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Aah! Coming up on “Little Women: Couples Retreat” Don’t be scared Go, go! -Oh, my God! Backwards! -Aah! Got you some handcuffs in case you want to Christy you know, handcuff David in bed, you know Yes Mm-hmm Man: I’m gonna fly you 350 feet -Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa -300 feet in the air?! That’s more than a football field Holy [bleep] I don’t get a chance to even talk or say anything, and you’re calling me a [bleep]damn name I don’t play that [bleep] You want respect, you damn sure got to give it Do you have room for a relationship in your life right now? To be frankly honest with you, I don’t want to be in a relationship Mm Since we’ve been here, you’ve helped me create a new me, and I’d love to ask you the honor of continuing being my wife and then renew our vows Okay ♪ ♪ Easy peasy ♪ ♪ All we need is love ♪ ♪ All that we need is ♪ ♪ Lo-o-o-o-ve ♪ ♪ Love ♪ — Captions by VITAC — Captioning Provided by A+E Networks ♪ Guess I’ll move this ♪ There we go Ooh, this watermelon’s mushy I came to breakfast alone today ’cause Kerwin and I, we had a big fight before we went to bed last night I’m just trying to start the day peacefully, and hopefully Mr. Hasani, our relationship expert, can talk with us later ♪ [ Indistinct conversation ] Jazmin: That was a nice party last night David: That was a lot of fun, right? Just trying to release everything here so it doesn’t follow us when we go back Knowing you, I know one of your fears How would you feel about doing parasailing? I’m not really sure ’cause it’s kind of scary, because you know how I am with heights and everything Jazmin: Today is a free day, and we’re trying to figure out how to spend it I’d like to do something adventurous David, not so much How do you guys feel about doing parasailing today? -I’m done for it -Yeah? Tonya: Scared, but I’m down for it I’m going to a water park with my sister -You going to a water park? -You’re going to a water park? Amanda: Mm-hmm I am not doing parasailing Uh, no Jordan: Hey, baby. I’m keeping my feet on the ground, where they belong Plus, I need to catch up with my sister, because, after that fight with her and Chris I come and [bleep] talk to you, and you just look at me like I ain’t even there! What the [bleep] am I saying, okay? Are you gonna stop the night-crying? With all the [bleep] Okay, tone it down Tone down your voice Are you gonna stop the night-crying? I need to make sure everything’s okay Hasani: Good morning Good morning. Good morning Together: Good morning Man: How you doing? How’s everyone doing? -Good -Good and all that Awesome. So, today is about negotiation. Okay? The way you negotiate is simple I need you to identify the issue You already know your perspective, but step outside of your shoes, put yourself in your partner’s shoes, consider their perspective If it doesn’t work for one, it doesn’t work for either of you Make sense? -Yeah -Mm-hmm -It makes perfect sense -Yes -Awesome So, what do you guys have planned for today? Well, I thought it would be a great idea to go parasailing today and enjoy this day and kind of venture out David, I see some apprehension on your face a bit I’m just — It’s not my thing usually, but, you know, I see how excited my wife is, and that definitely puts a pep in my step, you know, seeing how excited she gets when we do all these kind of of activities Awesome So I’m just kind of taking it step by step, so Just remember the 5-second rule So, when you’re out there, before you go, count down five, four, three, two, one, and just do it Just do it Don’t think about it Get it out of your head Just do it Hasani, you’re crazy if you think counting to five is gonna ease any kind of fear that I’m having right now I’m about to be dangled in the air Like, I can count how many heart attacks I’m gonna have -Have a good time today, okay? -All right -Oh, yeah -Thank you Thanks, guys All right, all right, All right Is there a possibility I could speak with you? Absolutely Okay [ Sighs ] So, what’s going on, Tonya? Kerwin and I, we got into an argument last night because he didn’t want to cut the TV off You got into a fight about a TV? [ Laughs ] Okay ‘Cause I wanted to go to sleep Okay And it’s a constant battle Well, you fought about the TV, but ultimately, it’s not about the TV So I would love to meet with you as a couple, if possible, so that we can sort through it Okay All right. We’ll meet a little bit later All right. Thank you But go out there and have some fun, okay? Okay. Definitely All right ♪ Feels good out here, baby, just to sit here and relax It does feel good out here Really good They coming in a little bit, or did she tell you anything or what? All she said was that they were coming I just really hope Andrea and Chris

