Ep 22 – Sweden – Motorcycle Trip Around Europe – Honda Transalp 700

Hello guys! How are you? So, first of all I have to mention that I am in Sweden, I entered yesterday And it’s time to make the second service of the motorcycle I have here some oil, I need to change it It’s been 24000km so far I am making service every 12000km as the manual suggests So I am going to start servicing. It shouldn’t take long I need to lift up the tank and clean the air filter as well Today it’s a beautiful day! 27 degrees and I am off to check out the city I am in Stockholm, just finished the free walking tour of the city The city is beautiful, It has an interesting history, and it has great architecture as well Second flat tire, this time in Stockholm, and I almost crash, I was in the motorway The hole bike started to shake And I had to stop in on this concrete dividers I have to fix this now You cannot imagine what you can run onto in the motorway I had two flat tires in total in this trip so far and both of those were in great roads The tire got flat in some milliseconds Oh no!

Oh no! Oh fuck! NO! Guys, I am screwed! The inner tube got ripped off And I don’t have an extra one with me It got ripped off I don’t have another So the problem is big… This is the damage And this is supposed to be a Heavy duty inner tube A guy stopped and offered to help me… So I gave him the size numbers of the tube He said he knows a place that sell inner tubes I hope he finds one If he doesn’t find one I will need to improvise I don’t want to leave the bike here because there are a lot of motorway pirates in Sweden as I have been told… They are going to get everything Here is the place I scratched the bike to stop it The rear end of the bike was out of control and I had to stop the bike on the concrete dividers That’s a difficult way to start a day And I didnt do anything today 5km this way is the camping place I was staying I didn’t even went anywhere yet So the motorway security came They said they saw me from the cameras They offered to move the bike in a safer location The guy who offered to help me, already left to find a tube so I told the security guy that I am waiting for him But they told me that i cannot stay for more on the shoulder of the motorway So what I did; I had an inner tube for the front tire which is different, and I put that one inside And by the time I finished the other guy came and he brought me a new tube That costed €20 and it’s not even heavy duty So I rode to a gas station where I will chage the tubes again to put the proper one in because I don’t feel safe at all with the front tube at the rear wheel So let’s take this chance for a small tutorial on tire changing I am not expert on this… But when you do it twice in a day… you learn some things

We put the tube inside This tube doesn’t look very good I will go buy another one to have as extra It’s time to put the nut to hold it in place Always have something to put underneath the brake disk Make sure that the tube is not twisted inside and I am going to inflate it a bit We inflate it a little bit to be sure that the tube is not getting twisted in the rim So now you are allowed to lever the tire back in place Be carefull not to grab the tube in between he lever and the rim So I reached this picnic site, which is excellent for camp I have my table, toilets and maybe shower over there So I am going to pitch my tent over here and stay overnight I didn’t cover many kilometers today since I spent more than 3,5 hours fot the tire problem This guy is the truck driver… He stayed here overnight as well because the policy of his company is to spent somewhere 54 hours before continuing his route Yesterday he gave me some Martini and some beers to drink and today he gave me this delicious meat to eat His wife made this and he gave it to me to eat it. It’s already cooked and I can eat it like this or warm it up Sweden is famous fot this rocks They call them runestones They are everywhere in Sweden This one is protected as a world heritage monument And it’s the only one that survives with the complete poem on it

It’s the “poem of the chieftain” I am in the National Park of Oland, and I just reached the Southern tip of it There are lots of things to visit on Oland Island I just found this church, that looks pretty old, with these huge gravestones Everything is locked This island is pretty quiet in general This church is a world heritage monument protected ny Unesco It’s very old indeed. And it is located in the small village of Kalia Off course it is not working now. They moved everything in the newer church of the village Good morning! I am in Kalmar, and I came to visit the castle! Look here how pretty it is! Look here some meze! So today I am going to start from here and head to Malmo where I will spent a couple of hours And right next to Malmo is the town of Teleborg where I will catch a ferry to go to Germany

And from Germany, directly to Poland I will receive some parts as well I need Brake disks and brake pads I am in Lund which is 17km away from Malmo and I made a stop to visit the cathedral of the city Which is huge. It doesn’t even fit in the camera lens I met a traveller from Finland called Eerki and he told me about this church Good morning! This morning I left Sweden I got a ship from Teleborg to Rostock in Germany and I am gong to head direclty to Berlin , to receive the brake pads and brake disks I am going to change them and go to Poland I am in Louis Shop I am changing the brakes just outside of the store The guys here are awsome. They gave me tools and brake cleaner and everything I need to do the job I want to thank Chris (employ at Louis) a lot, because he said that I can stay in his place today He is living with his girlfriend and his place is empty So I would have whatever in need over there So this is the old disk. 106000km in total!