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[Laughter] [Applause] oh is anything wrong is anything wrong comment private one eight zero please repeat your position do you wish to land the tangiers number five private one eight zero come in please do you wish to land at sanjir community is anything wrong you all right thank you mr brady i’m all right now that we’re close to tangiers look get water and hide in from dancer then who’s find a private plane for dancer while we’ll find out when the flame comes in if the plane comes time says alone where could nicky be what are you doing here danza’s waiting for you well nicki the people in the office don’t know what do you mean they don’t know they said the private friend made contact didn’t give his position didn’t even say if it was going to land in 10 years that’s not that gil walker not when he’s flying for me no not one is fine for you come in private 180 please come in and give your position is 40 minutes overdue looks like the pies i hired had other ideas when the money’s this big it’s your guess not mine maybe gil walker’s decided to fly the money somewhere else on his own and you’ll meet him later is that it you’ve been making your own rules for quite a while now

i’ve never disobeyed them yet listen if you and gil walker have any ideas of your own is i’m trying to get my voice nobody can help y’all walking up [Applause] the police will be swarming no sign that anyone was in a plane at all an automatic pilot can fly him can’t land him what’d the airport officials say torreira that one phone call came in lieutenant but a person appeared to have inquired it seems that in all tangier no one is interested in this plane maybe somebody will make an inquire tonight here in person maybe that means a guard come on now you’re going to flip with the rest of them for it lieutenant me sergeant flip if i know you torreira you won’t lose bill walker you don’t seem at all surprised you knew he wasn’t the pilot i know it now so [Applause] find it who are you you’re gayle walker hank brittany’s best friend we both know he was flying this i’m susan lane what are you doing here [Applause] i waited for dark as you did i don’t mean in the plane i mean in tangier i’ll ask the questions come on down i’m lieutenant luzon international police

we’ve never met before walker but you know stranger to our fire i’m not surprised to find somebody like you mixed up in this but i don’t know what you’re doing here it’s your passport miss lane i believe i heard you say i don’t know what you’re trying to prove but we haven’t broken any laws you want it technically trespassing in a police protected area you mind moving toward the car who flew the plane who else knows it was another pilot who knows front seat walker police station colonel will be interested in talking to you both police have taken over under the circumstances you no longer have a deal with me dancer the police haven’t taken over you made me the biggest deal in the zone and i’m not letting a little police curiosity followed up for me believe him girl you can take this deal from him now because he need one big one like this to put him in your class he’ll get the money i’ll keep the police out of him see that you do worrying about the police don’t you think you should worry about the pallet of this plane who he was and where he is now thank you good report bill checks with the files on walker you come in on a girl that’s it not what’s to go on is it oh sir handle weird it’s going to be a long night plenty of time for everybody as usual i’ll get you as soon as i can take your seats i grew to you every week you’re going to marry him aren’t you no talking please cases in order of importance tonight gilmanelle walker temporary residence tangier and ms susan lane resident san francisco usa walker’s familiar with tangier you’re not miss lane in a free city everybody tries to put everything over that’s why the police are so touchy about an airplane that comes in unannounced let me show you why the police are touching calls himself a chain smoker three tons of cigarettes a month these are respectable salesmen spell black marketers radios refrigerators nylons automobiles this one’s a pirate he hijacks these operators products if they can and these are the gentlemen who will free them by quoting certain laws of an international city welcome next month a frenchman will have my job after him a belgian then an englishman and so forth we rotate regulations of the international zone will tie their hands as tight as mine maybe you’re planning on using the situation to your advantage i can tell you now that it won’t work we have the authority to punish a murderer very quickly and i as a policeman not only believe that walker may be mixed up with murder miss wayne i believe that unless you can prove you’re not connected with him you may find yourself as guilty as he is won’t you go in if there are accusations of murder colonel i’d better call the american council first you’re both going to answer some questions sit down please we don’t know where that plane came from what was on it or who the passengers were i want to know why you two were searching that wreck the second alok make us guilty of murder if you were taking a look under orders from dancer and goro it might i don’t take orders from them who are danza and goro

