ഷില്ലോങ്ങിലേയ്ക്ക് ഒരു യാത്ര | Meghalaya Bike Ride | Road Trip to Shillong

Good morning!! We are about to start our bike ride We are in Guwahati now, going to Shillong September 19th, northeast ride 2018 is about to begin today Luggage is all ready to be kept on the bikes From Awe Rides, we got the bikes yesterday only Now we will place all our luggage on the bikes and start!! Be with us during the entire journey If you have any suggestion, please mention it below So let us start We got ready at 6 in the morning, for a ride in our Royal Enfield 500cc Classic While we were transferring our luggage, we noticed a leakage in the fuel tank We called up Awe Rides, and they said it will take a day’s time because it has to be taken to the service station for complete checking They didn’t have any other Royal Enfield The only option available was a Bajaj Avenger They got it ready fast, but in the process, we lost almost 6 to 7 hours It is 1 o’ clock now..we are starting now First to Umiam Lake, then to Shillong We were planning to start by 6 am But now it is 1 pm It is good that Awe Rides have given us another bike Or we would have been stuck on the way We were staying in V Stay serviced apartments It is very close to Brahmaputra River It is Brahmaputra over there It is one of the largest rivers in India We are in one edge of the city Now we have to ride across the city to reach the National Highway We are now in the midst of the traffic in Guwahati city It is very hot also as it is 1 in the afternoon Here, it is hotter than our Kochi Anyway, for some time, I have to handle this traffic Finally we are reaching National Highway That flyover over there is part of NH If these autos and buses gave us a little space, we could have gone fast Vehicles are moving but they are stopping for their passengers Let’s just try to move ahead Now there won’t be much traffic I think because we have reached NH Roads in Guwahati are not very good, it’s like Kochi only But National Highway should be better If we go straight on this road, my goodness!! It nearly clashed against us!! As I was saying, if we go straight, we will reach Naogaon

Last time , we had gone from Naogaon to Dimapur The road ahead is for Naogaon Maybe it will lead further to Jorhat and all, but now we are taking a right turn here This is the road to Shillong Last time, we had gone to Shillong But it was night when we went, and when we came back also So we couldn’t see anything on the way We couldn’t take videos also But in Shillong, we had a good experience Actually, the whole of Meghalaya was good That time only ,we had decided that we would come again by bike, to experience Shillong, Meghalaya, and a few more places in northeast, if possible When we drive to Shillong, it is almost like driving to Idukki, Kottayam, or Wayanad It looks almost the same the roads, scenery, everything Even the trees, there are coconut palms banana plantations arecanut trees But it is not very crowded like the roads of Kerala Otherwise, this has the feel of an old Kerala It is very hot We rode for some time Around 45 kms, I think Now it is about 30 kms more to Umiam Lake Feeling very thirsty We’ll get water here We might get juices somewhere But we decided to have some fruits This is a special type of sour fruit available here When I go to my wife’s house, there they give this with salt and all There is masala sprinkled on this Masala and salt This a type of tamarind fruit available here The one I showed you just now Salt and masala have been added It is definitely going to be sour Very sour!! Tastes just like our ilumban puli (bilimbi) only with a little sweetness The word Meghalaya means the abode of clouds It feels very good to ride, seeing these colorful clouds You can come by car, or bike If you are interested in knowing more about the route that we take, I will give every detail, in our blog, foodntravel.in After the trip is over, I will write it I will give a route map also, if possible I will write about bike rentals, places to visit, the places that we found good, those places that you can visit in addition to this, everything, I will include in a blog Before reaching Shillong,

we will go to Umiam Lake The road to Shillong passes via Umiam Lake We can see the lake while driving What you see on the right side is Umiam Lake But if we want to experience it from close, we need to take a deviation to right, and go a little down There will be a right turn a little ahead We will take that, and move forward So starting from Guwahati, we rode over 80 kms, and reached Umiam Lake We faced some troubles in the morning In our Classic 500, there was a fuel leakage But we are no longer sad about that Everything happens for good! This bag on my back has laptop, camera heavy, at least 10 kgs of weight The specialty of Avenger is that its back seat is a bit raised So after keeping my claw bag, if I keep this bag on top, I won’t feel the weight of this bag I can ride very comfortably The road was too good There won’t be any food in this video because we just had fruits for lunch Very sweet pineapple and some kind of fruit, like our ilumban puli And cucumber also Vineeth loves it a lot He enjoyed it, and even the pineapple Now we are at Umiam Lake We will see the lake in detail When coming to Umiam Lake, you can go for swimming, if you like I don’t know more about it, I saw the charges for swimming written somewhere Boating facilities are also supposedly there, I think the time is over, as no boats are to be seen We are anyway not going for boating We need to reach Shillong We’ll just enjoy the beauty of Umiam Lake and move on The sun is about to set Let us see the lake and go We are not stopping till sunset Because only if we reach Shillong before dark, we can enjoy there as well It is not very crowded here So we can really enjoy the place The time for boating is not over yet There you can see a boat I think it is not working as there are not enough people Tourists are very less here, just two three families Nobody else is to be seen See, there are beautiful hills on all sides Like our Thekkady, and Periyar Lake, you can say It gives a similar feel

In Thekkady, teak stubs can be seen in the lake That is a beautiful sight! That beauty you can’t get here But being here in this lonely, beautiful place, is such a pleasure! Beautiful sunset!! We had thought of moving to Shillong But this beautiful sunset in Meghalaya, and the magical beauty of the clouds stopped us here So we saw Umiam Lake and sunset, though we didn’t actually see the sun setting, we stopped there till the sunset, the clouds were really beautiful Now it is getting dark We have to reach our cottage very soon We are staying in Aerodene Cottages in Shillong After reaching there, we need to freshen up and relax What is that? Egg Egg fry This is a different kind of egg fry Egg fry and chili chutney Egg fry looks more like egg bonda It is egg bonda only He doesn’t know that It is egg bonda, not egg fry Tomorrow, we will see Shillong The sights of Shillong will come in the next video Now we are riding to Aerodene Cottage, Shillong So after a 6 hours’ drive, we have reached Shillong Aerodene Cottages, this is where we stay This is a superb view A nice garden The surroundings are really good Garden is good There is a lawn here, and a garden there We are staying in the top floor We will see the room quickly I hope you enjoyed the trip After showing our room, this video will end Tomorrow, we are doing a Shillong video You can watch and enjoy Shillong also And do share your comments There was no food in this video as we had only fruits So let’s see the rooms This is the living room They have kept it so clean and well-maintained Living room There are two bed rooms This is not occupied, we are not using it also This is our bed room A well-arranged room! We have dumped our baggage here But the room is superb Tea or coffee?

Tea,black tea So let us take the tea and have a good sleep Tomorrow, we will roam around Shillong Shillong video will come soon For now, goodbye