[Ifugao Road Trip] – Part 3/6 (Banaue ViewPoint to Batad)

We’re about to leave Banaue Main Viewpoint to continue our journey to Batad Right is towards N.Vizcaya/Manila. Left is to Batad, Mayoyao and eventually Isabela

Left is to Batad. Let’s check out what’s to the right Jeepney terminal to Bontoc, Mayoyao and even Solano Let’s go back and continue our journey To your left is towards Batad. Straight ahead is to Mayoyao

Be careful as this road if poorly maintained

Approaching “The Saddle”. This road used to end here. There’s a viewpoint, parking and stalls available at this place

Most important is this is only place where you’ll be able to receive a phone signal for calls and texts. Don’t expect 3G/LTE signals

Find your own parking slot

There’s more space up ahead but we decided to stay here as our vehicle will be guarded by our would be massage therapist during the night 🙂 Enjoy Batad!