worked out their issues with Hasani Hey, sister Look who it is The last thing I want today is a repeat from yesterday Yeah, babe Tell me about it Do you want to hit these slides? -Yeah -Have fun -All right. See you, babe -Be there in a little bit How you feeling, sister? Yesterday, you know how Chris and I got into it She was talking to another man when she was pregnant No, because — That’s a [bleep] lie You’re over there [bleep] the bitches [bleep] the night you had the kid, the night you had the [bleep] kid! I have a lot going on, you know I’m supporting the kids Chris not working, like, he depends on me And the thing is I still think about what he did to me in the past, but I’m trying to look past that because that’s the past and this is now Yeah And he’s here with you now Yeah, and he’s here with me now And Chris had came a long way, you know, but it still hurts It still bothers me, ’cause I Well, what did he say? What did he tell y’all? Hasani was saying that — that he knows that Chris and I love each other Yes And he said that he knows that we both can work it out, and that’s all that should matter Yeah Y’all can do it I know it’s gonna be hard ’cause y’all are a crazy couple and y’all love each other and stuff, but as long as you’re happy, that’s all that matters And I’m here to support you 100%, woman You better, girl I bet the boys are having fun Well, we need to go and join them, girl. Come on I really do feel like this trip is making Chris and I stronger I hope we’re able to take what we learned from here back with us because I really do love him ♪ Babe! ♪ ♪ Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh ♪ ♪ Oh-oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh, oh ♪ Aah! After our fight from hell yesterday, this water park is like heaven on earth [ Laughing ] Oh, my God! Aaaahhh! [ Woman laughs ] You know, if this is heaven, I got to start behaving ’cause I want in on this -Come on, Andrea! -I’m scared! Don’t be scared Go, go! I’m scared Whoo! Oh, my God -Oh! Aah! -Oh, my God! Backwards! ♪ [ Laughs ] I can’t believe you went down backwards I was trying to, like, get back up, but then I guess I let go And, man, I was– I was so scared It was — Oh Well, you did it I know Oh, my gosh, babe That was fun. That was fun -Have fun? -Yep, that was cool -Mm-hmm Thanks for inviting us ♪ Have I ever told you how much I love walking through sand? This looks like pain in the ass, brother You want me to carry the stool at least for you? Yeah You want to do me a fav– Yep, yep There you go ♪ Take your time, man I don’t want you rushing this [bleep] You guys here are parasailing, right? Together: Yeah! All right I’m gonna fly you tandem, two people at the same time You’re basically gonna be 350 feet Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa 35– [ Man laughs ] Holy [bleep] 300 feet in the air?! That’s more than a football field Yeah What, is he crazy? That’s really freaking high Just remember what Hasani said — Count to five Five? Five is not what I’m worried about It’s the other 345 that I’m worried about You’re fine All right, guys, whoever is not scared and whoever wants to go first, just head up Let’s get you guys ready -I do -I do Todd: Wait, we’re — I’m part of the first four? -Yeah -Are we going first? Kerwin: Todd, you’re part of the first four -I guess so -Come on, babe Why did you volunteer us to go first? Because you’re all about trying new things, so I thought we’d go first for once since we haven’t yet We could have went first another time -All right, let’s go, guys -Oh -All right -[ Laughs ] Let’s do this! Looking good Looking good Matt: I thought they said they were getting on a boat -All right, guys -They’re getting on that? Oh All right One, two, three There you go Perfect There you go Hold on. Next Matt: I’m gonna carry you out there, ’cause that wave goes above your head Whoa, whoa, whoa Lookit, lookit All right [Bleep] ♪ Oh, see? I’m not Are you [bleep] me right now? Like, come on Aw Todd struggled just to walk on the beach to get to the water Now he’s struggling in the water to get to the boat that has to transfer him to the parasailing I have mad props for Todd However, I’m freaking out because I’m honestly scared that this isn’t gonna end well One, two, three Go There you go Perfect Is he just laying on his stomach? I don’t like that, you know? No. That’s not Yeah, how are they gonna get him on the boat without him falling in the water? He doesn’t swim I don’t like that [ Laughs ] ♪ -You got it? -Yep Watch your step Getting on the boat is hard enough for me I don’t know how Todd’s gonna do it I’m proud that he’s trying hard to push himself to do new things, but it’s really hard to watch ♪

