We Found An Abandon Ghost Town & Cemetery In the Rocky Mountains ► Caribou Colorado

so we’re still on the trail we’re still not sure if we’re in the right place so onward if you find this phone i was drug here we’re not lost that’s a perfectly good trail so don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss a minute of colorado martini so there’s a lot of things that colorado is known for it’s skiing it’s rocky mountains it’s beautiful weather it’s beautiful wildflowers it’s aspen trees it’s wonderful towns but the one thing that it really is known for is its mining towns that are no longer in existence better known as ghost towns there are hundreds of them that are all over the rocky mountains and today i’ve just came to caribou and caribou boone down in the late 1800s so we’re on caribou road and we’re on our way back to the ghost town of caribou city so it’s beautiful country back here on our way to caribou so just stay on the road at caribou that’s just outside of town and go straight be careful uh with your gps coordinates i will put uh coordinates down in the description but if it tries to get you to veer off of caribou road then you’re going the wrong way so you know it’s kind of hard to believe that there was this blonde town back here you know it had saloons and hotel and brothels and it was a full-on i think it even had a band like a town band uh so it’s definitely how did the pioneers find it it’s so far off the main road somebody found there’s no train tracks nothing somebody found you know precious metals that his ass hurts after the end of the day so it’s definitely a great place to you know ride your bike but it’s uphill the whole way it’s up down except downhill so you can get up here on a two-wheel drive um but it is very washboardy um there’s parts where it does get a little narrow um and the further up you get the the more washboardy the road is so as far as this road being you know kind of hanging on the side of the cliff it really hasn’t been that way uh there’s been one area where it was a little you know a little bit but not very much so it’s really not that it always scares me when we get them on high altitude like this on these dirt roads um you know that you’re just gonna be hanging off off a cliff um you always have to be careful with that here in the the rockies you can get sketchy it can get sketchy again the roads can get really narrow and then somebody’s coming the other direction you know so um oh i spoke too soon didn’t i look at it up ahead so right behind me is where we think the ghost town of caribou once was around the 1920s 100 years ago basically it was down to 50 people but at one time there were 3 000 people that lived here it was basically built for the miners of the silver mine gold was originally discovered downstream here and um in one of the placers and when they came up this way they found the silver veins and um and then the mine was eventually sold for about three million dollars back in the late 1800s which was quite a bit of money so right now all that you really find here is kind of some you know foundation type structures um and what’s left of a log cabin and then the stone structures again weren’t a part of the town but they did have to do with mining that happened here later on in the early 1900s but this town once had a newspaper it had three saloons um you know ahead of school it was uh you know 3 000 people up here at 10 000 feet now there’s a

great hiking great mountain bike um riding here it’s absolutely beautiful and the wildflowers are exquisite so we’re figuring that the town was down in this area and just by looking at there’s some structures that are down there and looking at some old pictures it looks like it was down in this valley here you park um just so the parking lot is like right above me and just below the parking lot is uh what’s left that’s really the only thing that’s left is this log cabin but as you can see the flowers are beautiful this time of year at this altitude but the town went all the way down into this area here trying to figure out why this is terrace you know there’s these rocks here and they’re very level so either there were houses here that were terraced or this was some kind of water erosion structure that was built but there is a depression here with a rusted pole coming out of it i’m not going to walk over there because it might be a mine shaft or it could have been somebody’s root cellar i think what we have here is an archaeological find of some of the first row houses in colorado boom boom boom boom if you don’t know what a row house is there’s the there are the houses that are stacked with one after another in san francisco going up the hill a construction term from the bay area of california it could be a long forward could just be somebody semi-broad it was chopped yeah so i chopped that that was definitely man manipulated god the wildflowers are just beautiful just gorgeous we’re about ten thousand feet now you can there’s a road that goes this way but it’s a lot it’s a lot um rockier it’s you know definitely a floor by road but it’s blocked off right now so i think it’s actually private property so if you come up here make sure you bring lots of water you’re really high in altitude so if you’re not used to altitude you can get altitude sickness very easily up here so drink lots of water drink eat food that’s you know high in in water such as you know vegetables and lettuce and stuff and um you know be careful with alcohol but alcoholic beverages you’ll get dehydrated very quickly um so the air is very thin um so try to acclimate if you’re not used to it before you come up here there’s this little trail that allows you to go down by the um the cabin be careful wildflowers do not step on them please and stay on the trail i don’t think it’s an official trail either look at these wildflowers they’re just gorgeous i mean look at this what’s this what’s this it’s civilization baby might be the entrance to a dugout cellar or something of that nature oh here’s some old timber looks like there was something look here’s a dug out here that was like uh no this that’s different that’s like that’s like a root cellar that was like a cellar there was somebody’s house here and you can find all the colorado martini ghosts there’s a bunch of old timber here there’s a whole bunch of wood you can see it all over it’s all all up in here how pretty those flowers are they’re just gorgeous um and don’t do this not only is it illegal in this area but this area is plagued with fire matter of fact this town originally completely burnt down because of fire

