[FULL] Royal Sister Returns EP.10丨China Drama

Episode 10 Please Thank you very much You’re welcome We’re friends There is no need to do so Why did you ask me out today? What’s the matter? Secretary Cai You’ve been assisting the chairman for years You are helping Yikun now Thank you for your hard work I should thank the chairman for his trust in me for years It seems that Yikun doesn’t trust you If Yikun became the chairman he would fire you first So, what should I do? But if He Happy became the chairman your fate might be different Please make it clear I think our group has been on a slide so we should fire the general manager Change a person who can bring profits to the group Do you agree? It’s more in line with the group’s strategy The right person in your mind is He Happy? That’s right It’s my son, He Happy He will marry the heiress who will inherit Longteng real estate I think he is somebody now I think he is Secretary Cai If you can help my son go back to the group and become the general manager I’ll give you some shares So my future totally depends on you I will wait for your good news You told Millie to work overtime but she didn’t do it Just forget about her It doesn’t matter Where’s Mr. He? When I was cleaning the office I saw his coat and phone When I came down to the parking lot I didn’t see him He might have gone out He goes out without a coat or a phone? Hello Does Mr. He work here? What do you need? I’m from a 4S car shop His car has been well maintained I’m here to give his car Could you give this key to him later? When did he send the car? Yesterday Yesterday? You guys What are you doing? Li Fei Can I beat her? No Mr. He Do me a favor Why? Her dad is my teacher I’m gonna kill her Mr. He What are you doing? Let me go Mr. He Let me down, let me down Li Fei Why did you lock me up for a night? You wanted to starve me, right? Don’t move You come here You locked me in the room -You wanted to kill me, didn’t you? -Don’t move Let go of me! Let go! Let me down! Be careful You go ahead What brings you over here? He said he was mad so he beat Wang Te I’m taking him here to let you check him out What did you say, Xiao Yan? What did he do? He beat Wang Te You don’t believe me? Well, you really beat Wang Te Once I see Wang Te with her I can’t stand it I can’t control myself Xiao Yan, I’m telling you There is nothing with him Understand? Stop your foolish talk Just check me out Have you met anyone like him? Anyone? Xiao Yan, come here He’s gonna check him out He may be really sick Just let He Happy check him out Come on, come on You check me out carefully Fang Ge You really beat Wang Te? You don’t believe that? Can you be pettier?

Of course, I can He beat your friend because he loves you Is it right? Who knows if it’s love That’s a different thing It’s love, surely Fang Ge, I’m telling you I don’t appreciate you for your attitude Wait, He Happy Why do you think I come to you? Xiao Yan told me if I was not mentally ill I had to apologize to Wang Te Otherwise she would break up with me Tell me, why is she doing this? So just break up with her Why should? I already spent ten years with her You know how I treat her in the past 10 years You know it Why? Why does she do this to me? You drew these? What for? I want to use these designs to get into the design contest I just don’t know if I can make it to the finals Since you don’t want to break up with her just apologize to Wang Te Then it will be over He Happy, what’s wrong with you? Wang Te hugged my girlfriend Why should I apologize to him? Am I insane? With your IQ You know? He Happy What do you mean? Tell me Wait. Are you dumb? You beat him You are not mad now Now, just go pretend to apologize to Wang Te And then you will be forgiven by Xiao Yan Why don’t you do it? You’re right I’m going to apologize to Wang Te After that I’ll beat him again Let’s go Go How about I take them to Wang Te? Does your friend know fashion design? He’s the chairman and chief designer of a fashion company That’s great help me ask him Is there anything that needs to be changed? And I want you to do me a favor Ask him if he knows a person called Xiao Yan Come on I’ve done a psychological test for your boyfriend The result is Is he sick? Yes But it’s not very serious As long as you give him an opportunity I’m sure he’ll be fine Right? Yes After Mr. He’s patient persuasion I’ve learned my mistakes So I decide to go to Wang Te to apologize to him That’s more like it Let’s go Go Bye bye Bye bye. Please No problem Bye bye I’ll walk you to the door Yikun You called in such a hurry What’s the matter? Get in Where are we going? Get in Yikun What’s wrong, Yikun? What’s wrong? You look so terrible I’m telling you from today we have nothing to worry about You don’t have to worry about my identity I don’t understand what you mean Just remember Love me But where are we going? Aunt I came here at once after you had called me No Oh Na Na Would you like to help Happy? Help him become the general manager Of course, I do How can I help him? You know his brother has fallen out with his father for that waitress Now he quits the job and runs away from home At this time it’s a good chance for Happy I want Happy to get your family’s project so he can return to the group as the president You can go home and persuade your father to support Happy in every way What do you think? He will do as I say That’s great, Na Na Mr. He I want to explain to you about what happened last night Li Fei, you don’t have to explain Mr. He I really didn’t mean it It doesn’t matter Just go back to work I’m still busy here -Mr. He, I… -Li Fei In fact, I did it on purpose I locked her in the warehouse on purpose Don’t you know? Since she came here she comes to work with you every day and she goes home with you every day Because of her, you’ve ignored me Don’t you know I like you? Wait, wait

