Road Trip to Roadkill Zip Tie Drags 2017 at Gateway Motorsports in Madison, Illinois

So here we are at it again another roadkill road trip this time we’re going to zip tie drags in Madison Illinois at Gateway Motorsports this time we are super late I mean like beyond late but whatever I got a good excuse we saw pain last night is our first time in the u.s. been waiting 20 years finally happened all right so zip tied drag is a little bit different than roadkill Nights a zip tie drags just kind of bring a beater as long as it’s $3,000 or less and race it so they got what’s called the hooptie challenge you got to come in with a car that was under $3,000 something from the pictures that I’ve seen from yesterday there is a like a Dodge Neon with a 360 in it so stuff like that all right so there’s a couple places on the way to the st. Louis area one of them is called country classic cars there’s another Dave’s a little bit closer to Springfield but I’ll show you guys some of these cars they have here some of them are pretty sweet all right so this place obviously has some pretty nice cars I’m gonna show you something real special they got a line of basically roadkill cars check it out my probably used to have a large building over here don’t know what caused the fire but it completely burnt down it was engulfed in flames it was a really bad fire that’s definitely sad to see these classics in that shape you know I know some guys would buy them up though you know so they’re they’re gonna get a new life at some point for sure hope you don’t crush them yeah I got a Camaro at the moment I call the curse marrow z20 brake Oh because every chance it gets it it busts down on me hence the busted classic garage name Oh bud well it’s been nice talking you gentlemen okay you guys have a good one nice meeting you you guys enjoy your day thank you guys so they do also have a meet-and-greet and I’ve been kind of struggling with what to bring for them to sign so I got a bottom of a quarter panel off my old 70 Chevelle all rotted out you know just the bottom section it’s like I could bring that and have them sign it I’m sure that’s been done before what else could I bring in on top of all air cleaner no I don’t know Simon kind of pondering well what can I do and then it finally came to me so if you guys ever seen the roadkill episode where a fry burger and Finnegan do the lemons rally one of the challenges there to make points is to go to Waffle House locations and buy a waffle and the more waffles you get the more points you get why don’t I go to Waffle House because there is one right on the way get a waffle and have them sign my waffle but maybe not the waffle but the box of it so I think that’s one I’m gonna bring I think that’d be pretty original all right so I guess I just got to find Freiburger and Finnegan at some point and have them signed my waffle it’s very tempting not to eat this thing right now but we made it finally over Tulane CR ed gateway Motorsports going sometimes right Wow little story about how you got this started off I did I got my second car

was India my first car was 67 chartered growing up around my brother he’s huge Motorhead everything low bar everything big block small block doesn’t matter I fell in love with the big brother had a rear-wheel drive Dodge smell was 440 in it I need to have it so what did you do is to cut the start of floor pan what did you do for a rib piece prune cetera well the rear end is actually a stock dodge conquest where several independent suspension breeds 85 years limited-slip I just made the mounts and actually stuck it up underneath the car and measured out perfect a better heat in this car the motor and transmission the firewalls of completely uncut I didn’t have to do anything these cars used such a large catalytic converter from the factory the transmission just slid right up into that spot no problem I had cut a little bit on the floor and to make room for the driveshaft down the exhaust bottle and a little bit for the same gear circle on the transmission throttle I did was a nice custom crossmember tap it into the well we were so impressed by engineering against the overall our show award which is from the he was the world’s classiest 60 sixty all right I failed okay I completely failed you so go for it all right 383 even you can get it you can send it if you want I was like no I will be virgin but you can fit 99 people in there and the most impressive thing I don’t know if you guys knew this some of these big wagons had an option to have dual air conditioners so that you’re also getting all right that’s one sweet machine

the important thing about this too because it actually has dual rear seat cigarette lighters so I get the car be clutchless but you still have they’re all Camaro or the way that’s why this right we’ve got a booster road racing slicks Lana right now look at the car you’ll see on all four corners it’s actually got some trick parts on it if you remove the entire roadkill part that we attract turn around so everybody that happen more than a 63 general mayhem runs good maintenance is together okay so we’re all going to go through this one time where you’re from we’re going to do a show in LA people have counted them you know they make us now one more shot and we’re going to give up on this they’re sitting here boring people to

death so you want to run another pair are waiting okay and ask you if we should run a vague up are the Camaro I think right now we should probably go to a white Camaro while we’re waiting for Vega and that’s a little camping so simply a stock engine and forth but intent to the same which is the norm would you know that Oh No so 900 turns up is easy to mind if you look for a seventh time in your luggage the bald tires that have met at the last Tuesday drive cracks events he won’t care and you’ll still destroy them right now seconds away from that capable of toasting to 100 nice work which is no doll did you see the wheel shake when that thing came down I think

it really wisely was wasted and we’re having to overdrive it real hard to make this for mountain boots but the quarter-mile but it didn’t running out of fuel in the top end so two things that happened to expense then it’s got a completely new fuel system middle to support about 800 horsepower and as a brand new Wyatt supercharger so I’m hoping this thing runs quicker than ever today is either going to be done at home or power the fires one via very first time anyone’s driven Bob in anger since the wheelie incident that nearly took me out that is the first time it’s been driven lot zip-tied drags event and you guys got to see it all right so roadkill’s out so at this point what do you start pairing up these I can’t hear that well before Justin the strike first little courtesy staging nice move don’t check Oh the poster guy the winner

sponsored by waffles so if you guys have seen the roadkill episode where they do the limo so if you ever guys seen that’s about mama you