um so do not have the illegal fires up here uh public service announcements yeah that’s my other psa okay here’s one for you they’re probably the ancestors of dumb asses who bumped the town down this is what you call a colorado fixer-upper mr martini said it’s 2 million but it’s all about the location look at that view and no neighbors except for the guy that’s playing pink floyd oh look there’s a little chick monk oh pretty cool well it’s left of the town are those huckleberries those are huckleberries i wouldn’t trust them i’m not going to eat them but those sure look like huckleberries to me yeah like poisonous berries yeah those look like huckleberries anybody now they’re not low to the ground anybody who’s watching this if you agree that these are huckleberries uh tell me down in the comments chuckleberries those are huckleberries they’re all in there oh beautiful view i told you that was moose poopy i saw there’s a baby it’s a mommy and a baby oh look at that mom and a baby so cool so just to my right is the old town site i knew that was moose poopy i saw up there um but it was pretty cool so it was a mommy and a baby you need to be very very careful of any kind of moose but a mom and a baby is probably the most dangerous moose that are out there you think so bull ankle careful look at the potholes jesus christ so you’re gonna go from the parking lot and you are going to go i guess i’m traveling north in the northeast you can drive down this road but there’s it’s heavily trafficked with four-wheel drives in the summertime and i’m not sure if there’s really a place you can turn off so we’re looking for a trail that takes us up to the cemetery so do note there are oh there’s a lot of private property up in this area so try to stay on the road so we still haven’t found the cemetery and i have my doubts i think it’s the other way i know it’s up to my right but look at this view i forget what you call that glacier it’s the only one that’s in this area these two glaciers and it’s just been melting and melting and melting but as you can see weather moves in very quickly it’s still august it was a nice warm day and now i can put on a pair of jeans and have some covering on my arms so be prepared for all sorts of weather um in the afternoons this high up we get lightning storms um so we don’t want to be exposed so as you can see that’s the tree line that’s how high up we are you don’t want me to just don’t want him to be exposed trust me trust me baby so we’ve all probably walked about a half a mile down and i know that the cemetery is up on this hill so i i think that we were misled by coming down uh what is it 505 550 um i think that we need to take the other road all right so we think we found the path which is not very apparent um give it a shot let’s give it a shot it’s pretty overgrown too so we’re pretty high up and we’re pretty far out so i’m not able to drop a pin and get the coordinates so the best thing i can tell you is you walk down about i don’t know maybe we walked about a half a mile the most but when you start seeing the mountains you come out of the tree