you haven’t heard they’re the kind of people can sell a war if the price is right we know that walkers work for danza we don’t know about you yet maybe somebody in that plane today was murdered you already know that i don’t work for dancer i fly jobs for anybody ones that licensed pilots wouldn’t touch careful colonel what’s the matter with nicky dunny the one who keeps taking up with denzel can’t she get him to throw more job joe away sit down lieutenant why didn’t you let him shoot you’ve been here three days why’d you come to tangier you’re a good reporter on a newspaper called the san francisco herald ledger that’s fairly good suddenly you pull out and head for tangier why were you interested in that plane that crashed today what was on it and who were the passengers i don’t know you don’t know lieutenant lausanne heard you tell walker that hank brady was the pilot how is it you know brady hank and i are engaged now you’re telling the truth you were engaged to hank brady cabled me to come here to meet him check the cable office what was your reply yeah i am for as long as brady’s been here he’s been walkers big pal lived together fouled around together any shady dirty job that walker was too busy for hank brady took i think brady took this one you haven’t proved that i think he bailed out of that plane when he realized that he had something good something big what was it and how come brady was flying that job instead of you i don’t know what made him fly if he did you wouldn’t help me with a straight answer would you because apart from this job i happen to represent the united states and you can’t go back there i don’t have to take that from anybody this job ties him and you know it he’s what your hanford jennings brady got himself mixed up with we heard that somebody exactly like walker was supposed to be a great hero of world war ii that was been over nearly eight years now and here he is the man we’d heard about was awarded the medal of honor after he was dead he’s sore because he can’t verify his hearing i might be able to sooner than you think walker you’re tied in with brady if he flew that job and if denzer and goro are involved in the deal we suspect them of a certain dead hero may come to life and find himself a very live traitor tell me about it when you know that hank flew that job in the very slim case colonel if he’s alive i’ll find him and obviously without your help brady can’t come back to the united states any more than walker can sir senori calvarez all right all right gentlemen my boss here yeah yeah don’t even name paragraph three section two article four laws of an international city freeport let him go get him out over here it is good god goes with your books gentlemen who are you who paid you to do this oh free city it’s my duty to see a senior and a beautiful scenario are not punished for simply gazing at all right there are you going to stand there are you going to come over here and get in are you two going to be cozy together i hope this is what i’ve been looking for bill if mama was held a meets up with anybody contact me if i come on a meeting first i’ll contact you yes sir you’re going the wrong way my place is wrong yours is the first place dancer and goro will look if they know you bribed me out if they know denzel ordered you to bribe me out nikki wishy i was wondering if my chatter was boring you

thank brady’s girl hank could be dead why isn’t she more worried if she’s hank’s girl if you can’t drop me at the hotel hurricane i can get a taxi from wherever you stop she’s an american are you impressed if you’re following danza’s orders keep on if not turn off at the first street keep still these natives work for pay my pay when they move the wagon go straight ahead what about her that’s one of the things i want to find out tagoro’s place you bribed me out for danzo didn’t you anser nicki were you bringing him to me or getting him away did i know a donkey was going to stop the traffic get him out of there i picked him up sir danza pulled a quickie and blocked off the street i’m at eight by zero they’re proceeding eight by twenty it’s all clear now sir i’m following right i’ll follow you lots of directions so come in come in you did bribe him out for me didn’t you what’s the difference he’s out please be seated i think would agree that explanations are you from several sides to give the police time to catch up where they’re following not that i noticed for eight years the police of several nations have been waiting for me to make a mistake i’ll never make that mistake i admit it i’m afraid of the police i can find out what i want to know quick enough twenty thousand dollars didn’t you need the money the job was a simple one a man flew from prague by commercial airline all you had to do was to pick him up at iran and fly him here in your plane and incidentally push him out of the plane look we’re all involved gore’s got certain materials i want to buy them i’ve got the market but i’ve got to get the money quick to pay goro or he’ll sell to somebody else that’s right i got word of three million dollars was coming from prague in the form of a little man named kovac who thought he was pulling a fast run out i found out he was a man whose family had been in business for 200 years he had to sell everything escape to tangier before the iron curtain rang down on him escape he was escorted the entire way although he didn’t know it he was a three million dollar letter of credit made out to me so i could buy from goro i decided the money would do more good in a tangier bank where it was headed you decided i decided so you let your friend hank brady take over the job so now he’s got the securities we’ve got you and this lady whom nobody seems to know much about i’ve asked before who is she well what’s your answer it’s very simple hank brady cabled me to meet him at the tangier he’d be flying a private plane in at a certain time why didn’t you tell that to the police she didn’t confide in the police she’s not confiding enough either do you think she’s going to let hank brady get away with that money she might have missed the plane to make it look good but she’s got it all fixed up where she’s going to meet him this is taking too long she’ll talk to us bose dancer but in doula’s house

