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okay guys welcome to train symbols this is our ago industries I do believe I said that correctly I correct me if I’m wrong but basically today is I’m doing another scenario it seems to mix it up a little bit we’re doing an industry one so what we need to do is we need to get the train to set the train to a three mile an hour speed so it empties the the carriages currently the carriages are full with like stone gravel or whatever and we need to basically back it up at a certain speed so it empties it fully so to do that we need to empty the carriages I’m going to set it a bit higher than what it should be going three miles an hour than I’m so I’ll just slow it down but what I’ll do cuz it’s gonna take about 15 minutes or so about 10-15 minutes or as I am gonna speed this up slightly just until we’ve entered the trailers and then I’ll continue from now so seeing a few moments okay guys as you can see welcome back and we’ve just finished moving all the trailers past the point where we emptied them all so what we’re gonna do now is obviously head to the next stage which is we need to release the automatic brake and then basically had to haze good loop which is just a way that so here we are guys coming up back up on the haze good loop where all the actual items we’ve got on board and well we’ve got nothing on board at the moment but we’re obviously setting the trailer to be picked up later on one weirdo buyers just be very very careful when heading up here you have got a stop it’s not just a case of you having to wait for wait for a signal so to speak yeah I mean obviously if you pass this and then you start reversing your failure mission so because I’ve done it once before myself on this pursuing mission so yeah

so just take it study its my advice okay guys well we’re basically just coming up on the Hayes good so we need to stop here briefly I think there’s a bit of an issue ahead that’s why we need to stop I’m just applying the automatic brake at the moment I’m using the app key on the keyboard just wait for a moment now so we can continue what objects have complete so on the bridge action yard reception we need to go to now so let’s continue on we just release the very couch okay this is that neither went down basically the pressure on the brakes there is a restriction on speed at the moment should shoot up to 25 miles an hour in a few moments there we go so we just gone past the 25 mile an hour at ma fifteen mile an hour should we say so you’ve got a five point five miles to travel sure I should imagine winking there we had to pick up some pre priests fast speeds in a few moments just need to remove my mobile phone for my pocket bleeping it’s now on silent you could probably coast on this train a good distance because it’s it’s really big it’s heavy really heavy okay it’s 1.7 miles away no that’s the next signal okay so we can hit the speed now Oh looking around see what’s actually vetch include the first generator field switch on so they’ve got all the switches in here bollocks or odd buzzer on awesome you can open the window yeah you got the blinds as you alright hit-the hit-the old engines and let’s gonna get a roving get some speed up we’re not on a timetable so we can literally take our time with this mission so but it’s gonna be around about 45 minutes this complete mission in the light so this makes had changed

on the scenario side for there to be a haulage one which it’s very good mix it up a little bit well sure Medina strain doesn’t look like it’s going 80 miles an hour doesn’t really does that long trains and it takes some slowing down so we’ve got minspeak coming up which is 85 miles an hour remember we’re not doing anywhere near that so relax slowly I’m just keeping line the green lights cuz my don’t fancy seeing an orange step it’s like I said it would take something to think you so I need to loose release the fat a little bit apply the brake a little bit and he took around sixty miles an hour I’m just flying and releasing the break at the moment just to keep keep up to a speed certain speed so just a notch up a little bit I’m glad this miles-per-hour not kilometres so I’m coming up on the destination so I need to slow down yeah I need to close brakes now too get down to 30 miles an hour slow down really really well this was trainers actually so I can actually engage as much pressure as I need so down that’s really useful to know it’s an easier train to control them what I thought it was gonna be so if it mows and now we are restricted

to now reason is we’re changing tracks we are coming up on the destination as well so 600 yards so I’m gonna basically set it to start breaking gradually there we go so we’re slowing down now just about to come to the action yard reception I don’t know where we go from here like I said I’ve never done this mission before so they got maximum breaks objective complete so it’s so good okay so I need to do it from this side maybe yeah it’s just from the side what is it pointing to where it’s pointing to objective complete nope try again shall we alright so now I’ll close the door there we go back inside actually I’m gonna need to go back out that student sir the knife I’m gonna Brittany to engage my tits so that’s released the brakes this train is gonna go a lot faster now we’ve got no cars on it I wish you could see in the window up there that would be awesome okay so the next light is orange stop action /i sliding siding okay not

siding not sliding society get me teeth in the air you so looks like I need to go right down the bottom of here because it’s telling me I need to pull into there so I’m gonna have to stop at this red light up here wait for wait for it to be clear to pass was way about forward well okay so basically I need to shift these tracks over Sorkin I should have probably gone across and

set those two I need to make sure they were all doing the crap by that’s going to put me on this track hopefully right now I need to stay on this track so that’s fine we go right listen easy let’s go right so they have to be towards if I go

down that track so it needs to be towards because I need to go down yeah yeah side make sure it’s thwarts as it doesn’t shift me over and this one is yep so I lead all the way down notes up guys do this sir before you get in the cab and try not to crush at the end as well it’s on break hold for some reason that should go straight ahead now straight round I’ll set keep going keep going that’s it you go around and around around there we go it’s pretty much no room for error on this because if I mess up I’m right about the bumper at the end okay it’s an only to refuel I so so I need to head back out to the wagon now so set reverse and release the brakes so yard truck em by a little bit break

coming up because I need to I like where I am exactly drama my yak two looks wherever I resent Flair so that’s me I need to go right to the end here so follow that along good to the end so I’m releasing the brake now so action your r1 this automatic take me there or I’m not gonna have to start changing the tractor and again don’t put me on the right track is it come on please yeah it’s put me on the right track that’s cool or what lights are red some lighters won’t read somewhere why is it doing the red-light thinking because that doesn’t make sense mmm I think it’s these like it’s gone red now so I can’t and come back out it’s obviously traffic up ahead there’s some do I not need to recap of the trains perhaps maybe I know what

couple couple formation Wow release the brakes set their one I’ll just break the train today think I’ll just break the train this is couple 12 vehicles I don’t know the odd grab a break in the pool to tap inside the car park so that’s it guys that’s the mission complete scenario I’m really across a train track to get to a porter coming to grab a sandwich or some moldy cheese whatever but that’s this mission complete it wasn’t an easy mission obviously you need to get used to coupling trains changes signals doing all of us all sorts of things that you wouldn’t normally do on a train simulator game but it’s got my thumb’s up I enjoyed the mission very good hope to see more missions like this in their future DLCs but until next time guys thanks for tuning in we catch you in the next video don’t forget to give it leave a like and subscribe and follow and do all the usual stuff only leave a like if you liked the video until next time catch you later you