-Come on -You got this ♪ ♪ [Bleep] Man: Watch that step right here Man #2: I’m gonna pull you by your legs, okay? Come up No, no, no, no No, no One, two, three Aah! No, no ♪ [Bleep] -That’s it -Like that No, no, no, no, no, no Man: One, two, three, go Jazmin: Oh [bleep] [Bleep] No, no ♪ Okay Todd: Ow, ow, ow, ow [ Speaking Spanish ] ♪ I don’t like this at all This is supposed to be a nice activity while we enjoy the scenery up in the air Now I’m watching my husband being beaten up by boats, and it’s — it’s terrifying ♪ [ Man speaking Spanish ] ♪ ♪ When Hasani said to negotiate, I don’t think he meant blackmail He never said we couldn’t use illegal tactics Plus, you’re very happy to go parasailing, and I’m now very happy to go back to the shore Don’t be surprised if I blackmail you in the future so we’re “both happy.” I wouldn’t expect anything less, sweetie Hey, babe, kick ass Kick ass Now, you really got to do it You got to do it for Todd Yeah I’m doing this for you After seeing Todd struggle and fail to get on the boat, I definitely don’t want to let him down Babe, you have to do it for Todd David: I just have to ignore what my brain is telling me and just go for it Tonya: I don’t think Todd was able to get on the boat Yeah Todd coming back Matt: This is making me uncomfortable Why is there only one person helping him out? Ah, this is bothering me It’s still deep It’s still deep where he’s at ♪ There you go, Matt Get on out there There you go Oh, we gonna make a good guy out of Matt as yet ♪ I can’t believe Matt come from being an outcast of the group to the guy who always want to help everybody out Tonya: Yeah Like he’s Mr. Baywatch I wouldn’t believe it if I didn’t see it with my own eyes ♪ Oh, God [ Both laugh ] I don’t even want to watch Jazmin: It’s okay, babe I’m gonna be right next to you There you go I don’t want to do this You’re gonna love it Trust me I still don’t know how you talked me into this The only thing that is going through my mind is, “I am glad I’m wearing a bathing suit because I’m probably gonna wet myself.” Count to five We’ll do it together Ready? One Stop Babe, stop Just give me a second One Count with me Babe, stop Two I don’t want to count Count with me Three Count with me Jazmin Four [ Laughing ] Oh, my God [ Both laughing ] ♪ Look, babe God Baby, look! I’m looking Oh, my God ♪ This is amazing We’re, like, flying It feels — Oh, it’s so beautiful You see the entire ocean Baby I want to get down I’m just freaking out right now One, two, three, four One, two, three, four, five Oh, God. Get me down Man: There we go ♪ Do you want to go together? -Yeah -I’ll go with you It’s a little disappointing that I can’t go with Todd But after seeing how much fun Jazmin had, I’m ready to go up there and represent Team Gibel [ Laughing ] Oh! You just got scared! She’s instantly — [ Laughing ] Oh, my God! Oh! Christy: Yeah Oh, my goodness Whoo! [ Laughs ] Now she’s up there Yeah That’s a good distance ♪ Wow

I’m so proud of Christy going parasailing without me Sometimes just knowing my wife is having a good time is enough for me to have a good time ♪ So, uh, what you and Hasani talk about this morning? I talked about how I needed to meet with him because we are still having these issues at night when I’m trying to get some sleep and — and you’re wanting to watch TV and how it escalated into an argument And you called me a name Yeah Because you was — Doesn’t matter that I never called you anything, it’s something that I don’t play with? Well, it’s like — And when you tell him the full story, don’t just tell one side of it But it’s like you — But no It’s like you knew I wanted to go to sleep And you knew I was gonna ask you to cut it off No, I-I ain’t knew nothing Because you was looking at me when I went to turn the TV off No, I didn’t knew anything Can I talk, too? I