Deadtime Stories S01E06 Terror in Tiny Town

Hello? You guys in this room? There’s only so many rooms in one house You’re gonna have to come out at some point You’re not gonna scare me this time Waaaaaah! Waaaaaah! Aah! Oh! [ both laugh ] all right, okay, I was wrong You got me You totally scared me Girl: [ singsong voice ] oh, yeah, oh, yeah, she’s scared All right, is this where you guys want to hang out all night? Both: yes ’cause my room’s the best All right, everybody’s room is the best All right. did you bring us another “Deadtime Story”? Oh, you know I did Here — scooch over Which one? “Terror in Tiny Town.” What’s it about? Terror in a Tiny Town [ laughs ] really? It’s about Willy Tyler and his cousin Zack, who comes to visit for a week The only problem is, Zack brings a drifter named Hurley, and Hurley doesn’t exactly play nice What’s a drifter? Well, it’s somebody who goes from town to town without ever settling down Are you guys ready to be scared? Both: yes Okay Chapter 1 “Hurley the drifter sat on his bench “under the lamppost in Tiny Town “his haunting blue eyes watched the boys’ every move “as they rearranged the trees and the cars and the buildings around him.” Do you really like Hurley? Are you kidding me? Hurley’s the coolest guy in Tiny Town I love your mom She always brings me great stuff That’s because I always pick it out You should have seen the goofy guy she wanted to get you Girl: [singsong voice ] Willy! Zack! Oh, no Here comes the sis-turd I swear — if we don’t get away from Madison soon, I’m gonna scream Tell me about it At least you don’t have to live with her every day You only have to deal with her for a week Doesn’t she have anything else to do but torture us? Well, I say we torture her back [ thunder rumbles ] Zack: that’s perfect The train is gonna smash right into her head Exactly ♪ Tra-la-la-la, la-la-la ♪ Quick! Start the train! No, not yet I want to make sure Madison sees the whole thing Then how are you gonna keep her from just grabbing Suzie Sparkle? I’m not. you are She hates wet willies I figured you two dorks would be up here playing with your stupid train set Actually, we’re playing with your stupid doll Aaah! Mommy! Willy and Zack are trying to run over Suzie Sparkle with the Tiny Town express! Stay back, Madison! Stop it! Mommy! They’re really gonna do it! You got to stop them! And Zack’s gonna give me a wet Willy! No use calling for mommy You better just call an ambulance, ’cause there’s about to be a horrible accident in Tiny Town [ screaming ] [ eerie music plays ] ♪ When you hear the scream ♪ Aah! ♪ Hide under the blanket ♪ ♪ Don’t come out ♪ ♪ It’s not a dream ♪ ♪ Don’t you sleep ♪ ♪ This is your nightmare now ♪ Don’t let them run over Suzie Sparkle! No! Aaaah! [ both laugh ] yeah! Yeah! Aaaah! Mom: what on earth is going on up here?! Madison: Willy and Zack made the Tiny Town express smash into Suzie Sparkle’s head! Okay, that’s it Bedtime for everyone [ sighs ] let’s go! I think we ought to get out of here Boy: hey, guys! Down here! Why the heck don’t they all just go home before the Beast of Baskerville gets them? You got me I’d be out of there already [ thunder crashes ] [ electricity crackles ] whoa That was scary You’re telling me I almost had a heart attack [ train whistle blows ] what was that? I don’t know It — it sounds like the train whistle [ thunder rumbles ] [ train whistle blows ] Hey. sounds like it’s coming from that vent And how much you want to bet that that vent leads up to the attic? Someone must be up there playing with your trains But that’s impossible. the storm just blew out the electricity Then how the heck is the train running? I don’t know [ train whistle blowing ] [ electricity crackles ] Willy: did you see that? I told you there’s nobody up here Then that means the Tiny Town express was running all by itself How is that even possible? The power switch is off, too Oh, this is too freaky There’s got to be some kind of logical explanation for this Yeah — Tiny Town is haunted [ gasps ] Zack! Look! Boy: what happened to Hurley? Maybe Madison took him — to get back at them