delight please hey by 23 sir i found the car i’m gonna take a look around good bill be with you in a couple of minutes and be careful look around down there i’ll take the door at the top of the steps the idea is no shooting yes sir lieutenant be careful huh you too then let’s go there’s no choice do last following the police what have you done she’s dead sir it was walker he got out through that game let’s get him come on [Applause] you and doral can go this way toward the police police we needn’t worry about the police not if you can explain about the dead lieutenant take him with you susan nikki see any of these when walker killed a lieutenant no sir where’s walker the two women with him i know you want the truth colonel the truth is we don’t know or it amounts to we were taking a walk you can’t find an organs taking a walk can you connell here all right walker can’t be far away get moving [Applause] this way [Applause] you could be hiding in any one of half a hundred caves around here it’s all right we don’t have to search so we’ve lost him how long can he hold

up in this city we watch the airport we watch the only other way out the highway into morocco sooner or later he’ll try one or the other come on where are we going just keep moving hmm what place is this girl where are we someplace that has a car in the court outside i need a car to get as far away as i can and as fast i think i can tell you where we are this is where hank brady lives 34 listen dark hair six feet four 195 pounds anyone identifying walker will notify the international police at once this is urgent the natives are the best bloodhounds on earth when it comes to money that won’t stop us from finding hank i’m not going out to find hank you’re not even if he’s alive i don’t know where he is but i can tell you where he is i don’t want to know maybe i can help you to find your hank tell me where he is tell her and you’ve told answer why don’t you tell the police every letter i’ve had from hank is filled with you and now you’re telling me to turn him into the police he took a job for money that even i wouldn’t touch you don’t know that all i know is the police want me for murder what happens to hank i don’t think he’ll mind my borrowing some of his clothes and nikki’s running with you no nikki is not if you want to run run by yourself while your packing is closed for yourself you might tell me about hank maybe you tell me about you what about me so in love with hank you’ll come to tangier to meet him at the airport at the very minute he’ll get in with three million dollars you’re saying that’s the way it is you miss connections now you have to find him because he’s hank radio because he has three million dollars i thought you said you were running well go on run sometime you’ll have to stop rubbing those other people have had their wrists shackled hank wrote you about a lot of things didn’t they especially you how much more do you know about me i’d have to know nikki’s waiting for you perhaps she can help you change your mind about finding your best friend there’ll be no change of mind this time i’m really going no more staying because dans are staying i move into a new place because dan’s removed you meant it when you said i could go without you i meant it by the minute you know that this time either you come with me or and already you hate me if i want her again what does it really mean to you this time you’re gonna answer me so many times i’ve answered you but you only worked for me pays you for being his business partner you don’t believe that’s all i am and i’m with you yes but i’m not he’s giving his business partner a car a house close i can meet people he can’t i introduce them to him that makes you his business partner are you so high and so clean and so miserably what is a word lost if i give up my position with danza what would i get from you living by our hands in somali keep money