mean, this is a conversation right here, and you’re overriding me I don’t get a chance to even talk or say anything ♪ And after we argued, you laid there all mad or whatever Five minutes later, you was snoring I’m like, “Okay, that ain’t had nothing to do with the TV She just want her way.” What? You don’t even want to compromise You don’t want to work with me on nothing You want it you And you called me a [bleep]damn name I don’t play that [bleep] You said you didn’t want to cut it off ’cause you didn’t want to I cut it down, boo Like, flex with me I go “we and us.” You go “I and me.” Our problem is neither one of us wants to give in I want things my way, “the right way,” and he wants things his way, the wrong way The wrong way? Well, if we can’t even negotiate over a television, then maybe we have bigger problems than we think Maybe we do I’m looking at it like, “This is my fiancée I’m trying to get us married, and look at this [bleep]” You want respect, you damn sure got to give it ♪ ♪ -Hey, Todd -You’re my hero [ Chuckles ] I got a little beer for us right there -Oh, thank you -There you go This trip has definitely helped me realize how lucky I am to have Jazmin by my side, encouraging me to try new things It makes me love her even more, and I want to figure out a way that I can show her exactly how much she means to me How has the retreat been for you guys? -Incredible -Yeah? The timing of it couldn’t be more perfect, with the changes I am personally going through Right and how that’s been affecting our marriage in such a positive way I couldn’t ask for anything else How ’bout you guys? It’s basically lit a new — a fire under me to be motivated, to be spontaneous, try new things You know, we got — The anniversary’s coming up I know you got one, too, while we’re here Yeah It was pretty nuts how, like, we’re both celebrating anniversaries while we’re here Yeah And I was trying to come up with something really cool to do for our anniversary, being, you know — Going with the whole rebirth of our relationship, rekindling everything You know, I want to do, like, a-a ceremony where we’re, you know, um, renewing our vows I think that’s a great idea I know it’s only been five years, but it’ll show her that I’m taking everything that I’m learning here and — and, you know, moving forward That’s a great idea I mean, and I definitely think you guys should do it Now I’m gonna be like, “Why didn’t I think of that?” Well, since your anniversary is the same week, why don’t we just do a joint ceremony? Really? I mean, I don’t want to, like — I don’t want to, like, steal your thunder, because I think that’s an incredible idea No, you’re not stealing my thunder You come up with it being your fifth anniversary I think it’s cool No. We’ve been going through these things together, so I think we should make it a double ceremony I’m honored I-I — Seriously, thank you Todd: With all the physical changes I’ve been going through, it kind of feels like my marriage has been renewed So it makes perfect sense for us to renew our vows, too And it’s a great way to show Christy that the new me is here to stay From what I’ve gotten to know of your wife, I think she’ll be truly excited Yeah And knowing my wife Mm-hmm I know my wife will be truly excited, so I — I couldn’t thank you more for including us Yeah. We’ll take care of everything and set it up to — you know I love it. I love it It’s gonna be great, man David Lang, you’re a smart man I know [ Glasses clink ] And thank you for including us Absolutely ♪ ♪ What’s up, doll? ♪ Waiting on the principal? Hopefully, Mr. Hasani will be able to help us out I really hope Hasani can help Kerwin and I figure out what we need to do, because, right now, I don’t know how we’re gonna fix this Well, he definitely can’t make it any worse [ Sighs ] -Hey, Kerwin -What do you say, boss? How you doing, man? All right How’s it going? Good to see you Tonya Hello How you doing? [ Door closes ] So, I kind of noticed earlier that there was some tension Hasani: So, what actually happened? Well, last night, I climbed into bed, and I was like, “Babe.” I was like, “You got to cut that TV off