for what they did to Suzie Sparkle Well, that’s what Willy and Zack thought What do you guys think? I think we should keep reading so we can find out All right “the next morning, “Willy and Zack were ready for Madison, but they weren’t ready for Willy’s mom.” Good morning, mom Good morning? As far as I can see, there’s nothing good about it Whoa! What happened here? That’s what I’d like to know We didn’t do this, aunt sandy No way, mom Then why do I see your toys all over the place? Yeah, there’s even a guy in my cereal He fell out of the box when I was pouring it Okay, we didn’t bring any of these guys down here, mom Then I suppose you expect me to believe that these little people just walked down here all by themselves and made this mess I want this cleaned up now Got it? We can’t let Madison get away with this You know what? If Madison doesn’t give Hurley back, she’s never gonna see Suzie Sparkle again What are you gonna do with her? I’m gonna put her someplace where Madison will never find her Ohh! Oh! Good job What else can we do to torture her? The weevils! The what? The weevils They’re these stupid, roly-poly dolls that live in a storybook house Madison loves them What are we gonna do with them? Let’s just say there’s gonna be some terror in Tiny Town [ chuckles ] this is definitely gonna drive Madison nuts Mom: hey, guys? Yeah, mom? I’m going to the food store, and I’m bringing Madison with me I have my cellphone I expect the two of you to behave while I’m gone Okay, mom Okay, aunt sandy [ door closes ] let’s go tear apart Madison’s room! I bet we’ll find Hurley in there [ sighs ] we’ve been through everything He’s not in here I’m beginning to think we’re never gonna get Hurley back Then we’ll just keep taking Madison’s stuff until she cracks Oh. sniffles We’ll put her in the ceiling with Suzie Sparkle What the…? Someone cut all the weevils down Madison How could Madison have done it? She’s out shopping, remember? Maybe there’s a burglar in the house Burglars break into your house to steal things, not mess up your kitchen and play with your toys Well, then maybe your mom was right Maybe the little people are walking around by themselves Seriously? What the heck is that? Looks like a note Well, what does it say? The writing’s too small to read “town meeting tonight at midnight Be there.” It’s signed “Hurley.” Zack: the town hall meeting’s supposed to start now [ snoring ] [ snoring ] Zack, wake up [ sighs ] [ snoring continues ] [ grunts ] well, that was a big, fat waste of time What are you complaining about? You slept the whole time I was the one who sat there staring at Tiny Town all night So much for the big town meeting at 12:00 Yeah And no Hurley Yeah I’m so tired, I could puke Night, Zack [ snoring ] man: people of Tiny Town! Arise! Zack! Zack, wake up! [ groans ] what now? They’re starting the meeting in Tiny Town We’ve got to get up there I don’t hear anything Shh! [ sighs ] where did Hurley come from? And how did Suzie Sparkle get down from the ceiling? I-i don’t know There’s only one explanation Tiny Town is alive [ scoffs ] do you guys really think I’m gonna fall for that?

Okay, look, I know it sounds crazy That’s ’cause it is crazy Do you know what I think — I think you guys have been cooped up inside this house too long It’s a beautiful, sunny day today I want you to find something to do outside No more Tiny Town for a while But — go [ sighs ] [ exhales sharply ] what are we supposed to do out here? Got me Cool Throw it here Sorry! Don’t trample any of the plants, or my mom will flip out Um…Willy You might want to come take a look at this Whoa Your mom’s got to believe us now She’ll never believe it, unless she sees them moving with her own eyes But we haven’t even seen that These Tiny Town guys don’t move when we’re around They must freeze or something when they see us Do you think they’re watching us, listening to every word we say? Maybe Touch one He’s just plastic I-i don’t get it Neither do i But I think we better bring all these guys back to Tiny Town, see if anything else is going on Whoa! Where’s the wild west? It’s gone! Looks like the knights have kicked out the pioneers You know, you’re probably right There’s no way the pioneers could fight off the knights [ exhales deeply ] this is crazy They’re just toys! You know what? Maybe your mom was right Maybe we should just take a break from Tiny Town for now So, that’s it? They just give up? What do you think? I think they ought to find out if Tiny Town really is alive Yeah! Oh, trust me — they do “since the little people of Tiny Town “seemed to do most of their moving around at night, “Willy and Zack decided to set up Willy’s dad’s video camera “in the attic to see if they could try to catch them The next morning” Come on, fast-forward some more People of Tiny Town! Look! It’s Hurley! Listen to me! If you want to stay alive, you will do exactly as I say Why should we listen to you? Because I have seen this type of thing happen before And if you people of Tiny Town don’t take action now, and I mean now, you’re forever gonna be pushed around by those horrible humans! [ crowd cheers ] I can’t believe this! I can’t either Oh, sure, every once in a while, they give you a — a new horse or a shiny new car, but they take more than they give! Is that what you want for a life? No! No! No! What?! No! No! No! Well, then rise up with me We’re with you, Hurley! and let’s crush those two losers! [ remote clicks ] they are alive! Dude, we got to get your parents! We finally have proof! Guys, you got to come see this Uh, this is not funny Wow. you guys have gone too far this time No, no, we didn’t do this Oh, let me guess — the little people from Tiny Town did it? They must have They probably didn’t want you guys to see the video we made of them Oh, you recorded it? We set up dad’s camera up in the attic before we went to bed I thought we agreed that that camera was off limits, pal We just wanted to see what was going on in Tiny Town while we were sleeping Well, I can certainly see what goes on in this house while I’m sleeping I am so surprised at you guys — and disappointed, too Your behavior the last couple days has been horrible Yeah, I’m not so sure we’re gonna let you go back to Zack’s house with him, Willy I don’t want aunt jean to have to put up with this kind of nonsense for a week Mom, please, you have to let me go to Zack’s house We’ve been planning this trip all year I’m going back to bed And don’t touch any of these wires I’ll deal with them later, too And not one more word about Tiny Town How did they do this? Willy! Come look at this They’re the ones who did this And look — they broke the camera card Now we’re never gonna be able to show anybody What’s the deal with these little guys? They’re totally out of control I don’t know But we have to stop them once and for all Willy: I wish we didn’t have to do this Yeah, I know what you mean, dude Tiny Town was the coolest Yeah Whoa! I-it looks like they’re planning a war They’ve made an entire map of the house