Li Fei I-I’ve always see your as my little sister You know what? But I don’t consider you as my brother Li Fei, Li Fei Don’t you think you can work here as an assistant during the day You can go home as his maid at night So what? You think you can be with Mr. He? A girl like you will never make it to the top You are the one who wants to get to the top But I want to ask you a question Do you know your position? Don’t flatter yourself Last night He Happy told me about your relationship If you don’t believe me go ask him I-I don’t have the time to talk with you here I’m telling you If you are smart enough, just quit Otherwise I will make you suffer Are you threatening me now? Threatening me? I’m telling you You can’t beat me You Just wait and see What’s wrong with you? I’m black belt in Taekwondo Can I beat Li Fei? Can I beat Li Fei? What are you doing? Of course not What’s wrong with you? Can I beat you? Why? Are you insane? B-because you have a relationship with her I have nothing to do with her What’s wrong with you? For what happened last night! Can’t you just go easy on her? Why should I? So she always picks on me I told you the truth last night Why are you still talking nonsense? if you are telling the truth If you are, then why did she do this to me? I’m telling you Go to hell! Stop! I will kill you in your office! Go to hell! Stop! Are you insane? I I thought you had someone keep an eye on Peter That guy said Peter has been in his company these days He didn’t see Peter with your daughter Keep watching I know they will meet Yes Did you investigate the finance of He’s Group clearly? Yes I’ll bring it later What are you mumbling about? Don’t bother me. I’m prepared to apologize to him Stop Sit back Why are you here? Wang Te I I’m sorry for that day I’m here today just to apologize to you Please forgive me You don’t have to apologize You I told you Wang Te was not petty She didn’t believe me Wang Te You look so tired Are you okay? I’m fine I’m fine Not everyone needs your attention It’s called a personality Right? we can have a talk another day I’ll have a meeting later Wang Te You see I got a maid working for my friend She also wants to take part in that design contest I brought her manuscripts Take a look Tell me what you think What do you think of her design? Did she learn about costume design? She doesn’t seem to have done that

But I think she may learn something from her ex-boyfriend Please tell your friend Her works won’t even pass the first round Well I should have guessed it You can’t say that If she had a good design Why did we bring her manuscripts to ask for your suggestions? Xiao Yan Are you two close? I think so I think she’s a nice person so I want to help her Well You tell her some clothing companies are still willing to buy her design Ask her how much she is willing to sell You will buy it? Isn’t she your friend? But that’s unfair to you What are you doing? Right? Hello, Fang Ge Hello Happy I’m looking for Millie You’re looking for Millie? Why do you look for her? Just get her I have something urgent to tell her OK, OK, OK Millie Millie What’s up? It’s Fang Ge Hello, what’s up? Millie I have good news and bad news Which one do you want to hear first? The bad one first The bad news first OK, here it is We took your manuscript to Xiao Yan’s friend But he thought your manuscript was not good enough to even pass the first round You are too straightforward This friend is very talented So don’t curse him on the phone Well, well He has no right to criticize your work Right? I know that But get this I have good news Take it easy Her friend is very kind Now he is going to buy your design manuscripts Give me a number and now he wants to buy my design? Fang Ge Tell him that I appreciate it Thanks for his kindness And tell him my idea is priceless I won’t sell She also got a personality Well She said she didn’t sell If she really sells it she said you won’t afford it If not for Xiao Yan I won’t buy her stuff at all She really doesn’t know who she is Why didn’t you sell it? Why should I sell it? Do you think I have no money so I can sell my dream my ambition and my dignity? No What does that have to do with dignity? You are overthinking That’s how she is She has no money but she is ambitious This one might get too ambitious Why are you kicking me? How about this? Tell your friend If she wants she can come to work here Thank you I’ll tell her later It’s not going to happen I know her She could never agree to work here Let’s go Well, we’re leaving now Wang Te, goodbye Bye bye Let me ask you Will you buy a design idea If it were me I won’t spend a penny Bingo Tell me Is the friend of Xiao Yan a fool? Maybe he thinks different from ordinary people Right? Different my ass I don’t believe it I don’t believe his kindness I’m telling you he sees my wonderful ideas and money behind it So he wanted to buy it He wanted to buy me with his dirty money No way! I don’t have any money right now I support your idea But you have to understand this to achieve your dream Do you understand?