’cause we got to get up in the morning.” He said, “No. We both got to get up in the morning I don’t want to cut the TV off.” Kerwin: Yeah, we went back and forth with it Because he said — Yeah And then I used her phrase I-I — She said, “Why you ain’t cut the TV off?” I said, “‘Cause I don’t want to.” So, it seems like there’s a battle of the wills And then that’s when I called him — I said he’s being an ass[bleep] And then she say — She say, “You an ass[bleep].” I said, “You’re being an ass[bleep].” I said, “What the hell you doing, calling me name?” I did Say, “We don’t throw no damn names.” Because he — I don’t play that [bleep] And that would separate us That would separate us instantly I would have no problem with that Okay. I was wrong But I was pissed No. No, I’m just letting you know Okay You could’ve expressed it better than that, boo What I’m hearing is that there’s a battle of wills between you two And if you’re constantly battling to see who’s going to win, who’s gonna be in charge, who’s gonna be right, then both of you will ultimately lose ♪ You’ve been in a relationship, on and off, for 30 years My question is, what has kept you stuck in this phase of your relationship? To be frankly honest with you I love him, but a lot of times, I don’t like him You know, like I said, I’ve been by myself for so long and I’m used to doing things a certain way Mm-hmm and it’s, these little things, they’re — they’re — they’re stressing me out She never asks me, what do I think about stuff, how do I feel about this? Mm-hmm I’m not her half I’m with her She already told you she do what she want, and she do I’m not included in her life I just feel like we live two separate lives and any time we try to bring them together, we fight and argue We’re just two old dogs that don’t want to learn new tricks Uh, no dog here I can learn new tricks Mm Do you have room for a relationship in your life right now? ♪ Yeah. If it was — If it’s the right one Mm Is that implying that you’re unsure whether Kerwin is the right person? ♪ Mm. Well, that’s good enough for me, right there I have some questions I’m good What are your reservations? ♪ That the relationship is not gonna get better I just don’t want to be in a relationship where we’re always combative with each other Okay. It just seems that you two are stuck in your ways, but now you’re coming together, and in order for it to work, it’s gonna take more than love You’re gonna have to give up some of the things that you’re used to doing in order to accommodate your partner And if you’re not able to do that, it’s just not gonna work, and you just have to be honest about that Because after 30 years, typically, we’re either moving forward or, “You know what, maybe this isn’t for us We need to go our separate ways.” ♪ ♪ So, how you feeling? Uh, it’s gonna be nerve-wracking But I’m thinking, “She already said yes once Why would she — Why would she…?” I was just nervous about how everything was gonna look, but I think everything looks great I just can’t wait to see her face and stuff Yeah David: The staff at the El Conquistador Resort really came through for me and Todd with setting up the proposal for this vow renewal This is really gonna impress the ladies [ Knock on door ] ♪ Good evening, Mrs. Lang Can you follow me, please? -Yes -Over here [ Door closes ] [ Jazmin laughing ] Where are we going? I have specific instructions to give you this blindfold Are you serious? If you want to put it on yourself, or I can help you with it -Okay -Okay? Thank you Yeah [ Both chuckle ] Jazmin: Under normal circumstances, I would never let someone I didn’t know blindfold me But since we’re at a resort, I mean, what’s the worst that could happen? Wait Where are you taking me? Oh, just — You just have to follow me Okay? Oh, God [ Chuckles ] My mother’s gonna kill me [ Laughs ] Oh, my God Oh, my God Okay, just wait for me right here Stay right here, okay? [ Knock on door ] Good evening Good evening, Mrs. Gibel Can you follow me, please? Okay Just follow me You trust me, right? Yes I have no idea what’s going on Being blindfolded by your butler, it’s kind of creepy He’s probably trying to kidnap me and sell my organs to the black market I was a little scared Okay Oh, my God, girl [ Laughing ] This is some kinky [bleep] I can’t