grabber you’ve always grabbed and you’ll never stop there’s just one difference from now on i won’t have to watch you do it anymore no you know how much i love you all there is then come with me oh it’s promised danzer if he gets this deal the money will be so big you’ll never need me again go and tell her we’ll help her to find a hank and she’ll tell you where he is so that you can tell danzer don’t go away from me don’t go away from us goodbye nikki you were right vicki didn’t change your mind you’re not going out to find hank he wouldn’t help anyone he doesn’t know what help means hank cabled me that if i missed him at the airport i was to meet him at an abandoned airfield six miles south of tazlan kai’s life will be easy for you and guilty fine it’s a pretty good-sized town less than 100 miles from here i’m sorry but i need your help to get me to tesla but you still have time to let dancer know where i’m supposed to go tesla is in the desert it’ll be cold in the desert take this you too i won’t need it you’ll need to take it car’s over here don’t try anything funny well the police will get curious and stop us and you’ll never get to tell denzer anything more than he knows right now what kind of a woman are you as if no you’re kind whatever you’re after you better know is mine is not yet they’ll be long as you americans say relax isn’t it one of your rules never to mention nationalities apologize i thought maybe nicki would have gotten word to me by now who can tell about nikki wait and watch [Applause] i have to have patience and i’m wondering why you do you can sell your materials to anybody who has the money you’re wondering why i’m going alone you don’t want anybody to know where the materials are perhaps you’re right you think the american girl knows aren’t you watch the blocking can you drive this yes keep in line go through well kendall will let me too you will

because you’ll think you’ve run out on me and then i’m gonna follow you and will you just outside of town the road takes a sharp curve when you’ve turned it slow down you think you can make it try why didn’t you let me drive through stanzas anywhere near that road block your jail out of the woods do you think dancer are no danger i would let the police harm you i’ve got a good chance to find out she’s not alone because she likes to drive every walk is trying to sneak around us i’m gonna take the streets to the right yes come on well you cover those on the left yes sir five thousand francs where i shout to the police you would not take this way around the road unless you want to escape from the police five thousand frames will i do my duty and shout five thousand francs that’s better go in peace i’ve run from the police myself you yeah have you seen a man and woman foreigners go by there’s a 10 000 frank reward for the men 10 000 francs you’re just in time you’ve seen them right here the two are defined deeper if you’re right you’ve got ten thousand francs to spend americans yes maybe you’d better wait a minute let it go little sir get her out of here yes sir but i thought walker sent her through as a decoy he thinks he’ll meet her outside better go through yes sir the american girl let’s get started the police remember they had a reason for letting her through we’ll wait we’ll watch [Applause] what are we waiting for the police of course nobody has sneaked out on this side sir what about your side nobody has left from those streets sir and he’s still in the city what about the airport no sir nothing out there so far all right they’ll start hunting i don’t want any of this city overlooked tell them to pick up the american girl the first road check yes sir get two men here yes sir hundreds they aren’t following come on let’s go what’s the hurry for 70 miles there’s only one highway we’ll come up to them catch the americans car don’t turn on your lights for a while didn’t think you’d make it are we being

followed now [Applause] uh go faster get them in sight [Applause] so the sand makes for good sleeping or you can sleep in the car because you said it would be cold in the desert at the time like this how can you think of sleep every day in a few minutes we can’t travel while it’s light sleep is one way of passing the day why the branches part of colonel where’s equipment is an air patrol there’ll be a plane out as soon as it’s day i’m no good at sleeping on sand and anyway the ones you’re worrying about have gone by so why don’t we go on it’s safe shouldn’t there be some sort of irrigation the weather i guess but i’m hot and tired probably be some water by those trees why don’t you show her even if i did i’d have the ignition key i’ll show her in america do they think you’re beautiful i don’t know the europeans think you are some of them then were even you came all the way here because of gail cold you fell in love with him from letters you received from hank brady cole what other reason would you have to be here it’s your game keep on guessing there’s other games we can play what’s the matter i thought you were hunting for water i thought you were gonna show her where the water is water she only wanted to be alone with you she’d like you to believe that she’s in love with you stop it ask do you know why it happened for letters from hank get back to the car ask it either come with us or go back to the car and go to sleep i’ll go back the water [Applause] foreign what was nikki talking about the letters at first you were just somebody that i kept writing about i know the idiot he met who couldn’t go home after the war the plane to america