Don’t you know I’m young, I believe in myself I appreciate your spirit of keeping moving forward So from today you can prepare for the next design competition What makes him so arrogant! All he has is money He meant it well You ruined it Can you blame me? You talked to Millie on the phone like that How would she agree to sell? So what do you want me to do? You want me to lie to her? I think you did this on purpose Don’t talk like that now I’m feeling good right now I feel good Quiet What are you doing? I’m calling Millie What are you doing? What are you going to tell her? Tell her to sell the design Millie takes part in the contest to get a place in the competition Right? You’re persuading her to sell the design Do you know what she wants? Millie to sell it to Wang Te I just plan to ask her if she wants to work here You can’t even say that Right? You want Happy to break up with us? Will you dare to take his sweet maid away from him? He will kill us with a knife That sounds reasonable Well, well, I don’t care Here you are That’s right I’m telling you according to that kind person’s behavior I’m very confident I don’t have to wait for the next contest I can be selected into this one Millie, I’m telling you You are blind and arrogant What do you do if I got selected? What do you say? Up to you If I got into the finals I’ll just strip you Strip? OK Don’t get this wrong Mr. He, you lost Her works got selected Really, she got selected into the finals? Exactly Are you sure? She got in Congratulations, Miss I got in! I got in! You’re a genius I got in! Who told me just now I was blindly arrogant? Who wanted me to sell my works? I’m telling you In your face! Joe Joe Are you sure she’s shortlisted? I’m sure You don’t believe her? Are you sure the name is Millie? Maybe it’s Impossible Mixian or Mitiao such as Mihua Mimian, Mickey or something like that? What’s wrong with you? Don’t jinx it It’s me, right? That’s great This is the design I want Is this really designed by a maid? We will use this design for this show I have a problem What? We didn’t buy the design If we use her design will that be a problem? In the world nobody is going to believe a maid Don’t worry about it Oh Sign with Jiuhong right now Okay How about Miss Oris? What do you think? Miss Oris couldn’t be a main model to walk in the show Ok Let her know Okay Chairman Ai Here you are Chairman Ai Is your daughter home yet? Not yet You see We haven’t found the right occasion And our cooperation got delayed How about this? Maybe we can talk about our cooperation? I’m so sorry I’ve already given this project to my dear daughter We have to wait for her to talk Okay, alright I envy you very much your daughter can work alone No wonder you’re so relaxed You are flattering me I’ve heard that both of your two sons are young and ambitious Don’t praise them If there is a chance I’ll let them learn from you You’re faltering me

OK They are too fat and too black None of them is Peter! Peter is much handsome Millie Just ask Joe Joe to keep looking None of them is Peter? I’m telling you As long as you get the champion of the design contest he’ll come to you that day That’s how people are She can win the champion? Do you think she can get the champion? I really believe in her I’m telling you I will win the champion for Peter! Wait. Stop dreaming, okay? What are you doing? Stop it I’m out Thank you Thank you, thank you very much You’re welcome I’m just doing him a favor Thank you Bye bye Thanks for your efforts It’s my pleasure Millie Did you hear that? He is paying me a favor Understand? No I’m telling you You get this From now on don’t give me any work I’m no longer your maid or secretary Why? Why should I do that? Because I need to prepare for the design of the contest OK But I’m warning you if you don’t win the champion you will be doomed! Do you agree? I agree Really? No Thank you, boss Thank you, boss The general manager said You used a maid’s design That’s right I heard you decided to have Jiuhong to be the main model Yes You promised to make me the main model! Maybe next time You can be the main model next time That’s all All right Dad Okay Miss Na Na Why are you here? If so, I’m leaving now Of course I wanna see you How can I not want to see my own daughter? You need anything from me? Dad just yet Why? Is there something wrong with you and Happy? No We’re all good So why don’t you let dad sign the agreement? I want you to help Happy to become the president with the project of He’s Group He Happy asked you to say that? No That’s aunt’s plan She’s pretty smart With my help she wants Yikun removed from power and helps He Happy take power She’s really calculating Dad Don’t read too much into it That’s also what I want I don’t want Happy to be bullied by his brother anymore I don’t care You have to help Happy become the president If he was the president I will be the president’s wife Do you agree? Dad Dad, you’re the best! What do you say? Do you like here? I like it I love it! Lisa Lisa, you’re here Happy Come and sit I miss you You miss me? I miss you

