Xplane 11 flight factor a320 From Amsterdam(EHAM) to Manchester(EGCC)+VATSIM!

Hello every body welcome to another my xplane11 video hello and welcome to my channel and welcome to my video yess welcome here is in front of us we can see easy jet airbus a320 and i want to say welcome to my video again 🙂 and if you guys like my video i hope you guys can like my video please press that like button under the video or if you like to supscribe to cptsina you can just press supscribe or if you guys like to Pay money for me (donation)=link under the video i disscription yess today we gonna fly to Manchester and now we are in Amsterdam int airport and flight time is one hours and ten min and we have 125 passengers onboard yess lets jump in the cockpit and lets start the flight! perfekt actually i like this airplane ist so mutch beautiful lets just jump in the beautiful airbus a320 cockpit lets begin ours start flight here is the cockpit of a320 welcome onboard first think first lets start the we have,. lets see the servic we have the ground power unit he is over there sooo lets start the ground power here its avail and battery one and battery 2 are going to on lets arm the emergency lights and seat belts sign on + no smoking signs on too lets turn on the nav and logo lights too because they needs to be on perfekt lets disarm the spoilers here and after lets just write that FMC