i wouldn’t give anything but the user wants some you can’t have i went across the bay to your hometown to see for myself [Applause] see what for yourself the ceremony hank wrote me the details and i asked to cover the story i saw your mother blinking her eyes to keep from crying when the governor talked about you and your sisters trying hard not to look proud i know i know you don’t have to tell me you shouldn’t have been so completely bad while you were growing up then as the governor said before you’re the first hero he told how you parachuted down and blew up that german ammunition dump i never made it i hit the ground and ran toward the dump sentry came out of nowhere his bullet hit me in the leg some little frenchman about twice my age bent over me took the explosives and in there and did my job he went over the dump as i would have done the job myself the wrong side caught me they kept me uniform i was strung up on a wall like a butchered pig they finally let me out the war was over and so you won’t go home shame because you’re not really a hero if i go back and tell the truth i know no more plaques no more family being proud or i go back to them and say nothing someday they find out and so you stay here for how many years 10 20 maybe [Applause] what does it mean to you whether i go home or don’t i thought she said she was hot and tired i’m hot and tired all over [Applause] this is much better than cooling just the part again i’m sure it is and you feel more natural that would why don’t you try it i might but i have to we’ll be at the car um i have to find hank because perhaps i can tell you after i find him if he’s alive and if he’s alive he’s in trouble it’s partly because of me me better sleep while you can [Applause] [Applause] [Applause]

police plane circling pilot sir says he’s backtracked every foot of highway from here at the monaro vineyard hasn’t spotted them don’t recover both sides of the highway from there on into tangier yes sir tell him to receive this order right we’ve been spotted colonel wears already on his way here we can’t wait around to find out you see any fresh tire marks okay come back and get in get in come on let’s go believe me i did shut up cars no good in here let’s go watch the car [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] i can’t see her oh please let’s go while we can i i don’t trust this woman let’s go quickly so that you can blow the horn again oh no you know i didn’t do that on purpose there’s a door back there let’s go quickly if you remember i don’t even have to ask you to come out walker but i’m gonna give you that chance if we come in shooting one or both the women with you are liable to get hurt i’ll give you just 30 seconds to come out with your hands empty okay walker your time’s up they’re coming out so [Applause]

car’s over there did you see them no one is out there run from come on how’s it going we’re too late now we can catch it we’ll take off an hour at least to extricate my car from the sand i intend to make the weight as pleasant as possible when you hear the horn we’re leaving colonel weir is probably already in touch with the authorities in pasli you said that abandoned airfield is six miles directly south of tesla that’s what hank said if we turn here and go diagonally south we can hit the airfield without going through the town i’ll get there quicker but look at that road if anything happened to the car then what [Applause] look they must have seen our headlights from the highway maybe it isn’t dancer is all getting caught both of you get going this way no i won’t go without how far can they go on foot the ground is stoney here no tracks they count about 100 yards [Applause] you don’t mind any big guilt back there it made sense one of us must get there then you get there

where are your friends you still believe they are my friends don’t give me that we know where we stood for a long while don’t we i know now suddenly the two americans are not your friends you want to know where they are don’t you no it would be easy to look around and find them and then they won’t speak i want to know where they were trying to get to always it has been something i wanted to know from you now it’s something you want to know from me tell me where my little son is and maybe i’ll tell you what you want to know don’t bargain with me why not you’re the one that has connection behind the iron curtain you’ve always known the mana married was killed but because he was not on your side my baby was taken you’ve always said if i obeyed you you will tell me where he was now tell me and maybe i’ll tell you what you want to find out i’ll tell you we’ve come this far and are this close walker and the american girl couldn’t be going anywhere else we’re only a small way from where my materials are dancer it seems that’s where your money landed too there’s another way let’s go how can you hurt you now to tell me where my son is night after night i wanted to tell you so that you’d get out and let me alone and now we’re through so i can tell you that your son died three months after he was taken away from sorry come on so oh this time it was my son are you i’m sorry oh no you’re not the only thing you can think about is a delight to you dancing me that’s all you can think why didn’t you try telling me the truth maybe i could have helped understand how could you even i couldn’t understand how you could come on why do you want me to go on now [Applause] [Applause] that’s what you want to buy what do you think of my materials your materials what do you take me for what do you mean those are government soldiers putting my men into uniform is a very good way of making certain everyone believes my materials belong to the government inside those crates are your money’s worth three million dollars worth of micro hardness testers smelting conveyors what did hank tell you to do when the abandoned airport turned out to be guarded by soldiers must be there somewhere nothing matters not even your life except that you get the hank brady hank and he’s 3 million dollars he must be hiding in one of those planes i have to get narrow so he can signal me just walk out and let the soldiers hand us over to the police who says danza and goro aren’t here waiting for us to show up all that’s missing is the money i need to pay you the money is down there somewhere isn’t it no will be brady hasn’t yet appeared or my men would have captured him all we have to do is wait there he is i think he wants us to stay here all right we can get by those guards