I’m sorry Hi, I’m his secretary He just said he was thirsty He asked me to bring him some water Yes, give me some water She said she missed you? You miss him? OK, OK, go ahead Happy I’m here today to tell you I will treat you with the best I can Lisa This is actually the case If you are happy I will be happy Understand? Well Lisa Do you fall in love with him? Of course, I fall in love with him How can you fall in love with this kind of person? You know what? He is a bitter and narrow-minded guy He is cursing others all day He is awful Why do you fall for him? Wait a sec Aren’t you? I’m telling you I like myself! I would like to clap for myself Do you understand? You will be humiliated Wait When you were homeless who saved you? When you didn’t have a job who gave you a job? When you were caught by your father who saved you? I didn’t say it wasn’t you I’m helping you What? Help You are helping me? Yes, yes Would you like to have dinner with me tonight? I I’m his secretary I know all his schedule I just forget to remind you You have an appointment tonight Yeah, right I have an appointment with someone tonight Hu Na Hu Who is Hu Na? You don’t even know Hu Na She is a very, very close friend of Mr. He Lisa, don’t be upset I arranged his schedule I’ll arrange another time for you Maybe later Bye Bye I’ll set another time for you Be safe Bye bye See you soon You should be grateful to me Hurry up Say thank you Thank you I don’t get it Why will Lisa like you? I think you made passes at her and seduced her to make her fall in love with you when you gave her the therapy Look at him you see this man is so charming and gentle Everyone would love him Right? I really don’t know why you’re so confident Now I see why you choose this industry By being a psychologist when you hypnotize your female patients when you hypnotize your female patients you tell them how good you are make them fall for you This is so bad You take advantage of this to date female patients Stop it Get out I don’t want to see you here You are so ungrateful I helped you. Now you are doing this to me! Get out Whatever Forgot my water I hope you choke on it And I’m telling you I think Lisa is much better than Li Fei You should consider to date her Get out She is better than Li Fei She’s really better than Li Fei Get out You can try Get lost! She’s better than Li Fei Hello, mom Why didn’t you answer my call? I’ve been busy What’s the matter? Son I’m telling you Your brother really ran away from home this time I think it’s a great opportunity Well, mom What are you up to now? What do I want? I want you to be the general manager of the group replacing your brother I’m not going to do it

I’m telling you I won’t join you You brat You hang up my phone again I will kick your ass later Hello Dad Come out I’m waiting for you outside Dad, why are you here? You’re gonna replace Yikun to be the general manager You want me back to the group? I’m not gonna do that I’m telling you Now the group is not doing very well You are my son You can’t just fool around outside I’m telling you there are only two options for you A Go back to the group as the general manager B Bring Yikun back Dad you don’t really want me to be the general manager. Right? You just want to use me to push my brother back Right? OK, well Hello Hello, brother You’d better go back to the group Dad is gonna force me to be the general manager That’s all I can do I did my best Yikun Who was that? My half-brother Is he trying to persuade you to go home early? I’m telling you You think he really wants me back? Why do you think so? My stepmother and her son always want to take my place Do you think he’ll let me go back? Okay, Yikun maybe you misunderstood them In the world not everyone is as kind as you are I’m warning you if you are rude to my friend again Why do I keep running into Li Fei Stop I really underestimated you I didn’t know you would lie to everybody that I beat you Why would you tell such a lie? I’m sorry I don’t understand what you’re talking about Do you come here today for therapy from Mr. He? Let me see Mr. He’s schedule has been full recently But if you are in such a hurry to see him I don’t mind helping you cut in One day, I’ll let you know I always pay my debt give you yours sooner or later Nice office

What are you doing here? OK? You need anything? Let’s go somewhere else to talk Wait a minute I haven’t finished it yet Let’s go Where are we going? OK, count this Where are we going? My feet are killing me Could you lend me your arm? Well, I don’t understand since it hurts to wear high heels Then why do you girls wear them? I will look five centimeters taller I can conquer the world! Why are you here? What, do you want a fight? You beat me last time Make no mistakes You beat me first She told Happy that I beat her So I got angry and beat you You can just beat her Why did you beat me? Well, you got unlucky Stop I’m going out with Hu Na