Oh, don’t worry [ Laughter ] Are you gonna take — take a knee when you do it? I don’t know Maybe I should If you can Should I do the right knee or the left? What’s — Does it matter which knee you do? I’m gonna sit down when I do it Oh, I can’t even do it I don’t think I can [ Birds chirping ] Okay, let’s turn right Stop There you go I can open? Okay Yes, you can open it There you go [ Gasps ] ♪ Aww Okay. One, two, three There you go Aww [ Laughing ] Have a great evening, okay? -Thank you -Enjoy. You’re welcome Oh, my goodness Look at this Christy: Wow Look how cute this is Aww Aww, shut your mouth [ Laughs ] Shut your mouth [ Laughing ] -Aww -Aww You guys are so cute -Here you go, sweetie -You’re so sweet Thank you Aww Thank you You’re so sweet I’m so impressed and turned on by David right now This is amazing This — It’s just so romantic I just want you to know I love you more than anything in this entire world You are everything to me Every single day waking up next to you has been such an amazing gift, and I can’t wait for us to spend 1,000 more years together And I want to take this opportunity because we’re in such a beautiful place I want to go ahead and just ask you, will you marry me again? Yes, yes, yes, yes! [ Laughter ] I’m yours forever, baby I’m yours and you’re mine and — always and forever [ Chuckles ] I love you, baby I love you, too David loves me so much that he wants to marry me again It makes me so happy Can you blame me? No, I can’t blame ya You’re so sweet Todd: Now it’s your turn Do you recognize this shirt? ♪ This is the shirt I wore when I proposed to you and asked you to marry me the first time ♪ [ Shrieks ] Christy, will you marry me? Yes, yes, yes, yes ♪ And the reason it looks so good after 3 1/2 years is because it got to the point where I couldn’t wear it anymore I couldn’t fit in it, so it went up on a shelf And since we’ve been here, I realized that not only did this go up on a shelf, but a lot of our marriage went up on a shelf ♪ You’ve helped me create a new me, and we’re creating a new us Now that we’ve got this fresh start, there’s nothing more I’d like than to go back to where we started from and kind of do it all over again, and I’d love to ask you the honor of just continuing being my wife and saying “I do” again and renew our vows ♪ That’s yes? Yes [ Applause ] ♪ I love you ♪ Congratulations We did it Yay! [ Laughs ] We pulled it off You guys are awesome Group hug Group hug -Aw -Aw [ Laughter ] Aww -Congratulations, guys -Congratulations This is so sweet I can’t believe you came up with this idea To be fair, it was David’s idea, but he was cool enough to offer us to do a double vow renewal, so I jumped at the opportunity because the man you originally married isn’t the man you’re married to now You are definitely Todd 2.0 So, what do you say we’ll pop the bottles and celebrate? [ Cork pops ] -Whoo! Whoa! -Hey! Hey Babe, that’s you ♪ -Cheers -Here’s cheers To many, many, many more years of happiness -Cheers -Cheers ♪ So, let’s, um, text everybody else and let them in on this Share the good news I’ll just send a big group When is it gonna be? -What day? -We’ll see You guys are very thoughtful This is very thoughtful Both of you guys did good Do you have anything that you would like to incorporate? I am okay with putting it in your hands Okay I’ll wash my hands and I All right, Todd, we’re in charge Well — Well — Well, wait a second -We’re in charge, Todd -I know my wife Are you sure? [ Both chuckle ] Are you cool with that, as well, if we just handle everything? I know that’s kind of hard for you, but I know that’s also something you’ve been working on here What do you think, Christy? ♪ ♪

David: All right, guys Guys, I, uh, just wanted to make an announcement Me and Todd are doing something really special based upon the fact that, you know, our anniversaries are, you know, within the time that we’ve been here, so we are inviting you to a ceremony where we’re gonna go ahead and renew our vows -Whoo! -All right! There you go! [ Applause ] That’s all right We wanted you guys to be there We wanted you guys to be a witness That’s good Kerwin: Fantastic We appreciate it, man So, is there gonna be a bachelor and bachelorette party? Oh, yeah That’ll work We haven’t talked about that I’ve never been one to turn down a party Right? That’ll work [ Laughs ] Christy, you know — you know how to party, girl Well, then, I guess the answer is yes I guess that’s a yes Yeah [ Laughing ] I’d just like to say, Kerwin, if you’d like to one-up us and just make it a wedding [ All gasp ] you’re more than welcome Whoa. I ain’t trying to outdo nobody [ Laughter ] I ain’t trying to outdo nobody -We ain’t gonna upstage nobody -Oh, shouldn’t — Tonya: Sorry, Todd We got plenty that we need to work on before we even think about getting married Hey, that’s the first thing we agreed upon today According to Hasani, that’s