line and you start seeing the mountains like this you can see this ridge with the glaciers on it i mean it’s august so that’s a glacier because all the snow’s melted you’re going to see a trail that’s got some rocks in front of it um and it says no motorized vehicles and it’s kind of a rocky trail we believe that that’s the trail and it’s also right before kind of a turnout area that’s got rock borders on it so um so we’re going to go up this and see what we find oh no so it looks like there’s huckleberries everywhere that’s what i think these are um what’s this poop right here is that elk or is that moose i think that’s moose it’s pretty big pellets um we might find ourselves in rain i don’t know about this rolling in it looks more like a wash in the trail yeah but the the sign made it sound like it was a trail right so we’re still on the trail we’re still not sure if we’re in the right place so onward if you find this phone i was drugged here we’re not lost that’s a perfectly good better trailer most so there’s bear there’s moose can usually find them i’ve seen really big poopies like really big pellet type poopies that’s either elk or moose um but there are bear up here be careful take lots of water and we’re about between 9 000 and 10 000 feet right now you don’t want to know what i just saw mr martini put your shirt back on please he’s getting back to nature i see a bear a bare ass that is got a nice view behind me that pretty oh felt the rain drop felt another raindrop uh-oh you ever hidden under the canopy of a tree during the rain we might have to hunter’s trick all right we’re still climbing hey we got that storm behind us it was like 80 a few minutes ago telling you weather can change on you in a second up in the rockies now plenty of water bring rain gear um you know it’s actually gotten a little chilly mr martini says he thinks he sees headstones over here we’re at a clearing as you can see let’s see red tape or something up here i don’t know i have to get up on it see if that’s a headstone it says danger that’s a with the tape yeah there’s a cross there it is so the whole cemetery is blocked off um there’s tape on the other side too so these it looks like somebody planted some bulbs here at one time um you know and they just keep propagating all around the place it’s almost look like hostas so i don’t see any no pr trespassing signs up here i’ve been seeing them the whole way up on the road but i don’t see any um i might be able to explain that i think that if you come in the other road you have to cross private property

to get here however the way we came we walked up a state trail right so that’s why i was told to come up 550 rather than the other way it’s one of the coolest graveyards i’ve ever found this is a really cool graveyard i mean there’s like nobody up here um it’s very secluded um you know it’s it’s actually really really cool but there are a lot of wild animals up here so be careful do you think that’s okay but this is really cool up here and i think a lot of people come up to caribou and they don’t know this is here um and um and they miss it all together and to be honest with you this is cooler than the valley where the town used to be um you definitely need to come up here again i i don’t think it’s private property i think if you come the other way you have to go through private property okay that looks like bear somebody tell me if i’m wrong or right but that does look like bear hand for scale so now we’re both going why did we bring our our our uh bear spray look at the view i’m standing in the cemetery and look at this view that they have um so as you can see we came up the trail up this hill and it’s just it’s beautiful up here do so so let’s let’s take a look at this pretty high up so there shouldn’t be any any rattlesnakes because we’re so high up so so it gets really windy up here um these people used to have to prop their houses up like tie them down like a tent um because you can get a hundred mile an hour winds up there so you can hear the wind right now so it gets extremely windy and during a blizzard which happens quite a bit up here yeah so they would definitely have to tie down their houses we came we conquered and we’ve seen what’s left of caribou a town from the 1870s burnt down completely destroyed it yeah i was hoping there was a saloon still so i highly recommend that you make the trek up to caribou ghost town um there’s again there’s not much left here except some like these stone foundations that are behind me and uh the log cabin that’s behind me um but it is absolutely beautiful up here the view is spectacular uh the wildflowers in the summertime are wonderful because you’re so high up you want to wait till about july or august to see the wildflowers because it’s probably still cold up here we’re very close to eldora ski

resort um i believe it’s it’s over this way i thought i saw it and then netherlands are right below us in boulder the town of boulder so definitely make the trek up here we have some great suggestions on some books on this subject down in our description of this video or you can go to our blog at coloradomartinis.com and that’s martinis with an s make sure to catch all our videos on the beautiful state of colorado you