They’re planning a war against us! With these dinky little weapons? Dinky weapons or not, I’m not gonna feel safe until Tiny Town is all packed up Hey. congratulations You guys made it 24 hours without getting into trouble Let’s keep it that way, please We will, mom Just have fun at Madison’s dance recital You guys can still come Madison: Mom, please don’t let them come All they’ll do is make fun of me Mom: [ chuckling ] they’re not gonna come They’re gonna stay home and behave themselves all day, right? Okay, have fun So, what are we supposed to do now that we have the whole house to ourselves? Watch tv and eat cereal all day Unh-unh-unh! I don’t think so! [ imitating Tony Montana ] say hello to my little friends Huh? Hi, how you doing? [ indistinct talking ] what are you looking at, you two giant jerks? Oh, y-you want your cereal? I got your cereal right here! Get ’em! Zack, look out! Aah! Aah! Yeah, yeah! Dinky little weapons, huh?! Come on! Let’s get out of here! Come on! Whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa-whoa! Zack, over there! Come on, close it! Close it! [ both breathing heavily ] now what do we do? Suit up For what? A ballgame? No! A war We don’t have any military gear, so we’re just gonna have to make do A-and just what are we supposed to do with this stuff? Round up all these Tiny Towners so we can throw them in garbage bags and get them out of here Hey, you two What was that? We got you surrounded [ helicopter blades whirring ] surrender now, or we will attack Attack formation We’re going in [ thud ] going down! Mayday! Mayday! Oh! I’m going down Mayday Come on Tiny hawk down Proceed to alternate battle plan delta Self-destruct sequence initiated These guys aren’t messing around No, but they are This is too much ♪ Put your body close to mine ♪ ♪ Get up and dance ♪ ♪ Let’s do the oohwee oohwee ♪ ♪ Get on the floor ♪ ♪ Like you never have before and take a chance ♪ ♪ Get up and dance ♪ ♪ Look at me under the lights ♪ [ electricity crackles ] dude, it looks like the sprinkler just fried them What happened? Ladies? Of course! If lightning brought them to life, it would make sense that water would fritz them out! I think we just figured out how to win this war! Yeah! You ready? Yep Let’s do this thing Ready? Ready Hey, Hurley! Why don’t you come outside and fight like a real person? Prepare yourselves for defeat! No, you prepare for defeat! Get ’em! Come on! Come on! Get that turkey! [ electricity crackles ] [ electricity crackles ] [ indistinct shouting ] [ electricity crackles ] oh, yeah! Oh, yeah! Come on! [ electricity crackles ] Retreat! Retreat! Yeah! Here we go! Yeah! Let’s get them! Advance! Advance! Where’s my reinforcements? Yeah! Don’t give up! Ha ha! Cool! We got them now Yeah! We’re out of ammo! We surrender! Oh, no! Come on Right behind you Pull it now! Yeah! Yeah! [ both grunting ]

ow! That hurts! Zack, look out! Fire! Fire again! Come on! Let’s get out of here! Come on! It’s time for operation mega squirt Yeah! [ electricity crackling ] yeah! Yeah! Willy and Zack fried their little butts! Yeah! [ laughs ] or so it would seem Uh-oh The terror isn’t over yet, is it? Buckle your seat belt! [ laughs ] all right, this time, you guys really are in for a wild ride “the thrill of victory “soon gave way to the agony of defeat “the war with Tiny Town wasn’t the only battle “Willy and Zack would have to fight “the real terror started when the boys boarded the train that was supposed to take them back to Zack’s house.” Wow! This is too cool! Looks like we have a whole car to ourselves Yeah, dude. I hope no one else comes into our private car I hope it doesn’t rain the whole time we’re at your house [ scoffs ] no joke, dude This has been the rainiest summer ever [ thunder rumbles ] Hey, Zack, look Check out that guy on the bench Yeah? What about him? Wait a second That looks like Hurley! Hurley! And he’s our size! Hi [ thunder crashes ] Zack…look! He’s coming towards us! He’s gonna get on the train! Oh, when is this train gonna move?! All aboard! First and only stop — Tiny Town! Aaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaah! [ train whistle blows ] aaaaaaaah! Aaaaaaaah! [ all screaming ]