a successful negotiation Let’s celebrate I think we have — We have some drinks We could have a toast Yeah, let’s start the celebration Whatever we want to do Christy: This is, like, very surpri– I don’t even know You’re, like, the blushing bride Matt: You guys look like a boy band I put too much eyeliner on No, you were glowing when I walked down I was like, “What am I walking into?” Briana and I have certainly had certainly had our ups and downs, but I’m so glad that we’ve begun to repair things And I can’t think of a better way to renew our friendship than by making her a part of my vow renewal Will you be my bridesmaid — I mean, maid of honor? -Serious? -Again You want me to be your maid of honor again? Yes Did you hear that? I’m maid of honor — again [ Laughter ] Serious? Yep We’re turning over again Ooh Great fresh start Fresh start I’m serious Oh, my God! I’m excited! Love you I’m so excited Briana: I can’t believe that Christy asked me to be her maid of honor again I am so happy because this is how we should be I want to get back to the way we were We were best friends And so, I’m so thankful So, we’re gonna really trust them planning a wedding? Yeah I mean, we’re gonna be whispering in their ear They’re gonna know what we like — Wink, wink Tonya: See, what you do is you make them believe that they’re in charge of the wedding, but while they’re asleep, you be like, “You want this in your wedding.” [ Laughter ] Yes ♪ Kerwin: This is Puerto Rico David: You’re dead right Let’s do it We’re celebrating my boy, Todd and Dave Todd: Just remember — What happens in Puerto Rico stays in Puerto Rico Stays in Puerto Rico Exactly. Exactly It’s David and I’s joint bachelor party today, so we’re heading into Old San Juan just to see what kind of craziness we can all get into Were you guys handed out rules for the night by the ladies? -Rules? -Rules? Where I’m going, there are no rules There are no rules Briana and I have had our back-and-forths, and I’ve done some stupid [bleep] But even she was like, “Look, I love you Have fun with the guys Just don’t be a dumbass.” Yeah So that’s — “Just don’t be a [bleep] dumbass.” Oh, yeah You like — She know you She told you not to be a dumbass Yep David: My wife said, “Have fun,” but she had that thing — that look in her eye like [ Laughter ] “Have fun.” Chris: “Have fun.” I’ve seen her give you that look Yeah It means don’t have fun [ All say “Yes” ] Don’t have fun -Don’t have too much fun -It’s all about the tone It’s all about the tone, how they say it [ Laughter ] One of the keys to a successful marriage is knowing the difference between what your wife says and what your wife means Failure to know the difference will either get you in an argument or sleeping on the couch Jordan: Hey, guys I want to make a toast to the guys’ night out Kerwin: Ooh This our first night out To the guys’ night out Yeah, yeah, baby boy -Whoo -To our first night Oh, boy Freedom, guys [ Laughter ] Freedom Matt: You guys ready to do this or what? David: Here we go Round one, get my cocktail on ♪ Tonya: This has got to be the best bachelorette party -Hey, beautiful! Hey! [ All exclaiming ] Don’t you look cute? -Hey-o -Ohh! [ All exclaiming ] Go on, girl She brought it sexy Jazmin: I’m excited So, we got some fun games in store And we got you this basket We got you some handcuffs in case you want to Christy handcuff Todd or David in bed, you know [ Laughter ] Yeah, girl -And we got the whip -Ooh, and the —

[ Laughter ] Ooh. I like whips Thank you, daddy -Yeah! -Yeah! And then we got the mask -Ohh -Yeah That’s a little too kinky for me [ Laughter ] I don’t know -Well, the mask can be for him -Yeah He’s gonna think I’m robbing the house [ Laughter ] Yeah, but maybe he would like that Hey, you could be a sexy robber I’m willing to dress up as a sexy robber if it means David pulling his gun on me — if you know what I mean I just really want a baby Tonya: This could be our first game Let’s see who know how to swing they stuff On the march, get set, go ♪ [ Laughter ] Oh, my God This is hard It’s harder than you think, huh? -Girl, she’s winning, girl -Oh, you cheating, Christy You ain’t able to use your hands Oh, no ♪ I think my penis fell off [ Laughter ] You got to tie it back on My banana couldn’t finish the job, but, luckily, Todd doesn’t have that problem -Yeah -There we go. Next -Yeah -Go! ♪ Jazmin: There you go There you go [ Both laughing ] You’re supposed to swing