easier than they can come on now we know where the money is there’s no reason to wait no reason for you to wait see quite clearly i tried to teach you never to trust anybody now i understand why you came along now of course too late you’re right this way you’re rid of me can you think of any reason after all my advice why that shouldn’t be do you think for a moment that a government my government who had the foresight to send me to america eight years ago to become a united states citizen would overlook a little money-making black market pig like you who are you trying to convince by name calling me are you with papers to prove that i’m an american citizen i buy those materials and sell them behind what is referred to as an iron curtain and then i’ll have proved our point that americans are the warmongers we say they are you’re trying to prove it after i finished it won’t look like a lie i am bad enough but i spit on you with pleasure i remind you that you and your government have overlooked one item doula overlooked [Applause] me eric tell them if they follow my orders i’ll pay them double what they were getting from goro el donera duble just feel too free we understand english we agree i want what’s in that center plan now listen go carefully they’re armed and they’ll be waiting for you i understand you had to try it the hard way in daylight mr kovac and i sneaked in during the night lucky to have made it at all gil i don’t know what you’re doing here but things the way they are i’m glad to see you i gotta get out of here quick you wouldn’t push him out of the plane you’re gonna leave him here for dancer and gore to kill that shot we heard was probably denzel and goro calling off their guards to give him instructions for when we show up we haven’t got much time coming you better hurry i can’t even run with the money you stole you think he stole my money he showed me how to parachute from a plane he risked his life to keep me from going to tangier where they’re waiting to kill me for my money

he represents the united states susan didn’t tell you how could i many more than you could you tell me you’ve got time now they’re not coming in they’re gonna wait for us to go out it’s against orders but this kind of forces me to tell you been holding out on kill government intelligence you too yes all those letters you you weren’t engaged official purposes love letters are easier to get by the zone senses look neither danzo goro has ever seen mr kobach i figured if i could get him out here susan could get him into tangier they wouldn’t be looking for a man and woman a tourist i hate to ask favors of anybody i like but now i’ve got to kobach’s got to walk into that bank on his own as though there’d never been any interference don’t ask gil to go can always would kill him for the murder of policemen by one of goro’s men i’m asking you to do a job that isn’t any concern of yours it’s kind of important that kobach get to change you it’s up to you whether he does it’s up to us once we get out of here it’s going to be a long walk for tangier the other end of that grove of trees you came through you’ll find a car mr kobach and i borrowed last night outside of tesla we can get you through between us we ought to be able to make it not me i’m going to make it real lively out front wait till they come running to see what’s up and you can move out hank go with him come out so [Applause] get back to the car this is bad it’ll do for bad it’s my fault instead of coming directly here i let myself get sidetracked chasing a murderer i think we both death easy unless walker manages somehow walker you gotta trust him he didn’t kill you policeman he’s trying to get kovac to turn deer to the bank trusty come on we’ve got some driving to do how do you stay here kovac has to give a foreign credit bank turn here we’ll be there waiting you can’t take it in yourself mr kovac must you think he can make it of course he can you can’t even dance as men out there waiting are you going to try through those names

put these in your if you want to pocket i’ll draw them to me on the right-hand side of the street when i cross to the opposite side that’s a signal for you to start for the bank pass gail don’t you don’t have a chance this way get out get over here stay here got that car mickey i loved you so much so bag is checked to get an order anything the police can do to help it’s okay in my report i recommended you for the highest award we can give in wartime it would have been the medal of honor so go home and feel all right inside because you’ve earned everything you’ve ever done thanks good luck [Laughter] so so you