcomers when I do this it means the end of promo talk so if you don’t wanna hear it because y’all are weird then skip forward a few minutes like two three yeah until I do this so next week is the winter finale they’re calling it the winter finale um and it’s called heroes and villains and they’re bringing on Ella Ursula and Maleficent I was wondering when we were gonna get Corolla because we have all goes season one yeah we have its back you have Pongo since season one so I was like where the hell is Ursula and where’s the female thought this means because I don’t know her name this means that hopper or Jiminy Cricket whatever the hell you want to call that guy might get a girl because we all know that 101 Dalmatians pongos owner and the owner of the female dog getting together just like the dogs yeah so that means offering it’s a girl huh it’s a girl then we’ll get some 101 Dalmatians stuff possibly yeah because I want to see a hundred of those things running around well come on like it’s from that I know and we get Ursula not Regina protection it’s really cool that they that they’re bringing on a colored Ursula yeah like you know cuz I mean on a lot of like shows now mm-hmm a lot of the lead females are colored or first people of color hmm whatever you want to call it that’s like a proper not white name for it yeah not white and I think that that’s really cool that they’re starting to get more recognition multi-ethnic oh yeah that was epic ethnic ethnic goal is it ethnical or multi multi ethnic I’m not sure but anyway I’m glad that they’re starting to get more recognition because um you know they haven’t in the past and it’s nice to see that they are being recognized

for their talents yes was that there was militia soon as well yeah well I said yeah she’s coming back we’d get to see her again mm-hmm it’s been a while since you’ve seen her yeah the first season oh my the second season up then they found out about the theme down and the under the library oh yeah is redic at the library and she’ll Belle was rescued since I’ve seen the early seasons and I don’t remember all that stuff well you have me um and then I then hi okay um so did you see the quick um Regina Robin kiss in the promo I think it went by really fast but I noticed it okay so sorry okay well I was working out so I was like pulling on your wrist is hurting again mm not really because of that but because I haven’t really done it in a while yeah and then I just flung it like happened Larry yeah sad anyway I also wanted to mention that um they they broke the yellow ribbons right the way they did that yeah and that was really cool mm-hmm they made Regina I was like oh right I hope that and then it kind of goes back and says I only do that to piss you off I needed you even angrier at me yeah I do not actually know what was happening and who but that was kind of Regina’s chance even though she was under the curse – like really show her anger and Emma for what she did it then begins you know mo skill mo I know yeah I mean not that I wanted Elsa to die event no kill off Emma but but also low so and when I also wanted to mention even though we’ll didn’t have a whole big part in it it was funny that he was trying to punch run into the wall now yeah like I was half-expecting like the birds flying around in circles I’m like a cartoon theatre yes I mean we adore you when he hit the wall boy yeah so that was a pretty fun episode it was actually I’m sad that Emma and Elsa are leaving next week on and yeah on it also said Emma I know I wanted to be Emma I want a medal Eve but not in the nice departure away they are killers so she can’t come back some people think that they could have done a lot more with The Snow Queen mm-hmm why and that they didn’t like that this was her at her last episode amazing but like the writers got stuck with what’s more to do with that story but I think that for the I think that kids you know how they always kind of do it they have like a story that goes on for like the first half of the season and then they have something else that kind of goes on for the second half but started in the first half but it continues over into the second half when the bigger story in the first half is over mm-hmm and so I think then all the frozen people are leaving yeah so I think the second half might focus on like rubbish and longer knowing operation Mongoose I’m like the hook and Rumple thing maybe with what’s going on with that because he has his heart and everything so I think that those two stories will kind of become but then in the next episode next week we’ll probably get to see what happens with the hat because yeah in last night’s episode he was saying that um that like tomorrow or whatever the stars may line with the Hat and at the stars inside the Hat and then just then that I could be a realist ugh what I’m gonna crap yeah so it’ll probably happen next week too hmm but I’m thinking yeah like you said like them and when it comes back in March March so long way oh my gosh um they’ll be focusing on the operation Mongoose thing yeah um okay so as we’ve mentioned a little bit before um we will be doing the we won’t go away after after next week’s episode we will

still be doing other things um we’ll be doing a stuff on characters and couples yeah for this show for other shows that we aren’t recording for and I could have finished that we just like up and you want to talk about and so tomorrow is the final episode for this half of the season for Supernatural so this Wednesday will be the last episode for that until it comes back which will be January sometime and um next Sunday will be the last episode for this half of Once Upon a Time so you can catch us next Monday and this Wednesday yeah I to days from now yeah for Supernatural mid-season finale and um yeah the next Sunday is gonna be awesome it is and it’s your birthday it is it’s my birthday and I watch you and I watch TV and all and I won’t have to worry about school hmm I won’t either after Wednesday and I’ll stay up late and watch once upon a time with her stay over later than usual with you aunt bye party party party what’s your question from loves me um no Julia just basically commented I should thank you Julia for continuing to comment on our other videos for once upon a time yeah we enjoy hearing what you have to say do we appreciate you and thank you for liking us and our videos so what we want to do is hear from the rest of you yes there was one video that I had up that we had a hundred and twenty views on our Sean like that I went one time I think it was like Episode seven or something yeah so we’re like crap or Loretta that was a really popular video that a lot of people viewed so yeah there’s usually about 60 something there’s more than one of you and we have 10 subscribers now which is awesome so yeah I just comment and say like what you think might be happening when it comes back from its break what you want to happen next what you want to happen next week or what you speculate will happen but if you do please put spoilers like in your comments yeah in case other people don’t want to know what they are mmm-hmm because some people don’t do that and then they get spoiled by reading the comments yeah so uh like I found out how I burped had the divergent series ended yeah because no one put spoilers in the thing so please be a considerate of other people that might not necessarily want to know spoilers and yeah I’m spoiler tags if you have anything to say okay so I think that’s it yeah that’s it okay well you control the computers okay you know starfire out fresh stop