it, not teabag it Oh! Ah! [ Laughter ] -Think she’s the winner -Get it, girl I had so much fun tonight The girls really did a good job putting this bachelorette party on for me and Jaz It shows what good friends I have in my life Toast to a beautiful renewal Yes and to pop up your sex life [ Laughs ] I can toast to that! and, hopefully, within a couple of months, we’ll have some babies [ All cheer ] [ Glasses clink ] Toast to that [ Laughs ] ♪ Matt: All right, I got a question for Todd and David, and I’m just gonna ask ’cause I’m curious It’s just our arms and legs that are short. That’s [ Laughs ] That’s all Hey, look here, tripod [ Laughter ] You got to love your sense of humor, man But what made you want to do a vow renewal? David: Well, like, for me, I kind of dropped the ball when I got married to where I [bleep] up our honeymoon -Ooh -On a honeymoon? What? You couldn’t get it up? No! No! No! [ Laughter ] It worked okay, huh? -Spill! -That, I ain’t heard of We’re — We’re friends That would be [bleep] up, though [ Laughter ] David: Well, we had everything planned out to where we were supposed to go to the Bahamas And, of course, when you go to the Bahamas, you need a -Passport -Exactly -Thank you -Passport! So, didn’t have one Oh [bleep] Kind of left it to last minute to get one Wait, wait So you bought the tickets? Right [ All groan ] Well, she bought the tickets She bought the tickets And you didn’t have a pa– Oh And I didn’t have a passport, so I was like, “Okay,” so I was trying to get one So, you’re right. He didn’t get it up on his honeymoon [ Laughter ] She was pissed Yeah, man They’re just [bleep] with you Yeah, no, I know, I know Yeah, no, it was a big [bleep] up She doesn’t necessarily bring it up a lot, but there’s been moments to where she’s just like, “Yeah, I wish we could’ve gone there.” You’re telling me that a woman brought up the past in an argument? Yeah You know — You know how they do that [ Laughter ] I hope, after this vow renewal, I’ll never have to hear how I screwed up our honeymoon ever again But if this doesn’t work, I’m probably gonna have to do, like, a honeymoon renewal, too This has just been, honestly, one of the most incredible experiences of my life, and I’m so glad you guys were here to share it with me -Yeah -Absolutely -It’s been eye-opening -Yeah It’s been heart-opening, eye-opening, mind-opening, mind-blowing Chris: Yeah. It’s just, like, now that I’m seeing all this now with — with Todd and David, it’s like, it makes me start thinking, like, I got to — I got to man the [bleep] up and get my head out of my ass and start doing [bleep] you know, for my girl You know what I mean? It’s all of us, though It’s not just you It’s all of us It’s a new start for everybody -We’re all stubborn -Going through the motions, doing the day by day, you know, you get lost in that [bleep] Yeah So this time here, with everybody, it’s basically opened my eyes to trying new things, not being scared of — You know what I mean? She — My — My wife wants to start a family I want to start a family, too You know what I mean? I want to have a baby Wow. Wow Let’s worry about what happens when it happens -Exactly -Amen If I want to stand by with what I said about being a changed man, I’m gonna have to give my wife the baby that she’s always wanted that I have been too scared to have I can’t let my fears get in the way of what we want to do anymore It’s been a great night I just want to say thanks -Salud to you guys -Salud -Congratulations -Yeah! -All right, all right -Here we go -Salud -Salud -All right -Oh, yeah, I’m feeling good -[ Laughs ] -I’m feeling good Todd: So, what’s next? We got to grease the wheel Kerwin: Uh-oh. Here we go Here we go Matt: Are you trying to kill me, Todd? That’s what I’m talking about Next time on “Little Women: Couples Retreat” It’s gonna hit the table! Todd: Whoo! [ Glass shatters ] Kerwin: There you go Todd: David and Jazmin and Christy and myself, we’ve decided to renew our wedding vows Awesome What did you think about the color scheme for the linen? And what color chairs? -Chairs? -Chairs got to be a color? Christy and Todd are in this with us, and I don’t want any mistakes Do you say this to motivate me? It’s not to mo– Not to motivate

And damn right, it doesn’t motivate me ♪ Would you want to stay in Texas, or are you really wanting to go to Atlanta? I really do. I really want to move to back to Atlanta You know? What about you? Hmm ♪